The Ferguson Lie Comes Undone

riotThe Big Fat Ferguson Lie has come undone.

First they told us Michael Brown was a gentle giant. That wasn’t true. He was a thug, high on pot, fresh from a robbery a few minutes before a police officer killed him on the troubled streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

Then they told us this 18-year old, 6’4, 280-pounder was shot in the back, trying to get away. That’s not true either.

Then they told us the militarized police caused the days and nights of rioting. Not true. Or the curfew did. Not true. Or the lack of diversity on the police department was to blame. Not true either.

They said police had no reason to unleash a cloud of pepper spray and tear gas on the demonstrators. False as well, as dozens of rocks and bottles and bricks and molotov cocktails and burning storefronts and bullets testify.

This is a long list of things that were supposed to be true one day but were false the next.  But by far, the biggest and the fattest lie to come out of Ferguson is the idea repeated from every news channel that somehow black people are victims of relentless violence at the hands of white people.

And that explains everything.

That is a Big, Fat falsehood.

And here is its corollary: The only reason reason black people are in prison in numbers three to four times greater than their percentage in the population is because of white racism that leads to over-policing in black neighborhoods.

That sentiment is easy enough to find on MSNBC and all the major black news sites. A few weeks ago, Congressman John Conyers of Detroit said the same thing during a committee meeting. “With enough time and officers in a certain location, it is only a matter of time before they find reasonable suspicion to stop, detain and arrest someone — or many people.”

This is a linchpin of Critical Race Theory: White racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere.  And it explains everything. Only its not just a theory any more: Today it is reality in schools, churches, homes, black web sites, black journalism groups and the streets of Ferguson.

But while CNN’s Don Lemon and his journalistic cohorts try to figure out just how bad white and Asian people are for creating all this racism that led to the violence and looting and shooting, more black mob violence and black-on-white crime proceeded apace in Ferguson and around the country. Largely unnoticed. A smattering:

Starting in Ferguson: On Wednesday of riot week, a man of unidentified race was attacked and sent to the hospital by a mob of unidentified race. Then we learned the victim was white. And the perpetrators were black. Though that has done nothing to disturb the narrative of relentless victimization of black people passed around like popcorn in front of TV cameras.

Please do not confuse this story with the four black people in Ferguson who beat a Home Depot vendor with a hammer. That was last summer.

Chances are, you never heard about either.

In Detroit, a crowd of black people attacked police after they shot a man who tried to run over them. They were trying to arrest him on gun charges.

In Philadelphia, a group of black people attacked and knocked out a white man who intervened when the black people were saying rude things to a group of women.

In Chicago, a group of black people rampaged, beat, and destroyed their way through an upscale neighborhood. A reporter said the violence wasn’t much. Cops said it was. And oh yeah, it happens a lot there.

Also in Chicago, repeated large fights and shootings caused several black night clubs downtown to close.  On Wednesday of riot week at Hearts Night Club, four men were shot. Lamented one club owner: “All the events were shut down yesterday. There was not one African-American event in the downtown area,” says Teddy Gilmore, club manager.

In Minneapolis, an NFL player was one of nine wounded when they were caught in the cross fire at a large fight at a black club.

Of course, black mob violence came to at least one mall in St. Louis, outside of Ferguson, forcing it to close early. Officials say it had nothing to do with the Ferguson disturbances.

They may be right: Black mob violence was a regular featured of life in St. Louis long before Michael Brown learned how to use Swisher Sweets to smoke marijuana.

And let’s not forget to give St. Louis its props as the epicenter of the Knockout Game.  A judge says one black person alone is responsible for more than 300 cases of this racial violence.

Lots of locals in St. Louis thought it was strange that anyone would try to plant the flag of racial victimization anywhere near there. From the Del Mar loop to downtown, St. Louis is the site of frequent and intense black mob violence. A lot of it documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.

