The Threat Is Blowback

iraq-isisfighterOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

Watching the undoing, in a week, of victories that US forces won in Iraq at great cost over many years, Americans are asking themselves what, if anything, should be done.

What can prevent the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – the al-Qaida offshoot that President Barack Obama derided just months ago as a bunch of amateurs – from taking over Iraq? And what is at stake for America – other than national pride – if it does? Muddying the waters is the fact that the main actor that seems interested in fighting ISIS on the ground in Iraq is Iran. Following ISIS’s takeover of Mosul and Tikrit last week, the Iranian regime deployed elite troops in Iraq from the Quds Force, its foreign operations division.

The Obama administration, along with Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham, views Iran’s deployment of forces in Iraq as an opportunity for the US. The US, they argue should work with Iran to defeat ISIS.

The idea is that since the US and Iran both oppose al-Qaida, Iranian gains against it will redound to the US’s benefit.

There are two basic, fundamental problems with this idea.

First, there is a mountain of evidence that Iran has no beef with al-Qaida and is happy to work with it.

According to the 9/11 Commission’s report, between eight and 10 of the September 11 hijackers traveled through Iran before going to the US. And this was apparently no coincidence.

According to the report, Iran had been providing military training and logistical support for al-Qaida since at least the early 1990s.

After the battle of Tora Bora in December 2001, al-Qaida’s leadership scattered. Many senior commanders – including bin Laden’s son Said, al-Qaida’s chief strategist Saif al-Adel and Suleiman Abu Ghaith – decamped to Iran, where they set up a command center.

From Iran, these men directed the operations of al-Qaida forces in Iraq led by Abu Musab Zarqawi. Zarqawi entered Iraq from Iran and returned to Iran several times during the years he led al-Qaida operations in Iraq.

Iran’s cooperation with al-Qaida continues today in Syria.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in directing the defense of Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria, Iran has opted to leave ISIS and its al-Qaida brethren in the Nusra Front alone. That is why they have been able to expand their power in northern Syria.

Iran and its allies have concentrated their attacks against the more moderate Free Syrian Army, which they view as a threat.

Given Iran’s 20-year record of cooperation with al-Qaida, it is reasonable to assume that it is deploying forces into Iraq to tighten its control over Shi’ite areas, not to fight al-Qaida. The record shows that Iran doesn’t believe that its victories and al-Qaida’s victories are mutually exclusive.

The second problem with the idea of subcontracting America’s fight against al-Qaida to Iran is that it assumes that Iranian success in such a war would benefit America. But again, experience tells a different tale.

The US killed Zarqawi in an air strike in 2006.

Reports in the Arab media at the time alleged that Iran had disclosed Zarqawi’s location to the US. While the reports were speculative, shortly after Zarqawi was killed, then-secretary of state Condoleezza Rice floated the idea of opening nuclear talks with Iran for the first time.

The Iranians contemptuously rejected her offer. But Rice’s willingness to discuss Iran’s nuclear weapons program with the regime, even as it was actively engaged in killing US forces in Iraq, ended any serious prospect that the Bush administration would develop a coherent plan for dealing with Iran in a strategic and comprehensive way.

Moreover, Zarqawi was immediately replaced by one of his deputies. And the fight went on.

So if Iran did help the US find Zarqawi, the price the US paid for Iran’s assistance was far higher than the benefit it derived from killing Zarqawi.

This brings us to the real threat that the rise of ISIS – and Iran – in Iraq poses to the US. That threat is blowback.

Both Iran and al-Qaida are sworn enemies of the United States, and both have been empowered by events of the past week.

Because they view the US as their mortal foe, their empowerment poses a danger to the US.

But it is hard for people to recognize how events in distant lands can directly impact their lives.

In March 2001, when the Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas statues in Afghanistan, the world condemned the act. But no one realized that the same destruction would be brought to the US six months later when al-Qaida destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon.

The September 11 attacks were the blowback from the US doing nothing to contain the Taliban and al-Qaida.

North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic-missile tests, as well as North Korean proliferation of both nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to rogue regimes, like Iran, that threaten the US, are the beginnings of the blowback from the US decision to reach a nuclear deal with Pyongyang in the 1990s that allowed the regime to keep its nuclear installations.

The blowback from Iran’s emergence as a nuclear power is certain to dwarf what the world has seen from North Korea so far.

Yet rather than act in a manner that would reduce the threat of blowback from Iraq’s disintegration and takeover by America’s worst enemies, the Obama administration gives every indication that it is doubling down on the disastrous policies that led the US to this precarious juncture.

The only strategy that the US can safely adopt today is one of double containment. The aim of double containment is to minimize the capacity of Iran and al-Qaida to harm the US and its interests.

But to contain your enemies, you need to understand them. You need to understand their nature, their aims, their support networks and their capabilities.

Unfortunately, in keeping with what has been the general practice of the US government since the September 11 attacks, the US today continues to ignore or misunderstand all of these critical considerations.

Regarding al-Qaida specifically, the US has failed to understand that al-Qaida is a natural progression from the political/religious milieu of Salafist/Wahabist or Islamist Islam, from whence it sprang. As a consequence, anyone who identifies with Islamist religious and political organizations is a potential supporter and recruit for al-Qaida and its sister organizations.

There were two reasons that George W. Bush refused to base US strategy for combating al-Qaida on any cultural context broader than the Taliban.

Bush didn’t want to sacrifice the US’s close ties with Saudi Arabia, which finances the propagation and spread of Islamism. And he feared being attacked as a bigot by Islamist organizations in the US like the Council on American Islamic Relations and its supporters on the Left.

As for Obama, his speech in Cairo to the Muslim world in June 2009 and his subsequent apology tour through Islamic capitals indicated that, unlike Bush, Obama understands that al-Qaida is not a deviation from otherwise peaceful Islamist culture.

But unlike Bush, Obama blames America for its hostility. Obama’s radical sensibilities tell him that America pushed the Islamists to oppose it. As he sees it, he can appease the Islamists into ending their war against America.

To this end, Obama has prohibited federal employees from conducting any discussion or investigation of Islamist doctrine, terrorism, strategy and methods and the threat all pose to the US.

These prohibitions were directly responsible for the FBI’s failure to question or arrest the Tsarnaev brothers in 2012 despite the fact that Russian intelligence tipped it off to the fact that the 2013 Boston Marathon bombers were jihadists.

They were also responsible for the army’s refusal to notice any of the black flags that Maj. Nidal Hassan raised in the months before his massacre of his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, or to take any remedial action after the massacre to prevent such atrocities from recurring.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the progenitor of Islamism. It is the organizational, social, political and religious swamp from whence the likes of al-Qaida, Hamas and other terror groups emerged. Whereas Bush pretended the Brotherhood away, Obama embraced it as a strategic partner.

Then there is Iran.

Bush opted to ignore the 9/11 Commission’s revelations regarding Iranian collaboration with al-Qaida. Instead, particularly in the later years of his administration, Bush sought to appease Iran both in Iraq and in relation to its illicit nuclear weapons program.

