Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi Alliance

Military Ceremony in GazaOriginally published by the Jerusalem Post

Hamas’s war with Israel is not a stand-alone event. It is happening in the context of the vast changes that are casting asunder old patterns of behavior and strategic understandings as actors in the region begin to reassess the threats they face.

Hamas was once funded by Saudi Arabia and enabled by Egypt. Now the regimes of these countries view it as part of a larger axis of Sunni jihad that threatens not only Israel, but them.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and its state sponsors Qatar and Turkey, are the key members of this alliance structure. Without their support Hamas would have gone down with the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt last summer. As it stands, all view Hamas’s war with Israel as a means of reinstating the Brotherhood to power in that country.

To achieve a Hamas victory, Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood are using Western support for Hamas against Israel. If the US and the EU are able to coerce Egypt and Israel to open their borders with Gaza, then the Western powers will hand the jihadist axis a strategic victory.

The implications of such a victory would be dire.

Hamas is ideologically indistinguishable from Islamic State. Like Islamic State, Hamas has developed mass slaughter and psychological terrorization as the primary tools in its military doctrine. If the US and the EU force Israel and Egypt to open Gaza’s borders, they will enable Hamas to achieve strategic and political stability in Gaza. As a consequence, a post-war Gaza will quickly become a local version of Islamic State-controlled Mosul.

In the first instance, such a development will render life in southern Israel too imperiled to sustain. The Western Negev, and perhaps Beersheba, Ashkelon and Ashdod, will become uninhabitable.

Then there is Judea and Samaria. If, as the US demands, Israel allows Gaza to reconnect with Judea and Samaria, in short order Hamas will dominate the areas. Militarily, the transfer of even a few of the thousands of rocket-propelled grenades Hamas has in Gaza will imperil military forces and civilians alike.

IDF armored vehicles and armored civilian buses will be blown to smithereens.

Whereas operating from Gaza, Hamas needed the assistance of the Obama administration and the Federal Aviation Administration to shut down Ben-Gurion Airport, from Judea and Samaria, all Hamas would require are a couple of hand-held mortars.

Jordan will also be directly threatened.

From Egypt’s perspective, a Hamas victory in the war with Israel that connects Gaza to Sinai will strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamic State and other allies. Such a development represents a critical threat to the regime.

And this brings us to Islamic State itself. It couldn’t have grown to its current monstrous proportions without the support of Qatar and Turkey.

Islamic State is obviously interested in expanding its conquests. Since it views itself as a state, its next move must be one that enables it to take over a national economy. The raid on Mosul’s central bank will not suffice to finance its operations for very long.

At this point, Islamic State wishes to avoid an all-out confrontation with Iran, so moving into southern Iraq is probably not in the cards. US forces in Kuwait, and the strength and unity of purpose of the Jordanian military, probably take both kingdoms off Islamic State’s chopping block for now.

This leaves Saudi Arabia, or parts of it, as a likely next target for Islamic State expansion.

Islamic State’s current operations in Lebanon, which threaten the Saudi-supported regime there, indicate that Lebanon, at a minimum, is also at grave risk.

Then there is Iran. Iran is not a member of the Sunni jihadist axis. But when it comes to Israel and the non-jihadist regimes, it has cooperated with it.

Iran has funded, trained and armed Hamas for the past decade. It views Hamas’s war with Israel in the same light as it viewed its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah’s war with Israel eight years ago.

Both in Iraq and Syria, Iran and Islamic State have shown little interest in making one another their primary target. Turkey and Qatar have often served as Iran’s supporters in the Sunni world.

This is the context in which Israel is fighting its war with Hamas. And due to this context, two interrelated strategically significant events have occurred since the war began.

The first relates to the US.

The Obama administration’s decision to side with the members of the jihadist axis against Israel by adopting their demand to open Gaza’s borders with Israel and Egypt has served as the final nail in the coffin of America’s strategic credibility among its traditional regional allies.

As the US has stood with Hamas, it has also maintained its pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran. The US’s position in these talks is to enable the mullocracy to follow North Korea’s path to a nuclear arsenal. The non-jihadist Sunni states share Israel’s conviction that they cannot survive a nuclear armed Iran.

Finally, President Barack Obama’s refusal to date to take offensive action to destroy Islamic State in Iraq and Syria demonstrates to Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states that under Obama, the US would rather allow Islamic State to expand into their territory and destroy them than return US military forces to Iraq.

In other words, Obama’s pro-Hamas-, pro-Iran- and pro-Muslim Brotherhood-axis policies, along with his refusal to date to take effective action in Iraq and Syria to obliterate Islamic State, have convinced the US’s traditional allies that for the next two-and-a-half years, not only can they not rely on the US, they cannot discount the possibility of the US taking actions that harm them.

It is in the face of the US’s shift of allegiances under Obama that the non-jihadist Sunni regimes have begun to reevaluate their ties to Israel. Until the Obama presidency, the Saudis and Egyptians felt secure in their alliance with the US. Consequently, they never felt it necessary or even desirable to consider Israel as a strategic partner.

