The Unfinished War

imageOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

The war with Hamas is not over. What we are experiencing today is a temporary cease-fire.

The most basic reason the war is not over is because Hamas has no existence outside its war against the Jewish state. Hamas exists to obliterate Israel. The goal of each round of fighting is to soften Israel up for the next round.

Hamas will only stop fighting when it is defeated. And Israel did not defeat Hamas.

Not only did Israel not defeat Hamas, according to Haaretz, senior IDF commanders are now lobbying the government to enable Hamas to credibly claim victory.

According to Amos Harel, senior IDF commanders want Israel to bow to Hamas’s demands for open borders with Israel and for the steady transfer of funds to Hamas’s treasury.

Harel quoted a senior IDF source who said that if Israel doesn’t give in to Hamas’s demands for open borders, Hamas will renew its attacks at the end of September.

In the senior commander’s words, “If we can assist [Hamas] by expanding fishing grounds and easing restrictions on border crossings of people and goods into and from Israel, this will help maintain the quiet.”

So to delay the next Hamas onslaught against us, the IDF is lobbying the government to surrender to Hamas.

This behavior demonstrates two basic truths about Hamas’s war against Israel.

First, it is impossible for Israel to deter Hamas, but Hamas has apparently deterred the IDF General Staff.

During Operation Protective Edge Hamas absorbed massive blows to its war machine. The IDF destroyed Hamas’s offensive tunnels that penetrated into Israel. It destroyed thousands of Hamas’s rockets, missiles and launchers. It killed hundreds of Hamas fighters, including some top commanders.

And yet, less than a week into the cease-fire, the IDF prefers to capitulate to Hamas’s demands, and so allow Hamas to recoup its losses, rather than face its depleted forces on the ground in four weeks.

In other words, despite the blows it suffered, it is Hamas that has deterred the IDF.

Harel’s report is just the most recent indication that the IDF senior command echelon is Hamas’s ace in the hole. Throughout the war, news reports revealed that under Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz, the General Staff refused to present the security cabinet with any viable plan to defeat Hamas. And now, having failed to defeat Hamas, they insist that it is Israel that should surrender.

Hamas went to war with Israel because its back was up against the wall. Due to Egypt’s decision a year ago to seal its borders with Gaza, Hamas lost the ability to expand its arsenal, fuel Gaza’s smuggling-based economy and pay its terrorists their salaries.

Its leadership figured that the best way to reopen its supply lines was by going to war against Israel. The risk-averse behavior of the General Staff both during the war and today tell Hamas’s leadership that they were right.

The General Staff’s behavior isn’t the only reason that Hamas thinks aggression is the way to go. The US and Europe have gone out of their way, both during the fighting and today, to show Hamas that they are right to attack Israel.

US President Barack Obama adopted Hamas’s demand for open borders as the official position of the US government almost at the outset of the conflict.

He sought to replace Hamas foe Egypt as mediator with Hamas’s principle state sponsors Qatar and Turkey.

Under Obama the Federal Aviation Administration instituted a discriminatory and unwarranted flight ban on Israel. The repercussions of that move continue to harm Israel’s economy.

Today, the US and the EU are working together at the UN Security Council to draft a resolution that would see the deployment of international military forces to Gaza. The defined role of the force would be to oversee Gaza’s demilitarization, seemingly in line with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s demand.

But the notion that UN forces would take any steps to disarm Hamas is absurd. The minute such forces arrive in Gaza they will become human shields preventing Israel from defending itself against Hamas aggression. If they are deployed to Gaza, then in the next round of Hamas’s war against the Jews, IDF troops will have to constrain their offensive operations still further to avoid killing Western forces.

In other words, the deployment of such a force in Gaza will make it all but impossible for Israel to fight Hamas in the future.

The current discussions at the Security Council tell Hamas it is winning.

By attacking Israel, the genocidal jihadist group won the support of the West. At the UN today the US and the EU are crafting a resolution that will allow it to attack Israel from behind Western human shields.

So between the IDF General Staff and the West, Hamas now knows that all they have to do to survive, thrive and expand their war on Israel, is shake the tree. Something will fall out that will reward their aggression.

If they pay any price at all, it will involve nothing more than the death of the civilians of Gaza. And Hamas leaders couldn’t care less. For them, the death of civilians is yet another means of attacking Israel.

Facing this dire state of affairs, our leadership must dedicate itself today to preparing for the next round of war.