In large part, Bush did not acknowledge, or act on the sure knowledge, that Iran was the man behind the curtain in Iraq, because he believed that the American people would oppose the expansion of the US operations in the war against terror.

Obama’s actions toward Iran indicate that he knows that Iran stands behind al-Qaida and that the greatest threat the US faces is Iran’s nuclear weapons program. But here as well, Obama opted to follow a policy of appeasement. Rather than prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, or stem its advance in Syria and Iraq, Obama treats Iran as though it poses no threat and is indeed a natural ally. He blames Iran’s belligerence on the supposedly unjust policies of his predecessors and the US’s regional allies.

For a dual-containment strategy to have any chance of working, the US needs to reverse course. No, it needn’t deploy troops to Iraq. But it does need to seal its border to minimize the chance that jihadists will cross over from Mexico.

It doesn’t need to clamp down on Muslims in America. But it needs to investigate and take action where necessary against al-Qaida’s ideological fellow travelers in Islamist mosques, organizations and the US government. To this end, it needs to end the prohibition on discussion of the Islamist threat by federal government employees.

As for Iran, according to The New York Times, Iran is signaling that the price of cooperation with the Americans in Iraq is American acquiescence to Iran’s conditions for signing a nuclear deal. In other words, the Iranians will fight al-Qaida in Iraq in exchange for American facilitation of its nuclear weapons program.

The first step the US must take to minimize the Iranian threat is to walk away from the table and renounce the talks. The next step is to take active measures to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration appears prepared to do none of these things. To the contrary, its pursuit of an alliance with Iran in Iraq indicates that it is doubling down on the most dangerous aspects of its policy of empowering America’s worst enemies.

It only took the Taliban six months to move from the Bamiyan Buddhas to the World Trade Center. Al-Qaida is stronger now than ever before. And Iran is on the threshold of a nuclear arsenal.

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  • MN dude

    Those who tolerate Islam tolerate their own destruction. That’s what it boils down to.

    • Drakken

      You are 100% correct, not bad from someone from the cities. ;) No more islam, no more problems.

  • BMS

    Fear is the only thing these animals understand. Hit them now and hit them hard, before it’s too late.

    • Americana

      Just how many of these “animals” are you considering we should hit? Let’s hear which nations are on the chopping block and how far you’re willing to go to defang this regional terror…

      • J.B.

        The koranimals were completely “defanged” prior to the two World Wars. Islam had been an impotent force relegated to Turkey, Iran and the world’s wastelands since 1683. It’s only a matter of will to pull their wimpy teeth again.

      • gerry

        You will tell us when they hit your family.


        Fascist Iran needs a whipping.

        Hang the ayatollahs!


        I’d like to see Persian women punish the ayatollahs.

        I think we can all agree that no matter how bad the Shah was, the ayatollahs are much, much worse, evil, G-dless, devil worshipping shias.

  • WillielomanIII

    Great article by Caroline. We are again taking on policies that appease the islamists and empower the enemies of the US and Israel. There will be a reckoning for this and that will be more islamist attacks on the Americans and Jews. Its coming.

    • Americana

      There are some critical mistakes in the article. One is that Tamerlan Tsarnaev **was interviewed** by the FBI but was found not to be suspicious during the interview so he was put on a watch list that basically flagged his entering and leaving the U.S. as being the biggest indicator of what he might be up to as far as terrorism goes. He wasn’t flagged as someone requiring significant surveillance within the U.S. A misspelling of his name on that watch list allowed his return from terrorism training to be missed because of him being approximately one of a 100 terrorism suspects entering the U.S. that day.

      As for the issue that is most pressing and most provocative of terrorism against the U.S., it continues to be that we are not providing a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. We may be encountering terrorist fallout from our military pursuit of al Qaeda and other militant groups but our greatest continuous risk lies in that we are not pressing Israel for a solution to the Palestinian statehood issue.

      This is a snippet from an NBC News story confirming the FBI interview.

      >>>The FBI responded to the FSB cable by opening an investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev in March 2011. The investigation was conducted by members of the Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force, an interagency group that includes federal, state and local law enforcement representatives.

      An FBI member of the JTTF interviewed Tsarnaev in person. The FBI did not conduct surveillance of Tsarnaev because the case did not rise to the standard that permits surveillance, according to federal officials.

      A member of the task force then entered a memo about Tsarnaev into a Customs and Border Protection database called TECS. The database would automatically trigger an alert on a so-called “Hot List” any time Tsarnaev left or reentered the United States.

      “Subject is of interest to the Boston JTTF,” said the TECS memo. “If subject is encountered, contact FBI Special Agent [Name and contact information redacted by Department of Homeland Security]. Conduct a full CTR Secondary” – interview and search the subject — “if encountered entering or exiting the U.S.”

      In June 2011, the FBI investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was closed. According to the report, “the assessment found no links to terrorism.”

      • J.B.


        Israel could surrender to hamas today and the forces of islam would continue their 1400 year jihad against humanity. You are a moron and a very lousy liar.


      • yohni9

        This post is informed but misguided… why has America ever engaged in pressing Israel to negotiate with terrorists? Why did we manipulate the situation until deluded leaders in Israel brought a despicable murderer, Arafat, back from Tunisia as a “peace partner”? The situation would have been “dealt with” had Israel annexed all of her historic territory, imposed martial law for a few years, provided exit opportunities for arabs who don’t want to live in Israel, deported those who resist authority, execute terrorists who committed or abetted murder, and promoted real life business opportunity for the rest. These criminals are now armed and have two decades of “precedent” to stall and commit ever more outrageous acts against Israel. Sharon was compromised and look what Gaza is; a seething sewer of trouble. There are NO Palestinians, thats a modern lie. These arabs are immigrants and should be given every opportunity and reparations from the arab world, just as ALL Jews who had to flee for their lives from the arab countries. Our folly has provided fodder for “reasonable” voices like the one above!

        The USA has no business permitting any muslim or suspect people to come here for any long-term reason, especially to immigrate. “…100 or so come in the day that Tsarnaev returns…” Really? Interrogate until they sing. Sorry McCain.

        • Americana

          The situation would have been dealt with if Israel “had annexed all of her historic territory.” You’re saying Israel has the right to rise from the ashes of being conquered by multiple different empires and repossess all her former territory out of the blue in 1947/48? I didn’t know we accorded extinct nations the rights of the phoenix to rise from their ancient ashes. So we could suddenly have the Babylonian Empire come roaring back just because some guys had Babylonian nationalism stirring in their hearts?

          Those Palestinians in the territories are NOT “immigrants.” They were there for hundreds if not thousands of years w/provenance of their farms and homes going back many generations. If there were no Palestinians, Israel wouldn’t be facing what she’s facing, would she? Israel has one choice only and that’s to face the fact that she’s not in the position to continue to stall over the creation of a Palestinian state. She’s not in a position to demand that the Balfour Agreement be reinstated now that the dispossessed have made known that they won’t go quietly into exile because the British empire demanded it of them. I can’t believe that the Israelis would try to pretend that they can continue the dispossession on the basis of a diplomatic agreement that was not cognizant of the rights of those living there. There is just as much risk for Israel and for the world in trying to remain on this razor’s edge. You may not agree but we’ll eventually find out the result in either case.

