White Teachers Thought They Were the Solution

George Mason UniversityNobody works harder or spends more money to elect liberals than teachers and their labor unions.

But these same elected officials are now asking the one question that teachers never thought they would hear: “Why are you so racist?”

The question was posed last week following a Department of Education study about the educational and disciplinary differences between white and black students. “This critical report shows that racial disparities in school discipline policies are not only well-documented among older students, but actually begin during preschool,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “This Administration is moving aggressively to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in order to ensure that all of our young people have equal educational opportunities.”

The Department of Education has held since 2009 that any disparity in discipline or education achievement between white and black students is the result of racial discrimination. The President often refers to this racial disparity.

But here’s the catch: Most teachers are white, female, liberal and supporters of President Obama. They thought they were the solution. Turns out they were the problem.

Glenn Singleton is one of the people in charge of solving the problem of racial disparity. In hundreds of school districts around the country, his company has been hired to show this cohort of young, white, liberal and female teachers how they are racist; how their racism is responsible for the achievement gap; and how they have to admit their own racism in a series of “Courageous Conversations” if they ever want to be successful educating black students.

Or if they want to keep their jobs.

To his credit, Singleton is not shy about identifying the problems or solutions: “Racism” plays a primary role in the struggle of black students to achieve at higher levels, he says.

And for all the well-meaning folks who insist on explaining racial differences in education with all the usual socio-economic factors — such as income, family structure, school finance, class size, black culture and on and on and on — Singleton has a message: Get real.

“We have found this kind of blaming to be insufficient at best and destructive at worst when trying to address racial achievement disparity,” he said in his best-selling book Courageous Conversations. “The racial achievement gap exists and persists because fundamentally, schools are not designed to educate people of color.”

There are 300 more pages of that. And dozens of others who write similar books about similar ways to eliminate white racism as the cause of black disparity. These books act as manuals for consultants in hundreds of school districts across the country.

In Washington, D.C. in December, an official of a teachers union tried to explain to a national gathering of black elected officials why white teachers are so problematic for black students:

“We can’t just give them six weeks of training and think they are able to educate our children,”  said Marietta English, president of the Baltimore teachers union and vice president of the American Federation of Teachers. “There’s a lot of cultural differences that they don’t understand. If you don’t grow up in the neighborhood, you don’t understand it when we say ‘WASSUP.’ They don’t understand that.”

Singleton says that white teachers have a hard time reaching black students because black people talk about “racial matters daily, if only among themselves.” But white people “are conditioned not to do that.”

When Eric Holder became Attorney General in 2009, he famously said that Americans were cowards about race. Many people did not really know what he meant. But Glenn Singleton did: White people have to be courageous enough to admit how much their racism has ruined black people by giving them an inferior education.

Thus the title of his book: Courageous Conversations.

Some white teachers have a different point of view: They see black school officials ignoring black violence and lawlessness in schools because they do not want to “criminalize” students. Trayvon Martin is the most famous example of that.

Trayvon was caught with stolen goods and burglary tools but was never arrested because of that policy. In South Philadelphia High School, black students harassed, assaulted and tortured Asian students every day for years. The black principal said they did not alert police because they did not want to criminalize the students.

For all the talk about the so-called disparity in punishment black students receive in school, no one was talking about the victims. The students who could not learn. The students who suffered the assaults. And the teachers from schools all over the country who every day try to create order out of constant chaos. Sometimes at risk to their own safety.

Including this teacher who recently decided to call it quits:

I am a white teacher working in an almost exclusively black middle school.  In May of 2012, I left my classroom in an ambulance after two fighting students ran around the room at full speed and plowed into me, knocking me to the ground.

I sustained permanent back injuries and had a knee operation.  This year, instead of remedial reading classes (I am a reading teacher), I was assigned full classes. From mid-September, I have been subjected to almost daily race baiting, racial and sexual taunts, threats, and attacks.

Students chase me and each other around the room with table legs, threaten to kill my “three ugly little niggers,” follow me to my car in groups shouting racial epithets and “get in a white school, bitch.”  Requests to sit in a seat are met with, “Oh, it’s cause I’m black” or “Why you hate black people?”  I often hear, “Imma gonna slap this white bitch”, etc.

On Oct 30, a 7th grade girl with a history of incidents against me had just returned from suspension (she had sprayed me in the face with perfume after telling me that I “smell like old white pussy”) and got angry when I changed her seat.

