Why Turkey Is Gone for Good

Turkey-Protests_Horo-31-e1381964471291Originally published by the Jerusalem Post.

Last Thursday, two Turkish businessmen stopped for lunch in a fish restaurant during a business trip to Edirne in the Babaeski region.

At some point during their meal, the restaurant owner figured out that they were Jews.

Rather than show them the hospitality Turkey is renowned for, he said he won’t serve Jews, and began cursing them and the Torah. He then took a long knife off the counter and threatened to kill them.

The men ran for their lives.

Anti-Semitic attacks have become regular events in Turkey. In December, after leaving an anti-corruption rally in Istanbul, a young woman was attacked by 10 to 15 supporters of Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan who had just left a support rally for the premier.

They accused her of being a Jew, as they beat her up.

In an interview with The Times of Israel, Turkish opposition MP Ayken Kerdemir said that Erdogan has cultivated Turkish anti-Semitism. “He is not only capitalizing on the existing sentiments, Kerdemir explained. Erdogan is “fueling some of that anti-Israel and anti-Semitic feeling… with his rhetoric, conspiracy theories, campaign slogans and actions.”

Kerdemir explained that Erdogan’s cultivation of anti-Semitism in Turkish society will continue to affect Turkey’s behavior and social values long after he is gone. “Even after Erdogan and AKP are gone, even if [the opposition party] CHP comes to power, it will take us quite some time to mend inter-societal relations through dialogue, awareness raising and sensitivity training.”

Once you let that genie out of the bottle, it is very hard to stuff it back inside.

Erdogan’s anti-Semitism is not opportunistic. He isn’t simply exploiting a popular prejudice for his own benefit. He is an anti-Semite. And his anti-Semitism informs his behavior toward Israel.

In Kerdemir’s view, Erdogan’s uncontrollable hatred of Jews makes it impossible for him to agree to reconcile Turkey’s relations with Israel.

As he put it, “Erdogan’s core values vis-à-vis Jews and Israel prevent him from dealing with this issue in a tolerant, embracing and sustainable way.”

Against this backdrop it should surprise no one that this week Erdogan sunk prospects for a renewal of Turkish ties with Israel.

Immediately after he took office 10 years ago, Erdogan began systematically downgrading Turkey’s strategic alliance with Israel. This process, which began gradually and accelerated after Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian elections, reached its peak in 2010.

In May 2010, Erdogan sponsored the pro-Hamas flotilla to Gaza whose aim was to undermine Israel’s lawful maritime blockade of the terrorist-controlled Gaza coast. The flotilla’s flagship, the Mavi Marmara, was controlled by the al-Qaida-aligned IHH organization. Its passengers included terrorists who, armed with iron bars, knives and other weaponry tried to kill IDF naval commandos when they boarded the Gaza-bound ship to enforce the blockade. In the ensuing battle, the commandos killed nine IHH terrorists.

Erdogan used the incident on the Mavi Marmara as a means of ending what remained of Turkey’s ties to Israel. For three years, he insisted that he would only restore full diplomatic relations if Israel ended its blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza, apologized for its forces’ actions on board the Mavi Marmara, and paid reparations to the families of the IHH terrorists killed in their assault on the IDF commandos.

In March 2013, Erdogan relented in his demand that Israel end the blockade and acceded to a reconciliation deal offered by US President Barack Obama in a three-way telephone call with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that took place during Obama’s visit to Israel.

Following the phone call, Netanyahu apologized for “operational errors,” by IDF sailors aboard the Mavi Marmara and offered to compensate the families.

Negotiations toward the reinstatement of diplomatic relations were to ensue immediately.

But just after Netanyahu made his required gesture of appeasement, Erdogan began delaying the talks, while continuing his anti-Semitic assaults.

Talks eventually did start. And according to Israeli sources, they were about to conclude this week.

Netanyahu was beginning to build political support for his decision to agree to Turkey’s demand for a massive $20 million settlement of claims against Israel by the dead terrorists’ families.

But then Erdogan walked away.

On Tuesday, Erdogan reinstated his initial demand that Israel must end its lawful naval blockade of terrorist-controlled Gaza before he restores ties to the Jewish state.

In many quarters of the Israeli media, Erdogan’s action was met with surprise. Reporters who for years have insisted that Israel can make the problem go away by bowing to Erdogan’s demands are stumped by his behavior.

But they shouldn’t have been.

It isn’t simply that Erdogan cannot reconcile with Israel because he hates Jews. As is almost always the case with anti-Semites, Erdogan’s anti-Semitism is part of his general authoritarian outlook informed by a paranoid mindset.

Erdogan sees a Jewish conspiracy behind every independent power base in Turkey. And his rejection of Israel is an integral part of his rejection of all forces in Turkey that are not dependent on his good offices.