          • yohni9

            The vast majority came as a result of the return of Jews beginning in earnest in the mid-1800’s as studies clearly indicate. The issue must focus on the war initiated by the arab hordes who sought to annihilate the Jewish population. They were defeated in war. As a result, they must receive terms of peace as dictated by Israel. You act as if the only convention is modern globalist thought and polity. Israel doesn’t claim or aspire to the land proposed by the Balfour declaration. Most of that was given to a desert sheik and goes by a different name. Shabbat Shalom.

          • Americana

            The vast majority came about after WW II though the intrepid early Jewish settlers always had hopes of a Jewish homeland there. They believed this because Zionism had begun to be discussed in politics. Lord Rothschild pushed for the Zionist cause in Britain. Despite anti-Semitism, even the Britons aren’t going to ignore a Lord making his case in private and in Parliament.

            The Arab-Israeli War would not have occurred if Western governments, specifically Britian, hadn’t handled the situation of a Jewish homeland in such an imperial and hamfisted manner. Whatever the outcomes of the wars, Israel must find some way of accommodating the Palestinian state. Trying to continually minimize the rights of the Palestinians by claiming they’ve never been a demographic national identity and they should move into other Arab countries isn’t the solution. No matter how much Israel and pro-Israeli supporters may wish it were so. If Israel doesn’t aspire to the entire land allotment in the Balfour Agreement then why did Caroline Glick write a book titled “The Israeli Solution” where the cover is the Balfour Agreement? Do you not know about all the other regions that were considered for a Jewish homeland? What about the “Uganda Proposal?”


          • yohni9

            We are not talking about the Jewish majority returning after WWII. Of course they did, after the situation had been carefully prepared by G-d. We are talking about the FACT that the return of numbers of Jews to the land brought ALL of the blessing, richness and progress you see today. The arabs came primarily as a result of this. The land of Israel and the acts of the nations to see her arise not have their origin in the will of man, but is the first act in an inexorable series of events that will lead to a time of peace and justice for all, including for the arabs. They will ultimately conform to His will. The time I am referring to is the time of Messiah’s coming predicted by all the Hebrew prophets. Enough said.

          • Americana

            No, the Arabs were already there. They didn’t just show up to benefit from the Jewish renaissance. Sorry, you lost me when you opted to bring in the Messiah as justification for the creation of Israel and to trump all other rational diplomatic solutions. That’s not very diplomatic to play the God card, by the way. Especially when the other side is going to play their God car even more viciously because the Israelis fail to see the legitimacy of their claims.

          • reader

            “No, the Arabs were already there. They didn’t just show up to benefit from the Jewish renaissance.”

            Not according to Mark Twain, who had found “Palestine” a desolate and destitute land before the Zionists started to resettle there.

          • Americana

            Mark Twain didn’t visit at the right time to appreciate their forms of cultivation. He’d likely have said similar things about the relatively barren cork oak plantations in Portugal and Spain. Here are some of his remarks and explanations of those remarks:

            Mark Twain’s visit to Lebanon, Syria, and the Holy Land in 1867 was published in “The Innocents Abroad”,
            where he described Palestine as follows:

            “….. A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds… a silent mournful expanse…. a desolation…. we never saw a human being on the whole route…. hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”
            (The Innocents Abroad, p. 361-362)

            This quote has been widely circulated in Israeli text books, media outlets, and many Jewish communities around the world as FACTS about Palestine. As we will prove below,
            this quote was taken out of context to portray Palestine as “empty, destitute, and a barren desert”, of course until Israeli and Zionist Jews “made” its desert bloom.


            Before we analyze what Mark Twain wrote, the following facts should be taken into considerations:

            Palestine’s arable land is under is 17% of its total area, click here to view Israel’s profile at CIA’s Worldfact Book.

            Mark Twain’s visit occurred during the middle of the hot Mediterranean summer.

            Mark Twain visited the region soon after the end of hostilities between Christian and Muslim Druze at Mount Lebanon, where over ten thousand Christian Arabs (mostly Maronites) were massacred in 1861, and that should explain his blatant racist remarks in respect of the Turks,
            Arabs, and Muslims in general.

            Mark Twain’s visit was brief by all accounts, which encompassed the areas that were only cited in the Bible.

            Mark Twin provided no statistical data whatsoever about Palestine’s agriculture and demographic make up. So his statements should not be taken as if they
            were written by an authoritative body.

            Mark Twain often compared Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon to the fertile lands in the United States of America, which is clearly unfair. Both are in separate parts of the world,
            have different environments, different governments, … etc.

            Quotes from “The Innocent Abroad”

            Mark Twain did not just describe Palestine as a barren
            desert, he also extended this description to Greece, Lebanon, and Syria. He stated:

            “From Athens all through the islands of the Grecian
            Archipelago, we saw little but forbidden sea-walls and barren hills, sometimes surmounted by three or four graceful columns of some ancient temples, lonely
            and deserted—a fitting symbol of desolation that has come upon all Greece in these latter ages. We saw no ploughed fields, very few villages, no trees or grass or vegetation of any kind, scarcely, and hardly ever an isolated house. Greece is a bleak, unsmiling desert, without agriculture, manufactures, or commerce, apparently.” (The Innocents Abroad, p. 203)

            “Damascus is beautiful from the mountain. It is beautiful
            even to foreigners accustomed to luxuriant vegetation, and I can easily understand how unspeakably beautiful it must be to eyes that are only used to the God-forsaken barrenness and desolation of Syria. I should think a Syrian
            would go wild with ecstasy when such a picture bursts upon him for the first time.” (The Innocents Abroad, p. 262)

            From the above quote, the reader may get the impression that Greece is also empty since he stated:

            “We saw no ploughed fields, very few villages, no trees or grass or vegetation of any kind,”

            On the other hand, he contradicts himself on the exact same page. He stated:

            “The nation numbers only eight hundred thousand
            souls.” (The Innocents Abroad, p. 203)

            By any standard, it’s really surprising how Mark Twain
            described the St. Sophia Church (which was converted to a mosque by the Turks), one of the the architectural marvels of the old and the new worlds. He described the church as follows:

            “I do not think much of the Mosque of St. Sophia. I
            suppose I lack appreciation. We will let it go at that. It is the rustiest old barn in heathendom. I believe all the interest that attaches to it comes from the fact that it was built for a Christian church and then turned into a mosque, without much alteration, by the Mohammedan conquerors of the
            land.” (The Innocents Abroad, p. 208)


            Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the koran.

            Arabs/Muslims wanting to retain their booty will not come to pass.

            The Israelis are too powerful to be overrun by savages – that’s why we see Arabs killing Arabs in Syria – 160,000+ so far – and no end in sight.

            Plus Muslim are killing innocents all over the world.

            Israel isn’t the problem. Islamism is the problem.

          • Americana

            I’m not suggesting that Israel is the total scope of the problem but her diplomatic origins in the present day did set this in motion and if Israel wishes to make a true attempt at reparations and solving the issue, she has to make the attempt to make peace.