Under the US’s strategic protection, the traditional Sunni regimes had the luxury of maintaining their support for Palestinian terrorists and rejecting the notion of strategic cooperation with Israel, whether against Iran, al-Qaida or any other common foe.

So sequestered by the US, Israel became convinced that the only way it could enjoy any benefit from its shared strategic interests with its neighbors was by first bowing to the US’s long-held obsession with strengthening the PLO. This has involved surrendering land, political legitimacy and money to the terror group still committed to Israel’s destruction.

The war with Hamas has changed all of this.

The partnership that has emerged in this war between Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia is a direct consequence of Obama’s abandonment of the US’s traditional allies. Recognizing the threat that Hamas, as a component part of the Sunni jihadist alliance, constitutes for their own regimes, and in the absence of American support for Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have worked with Israel to defeat Hamas and keep Gaza’s borders sealed.

Most Israelis have yet to grasp the strategic significance of this emerging alliance. This owes in large part to the Left’s domination of the public discourse.

The Israeli Left sees this new partnership. But it fails to understand its basis or significance. For the Left, all developments lead to the same conclusion: Whatever happens, Israel must strengthen the PLO by strengthening Palestinian Authority Chairman and PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas.

Failing to recognize the basis for Israel’s emerging strategic partnership, led by Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, the Left is advocating using our new ties with Saudi Arabia and Egypt as a means of strengthening Abbas by organizing a regional peace conference.

What they fail to understand is that such a move would destroy the partnership.

Israel’s strategic cooperation with Egypt and Saudi Arabia owes to their shared interests. It cannot extend beyond them. And they have no shared interests in regard to the PLO.

Threatened by the axis of jihad, no Muslim government can be seen publicly with Israelis. Asking Egyptian and Saudi leaders to have their pictures taken with Israelis is like asking them to sign their own death warrants.

Moreover, Israel’s required end-state in negotiations with the PLO – defensible borders and recognition of its sovereign rights to Jerusalem – is something that no Muslim regime can publicly accept – especially now.

So far from building on our new cooperative relationship, if the government heeds the Left’s advice and uses our incipient ties with the Saudis and Egyptians to strengthen the PLO, it will highlight and exacerbate conflicting interests and so destroy the partnership.

Moreover, the fact is that the PLO can play no constructive role for any of the sides in weakening our common foes. As he has for the past decade, during the current war Abbas has demonstrated that he is utterly worthless in the fight against the forces of jihad – both of the Sunni and Shi’ite variety.

At least for the duration of Obama’s presidency the interests that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel share in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons and defeating the Muslim Brotherhood/Islamic State as military and political threats can only be advanced through joint action.

The Obama administration would have forced Israel to bow to Hamas’s demands weeks ago if the Egyptians and Saudis hadn’t opposed a Hamas victory.

Without Israeli military action, Iran will become a nuclear power. In light of the US’s backing of Iran’s nuclear program, such an Israeli operation is effectively impossible without regional support.

As to Islamic State, right now the US is interested in cooperating with Iran in fighting the barbaric force.

In exchange for Iranian cooperation, the US is liable to cede Basra and the Shatt al-Arab to Iran.

Effective cooperation between Israel, the Kurds and the Sunnis could contain, and perhaps defeat, Islamic State while reducing Iran’s chances of securing the strategically vital waterway.

Since the emerging partnership between Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia is a direct result of the Obama administration’s destruction of US strategic credibility, it is fairly clear that if properly managed, it can last until January 2017. Until then, in all likelihood, the US will be unwilling and unable to rebuild its reputation.

And until then, the parties are unlikely to find alternative means of securing their interests that are more effective than joint action.

Given the stakes, and the complementary capabilities of the various parties, Israel’s primary task today must be to work quietly and diligently with the Saudis and Egyptians to expand on their joint achievements in Gaza.

The Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi alliance can ensure that all members survive the Obama era. And if lasts into the next administration, it will place all of its members on more secure footing with the US, whether or not a new administration decides to rebuild the US alliance structure in the Middle East.

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  • mollysdad

    If Hamas is about to achieve strategic and political
    stability in Gaza, and if such a development would render life in southern
    Israel too imperiled to sustain, then there is no option for Israel short of the mass expulsion of Muslims from Gaza.

    • sid..goldberg

      Sure- using some made-up Hamas as a reason for genocide. Israel will reap the wind.

    • Americana

      It’s not Israel’s political purview to make a decision about the “mass expulsion of Muslims from Gaza.”


        Go to Gaza. Hamass needs more useful idiots like you to reinforce their Human Shield Dome.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          She might, if they embraced Shi’a islam.

  • David

    One of the greatest failures of the Bush administration was the alliance they maintained with Saudi Arabia. Wahhabist thinking, which the Saudi’s have subsidized for decades, has been the fertilizer with which radical Islam has grown. IT’s fine to enter into temporary political alliance with SA but we also need to curtail their funding efforts to Mosques and universities around the world.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Doesn’t Saudi Arabia also fund islamic terrorism? I had always thought Iran and Saudi Arabia were the two biggest financiers of worldwide islamic terrorism?