Before Michael Brown started stealing cigars and shoving Asian shopkeepers, this was the most popular viral video in the Ferguson area that week:

Video of a violent, unprovoked attack in St. Louis’ Delmar Loop is spreading on social media sites,” said KMOV TV news. “The video, which was taken Sunday near the Pageant, shows a group of people punching and kicking a man who was walking on Delmar Boulevard on his way to the Metro stop.”

A black St. Louis talk show host said black people create regular and large-scale violence in this upscale entertainment district because the merchants and club owners do not “reach out” and make black people feel welcome.

The victim in this video was black. So were the attackers. Whatever that means.

In Washington, D.C. a news crew was robbed when they were doing a story on a “racist” app that showed people how to avoid high crime areas in largely black neighborhoods. Like the one they were in.

In Kansas City, a large group of black people fought and destroyed property and defied police at Lake Jacomo. A local TV reporter was kind enough to remind us how unusual it was that large groups of black people would gather at this recreational spot.

They usually riot at the Country Club Plaza, she said.

In the Bedford-Stuyvestant neighborhood of Brooklyn, at least one black person played the Knockout Game with a pregnant woman, leaving her on the street unconscious.

In Manhattan, the grainy video shows a black man with his arms folded waiting as a 72-year old man walks toward him. He then turns and delivers a Knockout Game punch to the head of the old man.

In the Charlotte area, a black man shot two police officers and a ten-year-old girl. He lived.

Over at CNN, Don Lemon and others say they understand the black rage and anger that created the violence in Ferguson. But there was no discussion of any rage the black mob violence may produce in or out of Ferguson. However silent.

For all the prevarications, one piece of truth came out in Ferguson: “The African-American community — youth in the African-American community in particular — has something against law enforcement in many ways. They don’t like law enforcement, and they don’t think law enforcement likes them.”

That came early on from James Knowles, the Mayor of Ferguson. But no one paid attention or repeated it.

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  • Da_Real_Slim_Shady

    Twin Glocks cure many mob situations…let a mob find me and I will teach the term “semi-auto” to it’s fullest extent…

  • bonniewheeler

    I have never seen racism displayed as it has been displayed by this Ferguson. That mob acted as if Brown should have gotten away with disorderly conduct, assault, thievery. They would never have wanted a White to get away with all that. Shows more racism than I have ever seen out of a white person. We, in SC, did not go on a rampage when 3 blacks here murdered a wonderful white boy as he was on his way to church, admittedly, just because he was white. But then we’ve been out of the jungle a long time

  • don3345

    White women who slum with black males also learn these hard facts.

    • PhillipGaley

      H-m-m-m, . . . as appears to me, . . . they don’t learn.

  • Joe

    I saw through Obama’s schtick a year before the first fiasco. Now he’s going to legalize all the illegals. Democrats SUCK.

  • Rick

    So after reading this story, of course I knew all this already, as I was screaming at my tv, those nights of the Ferguson riots! I even wrote CNN letters, telling them to tell the truth! That there’s absolutely no more racism, okay maybe just a little, but not to the extreme they were reporting! In fact, whatever racism I’ve seen, comes mostly from the blacks, onto whites! To this day, I haven’t seen much of any apology! They’ve painted the police and whites, as racist! They’ve caused our already loopy liberal administration to investigate police departments, and maybe even have them cut back on there badly needed equipment! There’s a good reason, they’ve got all that equipment, and it’s the criminals of today that have brought it on! Well I hope I not alone this November, and again in 2016, when I vote conservative across the board! From my school district, local sheriff, to every city, county, state, and federal position up for election! I will thoroughly investigate each candidate, as best I can, so as to make my best choice! No lefty losers! No activists!

  • Mad_Gorilla

    Sooner or later, the 85% non-black majority is going to reach its limit of tolerance. I wouldn’t want to be black when that happens.

  • allen goldberg

    As usual, solid analysis Colin. Well done!!

  • Brian Adams

    White people need to stop being apologetic for being white also. There’s nothing wrong with white people being as proud of their heritage as anyone of any other race. Slavery wasn’t invented by white people, but they walk around acting like it. Stand up, be proud, and defend yourself when attacked. That goes for everybody when attacked. White people included.