            Myself, I’d rephrase the demand to “accept the Jewish nation” in another form that is less onerous to the Muslims. Same meaning, different wording… I’d also likely rethink all the other stipulations Israel has for the Palestinians if Israel can get commitments from the United Nations for military assistance w/a similar rejiggering of the wording. After all, Israelis claim that the Arabs are not trustworthy any way so why of necessity have those stipulations in a peace agreement if you don’t trust the Palestinians and the Arabs to keep them? Islam is a problem, but part of Islam’s problem is that Israel returned from her ashes and took back Palestinian land courtesy of a sovereign that was not an Arab.

          • chris

            No on is replying or rating your comments because they are long long winded, man. Get a grip. Cut to the chase.

          • Americana

            Oh, that’s why! Sheesh, I couldn’t tell if it was just that some of my opinions are not popular here. You’d like me to produce less evidence or just settle for writing such meaningful posts as yours?


            You can cut and paste your “evidence” that you get from pro-Islamofascist and regressive progressive websites – but the fact remains that the Jews were in Israel before Islam was invented in the 7th century. and Jerusalem, the claimed capital of Pal-e-SWINE is never once mentioned in the Koran – so the fraud of Pal-e-SWINE is clear.

          • Bklyn Farmer

            Instead of spamming with copy-and-paste entire articles you might want to try links


            Thanks for bringing up reparations.

            The 800.000 Jews from Arab countries who fled for their lives to avoid being massacred as we see 160,000+ Arabs being massacred in Syria deserve reparations too.

            As do the Coptic Christians, the millions of dead Hindus murdered by Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, reparations from Saudi Arabia for spreading fascist wahabbist ideology.

          • Americana

            We are not talking about the entire scope of Muslim infamy. We’re talking about the specifics of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations and overall diplomatic situation.


            There can be no peace deal between Arabs and Infidels

            when there is no peace between Arabs.

            When Islam transforms itself into a REAL Religion of Peace, not a cynical joke, then there can be real peace.


            Arabs/Muslim need to be more sensitive to the values of Infidels.

            Infidels don’t like having their passenger planes, bombed (Pan Am 103), hijacked (9/11), critics of mohammed being murdered.


            Israel reclaimed their property stolen by Muslims.

            Muslims seem to think that the Middle East should be Infidel-rein (Infidel Free), but Islam is the new kid on the scene. The Jews and Christians were there first.

            Jews and Christians and Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, Zoroastrians do NOT accept that Islam is the final true religion.

            The fact that Muslims kill fellow Muslims demonstrates that Islam has internal problems, and trying to blame others for Islams many problems is dishonest and stupid.

          • Bklyn Farmer

            Thank you for reproducing almost in its entirety the blog from

          • Americana

            Why would I not bring that blog up? It’s got the relevant quotes from Mark Twain. These are quotes which effectively prove nothing by the way other than that Twain visited the region since he likely didn’t go venturing off all that far of the beaten path in the vehicles of the time. His opinion should be regarded as that of a sightseer who wasn’t terribly educated about every facet of the region nor was aware of the region’s demographics.


            The Native Americans were in North America before you or your fellow regressive progressives invaded North America.

            Americana, take your own words to heart.

          • Americana

            There aren’t nearly the number of Native Americans for the amount of acreage in the U.S. as what the ratio is for the number of Palestinians for the acreage in Palestine. Ergo, the same equation doesn’t quite apply for Native Americans as for Palestinians. We’ve given the Native American tribes enough land and we’ve given them freedom of religion (finally) and we’ve given them sovereignty over their lands. What we haven’t given them is the entirety of their former lands to roam over.

          • chris

            Yawn! Aren’t you teaching classes somewhere tomorrow?

          • Americana

            Ah, so telling me I’m long winded was just a preamble.


            Americana, YOU are guilty of what you accuse Israel of – a brutal occupation, living in settlements built over the homes of the indigenous population.

            I’d add Canada, Australia (G-d Bless both of them AND America), and Latin and South America, which both suffered from European imperialism, which imposed European language, religion, culture on the indigenous peoples of Land and South America.

            Your so called Pal-e-SWINIANS have plenty of land to choose from. Neighboring Jordan AKA “Palestine”, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia.

            Again, don’t you see your double standards. Why can’t you see your false narrative when it applies to YOU?

          • yohni9

            The arabs do not claim to want a state of their own anyway, except on terms they dictate. Most importantly, they reject the existence of Israel. They declare that they will conquer Israel, enabling all arab ancestors to “return” to their “homeland.” They teach their children to hate Jews even in their schools. Their maps do not include Israel. The leaders are completely corrupt, stealing the funds allocated them by stupid western governments. They depend on Israel for tax collections, electricity, water, medical technology, care and food. The establishment of a phony “state” would be a new Terrorist State now “legitimized” by a failed world polity.

          • Americana

            That is a problem. But is it a problem that can be solved over time if there is more justice dispensed toward the Palestinians? I certainly think it can be done.

            Why can’t there be a secondary list of demands in another ancillary document to a peace treaty where Palestinian TV is not allowed to run children’s programming that inculcates that anti-Semitism and death cult hatred of Jews? These children deserve to be saved from what Islam is dishing out to them as a philosophy. I’m not sure how we’d solve the money being dispensed improperly via the Palestinian Authority to the terrorists. Perhaps have direct deposits to the accounts of Palestinians who’ve never been connected to or convicted of terrorism? There might still be graft or extortion but this would at least give the Palestinians who don’t wish to sponsor terrorism an opportunity to thwart the terrorists. For every problem connected w/the Palestinians, there is a solution even if it is only over the long haul.

          • SoCalMike

            sorry bro.
            I used to believe what you’re selling but it’s factually false.

          • Americana

            I find it equally false what Israel is selling as far as her suggested diplomatic solution. Taking over that whole region per the Balfour Declaration is supposed to guarantee there’ll be an end to the Palestinian jihad?? Oh, yeah, I can see that happening. NOT. NOT in a million years.


            Pal-e-SWINIANS don’t bother with the ploy of wanting peace. They just want jihad – as depicted in the koran – but muhammed didn’t take into consideration that Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of Medina.

            The continued success of Israel proves the Koran to be flawed – and upsets Europeans who are used to Jews being slaughtered.


            Pal-e-SWINIANS are a diversion.

            Islamofascism is the problem. A World-Wide problem that needs to be addressed.

            The koran must be re-written by a committee of Infidels – sensitive to the treatment of non-Muslims in Fascist Islamist dictatorships, theocracies.

            Plus OPEC MUST refund the TRILLIONS of dollars they have gouged from the entire world with their overpriced oil.

          • Bklyn Farmer

            Let me get ths straight, your answer to PA support of terrorism is ” direct deposit”, that’s your solution.

          • Americana

            Don’t be ridiculous, BF. That is suggested as ONLY PART of a solution to Palestinian terrorism because it bypasses all the intervening agencies that might facilitate the PA directing money toward Palestinian terrorist groups. The other part, the truly functional diplomatic part, of reducing Palestinian terrorism is the granting of a Palestinian state.