To this end, Israel must begin acting in three areas, now.

First, Israel must use whatever means it has at its disposal to scuttle the US’s attempts to pass any resolution related to Gaza at the UN Security Council.

Second, the government must clean the stables in the IDF General Staff.

Gantz is due to complete his tour of duty in February. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon need to use his departure as an opportunity to replace not only Gantz but several other senior generals. Their replacements must be commanders who understand that the role of the IDF is to win wars, not lose them.

To date, Netanyahu and Ya’alon have given no indication of their intentions. Senior ministers and the public should use both the General Staff’s support for surrender and its lack of strategic ambition and tactical imagination during the war as a means of pressuring Netanyahu and Ya’alon to conduct a major shakeup of the General Staff.

Finally, the time has come for Israel to expand its military industries.

During the war both the US and European governments placed obstructions in the path of IDF resupply.

Israel cannot remain dependent on undependable foreign military suppliers. Israel needs to develop its own production lines, starting immediately.

We have the technology. We have the economic wherewithal. And we have the external markets to cover the costs of development.

True, this is a long-term undertaking.

But it has to begin now.

Residents of the south are livid at the government for opting for a ceasefire rather than mounting a full invasion of Gaza and dismantling Hamas piece by piece, terrorist by terrorist. As they see it, Operation Protective Edge failed to bring them the security they deserve and require to lead normal lives.

There is much validity to their claims. Hamas’s declarations of victory would sound far more disingenuous if the IDF’s leadership wasn’t intent on proving them right.

Their celebrations would ring hollow and even pathetic if the Americans and Europeans weren’t laboring to set up a mechanism to prevent Israel from fighting in the future.

As it stands, the only way for our leaders to prove their credibility now is by rejecting Hamas’s demand for open borders, even if doing so will require us to go back into battle in a month. After we have seen what Hamas is capable of, the notion that we should allow them to resupply and so rebuild and expand their military capabilities is simply outrageous.

Every general even obliquely tied to this initiative should be given his walking papers.

So too, our leaders need to demonstrate that they understand the nature of the diplomatic battlefield whose contours are being designed in Washington as well as Europe. To meet this threat, we must devise a clear plan to scuttle the cease-fire initiative at the Security Council, and we must diminish our dependence on our unreliable defense partners by building our own production lines.

Absent these responses, it is difficult to see how we will weather the next rapidly approaching storm. Absent these responses it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the time has come for new elections.

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  • Kruton

    Bibi is a progressive.His commanders are infected with this mental disorder.Progressives don’t know how to fight or win wars,case closed.

    • carpe diem 36

      Bibi needs to fire them and find new leaders for IDF. They are no good for anyone, lease of all Israel. They are not going to defend the country, they already lost it in their minds. For the life of me I do not understand their thinking, why are they capitulating? if this is their thinking they are endangering the whole country, and they will not lead the next war so Israel will be defended if not to victory. What is wrong with them?

      • Kruton

        Kill 5,000 Hamas soldiers.If you don’t kill the soldiers you can’t win!

        • Drakken

          Kill all of Gaza and call it a day, they you will have won. Every raghead in Gaza is the bloody enemy, give them a modern day version of Gaza and be done with it.

      • Suzannes

        So much of what you say is true. I only hope that the next generation of Israeli leaders have more to them. I’m wondering all the time if Israel as well as the US is just enduring the last years of the “baby boomers” in power. In so many cases, the “boomers” have been disappointing – both politically and militarily!

  • Bamaguje

    I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again… Israel should have reannexed Gaza.
    That’s the only way to ensure “Palestinians” never use it as a rocket/terror launch pad against Israel.
    The only reason rockets are not being fired from the West bank is because Israel has ultimate control over Judea & Samaria… not because Fatah PA is “moderate.”

    • Drakken

      For Israel to reannex Gaza your going to have to make it into a modern day Carthage first, anything less is typical Israeli half azz measures that ensures there will be more conflict. The Israeli’s really are their own worst enemies.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    I once said that Jews and Arabs have related roots and though they evolved differently they still have certain similarities. Arabs produce suicide bombers. American Jews produce suicide voters and vote for Obama. Israeli army commanders are simply suicidal. Israel need to import outsiders as army commanders. Perhaps they can find some among the Filipinos who just ignored U.N. advice or command to surrender to the Jihadists near the Golan Heights.