      • David

        It’s backed off a bit with direct funding to terrorist groups recently with the rise of ISIS, but yes in the past it has. Then again, so does everybody. We do it, Europe does it, and even Israel does it.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Israel funds islamic terrorism? Please show me proof of that statement.

          • David

            News story on ynet:

            “Israel transfers PA funds as threat of sanctions wanes.

            After threat to freeze PA funds, Palestinians claim Israel begins to transfer money to PA in bid to keep its large public sector functioning and maintaining stability in West Bank.”


          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            The intent of Israel is not to fund islamic terrorism — unlike Soddy Barbaria and Iran. The funds may be diverted for that purpose, but how can that be said to be Israel’s fault?
            I’m sure US tax dollars sent to Pakistain end up funding islamic terrorism in India, but that doesn’t make the US taxpayer culpable.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      This alliance started with FDR to secure Oil resources during WWII. It was sealed by BP and ESSO, and later ARAMCO. Money made it alright.


        The US should take over the oil fields of the Middle East (OPEC) and lower the price from $100 per barrel, back to $10.

        • 1Indioviejo1

          No. We have enough.

        • Americana

          What amusing insanity to think the U.S. should take over the oils fields of the Middle East! Besides which, that’s NOT FREE MARKET PHILOSOPHY to simply commit a MULTI-BILLION $$$$ INVASION simply to lower the price when the costs will have been borne by other aspects of the American economy. An economist (and a sensible person) you are not.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanitya

            Dear Taqiyya Pet, it’s not “FREE MARKET PHILOSOPHY” when OPEC artificially controls the price of oil either.

  • http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.fr/ Rita

    I have a feeling that Obama’s beloved Muslim Brotherhood got booted out of Egypt just in time !

    • Hellosnackbar

      Obama’s support for the Mudslime brotherhood was appalling !
      He should be interrogated as to why this was the case.
      If they had survived then Egypt would have become a major Islam pariah country!

      • http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.fr/ Rita

        And if Mme Clinton becomes the next POTUS, the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood who will be “embedded” in the White House via her “Personal Assistant” I fear.

      • Hellosnackbar

        The Obamination did not seem to understand that the electoral success of the MB was an irony insofar as the totalitarian,supremacist nature of Mudslimes would certainly have resulted in the elimination of democracy(similar to the Shites in Iran).
        I wonder if he has a secret ban account?

  • http://littlenotesfromparis.blogspot.fr/ Rita

    And another thing: I hope for Israel’s and the Jewish People’s sake, that Caroline Glick will be their Prime Minister one day.

    • sid..goldberg

      Hamas was created by Israhell as a counter to the PLO.

    • Americana

      I wonder why Caroline Glick avoids the issue of what the ISIS guys think of these Arab leaders since they’ve failed to align themselves w/the Caliphate? Surely she sees that as being equally damning?

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Your “issue” is irrelevant to her topic.

        • Americana

          Of course it’s relevant to her topic which is whether a strategic alliance must be engineered between Israel and her (former) foes for the non-jihadist Muslim countries to survive this ISIS-dominated period as well as Israel. For these current Muslim leaders to refuse to align themselves with or acknowledge the Caliphate and Khalifa Ibrahim as the head of all Muslim states effectively illustrates to ISIS that they don’t intend to willingly abdicate and become part of the Caliphate.

          Trouble is, Glick also tries to make this alliance work to Israel’s overall tactical advantage over the Palestinians by claiming that Hamas has designs on those other Muslim countries above and beyond Israel and we all know that’s not true. She also tries to suggest that there’s a rationale for these Muslim countries to back Israel on taking out Hamas when their aim should be taking out ISIS. I understand why her interests lie where they do but she’s not going to convince those countries of the need to take out Hamas. This kind of thinking will doom this alliance before the paperwork is even signed.

          (CG) The partnership that has emerged in this war between Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia is a direct consequence of Obama’s abandonment of the US’s traditional allies. Recognizing the threat that Hamas, as a component part of the Sunni jihadist alliance, constitutes for their own regimes, and in the absence of American support for Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have worked with Israel to defeat Hamas and keep Gaza’s borders sealed.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            It’s funny how many of your arguments rely on the phrase: “we all know…”.

          • Americana

            In this instance, that “we all know” information is something I take for granted. Let me repeat from my above post: Trouble is, Glick also tries to make her suggested alliance work to Israel’s overall tactical advantage over the Palestinians by claiming that Hamas has designs on those other Muslim countries above and beyond Israel and we all know that’s not true.

            Since when has Hamas given ANY INDICATION that it’s interested in taking over Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Libya and Syria and Qatar and United Arab Emirates and blah blah blah…?? The only country the Palestinians have shown any interest in seizing was Jordan and that was because that’s where they were largely displaced to during the first war w/Israel.