          • Bklyn Farmer

            Don’t be ridicules, I was just quoting you. The Palestinians have never been held accountable for their transgressions just like a spoiled kids when they loose they yell “Do over” and the word it right behind them. During Oslo, the Palestinians had a WINDOW of opportunity because of Israel’s misconception of peace through territory conciliation, obviously 2 intifadas latter and as rockets are raining down from Gaza has shown this to dead wrong.

          • Americana

            The Palestinians are ultimately held accountable for their transgressions by the Israelis. I’m fine w/that.


            And the icing on the cake is that “progressives” side with the most conservative, gay hating woman hating, Jew hating, Hindu hating, Buddhist hating, education hating savages in the world..

            So much for claimed “progressive” values.


            Arab/Muslim dictatorships must find a way to accommodate a “paleswinian” state. Give the “paleswinians” land with oil in Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Fascist Iran.

            BTW “Americana”, please end your brutal, racist and hypocritical occupation of Native American land.

            Note that Jews were in Israel before Europe came into existence

          • Americana

            Again, you’re recreating a provenance that doesn’t exist. Israel was conquered by several different races and the subsequent Jewish diasporas were both forced and unforced leaving behind no Jewish state in their wake. As for the Native Americans, they were never as numerous as the Palestinians and we’ve made accommodations for those Native American tribes that are remaining. They own huge tracts of land over which they have independent sovereignty. They elect their own tribal chiefs. They are able to run businesses over which they have total fiscal control w/many Native American casinos being the preeminent businesses in their regions.

            I believe a Jewish state should be recreated — it HAS been recreated — but that doesn’t mean that there’s not room in the region for the Palestinians whose provenance to the land is more legal in terms of land rights than those of the Jews. It does’t matter what you juxtapose for history as justification for demanding that the Palestinians surrender all their lands. They have justifiable provenance as it is legally understood in the context of land rights.


            Israel is back, and powerful enough to defeat the Islamofascst forces that plot to destroy it.

            The world sees what Arabs do to other Arabs in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan.


            which country has more land to share?

            America or Israel or Egypt or Saudi Arabia or Jordan or Iraq?

            If Arabs aren’t willing to host a “paleswinian” state, why should tiny Israel?

            Arab dictatorships are closer in thought and values to “paleswinians” than Israel.

          • Americana

            Because Israel agreed to a homeland that was a particular size as well as allowing the formation of a Palestinian homeland of a particular size as well. If Israel no longer wants to honor that agreement of a Palestinian state that was coupled w/her own rebirth, then perhaps the entire agreement of the land allotment for Israel should be struck off the books and the U.N. can start all over again w/a clean slate for negotiations of both countries.

          • Drakken

            The Israeli’s don’t have to accommodate jacksh*t where there arabs in question have tried to kill them at every turn. Effem!

          • Stuxwall

            Leaving aside the very dubious claims about the Palestinian Arabs living on the land from “time immemorial,” they are however the only people that have been kept as refugees for generation after generation.

            Being uprooted for any number of reasons is not an uncommon situation in human history. Why haven’t an even a small percentage of Palestinians been allowed to become citizens of one of the nations created in the aftermath of WWI like: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Jordan?

          • Americana

            That is not a dubious claim of residency, Suxwall. They have all sorts of documentation of provenance. In fact, if push comes to shove, I’m recommending that tree cores of their oldest olive trees be taken to establish the age of their olive groves. There are other ideas along those lines so it should be clear that this pretense that the Palestinians have no claims is outrageous and all avenues will be pursued to prove their provenance.

            Being uprooted for any number of reasons is not an uncommon situation in human history. What makes this situation unique however is that this is an entirely politically MAN-MADE event and it requires a reasonably legal and humane solution to the legal conundrums presented by al aspects of the situation. That solution is not going to be found by believing in a falsified history of “continuous Jewish residency” and will not be found in a falsified history of “indigenous people suddenly decide they’re Palestinians.”

          • BagLady

            A good question. Every Palestinian I know lives from year to year on a visa that gives them no rights. Are they too not entitled to an homeland?

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            No. Unfortunately they are not. The only land on the planet that anyone keeps is that which they take and continue to defend. Nobody “deserves” a specific plot of land. They have to earn it by virtue of effort. Not just because they personally think they deserve it.

            This concept is as old as humanity I’d wager. Why is it today that people can supposedly whine their way to statehood?


            Every Pal-e-SWINIAN has a home in Jordan – provided they behave and don’t try to overthrow King Abdullah.

          • Drakken

            To the Victors go the spoils, your little pet pali’s lost, get over it.

          • Bklyn Farmer

            The Arab states rejected the UN vote of 1947, which would have created a Palestinian Arab state in half of the British Mandate of Palestine–bigger than anything they could ever have gotten since then. Between 1948 and 1967, when Jordan and Egypt ruled the Arab parts of Palestine, there was no movement for a Palestinian state.

            Palestinians have rejected offers of statehood in 1937, 1947, 1948, 1967. 1979, 2000 & 2001. In 2000 and 2001, Clinton negotiated a deal that would have given the Palestinians pretty much everything they could hope for. Arafat rejected the deal.

            In 2005, Israel created and independent Palestinian mini-state in Gaza. Settlers were removed kicking and screaming. The Gazans responded by electing Hamas and launching rockets aimed at civilians.

            The Palestinians have never been interested in building a state only in the destruction of one. National identity does not lead to mothers handing out candy and celebrating the death of their children because now they are “shahid” during martyrdom operations (suicide bombers) only a religion frozen in the dark ages can do that, it has never been about territory or politics. If there were a parralle universe with the only difference the Jews of Israel were magically transform to Muslims I am certain there would be no Arab/Israeli confict, none whatsoever.


          Waterboard them in the Summer.
          Snowboard them in the Winter.

          Naked pyramids to humiliate them.
          Mixed detention – Muslims and pigs together – to block any hope of entering Islamic Paradise for the Muslim animals – SORRY Porky Pig for linking you with them!

        • Americana

          Who says Israel has the right to annex “all her historical territory” (from umpteen thousands of years ago) and that imposing martial law will achieve anything? As far as I can tell, that will achieve exactly what has been achieved by Israel so far w/its housing developments in Palestinian areas — an enormous, unrelenting jihad aimed at every nation that permits this to occur. Of course, since it’s impossible to decide which is the chicken and which is the egg in this situation (if you’re blind), it leaves the situation in limbo. The Jews and the Israelis talk about their historical presence from thousands of years ago as setting a precedent and indicating an indubitable right to that land when there’s never been a culture in history that’s been allowed to do what the Jews have been allowed to do in the Middle East by suggesting such a land grab.


        The fix to mis-spelling is Soundex.

      • BagLady

        The occasional terrorist attack is vitally important to the funding of agencies like this.

        Apart from boosting their share of the budget, it keeps the yanks in a state of fear and looking to DADDY for protection. All the time forgiving him his failures at home.

        Do you honestly believe any report issued by the FBI?


          PigLady, I’d believe the FBI long before I’d believe any report from a Socialist or a Dhimmi Brit PigLady.