She said, “Oh, this damn bitch is all up in my face startin’ her shit. Imma gonna kick her fuckin’ white ass”. She then got up and gave a long racially charged diatribe about how she “can do whatever I want to the white bitch and the school can’t do nothin’. It’s just a damn school and I’m about to kick this bitch’s white ass ‘cuz I am DONE with the damn bitch”.

She ended her rant by shoving past me and shoving me to the floor.

Incidents such as these are written off as “poor instruction” or “poor planning”.  When I discussed this situation with my (Black) principal, she said, “I doubt they even know you are white”.  She also said, “I have to wonder of you are able to really ENGAGE the young people – to they LIKE the work you give?” (sic)

Many teacher beat-downs at the hands of black students are caught on video: Here’s one from Upper Darby from October: More than 70 black students were fighting and when the teacher tried to break it up, the students turned on him.

Frederick Douglass high school in Rochester is the scene of regular and large scale black mob violence. The latest came last week, when five black students were arrested after being part of a large fight on campus.

Regular and frequent black mob violence in schools is documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It, as well as at the popular video site WorldStarHipHop.com. Many examples are gathered at WhiteGirlBleedalot.com.

That does not mean much to the president of the Chicago teacher’s union. She says any problems with student learning are due to racism. “When,” she asks, “will we address the fact that rich white people think they know what’s best for children of African American or Latinos, no matter what the parents’ income or education level?”

The secret of disproportionate levels of black violence in schools is no secret. It is the subject of frequent stories at black web sites including the TheGrio.com, Huffpo Black Voices, The Root.com, Ebony, Jet and others.

Glenn Singleton is way past trying to deny it. But he does explain it:

“White educators are prone to wondering why black and brown boys are prone to fighting in school,” he writes. “They question why violence is taught in homes of color. Missing from this analysis however is how these boys might be affected by growing up in a White-governed country which threatens young men of color at will, distrusts their ability to succeed and follow the law, and allows daily racial stress to mount in neighborhoods, schools and classrooms.”

With the release of the recent Justice Department report, it is not missing any more.

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  • fistdeyuma

    You cannot get racial equality until the Black culture stops being racist. The are hurting themselves more than anyone else. Those that want to help them are driven out because of their race. The only support they want is when people are willing to give them stuff. There are many blacks who are sick and tired of having their lives distorted by Liberal encouraged hate groups.
    The only way to stop racism is to stop being racist. You cannot expect white people to take abuse forever. We are trying to be understanding but it has got to the point were many are starting to see where the real problem lies. Democrats depending on the black vote only encouraged Democrats to support any cause that makes them angry and depressed. The national goal for Democrats is to keep black people ignorant and angry.
    Of course in the 160 degree world of Liberals it is Conservative’s fault that blacks are ignorant and angry. Conservatives will not support destructive and racist policies so of course Conservatives hate blacks.

  • justquitnow

    Really disingenuous. Where to even start? First off the whole “problem-solution” language and all the opinions given are constructions of this writer.

    “The question was posed last week following a Department of Education study about the educational and disciplinary differences between white and black students.”

    Um…but no one posed that question and there is no link to the study. What was it about…who cares when there is another chance to show how you aren’t racist, not by showing that you don’t think blacks are just an inferior and violent race, but by trying always to show that you are justified in how you want to feel about it.

    Trying to foster a white-think reaction to every case of individual racism or accusation of racism just doesn’t make any sense. It’s like someone called out in a crowd “hey you ugly, impotent jerk” and you turn around ask “who me?”and start explaining yourself…

    • Drakken

      I really have to wonder, what color is the sky in your little world because you can’t see and deny reality.

      • justquitnow

        The sky appears to be blue and your diction sucks.

  • Victor

    What Holder and Obama are doing is something Jesse Jackson only half-seriously suggested many years ago: if we cannot stop them from breaking the law, we need to decriminalize as much crime as we can get away with. Demand that law enforcement omit actual drug quantities seized during busts in efforts to skirt mandatory sentencing laws, and now this. (Decriminalization of crime…no wonder they are also opposed to stand-your-ground laws.) The bright spot on the horizon, though, might be the inevitable demographic shift in the US toward Hispanics. My gut feeling is that the Black Left knows full well that Latinos lack historical guilt, and, once Latinos have had enough, they will permanently come down hard on Black crime. One can only hope.