  • billobillo54

    I could not argue against any point that Caroline Glick makes in this article. My only concern deals with demographics as they are affected by alliances. And, my concern is for the demography of the U.S. No matter who the U.S. allies itself with among the Muslim nations of the Middle East, the U.S. will maintain the UN Refugee treaties, and will permit more and more immigration and government financial support to Muslim “refugees” into the U.S. While all of the points made by Mrs. Glick make complete and perfect strategic sense (especially for Israel), as with the Israelis themselves, demographics are extremely important. So, even if the U.S. under a Republican administration in 2017 completely changed course and actually support Israel and the needed “One State Solution,” opposed Hamas, opposed Iran and its nuclear ambitions, opposed Turkey and Qatar and their support of ISIS, support and alliance with the “moderate, non jihadist” regimes in Saudi Arabia and Egypt means more clandestine Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi Muslim money and influence into the U.S. and more and more deadly Muslim immigration into the U.S.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      You make a very valid point. The only way Americans have of stopping this Muslim invasion is to BOYCOTT all Muslim businesses in the USA, and ostracized all Muslims here. We need to let them know they are not wanted here.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Your proposed solution won’t stop the islamisation of the US, only delay it.

        • 1Indioviejo1

          A national BOYCOTT may take their livelihood and deter more Muslims from moving here. After this it is anybody’s guess how things may develop. It is a long shot and a desperate measure, but I can’t see another option. Can you?

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Outlaw their faith, purge our government, demolish their mosques, mass deportation.

        • amy

          The greatest demographic buffer against the islamisation of America is more immigration of Catholics from Latin America. They are the only Christian group having enough babies to compete with Muslim women and their deeply rooted faith and culture will not collapse as the gates of hell come crashing.

      • quousque

        Nothing short of total independence from ME oil will change the equation. The alliance of Greens, global warmists and anti-fracking makes such outcome in the US total impossibility. And the PC crowd will never allow their favorite victim group, Islam adherents, to be denied unfettered access to this shores. In sum, we are doomed.

        • 1Indioviejo1

          We may be doomed, but we need to fight every step of the way. Start the BOYCOTT among like minded people, then spread the word in your town.

  • Lawrence

    Any soul searching from American Jews for overwhelmingly voting for this despicable anti-Semite Obama? Of course not, like Obama, they are too busy playing golf or tennis or watching cable or Jon Stewart or what have you. Glick however does not go far enough, we need to be more independent of America in every way. Militarily and economically. This is an urgency I don’t see any real recognition of, and I mean from Jewish ‘realists’. It goes without saying that the Left are in lalaland.

  • Armed_Infidel

    What really bugs me is that 80% of american jews voted for Obama; and jews are his most ardent financial and political supporters.

    If Israel is dependent on an alliance of sorts with Saudi Arabia to make things right, the scope of this mess is indeed colossal.

    • Erudite Mavin

      This is how Saddam kept the people in line he did not agree with

      Worst Chemical-Weapon Massacre In History, Saddam Hussein’s Attack On Halabja in Iraq on the Kurds

      HALABJA, Iraq — First came the blast of the bombs dropped from the jets, followed by a smell of apples. Then the birds the family kept caged in the yard dropped dead. Minutes later, human beings began to die, too.

      This is how Minira Abdul Qader remembers the events of March 16, 1988, in Halabja, a small town on Iraq’s northeastern border with Iran. She was 10, and a witness to the largest chemical-weapons attack on civilians in history.

      The civilians happened to be Kurds, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s enemies. He had ordered his forces to drop gas on the city, then inhabited by 45,000 Kurds

      bodies of some of the 5,000 people killed by mustard gas and the nerve agents sarin, tabun and Vx.

      Qader, who is among about 10,000 survivors, has progressively become blind as a result of the attack. Two eye surgeries in neighboring Iran, where many victims of Halabja go for treatment, haven’t improved her sight.
      Many more examples of torture by Saddam Hussein can be listed
      on innocent people

      • Americana

        The Kurds weren’t gassed just “out of the blue” because Saddam Hussein considered them personal enemies. Saddam Hussein didn’t want to rule over a fractured Iraq where he’d lost the big money oil fields to a Kurdish separatist movement.


        • Erudite Mavin

          Your source is from the International Communist League.
          No wonder you supported Saddam.
          Here in San Diego we have over 50,000 Chaldean Iraqis
          several thousand Kurds and thousands of Muslim Iraqis .
          I have spoke with some of the Chaldeans and Kurds,
          They know first hand what Saddam was.

          • Americana

            Are you kidding me? You’ve actually got the nerve to name yourself ‘ERUDITE MAVIN’ and you write a post like the above in answer to mine? I don’t support Saddam Hussein. If material has content that I know to be true, I’ll post it whatever the source. Here’s another story below from the BBC.

            Lady, where do I deny Saddam Hussein was a monster? You ask those Kurdish refugees why Hussein massacred them. It was to eliminate them as a secessionist threat where he would lose control of the Kurdish oil fields. Hussein didn’t want to face any more years of the Kurdish separatist uprising and he selected the least troop-intensive method of waging war against the Kurds. Who knows how many more chemical attacks he would have authorized if the international outcry hadn’t been so ferocious over Hallabja?


            From the above link:

            Initially, the US Defence Intelligence Agency blamed Iran for the attack. Halabja is around eight to 10 miles (14km to 16km) from the Iranian border.