    • Evermyrtle

      It seems like we all simply forget about GOD’S power and HIS love for HIS people. If the USA and Israel will put HIM first in all of our r plans we cannot loose. BUT the USA has 95% anti-GOD leaders, so how can we expect HIM to help us. The last 6 years will show us what happens when we turn against HIM. Many lie and try to show progress that we have made, while we continue to fail and do nothing to fix the flaws.

      Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of GOD, and HIS righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

      Mark 10:27 And JESUS looking upon them said, with men it is impossible; but with GOD all things are possible

      Ephesians 3:20-21
      20. Now unto HIM that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,
      21. Unto HIM be glory in the church b JESUS CHRIST throughout all ages, wold without end. Amen.

      • the old skeptic

        People who believe in afterlife and that messengers from an invisible spirit world can grant escape from biological death are exactly the problem. Please see a doctor.

      • Drakken

        God helps those who helps themselves sunshine.

    • Drakken

      I say put some German or Austrian Commanders in charge and they actually will get the job done instead of this half azzed nonsense that the Israeli’s are running.

    • Arf

      The 69% of American Jewish voters who chose Obama in the last election are nothing compared with the hundreds of millions of Christians who voted for him.The Presbyterian Church, the Methodists, Episcopalians and Catholics all supported Obama. He got 75% of the Asian vote, 93% of the black vote and well over 80% of the Latino vote. The 1% of American voters that are Jewish don’t even count as a footnote.

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    Glad someone knows the difference between “peace” and “hudnah.”
    Hamas, having survived the IDF yet again, will get a boost in respect, credibility, and popularity, and will be able to re-arm and recruit even faster.
    Only extermination will work against these people.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Why not mass deportation? Why not go w/a more peaceful solution first? Maybe even a paid mass deportation, where the moslem squatters are remunerated for the properties left behind. It would be a lot more than the Turkish moslems did for the non-moslems they ethnically cleansed from Cyprus.

      • Harry_the_Horrible

        Won’t work.
        Nobody wants the Palis. Absolutely no one. To other Arabs they are just a piece on board against Israel. Bodies for YouTube videos.
        There is place for them go.

  • Larry Larkin

    Any senior IDF officer who comes out with that crap should be stripped of all rank and insignia on the spot and sacked without pension.
    In an early and more realistic period that would have been hanged by the neck until dead in lieu of the sacking, because that’s what you do to traitors in the military.

    • carpe diem 36


    • Drakken

      The real problem is the lawyers in the command centers writing policy, shoot the lawyers and put warriors in charge then maybe, they might actually win.

  • steve b


  • BMS

    Maybe if the morons in the USA (aka the voters) elect a non-Muslim President next election Israel will be able to do what it should have this go round and destroy Hamas.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I personally don’t believe the zero was legitimately elected in 2012.

  • Hank Rearden

    Caroline Glick reminds me of that 18-year-old woman in Oklahoma with the 3-month old baby boy when ex-acquaintances of her deceased husband were breaking into her small house out in the boonies. She called 911 but the police were 20 minutes away. She retreats into the bedroom, puts her boy on the bed with a bottle, gets the 12-gauge out of the closet, loads it, and as the bad guy comes through the bedroom door, levels the shotgun, pulls both triggers and almost cuts him in half.

    Sometimes women see the nub of the matter better than men do.

    • carpe diem 36

      I too think she is just awesome!!

      • Normtrub1

        Caroline is always right.

  • carpe diem 36

    it is a good thing these IDF idiots were not alive during the 1948 war, and the following ones. Had they been there there would have never been a Hamas to surrender to.

  • Douglas Mayfield

    As a free country, Israel has a profound moral right not only to survive but to prosper. Therefore, while ignoring the inevitable vapid howling and screeching that will emanate from the Left around the world, Israel should attack and obliterate the vicious, cowardly murdering scum known as Hamas. If civilians are killed so be it.

  • carpe diem 36

    this article shows how israel is a partner with obama and hamas and how its leadership is assisting in its demise, god forbid. Obama and the UN are so evil, they plot how to destroy Israel, how to prevent it from defending itself and how israel will never win the next war and the one after that forever. This is totally the fault of PM Bibi who stopped too short of the finish line, and thus prevented israel from reaching it. This is totally devastating to me, I do not see any good coming out of this war for Israel. No wonder Hamas is so popular in Gaza, they understand their victory and the stupid Jews do not understand their defeat at the hands of the IDF and Netanyahu.