          • BagLady

            Let’s hope the “Dhimmi” holds true the next time I want to travel through a Muslim country.

            I would hate for your childish foreign policies to impede my freedom of movement around the world.

          • reader

            Are you counting on Saudies to let you into the Mecca – like ever? Just curious.


            I would like to see you go to Tahrir Square, Egypt, on a day when the savages are boiling mad – to test your outlook.

          • BagLady

            I should have said: “…. to impede my freedom of movement…… any more than it has already been impeded by your childish foreign policies.”

            I had a nanny as a small child. His name was Abdul. He was an Egyptian and the kindest most devoted person ever to grace my life. Perhaps he is why I cannot be a part of your blanket disrespect to whole nations.

          • Americana

            Did you live in Muslim countries, BagLady?

          • BagLady

            I hitched my wagon in a few Muslim settlements, yes.


        • Americana

          When the general public doesn’t hear about 80% of the terrorist plots, no, there’s no worry in these agencies over their budgets being cut so severely they can’t do their job.

          Us Yanks ought to be looking over our shoulders for the foreseeable future. As for evaluating the President’s policy failures and being distracted by the government producing disrupted terrorist plots, that’s not how my mind works.

      • Drakken

        You obviously missed the point and it went sailing over your head. The fact that the Russian FSB gave the FBI the Tsarnaev family on a silver platter and the Fibi’s in our current PC world didn’t want to upset the little darlings feelings says it all.

        • Americana

          That is not how the Tsarnaev snafu came about. The origins of the mess came about because of the misspelling of his name in a database. He left for a supposed visit to an uncle when he was really going for terrorism training. When Tamerlan Tsarnaev returned, his name had been misspelt in the database so he wasn’t interrogated at the airport at the likeliest moment for the FBI to trip him up about his terrorism training.

          • truebearing

            That is the official story, aka lie. Don’t be so damn gullible.

          • Americana

            What I should believe your conspiracy theory? A terrorist conspiracy in the case of the Tsarnaev brothers would be so hugely convoluted, it doesn’t make sense as a terrorist operation. You give me a PLAUSIBLE TERRORIST PLOT and I’ll evaluate it.

            The reality is the difference in spelling in the database allowed Tamerlan Tsarnaev to return to Boston from his terrorism training and not face interrogation over that fact. That’s when he would have been most vulnerable and most worried about being uncovered as fifth columnist jihadist.

          • Drakken

            Bullsh*t, the incompetents in charge should have know better, but they passed the buck because they didn’t want to come off as “racist” and have to explain themselves if they were wrong. The PC culture is rife in govt agencies today.

          • Americana

            I doubt there was any fear over racism. I’ve certainly seen the DHS guys in Boston in action and racism is not their principal worry on the job. Interviewing 100 possible terrorists in a single day by that number of Immigration and DHS guys? Too heavy of a workload.

            I’m sticking w/my recommendation to get facial recognition software. It will totally obviate the need for 100% concurrence in the databases over names That shouldn’t allow for screwups over the multiple spellings of Muslims names to go unrecognized when the faces are matched.

    • BagLady

      Hm. What we have here is Muslim on Muslim.

      I see in today’s British press that Al-Baghadi’s message has reached The White Cliffs of Dover and Sunni converts are attacking Shia.

      Time to remind immigrant non English people that they are guests until proven otherwise (In an English village it usually takes around 20 years to be accepted as a local – same probably holds true in Virginia) .

      How no-one here sees this as deliberate divisive strategy of the west is beyond me. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s a naive insult to those in power — whomsoever they may be — to suggest that the situation is beyond their control and they are fiddling while the oil fields of Iraq burn.


        I’d like to see you stroll throughtTower Hamlets, London, eating a ham sandwich during Ramadan.

        • BagLady

          Only the obese stroll around eating on the hoof.

          I’d like to see you in Leicester Square when Boris brings out his new water cannons to play with.


      Any attacks on American Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahais will result in a massive war on Islam and the probably total destruction of Mecca.

      I hope Muslims love Mecca more than they hate everyone else – otherwise Mecca is history.

  • theoprinse

    Tnx for the article. The Muslim Brotherhood (1928) was an outcome of Reliance of the traveller. Bernard Lewis like former Dutch cardinal Bernard Alfrink as well as the current Pope Bergoglio believe in the mercy of the Islamic Supreme Being.

    Apart that since 1945 geopolitics is dominated by the CIA and MI6, and that U.S. governmental institutions like the Supreme Court and U.S. Senate is strongly determined by elderly – it is the American economically re-distributive (quasi) intellectual liberal or leftist community (divided into 3 groups) who are fundamentally influencing over many decades the current success of the Islamic jihad.

    1. Leftist American Christians since the Cold War, have themselves insinuated a greater fear for atheism associated with the communist ideology in the former S-U than towards Islamic fundamentalism.

    The U.S. Christian fear for atheism being greater than towards Islam fundamentalism is a substantial part of the Jimmy Carter Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former CIA director and later U.S. Ambassador to Persia Richard Helms, Pakistani dictator Zia ul Haq etc. doctrine to diminish the Russian sphere of influence in the Islamic world by betraying and subject secularists,, Christians and western oriented communities in Muslim countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. under fundamentalist Islam.

    After the dismantling of the CIA Nazi project MKULTRA (Paperclip) by the Frank Church committee in 1974 where these Nazi’s after 1950 had connected from within the CIA with the Nazi’s in Nasser’s Egypt, Syria, Argentina, Gehlen organization, (operation Odessa) etc. and coordinated the 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars against Israel – frm CIA director Richard Helms as US ambassador for Persia had the U.S. anti-semite and anti-Israel secret strategy renewed with Brzezinski’s policy in facilitating Islam fundamentalism in Pakistan, Afghanistan etc..

    Hussein Obama with his Clinton Muslim Brotherhood Outreach policy held his June 4th 2009 Cairo apology speech before the MB constitutes a renewed third phase of the US anti Semite elite.

    B. The Second Vatican Council 1959-1965 to which Bernhard Alfrink contributed legitimized Islam as Abrahamic religion instead of Islam being a murderous supremacist doctrine disguised as a religion.

    C. The strategy of the catholic Brzezinski (William F Buckley, Ronald Reagan) strongly depended on an envisioned emergence of the European Union monstrosity because the CIA support of the Mujahideen – Taliban in Afghanistan causing a huge defeat for the Red Army and thus the demise of the Soviet Union and thus had the S-U Eastern European sphere of influence as trade and cheap labor markets fall in the hands of the leader of that EU, Western Germany (Gerhard Schröder)

    D. Today the American ant-Israel anti-Semite Christians involved in BDSmovement (boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel) are:
    a. Presbyterians,
    b. mainline protestant churches
    c. growing numbers of evangelicals.

    2. U.S. democrat and republican and partly Jewish atheist liberals are obsessed with the American amoral philosophy of Pragmatism.

    3. U.S. Communists perceives violence as natural, inevitable and necessary.

  • wildjew

    If “we” (the political right) can’t get the global jihad right, how can we expect this
    Muslim born president and the left to get it right?