            However, the majority of evidence indicates that the gas attack was an Iraqi assault against Iranian forces, pro-Iranian Kurdish forces and Halabja’s citizens during a major battle.

            Although there is some evidence Saddam Hussein’s forces had used chemical agents before this date, the attack on Halabja is thought to be the first documented assault using chemicals.

          • 1Indioviejo1

            Aren’t these Chemical weapons the same ones everybody in the world knew Saddam had? Just a little later, the same world attacked Bush because US Army couldn’t find them. It was a dirty political smear orchestrated by the Demonrats, an organized crime syndicate. All of these weapons were given to Syria where we finally found them. So much for the credibility of your Mob.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Exactly. Nice to see there is some here who live in the world of reality

          • Erudite Mavin

            and the BBC is the air time for the radial left .
            You can spin it however youy want with your Int. Communist League and BBC source.
            Actual facts and photos still won’t wake you up from your
            propganda that make you feel better on your rainbow unicorn ranch.

          • Americana

            Your erudition is sorely lacking in depth. It’s pretty amusing how many of you recycle the whole unicorn and rainbows thing. It’s like there’s no creative spark…whatsoever.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Why waste more words on those who don’t even understand what is going on in the world, just repeating the same Ron Paul and George Soros talking points

          • Moa

            The US won in Iraq. Removing Saddam is not the cause of ISIS. Removing US stabilizing forces (which Obama did for his personal political gain) created the vacuum that allowed Islam to show its true nature.

            Then we have Obama (and RINOs like McCain) following the Brzezinski doctrine and arming jihadis to fight Iran and its Syrian proxy. Brzezinksi did the exact same thing under Jimmy Carter when they created the Afghan mujahideen *six months* before Russia invaded Afghanistan (it was a trap they laid to draw Russia into “its own Vietnam”).

            The transformation of Iraq was bungled (although the initial invasion went remarkably well). By 2010 and the Surge Iraq was in a good place. So good that the Iraqis thought they didn’t need the US anymore, and so good that Obama and Biden thought they could “have their cake and eat it too” (withdraw from Iraq and still leave a stable Middle Eastern state).

            Even now Obama is selling $11 Billion in weapons to Qatar, and Qatar will give the weapons to the FSA, Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Empire (Caliphate).

            Removing Saddam was a good move. Obama’s removal of US forces for his personal political gain was the bad move.

          • hopkins

            Everybody knows what Saddam was. The problem in the Arab world is that there was no gaurantee that anything better would come out of it. And there is a distinct possibility that Iraqis would vote in another Saddam. On that basis it was wrong to bother about Iraq. W. just wasn’t intelligent enough. In fact, sad as it is, if Saddam was still there ISIS wouldn’t be. And by the way, there was no Al Queda ever in Iraq because Saddam saw them as a threat to him. Why is there an obsession with “communist” or commies on this site. It’s a safe bet that no communists are ever on this site and even so, Communists are the last thing we need to worry about right now.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Having been in a Communist country, East Germany in 1983, you obviously have no knowledge of what that was like.
            Also you obviously have not talked face to face with many who lived under Saddam and know first hand what a monster he was.

          • hopkins

            You don’t get it, everybody knows what a monster Saddam was. You’re not more intelligent than the rest of us. ISIS is equally monstrous, which proves my point, You can remove a dictator in the Arab world, and somebody even worse can fill his shoes. Now ISIS has killed so many Iraqi christians and kurds, leaving the people with a spectacle that is at least as brutal as Saddam. The proof is in the pudding. As for your comments about being in east germany, what does that have to do with anything? Communism has pretty much bit the dust.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Here in San Diego there is over 50,000 Chaledan Christian Iraqis, also thousands of Kurds.
            Have spoke with several and know what they have gone through
            As far as your belief that communism has bit the dust.
            No, and just as active today.
            Do you think Soros, Bill Ayers, and a list that could go on for hours are not Communists? Think again.
            You also might what to read the 35 page report,
            “Made in Moscow Terrorism” Communists and Muslims: the Hidden Hand of the KGB”
            from the Cliff Kincaid orgination

          • Moa

            Great posts, please keep it up.

            You may also like the book “Disinformation” by Lt Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa. A very, very good read.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Thank you Moa and your information.
            Front Page had a commentary on this
            In Defense of Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa

            Another recent book,

            Back from the Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire Paperback – August 7, 2014
            by Cliff Kincaid (Author), Konstantin Preobrzensky
            It exposes what Putin’s agenda is about and it is not
            the nice guy some want to believe.

          • Moa

            Communism has pretty much bit the dust.


            You can consider Marxism as being in three parts:
            1) political
            2) economic
            3) cultural

            The first two were discredited in the Cold War. The third part is not only alive and well, it is so pervasive in the West that you do not even notice it any more. Did you know that “PC” is shortened from Cultural Marxist Political Correctness and was invented to deliberately stop people from thinking analytically and objectively about important issues.

            Then we have Cultural Marxist Critical Theory which blames the West for everything based on what the West has done or has not done.