  • AlphaOmega

    I understand black rage. They are angry that aren’t forced to pay for their own housing, they hate that even though they only represent 14% of the population – they commit 80% OF ALL crimes. They hate the they get their health care for free, they hate that they pay nothing for the public school system that cost the taxpayers $120,000.00 for a single K-12 education. They are livid that they contribute absolutely nothing to the gross national product, ergo the greatness of The United States of America and are forced to free load off the labor of others.

    They are incensed that 100% scholarships to the best universities in the nation are given freely to them. They hate that even though their entrance scores are at an imbecile’s level, they are admitted to these same “great” universities while displacing a worthy and deserving student. They rage against quotas in hiring and pay raises. They hate the minority status for business loans and contracts. They loath being able to get grants and loans for minority businesses, spend all the money on themselves and declare bankruptcy, without any personal ramifications – and they get another loan and grant and do it again.

    Yeah, I understand their rage.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    When a state-of-the-art middle school as built in Filthydelphia in the 1970s with the most modern equipment-computers, labs, elite teachers was built-just for Blacks-they completely destroyed it in 2 years, Vandals broke in at night and destroyed every computer. Graffiti and broken windows were a constant. Teachers were attacked in the classrooms.

    And finally, after 60 years of social programs, Afearmotive Action, set asides, quotas, making excuses, Black privilege (expecting something for nothing, blame projection, etc.), the Nation has NOTHING to show for it, except MORE Black dysfunction, social pathology, and irrational demands. We have ruined our culture, its standards, and meritocracy to accommodate the inferior sludge of Black ghetto culture and inferior performance of Blacks. “Inclusiveness” has meant pollution, denial, degradation, and regression just so that an underachieving, uncivilized race could “feel” better. Thank you Liberals and the Democratic Socialist/Marxist Party. And RINOs who did nothing to stop it.

  • Guest

    He missed two incidents:

    In Memphis, a gang of black teens beat customers outside a supermarket, then went inside and continued the rampage by beating on employees.

    (This is somewhat the reverse, but relevant) In Salt Lake City, a black cop shot a white kid who was unarmed. Not only was it not widely reported, but strangely there was no looting or rioting afterwards. Odd… /sarc

  • CowboyUp

    You’re right. Posse’s were deputized by legal authority, and that’s really not vigilantism at all, it’s law enforcement. They’re the only ones sanctioned by law to hunt criminals down (absent a legal and proper bounty). The rest of us only have the right, and I’d say duty, to defend ourselves and others against unlawful force. The distinction is important to rule of law and the protection of individual and civil rights.

  • texexpatriate

    I grew up in a small town containing one Negro family that most people did not even know existed. They lived in the largest hotel in town, and the grandfather was the head bellman of that hotel. Their actual home was seventy-five miles away where they lived among other Negroes in a Negro neighborhood. I became aware of them when I went to work as a bellboy in that hotel and worked under the Negro head bellman. I quickly learned that he and his children were no different from me, my friends, and my father and mother and their friends. We had the same values and lived much the same way. A few years later I discovered that those Negro neighborhoods were just like my white neighborhoods, only smaller. Then the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, Lyndon Johnson established his Great Society Program, and in consequence—perhaps even intentionally—destroyed the Negro family. At least to all intents and purposes. The federal government replaced Negro husbands. Fifty years later look around and see what has happened. Thanks, Democrats.

  • Mikal Gastpipe

    “PERCEPTIONS are MORE IMPORTANT than FACTS and REASON!”-Celinda Lake global warming shill and Obama confidante 3/24/2014

  • Mikal Gastpipe

    For the FIRST TIME in my voting life, I WILL be voting for a Democrat to beat THAD “…I did a LOT of INDECENT THINGS with FARM ANIMALS…” Cochran in November…yea, mark it down…

  • JBQ21

    “St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson Calls to ‘Dismantle Systematic Racism’ in Mass for Ferguson”. (8.21.14, Huffington Post) Carlson was brought into St. Louis by the Vatican when Raymond Burke was deemed as too conservative.