Over the past 10 years, and with ever increasing brutality, paranoia and intensity, Erdogan has sought to destroy all independent power bases in the country. He purged the military by placing hundreds of generals in prison in his delusional Ergenekon conspiracy in which they were accused of seeking to overthrow his Islamist government.

He has destroyed most of the independent media in the country and sent hundreds of journalists and editors to prison.

The same is the case with independent businessmen.

Over the past year, Erdogan destroyed whatever remained of the plausible deniability he initially fostered between himself and the systematic abrogation of civil rights and the rule of law in Turkey.

This week, 17 people were sentenced to two years each in prison for “deliberately insulting the premier and not regretting their actions,” during a small demonstration in 2012 protesting the government’s health policy.

Also this week, Erdogan acknowledged that he calls television broadcasters in the middle of news shows and orders them to stop the broadcast of information he doesn’t want the public to know.

This has included ending the live broadcast of a speech in parliament by the opposition leader, ending coverage of the mass anti-government demonstrations last summer, and removing a news ticker that reported on the corruption scandals surrounding Erdogan and his cronies. Erdogan has also reacted to the corruption investigations of his cronies by firing the public prosecutors and police officers involved in the investigations.

To maintain the public’s support for his burgeoning dictatorship, Erdogan has adopted populist economic policies that have sunk the Turkish economy. To buy the public’s allegiance, Erdogan has borrowed heavily internationally and artificially lowered Turkey’s interest rates, even as the local currency dropped in value in international markets and Turkey’s current accounts deficits outpaced Greece’s on the eve of its economic meltdown.

As David Goldman explained last week in a financial analysis of Turkey’s incipient economic meltdown in The Asia Times, rather than raise consumer interests rates, Erdogan has blamed the Jews by railing against “the interest rate lobby.”

Indeed, since he first invoked the term during the anti-government demonstrations last August, Erdogan has taken to blaming the interest rate cabal for all of Turkey’s woes.

Goldman argues that part of Turkey’s credit crisis owes to its apparent reliance on interbank loans from Saudi Arabia. In part due to their anger at Erdogan for his support for the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudis have apparently stopped loaning to Turkish banks.

The Saudis’ action has pushed Erdogan into the waiting arms of Iran’s ayatollahs. In an interview with Business Insider,Australia, terror financing expert Jonathan Schanzer said Turkey and Iran were able to minimize the impact of the international sanctions on Iran’s energy sector. Between June 2012 and June 2013, the Turkish-Iranian “gas for gold” sanctions-busting scheme brought Iran $13 billion in hard currency.

Erdogan’s hatred of Jews, his authoritarian mindset and his Islamist ideology informed his decision to transform Turkey into one of the leading sponsors of terrorism. In addition to its massive support for Hamas, beginning in the 2006 First Lebanon War Turkey began providing assistance to Hezbollah.

Then there is al-Qaida. Turkey has long harbored al-Qaida financiers. And according to IDF Intelligence head Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, Turkey hosts three al-Qaida bases on its territory that enable terrorists to transit between Europe and Syria.

Erdogan’s ideological underpinning directs his embrace of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaida. But his decimation of Turkey’s economy has made him view Iran as Turkey’s economic savior. And that in turn pushes Turkey even deeper into the jihadist camp.

Obviously in this situation, the chances that Turkey will agree to reconcile with Israel, at any price, is inconceivable.

The surprise that many Israeli journalists have expressed over Erdogan’s seeming about-face on the reconciliation deal brings us to the larger lesson of his transformation of Turkey.

These journalists believe that Israel’s bilateral relations with other countries are based on tit for tat. If I do something to upset you, you will get upset. If I apologize and try to make things right, then you will be satisfied and everything will go back to normal.

This simplistic view of the world is attractive because it places Israel in a position of power. If the only reason that Turkey is mad at Israel is that Israel will not apologize for its response to Turkey’s illegal aggression, then Israel should apologize and pay whatever damages Erdogan demands.

Moreover, Israel should make Erdogan believe the sincerity of its apology by maintaining faith with the myth that he is a responsible actor on the world stage, rather than a prominent sponsor of terrorism and the hangman of Turkish democracy and economic prosperity.

Appeasement is a seductive policy because it is gives its purveyors a sense of empowerment. And at times, when faced with a simple, limited dispute it can work.

But Turkey’s rejection of Israel is not a linear response to a specific Israeli action. It is a consequence of the nature of Erdogan’s regime, and due to his anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incitement, it is increasingly a consequence of the nature of Turkish society.

Kerdemir argued that Turkish anti-Semitism does not necessitate a rejection of Jews and Israel. And that’s true.

The problem is that when anti-Semitism is tied to several other political and economic pathologies, as it is in the case of Turkey, it is impossible as a practical matter for any accommodation to be reached.