            If you want to understand “The Matrix” that you live in, I suggest you go on to YouTube and look for documentaries about Cultural Marxism – because it is all around you, but the prison for your mind only works until you see the bars. After that, you are Free, and the World looks like a different place (the mainstream media propaganda becomes easily to spot and see through).

          • Americana

            NOTHING was INVENTED to stop people from making good political decisions. The only thing stopping people thinking “analytically and objectively about important issues” is their laziness and their lack of initiative about tackling the research and reading the right source materials on issues so they arrive at reasonable conclusions.

      • 1Indioviejo1

        Every people deserve the leaders they get!

        • Erudite Mavin

          The people who voted for Obama or sat at home electionday or voted third party and enabled his presidency deserves him, the problem, the Adults who voted Republican suffer because of the mindless Obama
          supporters and American is being sunk because of this.

    • Arf

      First of all, only 69% of eligible Jewish voters voted for Obama — get your stats straight. A greater percentage of blacks, Asians and Latinos voted for Obama. Second, Obama won because he got the under 30 voters. Voters over 30 went for Romney. Since there are far and away more Christian voters under 30 than Jewish voters under 30, you figure it out as to how much the Jewish vote counted. Out of the 320 million people in the U.S. 1.6% are Jews. Out of that 1.6% only about 1% are eligible to vote. Out of that 1%, only 69% voted for Obama. I realize you may not be a “math” person, but do you REALLY think it was that .0069% of American that got Obama elected?

      • Armed_Infidel

        In 2008 it was around 80%; in 2012 it was around 70%. Are my stats wrong?

        And jewish votes and other support cannot really be measured by statistics. The jews gave Obama the prestige of their support, as well as cover for his anti Israel positions. This was disgraceful.

        Also, a disproportionate number of his major financial donors are jewish. This is also disgraceful.

        • Hy Feiber

          As a Jewish conservative, I am disgusted with Jewish support for Obama. The modern Jew is first and foremost a Democrat, not a Jew.

          For Jews to support an America-hater, when this country has been a beacon for Jews, like No Other, is the epitome of ingratitude.

          • billobillo54

            Anyone who votes Democrat is voting for the party that is pushing Western Civilization into the abyss. The Republicans also have many enablers. Your statement that “The modern Jew is first and foremost a Democrat, not a Jew” is accurate as it describes a large segment if not the majority of Jews in America. Also, many Christians vote Democrat, vote liberal, voted for Obama and his agenda. The Democrat Party is in opposition and is contrary to Christian principles of morality and government. These “Christians” slap Jesus Christ in the face with their politics. There is no excuse for either group.

      • Hellosnackbar

        The choice of a President in the USA was a very poor one !
        I would probably have chosen the Obamination rather than a Mor(m)on bishop!
        People who support religious dogma have their minds poisoned with dogma trumping common sense’
        The anti science tea party group are crackpots!
        It’s time for the Republican Party to reorganise with logical opposition to Democratic Party PCers!

    • 1Indioviejo1

      These Jews you mention are deracinated Jews. There is even a Marxist element in Israel who side with the terrorist PLO and Hamas. These are the delusional bunch who keep giving away land for “peace”.

  • El Cid

    As usual, very good analysis to aid understanding.

    This military action has saved Hamas from political extinction. Now, they are hugely popular among the Palestinian Arabs. Of course, recognition of Hamas by the POTUS (Mr. Obama) really helps them with the press.

    Anything Mr. Obama does should be measured from a position of domestic political gain or personal financial gain. There is no evidence that he sees himself or the US as international players.

  • PAthena

    See Michelle Bachmann, Congressman, on the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government.
    President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, if not a member. When Hillary Clinton was his Secretary of State, her close aide was Huma Abedin, whose family are Muslim Brotherhood.
    Obama has a half-brother from Kenya who is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      You forgot to mention Valerie Jarrett, a known agent of Iran, who runs the syndicate from the White House, while the ephebe plays golf with Reggie Love.

  • oposition max

    Israel, Saudis and the Egypt military Dictators. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. Or – Birds of a feather, flock together.

    So now the islamofaschist House of Saud and egyptian military criminals are Israels allies against a US administration? Zionism has at last reached the bottom of the sewer pit.

    • Armed_Infidel

      And you prefer the islamonazi Hamas, ISIS, and Iran? Great.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        How is Saudi Barbaria better than Iran?

        • 1Indioviejo1

          In MHO all Muslims are Barbarians, but this is REAL POLITICS, and Israel should take advantage of the window of opportunity and go in for the kill. There may never be a better time.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            I see your point, but I hope Israel employs a long spoon while supping w/islamic-nazis of any stripe. Because none of them have Israel or the Jewish people’s best interests at heart.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      Should Israel commit suicide just because its former ally, the US, conspires with its enemies? I think not. There is no greater sewer pit than the White House were the Iranian agent, Valerie Jarrett, rules Obama. ‘She the man’. And Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood liaison. This is the result if the organized crime syndicate better known as the Demonrat party’s Marxist in full control.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        The present US regime is an enemy of the free world because they not only facilitate the spread of islam, but finance it.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Spot on commentary.