    Caroline wrote: “To this end, Obama has prohibited federal employees from conducting any discussion or investigation of Islamist doctrine, terrorism, strategy and methods and the threat all pose to the US.”

    Indeed. Why should we be surprised?

    In the seven plus years following the 9/11 Islamic attacks in New York and Washington, we conservatives managed to establish that the teachings of this president’s birthright — whose father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims — are “peaceful and good.” We established that the “terrorists” are traitors to their faith, trying in effect to hijack Islam itself. We established that Jewish building “in occupied territories must stop, and the occupation must end through withdrawal to secure and recognized boundaries….” in order to establish yet another Muslim-terror state.

    President Bush’s Rose Garden Address, April 04, 2002

    We chose Mitt Romney, the biggest apologist for Islam among the bunch, as our 2012 nominee. I worry about my side.

    • Jason P

      I share that worry.


      Where did you get the idea that Romney is an apologist for Islam?

      That title belongs to Barack Hussein Obama.

      • wildjew

        You are joking. Aren’t you? Obama is a Muslim according to Islamic law. Why wouldn’t he be an apologist for his faith and his people?

        Where where you during the Republican primary? Did you read or watch anything?

        Mitt Romney: Jihadism is “not Islam”

        Romney surrogate (Jim Talent) fights for Palestinian terror state:


          Tell us at which time the video supports your claim that Romney is an apologist for Islam.

          • wildjew

            Did you watch the first several minutes into the C-Span video? Did you see where Romney surrogate (Jim Talent) champions the Palestinian cause aimed at Israel’s destruction? Did you see how Romney’s surrogate (Talent) fought conservative Christian delegates to our national platform writing committee who oppose the plank in our platform calling for another Muslim terror state in the region?


            Save us all the time by telling us at what mm:ss in the video proves your claim.

          • wildjew

            Listen to the first five minutes of the video. If you are in a hurry scroll to 4 minutes 15 seconds where Tony Perkins speaks. Sen. Jim Talent comes on right after Perkins. Obama pressured Netanyahu into accepting a Muslim-enemy state in Israel’s heartland. You can blame Israel for being weak until you are blue in the face. Then I BLAME you.

            If you listen to Randy Page from the beginning, he rightly says Romney (the Republican party) wants to establish another Muslim-terror state in Israel’s heartland.

            You don’t think that is evil? If you don’t why shouldn’t I conclude you are evil?


            The speaker at 4:15 says that it is up to Israel to decide what is in its best interests.

            Sounds good to me.

            As does:
            0:35 – Our unequivocal support of Israel

            Give us the mm:ss in the video that support your claim that Romney was for imposing a paleswinians terrorist state in the land of Israel.

          • wildjew

            You obviously did not watch the video.

            Do you support a Muslim-enemy state in Israel’s heartland? That is my question.

            If you do support a 2 state solution (i.e., Israel’s destruction) how can you be unequivocal in your support of Israel?

            Perkins said, “We NEED TO BE unequivocal in our support of Israel.” You are not.


            Save us all the time by listing the MM:SS of the video that supports your claim that Romney wants a Pal-e-SWINIAN entity in the Land of Israel.

            Your second question. I would NEVER want an islamofascist entity in any land West of the Jordan River.

            Israel and Jordan is the existing Two-State solution.

            Israel west of the Jordan river.
            Jordan east of the Jordan river – shared with a defanged Pal-e-SWINE.

          • wildjew

            You say: “I would NEVER want an islamofascist entity in any land West of the Jordan River.”

            You are a liar. If not, why are you defending Mitt Romney (George W. Bush) who do support an “Islamofacist entity” West of the Jordan River?


            A Pal-e-SWINE west of the Jordan river?

            It will never happen.

            For the third time, what MM:SS of the video supports your claim that Romney wants a Pal-e-SWINE west of the Jordan?

          • wildjew

            I find lying sleazebag partisans like you more dangerous than Obama-supporters because of the damage enemies within like you do to the conservative movement. Read Cicero about the enemy within. That’s you.


            “For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims (“Screw Socialism,” etc.)…..”


            Don’t be stupid.

          • wildjew



        • Americana

          Pres. Obama is also an apostate according to sharia law.

          • truebearing

            No, he isn’t because he is enabling the spread of Islam. He claimed to be a Christian, but even the dumbest of the dumb can see that isn’t true. Obama’s claim to be a Christian was classic taqiyya. He lied to get elected to the presidency of Islam’s most powerful enemy, and now he is expiditing their advances in nuclear weapons, control of nations, and influence over the West. He is no apostate. He is a traitor to the United States.

            If Obama was truly an apostate, do you think his buddy, Louis Farrakhan, would have referred to him before the 2008 election as “the messiah” and “the hope of the world?” Farrakhan, as the leader of the Nation of Islam, is duty bound to punish apostates. Not only did he not punish Obama, but he is also close friends with the notorious Reverend Wright. Wright was a Muslim turned Christian, supposedly, but he never preached the Christian Gospel. He preached racism and hate. He is a vicious anti-semite. He revelled in the attack on 9/11. He is a Muslim fraud too, or Farrakhan couldn’t be friends with him.

            Farrakhan isn’t opposed to killing apostates. He is suspected in the assassination of Malcomb X for the crime of apostasy. he knows Wright and Obama are Muslims undercover.


            Sinister Farraklan put a hit on X due to their power struggle.

            With X out of the way, Sinister has control of the NOI cult.

          • Americana

            There’s too much in your post to rebut.

          • Americana

            Muslims aren’t permitted to worship in other churches. Therefore Pres. Obama is an apostate. You can’t have it both ways — that he’s a closet Muslm but a practicing Christian. The man attends church every Sunday. He’s committing apostasy, officially, each and every week. As for all your other points, they’re equally as suspect and rebuttable especially your understanding of why Farrahkhan might have conspired to kill Malcolm X. If you’re such a conspiracy theorist buff, I would think you’d opt for the most likely conspiracy theory behind that assassination. But instead you opt for the least likely theory. Why is that?

            Since you’re such a wordsmith yourself, you should understand that “messiah” is used as simply a florid noun because of its inherent religiosity. It is a word and a concept shared among all the major religions but it’s got a far more prosaic meaning in common parlance. It means that someone represents the vanguard for something. In this case, it’s that blacks in American have finally reached the pinnacle of American political life. Farrahkan is obviously hoping this means that America’s black population finally won’t be regarded as a second class citizenry.


            Obama is Multi-Racial and Multi-Religion.

            He has appeal to all sorts of dumb people.

          • johnnie the jew

            He’s also an idiot creationist. Say no more

  • 1Indioviejo1

    It is a good thing to keep repeating the existential threat we face, if only for the willfully uninformed. There is a suspicion that all this doom and gloom is a preamble to Islam taking over America by simply having the leadership either converting to Islam or becoming comfortable in their Dhimmitude.

  • ata777

    unfortunately, almost half of American (if not more than half) are content to remain in a coma until we are hit again. it’s as if 9/11 never happened, or they honestly believe it was a one-off.