THE SWORD-WIELDING restaurateur who responded to the mere presence of Jewish diners in his establishment with murderous rage is no more exceptional than lynch mobs in Ramallah. And as Erdogan’s economic plight worsens and his embrace of Iran and jihadist groups tightens, Turkey’s behavior will only become more extreme, unappeasable and dangerous.

Caroline Glick’s book The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East will be released on March 4.

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  • Erik Gifford

    Turkey out of NATO!

    • objectivefactsmatter


    • Bamaguje

      Israel into NATO!!

  • Drakken

    Turkey out of Europe period. About time we took Constantinople back and kick the turks across the Bosporus.

    • UCSPanther

      Erdrogan more than likely wants to return Turkey to the days of Ottoman Imperialism.

      • Drakken

        He and his ilk are about learn the hard way, especially those savages in Germany and Austria.

    • NYgal

      Obama was really enchanted by Erdogan and his family during their state recent visit to the White House. Unlike Netanyahu, Erdogan was received warmly and he and his family complemented and lauded.

      What does it say about our President, who seems to like every Islamist he meets?

      • herb benty

        Obama is an Islamist.

    • johnnie the jew

      Yeah with pork lined caps in their deluded retarded butts ! Erdogan is a demented douchbag pure and simple hence why he is so warmly received by the white house. Ataturk must be pissing himself with laughter in his grave about the embicile now running Turkey. At least they’ll probably never get into the EU while it remains intact. Hooray.

  • ConcernedCitizen999

    Ataturk tried to free Turkey from Islam, and so Turkey had a chance.
    Erdogan returned Turkey to Islam, and now Turkey has no chance.
    It’s not so much about anti-Semitism, it’s more about Islam.
    An Islamic Turkey is probably more of a threat to Europe than to Israel or the Jews.

    • herb benty

      Turnkey is the freeway of mass Muzzie immigration into Europe.

    • Ataturk

      what a moronic comment Concerned shthead..

  • Hank Rearden

    So, Israel, how is that apology working out for you?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Well, at least they got better cooperation from the USA out of the deal…

    • Bamaguje

      The question should be directed at Netanyahu, not Israel.

      • Hank Rearden

        I know.

        But I am a believer in Netanyahu and I didn’t want to sound too harsh. Obviously, he was pushed into that apology by the Bam’ster. And Israel has to manage the relationship with the U.S. very carefully.

        THAT SAID, Israel/Netanyahu has to ask itself whether the U.S. or any other country takes important steps – such as backing Israel in a war – out of affection or “good relations” or because the correlation of forces requores it to.

        For instance, were I Netanyahu, I would take the opportunity of Turkey welshing on the implied agreement deriving from the apology to ask publicly “OK Bam’ster, Turkey welshed, what are YOU going to do about it?”

        I.e., make Turkey’s action an embarrassment for the president with a view to strengthening the support for Israel in the U.S. AMONG ITS FRIENDS.

        High risk, but there is an unspoken assumption in bien pensant circles that international relations are the result of good feeling and cordiality and conferences, etc. But look at WWII. England had her back to the wall. Churchill prodded FDR repeatedly to come into the war. If England had gone down it would have caused real problems for us. And yet, while we provided moral support and some aid, we didn’t come in until WE were attacked.

        My point being…what is Israel REALLY getting or going to get from the Bam’ster by being nice? Doesn’t Obama absenting himself from the chain of command while our ambassador – HIS PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND THE CARRIER OF THE AMERICAN IMPERIUM – was sodomized and slaughtered? Does Netanyahu think that Israel or Jews are dearer to Obama than that crew in Benghazi was?

        • Bamaguje

          May be Israel should suspend relations with America until the U.S. has a more friendly president.

          • Hank Rearden

            Well…yes. As you no doubt know, we give Israel something like $3 billion a year in foreign aid, I think pretty much without strings attached. I think that is not the sum-total of all our dealings with Israel, but a separate line item at the top. That comes down to $500 per person in Israel. That might be cut off. And of course there is the REAL alliance where we share a lot of military activities and intelligence.

            But more, bringing up the Turkey welshing again and again in public going just up to the line of blaming Obama for it. One of the few interesting things that Thomas Friedman has said about the Middle East in recent years (that is, after his book From Beirut to Jerusalem which was excellent) is that “in the Middle East it is not what you say in private that matters, it is what you say in public.”

  • Seek

    A lot of people mistakenly believe that Attaturk, as part of his modernization campaign, succeeded in ridding Turkey of Islam. Actually, he merely drove it underground. It never left. Erdogan has been much more blatant than his recent predecessors in bringing it above ground — and with the same ugly results.