  • adamz

    SISI came power with Israel help to destroy Muslim brotherhood, he is coup leader!


      Bollocks. 30 million Egyptians on the streets sealed Morsi’s fate.
      They did not need Israel or anyone else’s help.



    • 1Indioviejo1

      So what. This is Arab politics 101. Learn something.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Nothing says islamic retardation like blaming Israel.


        And nothing says Socialist retardation like blaming Israel.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          To tell the truth, I haven’t seen any Natzi Schmatzis anywhere lately. I don’t see them on the streets protesting against Israel. I don’t see them calling for the extermination of Jews or destruction of Israel at US unis and colleges — I do see moslems doing that, and have personally seen them calling for the destruction of the state of Israel.

  • Noli

    Joel 3:10King James Version (KJV)

    10 Beat your plowshares into SWORDS and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong…. Today I Declare War On Spirit and Flesh of This AntiChrist Muslim Fundamentals to Be Uprooted In all Nation Whenever You will Find Them…And To Stand with The Nation Israel..Destroy Evil/satan with truth Even Unto the Death….Amen


      Gonna take more than wishful thinking…

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Ms. Glick, as always you bring a clear mind to the analysis. I believe there is a window of opportunity for Israel to destroy Hamas and discredit the PLO. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have no love lost for the Hashemite King Abdullah in Jordan. If israel moves against Jordan it may find the solution to the Palestinian problem without Hamas and the PLO in the picture. It means the recovery of Judea and Samaria for Israel, and a Palestinian state in Transjordan. It can all be delivered when Israel attacks Iran with the high blessing of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and all the Sunni Gulf States in the region. The time is now.

    • Drakken

      The Hashemite Kingdom is the only entity that is keeping the savages at bay. If Abdullah falls, the savages will go to war with Israel in a half a heart beat.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        Jordan hasn’t been much of an ally to Israel in the past. They attacked Israel at least twice, with the same genocidal intent as the rest of the Arab moslem armies. I can’t imagine they’ve forgotten the loss of the W. Bank either.

        • Dallasyaherd

          Their parliament unanamously voted to pardon the Naharayim soldier.

  • Daninkansas

    Click, click, click trips the indispensible logic of Glick.

  • James_IIa

    Caroline Glick advocates the one state solution in her book, and to me, it’s beginning to be persuasive. What is the immediate tactical move? Should Israel undo its earlier pullout from Gaza? Wait for the next American administration? Strengthen its Middle Eastern alliances and prepare for action in Iran? All of those options make some kind of sense, but it would be helpful to see a discussion weighing the pros and cons.

    • Drakken

      It is a very simple equation where Gaza is concerned, no more muslims = no more problems, turn Gaza into a modern day version of Carthage and there will be no more bloody problems from the savages.

      • James_IIa

        There is a temptation to wish for that kind of resolution, but I am sure that neither Glick nor the state of Israel would consider it. After all, Israel has given forewarning, including dropping mini-explosives, to announce impending attacks. That displays a higher level of concern for protecting the innocent than generally practiced even by the US. And that policy comes from Israeli conservatives.

        All bets are off of course if Israel is attacked with nuclear weapons, otherwise, generalized warfare seems incompatible with the ethos of Israel.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          “If Israel is attacked with nuclear weapons” there’s not much to talk about anymore is there? Except the complete annihilation of islam and moslems worldwide.


            M.A.D – Mecca Assured Destruction – in retaliation.

          • Dallasyaherd

            God gave the Jews the answer and our leaders were too worldly to see it, millions of Africans who have stated a love for ISrael wanted assylum, like Modanna and Angeliana Jolie Israel needed to adopt them and move them in to the violent jihadist neighborhood called Gaza, the world can’t complain because we were doing good. And that will create more non-Muslims in the middle east.

        • Drakken

          That is the only resolution that is practical and rational, the Israeli’s continue to half azz this farce in the hopes it will turn out different this time, it won’t, so you have a choice either go big or go home.

    • Dallasyaherd

      The “2 state solution” is insane and is only done because of the power of antisemitism, the Jews won, in any other case the group equivelent to Israel would nt even have been forced 6to give bave 80% of its land the Sinai, and if Israel is nnot really a democracy according to dumb people, well neither are 110 othe r countries at least.

      • James_IIa

        Good points. On the other hand, are there examples of societies with large Muslim and large non-Muslim populations living together peacefully? You might look to Lebanon as an example. It started with a roughly tripartite split between Muslims and others, and seemed to degenerate into an inevitable cycle of violence. Now there is no longer a balance in population as the trend has been for Christians (and Jews) to be killed or leave the country, not to mention a trend to endless civil warfare. Lebanon’s initial arrangement was not exactly a two or three state system, but it is close enough to be a warning to Israel. A two-state “solution” would be merely a pretext for the gradual extermination of Jews; i.e. a “final solution”.