  • Paul Kidd

    God is in Full Control and charge of Israel. What is happening now is exactly how God Planned it. God will NOT allow His Chosen People, the Apple of His Eye to be destroyed. He will Show ALL Jews SOON, after the IMMINENT Rapture, and during the Tribulation/Great tribulation who His Son Jesus is and they will turn to Him! I KNOW this is like a foreign language to most Jews, However those who are alive when it all happens will see then I wasn’t crazy. I continue to pray for Israel night and day as well as sign any petitions to support Her all I can. May God bless and keep Her in these tough times, and the EXTREMELY tough times that lie just ahead.

  • Guest

    God is in Full Control and charge of Israel. What is happening now is exactly how God Planned it. God will NOT allow His Chosen People, the Apple of His Eye to be destroyed. He will Show ALL Jews SOON, after the IMMINENT Rapture, and during the Tribulation/Great tribulation who His Son Jesus is and they will turn to Him! I KNOW this is like a foreign language to most Jews, However those who are alive when it all happens will see then I wasn’t crazy. I continue to pray for Israel night and day as well as sign any petitions to support Her all I can. May God bless and keep Her in these tough times, and the EXTREMELY tough times that lie just ahead.

  • Dov

    Why don’t you address the reason Israeli leaders have given for not taking down Hamas? They don’t want responsibility for running Gaza, and they don’t want to leave a vacuum for ISIS to fill. Hamas is the devil you know. This strategy can be argued against but if you’re urging Israel to take down Hamas you have to state what your endgame is.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Germans or Austrians leading Jewish soldiers in combat is an interesting idea, if not revolutionary.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    I wonder what kind of political fallout there would be if Israel did what you propose? I wonder what the rest of the moslem Mid-East would do? Or the current corrupt regime in the Presidential Palace in D.C.? Would the US go to war against Israel on behalf of islamic-fascism?

  • chelmer

    Much of the commentary on this page, while supportive of Israel (for which I am grateful) ignores a basic, tragic fact about Israel’s existence. Israel is a tiny country, populated principally by Jews, a people who are neither popular nor understood. Israel is surrounded by powerful, populous fanatical enemies who wish to see it destroyed. Generals and political leaders making decisions about what course to take do so while understanding that a major miscalculation could spell death for the entire nation.

    Israel is a small, weak, isolated country. They are not some military giant with an enormous landmass to play with, a huge economy and tons of soldiers who can be used for cannon fodder. Their leaders make abundant mistakes out of caution. But their caution is warranted. Sometimes that caution is itself the problem. But these are good, good people doing the best they can. Most Israeli chiefs of staff die young: the stress of the job is almost unbearable, and the range of threats is enormous. Those who support Israel should feel free to analyze and criticize the decisions of their leadership, but please don’t impugn the character of these men. If they make mistakes, it is not for any lack of seriousness or devotion to duty on their part.

    • billobillo54

      Excellent points all. However, they can’t afford to make errors. And, it is easy for us to criticize. We are RELATIVELY safe (for now). Also, their errors can and will lead to W.W. III.

  • Armed_Infidel

    Israel’s biggest problem is the Obama government’s support for the “palestinian” cause. Hopefully a republican administration will take power in 2017 but, if so, it’s no thanks to the american jewish community which will overwhelmingly support the anti israel democrat candidate.

  • billobillo54

    This article shows the confluence of Bible Prophecy and the current geopolitical situation with Israel, the nations and the antichrist (the man will be Muslim and is closely associated with Islam just like Christ is closely associated with Israel and the Church). First, Israel is ultimately to be isolated and abandoned by its “allies”; from Isaiah 63 where the Messiah states:

    “I have trodden the wine trough alone,
    And from the peoples (i.e. Gentiles) there was no man with Me.
    I also trod them in My anger
    And trampled them in My wrath;
    And their [c]lifeblood is sprinkled on My garments,
    And I [d]stained all My raiment.
    4 “For the day of vengeance was in My heart,
    And My year of redemption has come.
    5 “I looked, and there was no one to help, (i.e. from the Gentiles)
    And I was astonished and there was no one to uphold;
    So My own arm brought salvation to Me,
    And My wrath upheld Me.

    And, here the Israelis will unfortunately have to learn not to trust their “allies” including the Muslim antichrist (1 Thessalonians):

    “3 While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then [a]destruction [b]will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape.”