  • Red Baker

    A large part of the solution is to disassemble government schools, and give everyone vouchers to be spent on education. They can purchase a good, peaceful education or not. As is, in government schools, you are stuck, sometimes, in anti-white hellholes.

  • Chaim Goldstein

    They demanded access to white school systems decades ago with the end of segregation, and now that they’re there, they demand to run white school systems as they had ran theirs when they were segregated. Instead of spending the effort to lift themselves up, they would rather drag everyone else down to their level.

  • lillapoyka

    The blacks are bigger racists than white people.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Every last one of them, huh?

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    So what’s the solution Mr. Singleton, Mr. Holder and the DOE?
    Should there be all black schools located only in black neighborhoods and staffed solely by black teachers? If that were the solution, shouldn’t we already have model schools with model black students in our inner city schools?
    Maybe the real goal is the redistribution of wealth (Asian and white “wealth”) and the dismantling of ghettos and the relocation of black inner city dwellers in white suburbs (part of Agenda 21)?
    How about the goal of permanently dividing the races by fomenting black hatred and rage and a subsequent white backlash?
    Why are black leaders so invested in excusing criminal behavior in blacks, behaviors that have overwhelmingly horrific consequences for law abiding black citizens and for the rest of the population?
    My personal opinion is that our government is now invested in creating,
    maintaining and ultimately controlling a permanent sub culture of perpetual victims, a people utterly dependent on government for their very existence and willing to do whatever government asks of them.
    Also a people divided and fighting amongst themselves are so busy that they don’t have time to watch a government who fans the flames of hatred for their own self interest.

  • Craig Gorsuch

    It’s long last time for Atlas to shrug and sadly allow those communities bent on self destruction to do so without our presence or attention. But whites will be blamed for not helping…

  • Tom Doe

    13% of the general population
    86% of the crime
    64% of the prison population
    Around blacks, never relax.
    Avoid the Groid.

  • George

    Jews use minorities against whites. Not just blacks, look at the leaders pushing for 3rd world immigration and open borders in Congress.
    Cultural Marxists have control of media, education and politics.
    First people have to be made aware of the problem in a way that is palatable, baby steps. The problem being that white people are being made war upon and most aren’t aware of it.
    Blacks did not invent political correctness, multi-culturalism or found the NAACP. They don’t own the record companies pushing hip hop garbage to teens. They don’t run the ad agencies that depict white men as idiots and happy families as inter-racial. They aren’t running the law schools teaching twisted Talmudic reasoning used to distort the Constitution. They aren’t the ones who made movies with black presidents before Obama was crowned by the Bolshevik media.
    Once the scales fall from their eyes people will begin to think and eventually to plan.

    • Tea Party Yid

      Listen here, fool. The vast majority of pinko scum are, and always have been, white people. It’s part of the Aryan-Christian guilt complex. I want the commie unjews punished more than you do, but don’t go blaming us for your own people’s mass psychosis. Take some responsibility!

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Things getting lonely over at Stormfront, are they?

  • Victor

    Crime in the Black community, in schools, and in the US? See Moynihan’s (Durkheim-inspired) “Defining Deviancy Down” for a plausible rationale of how it evolves to become worse over time. Obama, via Holder, is speeding the process along by diktat.

  • Debbie G

    So blacks want segregation now? They want only black teachers to teach black students? So can whites now ask for only white teachers for their kids?

  • Maynard

    I agree, under the circumstances a white teacher cannot get to a black student ( they have no trouble with Indians, Japanese or Chinese) so lets admit Kennedy was wrong. Let black students be taught by black teachers, exclusively!

  • BagLady

    I sit by the lake chatting to the young men of the village. Tall, muscly young men with no shoes and no education except that bit the Christians taught: changing the kids’ names to pronounceable John and James and teaching them how to write this one word.

    They come to the lake every morning with their bar of soap and scrub themselves and their one pair of shorts, bought on the local market from the USAid supply. Inevitably, the fashion is to look like a basketball player.

    Their dreams include a pair of trainers and 2 meals a day. When I suggest that to get these things in life they must work harder, they are horrified at the idea that they can’t sit under the coconut tree in the heat of the afternoon snoozing.

    All they really want is a quiet life and a water supply to their maize and tomatoes. The odd chicken wouldn’t come amiss.

    Unfortunately, the lake is 50 metres away. So close but so far away when you don’t have an hosepipe.

    I, for one, don’t think they are asking too much.