  • RickLoomis

    The alliance, hidden or open, is valuable for the stability of the region. But some questions remain about the neighbors:
    * Jordan: It has about 4 million Christians who we’d think would also want to prevent ISIS from expanding. Saudi Arabia has only Muslims. Jordan is located between Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. How could this hole be left in the alliance?
    * Qatar: It’s a tiny geographic appendage of Saudi Arabia, has just 8% of the population size of SA, and only 77% of its population are Muslims. Yet it supports ISIS, Hamas and the MB. Besides being home to the 5th Fleet, there’s something wrong with that picture.
    * Turkey: Another supporter of ISIS, with 80 million people, about 100% Muslim, is a member of NATO, and geographically links the Middle East to Europe. They blocked their airspace to the U.S. in its war with Iraq.

    The U.S. would be smart to strengthen the hidden alliance, and directly help Israel develop and protect its massive off-shore gas fields from neighbors, as much of that gas will be exported to Europe to give it some energy security.

    • Americana

      How is it those massive off-shore gas fields belong solely to Israel?

      • Virgil Hilts

        Because all of the other tiny nations around Israel are bereft if petroleum engineers…and do not have the infrastructure do take advantage of said gas…plus…they don’t give a crap about their people….they want the money to buy weapons…to kill Israeli’s!

      • RickLoomis

        It’s implied that it controls those fields within its own off-shore territorial region. Countries also control their defined airspace, which shouldn’t imply they own surrounding airspaces.

        • Americana

          You’re missing the point, Rick. Israel is a country that shares its footprint w/Palestinians. Therefore, the off-shore gas fields belong to both nations.

          • Dallasyaherd

            “palestine” the portion of the Ottoman Caliphate’s Syria region, you obsess on was not a country at any time, and was not one when the gas was discovered. Between 1946 and 1967 “palestine” was called Egytp and Jordan and YOU the evil shyt did not call it a country. or occupied. You only resercved your libelous UN partitiion plan for when ISrael had it, Egypt and Jordan were not occupiers according to the UN evil fools like you or anyone else between 1947 and 1967. Of course because lying about the Jews is a favorite racist trick pastime of stupid nonethical people with big mouths.

    • Dallasyaherd

      You’re missing a pattern, in fact you’re missing a few patterns.

      Qatar is supposedly 23% non Muslim second class citizens SOLELY because it only gained independence from Britain in 1971. This pattern is true in every west Asian country, in Ataturk’s time Turkey was 20% non Muslim today it is completely Muslim. 50 years ago Lebanon was 88% Christian, and 200 years ago Mount Lebonon region of the Ottoman Empire was 95% Christian, first came the Beduin/Turk holy wars blamed on the apostate Druze in 1860 where of course the history books remember the most warlike group in humn history the Beduin (ie Arabs) as the peaceful saviours, as history books always remeber them, (which is the real route of the problems in the middle east, the denial of the nature of the Beduin throughout their history) 100,000 Maronites were killed out according to contempary sources, today lowered to 30,000 (of course) skip 110 years, Iranian proxy removed all moderate Christians from Lebanon and now lebanon even with the false demographics is 22% Christian, then the Shah you see the pattern again, in the Shah’s time for example Jews and Zoroastrians combined to over 3 million people, today Jews of Iran are near 2000 and that number is likely exaggerated up, and Zorostrians today are like 100,000 if that. Do you see the pattern you are missing? by saying Qatar is only 77% Muslim (it’s the British independence bit) Jordan too is not truly independent of Britain until today, so Jordan though fully antisemitic because Britain has a strong hidden antisemitism, is actually pretty multicultural to everyone other than Jews (who by law can not ever since the invention of Jordan, become citizens) but once British secret services are no longer needed to control Jordan (britain is a very very very powerful country, and no one notices, Britain is the 3rd most powerful country in the world above Russia, and Saudi Arabia is a monster today, spending 100 billion a year on weapons) Then Syria Syria had a ton more Jews than anyone knew, but even the tiny number admitted to of about 300,000 200 yeares ago (Alleppo was ruled by Jews) today there are exactly ZERO Jews in all of Syria, and Christians are disapeering fast, etc. in other words there are reasons for the demographic patterns of these countries that you are glossing over.

      Also much of the trouble in the Middle East is cause by the Islam loving British Secret service, which seems to be invincible. No one notices the 3 trillion a decade the British spend on world secret service rivaling the US and a much smaller country. Britain taught us how to do secret service. ISIS is a British/Qatar/Turkey venture. And the Arab Springs were originally Saudi/British joint ventures, our negotiations with Iran was a British influenced event, Britain sells arms to Iran for decades.

  • Arlie

    The US military has one of it’s largest bases where? Qatar! All the big industrial military complex is selling billion worth to who? Qatar. The US southern boarder is open, Why? Drug and sex trade, to benefit who, Qatar & Pakistan. The Clinton Foundation got 100’s of millions from who? Qatar. The truth about Qatar…read all the stunning truth: http://www.misterchambers.com/2014/07/26/the-long-arm-of-qatar/
    This is a long article, chock full of information, naming names with incredible connections, yet very easy to understand. This tiny country causing all this bloody havoc is being protected by U.S. military!