  • SoCalMike

    Too bad Caroline can’t run for president of the US.
    We need someone who can see as clearly as she can.
    When an Iranian WMD goes off over New York, the people whose appeasement and foreign policy ignorance caused it will never get blamed.
    They will point fingers at Israel and the mindless wad of masses will start yelling “Yah, the Jews did it. We fight their wars and see what it got us.”

  • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf

    Caroline Glick, you simply nailed it. Well done.


    Please don’t call any troops other than ours “elite”

  • butpygmies

    9-11? Small potatoes…. How much does it cost to buy a nuclear weapon or two from the Pakistani arsenal? These guys have $2 billion or more, and Pakistani intelligence is to no small degree allied with Al Qaeda. And what makes anyone think that closing the border with Mexico — as if we could –, would matter? They wouldn’t be able to get in? You think they aren’t already here?


      Warn Muslims that if the US or Israel or India suffer a nuke attack,

      Mecca gets totally destroyed – for starters.

      The Muslim world is target rich – and the Infidels have 70 years of knowledge.

      Islamofascists like to point out how small Israel is – well Mecca, Tehran, Qom, Cairo, Karachi, Islamisbad, Kuala Lampoor are all smaller than Israel.

  • J.B.

    Sure, Obama knows that al qaeda is mainstream islam and that all islamopithecines are dedicated to jihad, and sure, he supports terrorist groups and islamic theocracies over secular islamic governments and America itself. Sure. Because he’s happy with that.

    But the reason he thinks America provoked them into their terrorism isn’t just because he’s an anti-American leftwing moron, it’s because he supports jihad and wants the islamic world to be as powerful as possible. He thinks they wont attack America because he’s their ally, not because he thinks appeasement works.

    Which makes you wonder what he plans to do when his Presidential term is over.

  • Irie Keith Garcia

    Assailants may attack you and your love one’s any time.. So, might as well for all the parents out there, Start protecting your children and your whole family, by having their own Panic Button named Safekidzone, it’s a safety management device.. Whenever you’re in trouble or in a situation like this, you can actually press your Panic Button in your phone and your exact GPS coordinates will be sent over to their system and they will know where you are. They also got what we call a Safety Profile wherein you can upload your recent picture and any information about you.. Whenever there is a real emergency, they can route it over to the nearest 9-1-1 center based on your GPS location. So essentially, respondents will take less time in getting there because they know where you are. And of course, they will know what you look like. To know about this app. just click this link:


    After the battle of Tora Bora in December 2001, al-Qaida’s leadership scattered.


  • edlancey

    “It doesn’t need to clamp down on Muslims in America.”

    Oh yes it does. It may be unfortunate for the rest of them but so what ?

  • Dyer’s Eve

    “From Persia, very near a million…” – Michel de Nostradame. USA: get rid of Obummer, Israel: warm up Dimona.

  • BagLady

    In March 2001, when the Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas statues in Afghanistan, the world condemned the act.”

    They did indeed. However, for years they ignored so many Indian journalists who warned of the impending danger with absolutely no response from western media.

    ” When al-Qaida destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon….”

    ALLEGEDLY (Let’s stick to the law, eh)

    Caroline, you are confused. What did Al-Qaida have to do with the Taliban of Afghanistan? One the foot soldier of Saudi Arabia, the other a caste of Afghans employed to protect the trade route through Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are not related. Do you lump Presbyterian with Amish? Catholic with Church of England? Animist with Nihilist?

    It seems strange to me that many on here will nitpick over the definition of repulican/democrat/labour/conservative/progressive/communist …. ad infinitum but cannot perceive of the enemy having any nuances whatsoever.

    If you want to keep up with the times, you’d better understand that Al-Qaida is your temporary friend. Sunni is OK but Shia is verboten, OK?

    It may very well change by next week as we drop our weights on the scales of power.

    • Drakken

      Islam is islam no matter the bloody stripe, and where ever islam goes the blood always flows, without exception. No more islam, no more problem.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It only took the Taliban six months to move from the Bamiyan Buddhas to the World Trade Center. Al-Qaida is stronger now than ever before. And Iran is on the threshold of a nuclear arsenal.

    Actually, the Taliban at the time didn’t even know beforehand of OBL’s plan to perpetrate 9/11, and then subsequently was initially lied to by OBL when Mullah Omar asked him if he was responsible. We are not at war with AQ alone. It is the Islamic totalitarian world that is waging jihad against all infidels and all religions around the world to ultimately make Islam supreme throughout the world, and Pakistan will inevitably become the nuclear weapons supermarket to the Sunni Islamic totalitarian world as soon as Iran develops nukes. Then the entire Islamic totalitarian world that is obligated to subjugate all infidels and all religions will be armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons almost as fast as you can bat an eye.

  • TopAssistant

    Please take time to read the article and watch the short videos! Muslim Demon Worshippers Join The Terrorists In Iraq Busts The Myth That Sufi Islam is Peaceful, by Shoebat Foundation on June 21, 2014
    “The Muslim terrorist demons in Iraq will soon force open western eyelids to witness what the Naqshbandi Sufi order in Iraq and the rest of the world is all about. The Sufis surprisingly just joined the ranks of the most notorious Muslim terrorists in the world; the ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). The Sufi order is now one of the largest five armed factions that joined the terrorists who are opposing the Iraqi government.”

  • Alleged Comment

    So stay away from large shopping malls, tall buildings, big events and don’t stare at the sodomite negro.

    • Ben Name

      do you have to say away because of that restraining order?

      • Alleged Comment

        Yes, they issued it for my protection. You were spotted around those areas. You really should take that oBama mask off.

        • Ben Name

          That really makes no sense that you would be issued a restraining order to keep me away from you…..unless, the police knows I’d easily take you out when you came for me.

        • Ben Name

          You should keep the dunce cap on. It fits you.

  • BagLady

    It is indeed very sad for the families of those Allied soldiers who lost their lives in this contrived war for nothing, and then to watch the whole country be taken back so easily with not a finger of help raised by the west.

    We are about to see another ‘democratic’ regime change. Wonder who the White House has chosen this time. Could it be their old buddy Chalabi, the servile thug?

    Perhaps we should just relax. What appears as chaos to most may well be all part of the bigger picture. According to Oded Yinon in “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980’s” “Breaking up Iraq along ethnic/religious lines…” is the way to go.

  • johnnie the jew

    Hey guys, just had a thought, a humorous thought at that. Instead of dicking about with airstrikes against ISIS why not set up a really big Led Zeppelin stylie celestial PA system and broadcast across the whole crapped out region Frankie Goes to Hollywoods ‘ Two Tribes’ anthem – in this case 2 atavistic 7th century tribes of troglodytes – real loud and ceaseless. That just might ginger up the action hearing a GAY anthem for these retards. Let the party begin in great earnest and make sure they’ve got plenty of munitions.

  • Daninkansas

    I’m 2/3 of the way through this article. I sense a shift in C.G.’s tone. She is speaking, coherently as ever, but as to a child, not as before, to equals. Simple ideas, simple expression. Willfull blindness.

  • Thanh Long

    After the battle of Tora Bora in December 2001, al-Qaida’s leadership scattered.