  • brooklyn15

    As far as i’m concered, Don Lemon is a piece garbage. I couldn’t believe the way he was sucking up to black demonstators while he was being shown on CNN.
    C- Communist.

  • Joe

    Obama and Holder have set the black & white Americans apart and most whites know they are on their own. Get ready as it is comming. Protect your self. They are already robing, and rapeing whites at a alarming rate. Protect your family and stay away from them.

  • Deborah Oscarson

    Obama and this “regime” has managed to set race relations back 40+ years!!! So much for his promises of being the “great uniter”!!! He never had any intention of uniting, his philosophy has always been that of divide and conquer!!!

  • Roy Bryant

    Promoting race hatred is alive and well in our schools. Consider this: What is one thing school teachers will never tell your children? Answer: About one third of “lynchings” in the southern states of the USA in the last 15 decades have been the murder of whites trying to protect blacks. And then there’s this: In the organizational years of the Ku Klux Klan, why did the formative meetings of the KKK commonly occur in the same cities, in the same hotels, and at the same time, as Democrat Party conventions? Answer: The Democrat Party leaders and the KKK leaders were the same men. The KKK was the enforcement arm of the pro-slavery Democrat Party. And this: When the National Rifle Association was formed after the Civil War, why did the KKK immediately recognize the NRA as an enemy of KKK? Answer: The NRA was teaching those formerly enslaved how to use guns to protect themselves. What is one obvious truth to be derived from this information? Those whites in the South who were victims of KKK lynch mobs were Republicans being murdered by Democrats.


    It is this administration and the DoJ who is to BLAME for all this corruption.

  • TheUglyTruth

    At this point and time in Obola’s Amerika, any unarmed white adult citizen that gets beaten, robbed, carjacked, etc by a 15-34 yr old black man deserves it. If any white adult is not armed by now they need to have common sense beat into them. This is the reality of the liberal ideology that Obola has excreted on this country. ARM YOURSELVES IDIOTS!!!! or enjoy being a victim. The 15-34 black males are only about 3% of the total population and commit 90% of the violent crime.

  • mjnellett

    The awakening in America is happening now! The only way to stop violence is with greater violence unfortunately. Talking only works when you have both parties listening and that is not happening. Too many people in the black community preaching hate, anger, and revenge on events that happened a long time ago. There are a large number of successful blacks who have more than proven that you can rise above your circumstances if you really want to, but the desire to do so is stifled by the victim mentality taught by too many, especially at home, in the black community.

  • jebor

    Modern democRATs

  • 11th generation american

    I can NEVER forgive you.

  • Defiant

    Y’all jus rayciss…

  • Tec Sg Beatty

    Do you have the same stand on car dealers and liquor store owners?

  • http://WND.COM Rod Russell

    Well, they say white people put Obama in office, so to me that means the color of ones skin really has nothing to do with this mess. As the old saying goes ignorance breeds more ignorance. I blame the parents of the last generation for their lack of parental guidence. But some blacks still struggle with the slave issues of the past. I wonder if they’ve ever thought about the problems the Jewish people have gone through over the years. You dont see them using that as an excuse to cause trouble.

  • Marlin B. Newburn

    Unfortunately for non-black America, law enforcement is the first ADULT entity black thugs run into that will hold them accountable for their actions. Black thugs are living an impulse-driven, violent, and preferred lifestyle with the full support of a black excuse and blame legions behind them. It comes as a shock when someone says “no” to them, and their preadolescent minds respond with rage. After all, they’ve been doing what they do for years and not one adult soul stopped them and told them “no.” Therein lays the problem.

  • GracieZG

    This is the inevitable consequence of the Great Society policies created by Lyndon Baines Johnson to create a dependent, permanent voter class at the expense of their true welfare. When people are rewarded for non-production, you don’t just get non-production, you get the despair, lack of self-respect and utter misery that comes with it.

    The history of blacks in America is the destruction of the family, whether by slavery or government policies. Johnson preempted the core values that develop character with the “welfare” check. He created a cultural void, filled by government schools designed to create dumbed-down worker bees who can’t think past government lies.