  • Esau The Great

    And the anti-jew sentiments have nothing to do with Israel’s behaviors right? They were just innocent businessmen doing honest to God business.

  • Aizeta

    Erdogan is
    a flake. He is just flapping his gums. His bid is and was to enter the EU with
    full rights or else he´d go ayatollah. A window of opportunity opened for
    leftist eurocRATs to push for the ottomans´ invasion of Europe.

  • Tuva

    Caroline is a paid propagandist. First, she is not even smart enough to figure out what is going on in her own little sht whole let alone a great country like Turkey. She whines and moans and complains that her great Israel the lion of zion can’t even figure out her own borders. She distracts. She is not attractive at all. She is just distractive. Her great apartheid state is becoming a liability day after day. She turns hysterically stupid. Blames smart jews, blames obama.. blames the weather.. blames the turk.. it is your down to earth stupidity caroline.. that is just it.. stop throwing sht to others.

    • Tanna

      Caroline Glick is not as beautiful as she was 10 years ago, which is true of most people who hit middle age. Most people are not more beautiful after they hit the mid point than before. What is your point?
      We read these essays because of the person’s insights and knowledge of the facts, not because of their score at a beauty pageant. Go back to reading Playboy or Playgirl as the case may be.

    • Jack

      We read the British newspapers and see how some Turks treat tourists by murdering them.
      This behavior is nothing new. When the non-Muslims are gone, the Turks and Arabs will fight to see who shall rule the world.
      The do not trust in Allah but only what they can get in this world though force.

    • Drakken

      You bloody effing goddamn turks are a effing blight in Europe, and those Germans and Austrians your pizzing off are about to get really nasty about you staying where you don’t belong, eff off back across the Bosporus where you bloody belong and don’t come back. While we are at it, I say lets take back Constantinople and make it European where it belongs.

  • IanSankey

    Turkey is essentially 2 countries – half european, with the tollerance and progressive outlook which comes with it, and half islamist arab with all that comes with that ideology.

    • Drakken

      They are not European and will never be European, period ! Effing savages, the whole bloody lot of them.

  • Charles Buxton

    Decades ago there was an advertisement with the catchy phrase, “Gonna flick my Bick.” Nowadays I like to “click on Glick.” (from a devoted ‘goyim’ reader)

  • Arlie

    Caroline’s book release sounds very interesting! I very much enjoy reading her insightful truth on matters concerning Israel. She is truly blessed with a clear message of strength and wisdom. I pray she inspires others too.

  • Carmen Sporidis

    Greeks can say alot of this kind of traps Turks use to acomplish theit goal. I mention September 1956, when the secret service from Turkey plant a bomb in so call Ataturk home in Thessaloniki, organising a progrom against the Greeks, distroing anything on her way.

  • tuva

    What a joke this zionist piece of sit place is.. ohhh, no.. erdogan is no democrat.. ohh no erdogan is an anti-semite.. oh no.. erdogan suffocates free speech.. and what do these cowards do at first chance.. delete my perfectly sound post and fill this place with racist garbage.. where does sit meet sht, where else of course frontage.. stthole of a place..

    • cjkcjk

      You’ve said absolutely nothing. All you’ve done is put a rabid, rage, filled, contorted face to letters.


      Happy Eternal Nakba!

  • dougjmiller

    Radical Islamists using the mechanism of democracy took control of Turkey. It was the old, “one, one vote, one time” scheme. But they will never leave peacefully. They may preserve the appearance of democracy, but the Islamic dictatorship is in power. It will take a revolution, like the recent one in Egypt, to overthrow the radical Islamic dictatorship in Turkey

    • PouponMarks

      Like the one in America, too? “They will never leave peacefully….” Hmmm.

  • De Doc

    Erdogan is a vile pimp for Islamism and naturally embraces antisemitism as part of his value system. Even so, I think his days are numbered, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll make a naked grab for power as his feces-laden AKP falls from power. Like a wounded beast he may yet inflict more damage before his candle flickers out.

  • Phương Trinh

    at times, when faced with a simple, limited dispute it can work.

    thanh lap cong ty|cầu dao điện|máy biến điện áp tu

  • StopTheMadness

    How Obama and Democrats fail yet another beautiful diplomatic opportunity…total ignoramuses

  • Ataturk

    When the real Turks take down Erdogan, which was brought into power by the Neocons, things are going to get worse for Anti-Turkish rhetoric from Zionists and European Zealots…

  • Ataturk

    the racist anti Muslim comments by some Jews and Christians is appaling? By being racists, do you really think your comments serve justice? How dare you put down someone’s religion. As for those sht heads thinking Turks want to enter EU or the so-called western world of bigotry, you are wrong. Look up Kizilelma. That is a Turkish mission to bring peace. This is Turkish folklore, but true in the hearts of all Turks.

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