    The new set of core values of violence, drugs, and crime is pounded into our children’s heads daily with countless television shows, movies, rap songs and video games. It has been decades of pure exploitation for votes and money, with all responsibility deflected and true consequences denied by those who created them. It’s like Back to the Future II, except that Biff ultimately wins in the end.

    Call me a bleeding heart conservative, but these children didn’t deserve what they were handed (by long-standing Democrat policies and practices), and many simply don’t have the resources to rise above the relentless trashing of their culture, hopes and dreams.

  • Northman56

    The old truism “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. The fact is that we as a nation have been throwing Billions and Billions of dollars at the “Black Problem” since LBJs Civil Rights Act of 1964 expecting the Black populace to change their culture. It is truly Insanity. All of those Billions of dollars have done nothing but Perpetuate the problem by Facilitating the continuance of the bad behavior by providing the members of the Black community the funds to do Nothing to improve themselves or change their behaviors.
    SO, why not do something different? Why not stop facilitating the continuance of the bad behavior by stopping the Funding that allows it to continue? Some minimal changes were implemented during the beginning of the Clinton Presidency through welfare reform that stopped rewarding black women for having as many babies as possible and then staying at home supposedly to take care of them. It required them to get training and jobs! It was a start, although not nearly enough. However, Obama has essentially reversed all of those reforms.
    The changes must be draconian to achieve positive change. STOP funding the broken system. Yes, there must be a “safety net” in place. However, it should NOT be easily accessed and it should NOT provide benefits generationally.
    At some point, America and Americans are going to have to face this difficult reality if things are ever going to change. Black people are NOT incapable of changing. But, they must WANT to do so. Right now, the huge majority of them have zero incentive to do so. This is what must change. Putting them in prison is not the answer. That has just become another part of their “culture”. A training camp for criminals. My two cents.

  • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

    As the aunt of five young men, the first cousin of five, and the second cousin of two–all of whom are high-school graduates, well-employed and five of whom are college graduates, I have long known what made them different than these savages we see rampaging across the country.

    It’s the presence and staying power of fathers and not only that. Other men in my family–grandfathers, uncles and older cousins–who have set examples of upstanding citizenry.

    What Colin documents is the fruit of multi-generational illegitimacy among the majority of black Americans–not just in nuclear-sized “families,” but within entire families, multiplied many times over.

    It seems that God was right. Again.

  • Chuck Stillman

    The jew controlled media is the problem!

  • Phineas Worthington

    There are quite a number of individuals out there perverting the concept of justice by engaging in bully activity, initiating force against innocents and justifying it as retribution for some collective grievance. It is the very antithesis of real justice.

  • Pat Hines

    It’s clear that blacks simply can’t thrive in North America, it’s time for them to relocate to Africa.

    All of them.

  • Art Shaffer

    Black culture is not any more problematic that our politically correct liberal culture. The fools rioting and assaulting innocent victims are nothing more than foot soldiers for our liberal academic and media elites and the Democratic party’s left wing.

  • Ray Campbell

    Gee, it’s a good thing the Ferguson authorities didn’t lie or anything.

    Otherwise Flaherty’s ‘op-ed’ would just be a big ‘ol word-salad with bigot flavored croutons and logical fallacies for dressing. And that would totally ruin WND’s record of Not hiring yellow journalists…

  • georgieporgie12

    Ferguson needs to be investigated as it relates to greater St. Louis. First and foremost, the site of all this turmoil, W. Florissant St., is basically a stage set. There was nothing to lose financially because it was going to be torn down anyway. Every level of government in the state of Missouri knows very well that this area was slated to be “redeveloped” more than two years ago. W. Florissant St. in Ferguson, and other streets in adjacent small towns, were designated as redevelopment areas for malls, and turned over to corporations to be re-imagined and re-built by the “St. Louis Great Streets Initiative.” In other words, Ferguson was going to be demolished anyway, and the goings-on in Ferguson by the arsonists, bused-in radical activists, window-breakers, looters, and others only saved the contractor money by doing some of the “demo work” in advance.