White Teachers Thought They Were the Solution

George Mason UniversityNobody works harder or spends more money to elect liberals than teachers and their labor unions.

But these same elected officials are now asking the one question that teachers never thought they would hear: “Why are you so racist?”

The question was posed last week following a Department of Education study about the educational and disciplinary differences between white and black students. “This critical report shows that racial disparities in school discipline policies are not only well-documented among older students, but actually begin during preschool,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “This Administration is moving aggressively to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in order to ensure that all of our young people have equal educational opportunities.”

The Department of Education has held since 2009 that any disparity in discipline or education achievement between white and black students is the result of racial discrimination. The President often refers to this racial disparity.

But here’s the catch: Most teachers are white, female, liberal and supporters of President Obama. They thought they were the solution. Turns out they were the problem.

Glenn Singleton is one of the people in charge of solving the problem of racial disparity. In hundreds of school districts around the country, his company has been hired to show this cohort of young, white, liberal and female teachers how they are racist; how their racism is responsible for the achievement gap; and how they have to admit their own racism in a series of “Courageous Conversations” if they ever want to be successful educating black students.

Or if they want to keep their jobs.

To his credit, Singleton is not shy about identifying the problems or solutions: “Racism” plays a primary role in the struggle of black students to achieve at higher levels, he says.

And for all the well-meaning folks who insist on explaining racial differences in education with all the usual socio-economic factors — such as income, family structure, school finance, class size, black culture and on and on and on — Singleton has a message: Get real.

“We have found this kind of blaming to be insufficient at best and destructive at worst when trying to address racial achievement disparity,” he said in his best-selling book Courageous Conversations. “The racial achievement gap exists and persists because fundamentally, schools are not designed to educate people of color.”

There are 300 more pages of that. And dozens of others who write similar books about similar ways to eliminate white racism as the cause of black disparity. These books act as manuals for consultants in hundreds of school districts across the country.

In Washington, D.C. in December, an official of a teachers union tried to explain to a national gathering of black elected officials why white teachers are so problematic for black students:

“We can’t just give them six weeks of training and think they are able to educate our children,”  said Marietta English, president of the Baltimore teachers union and vice president of the American Federation of Teachers. “There’s a lot of cultural differences that they don’t understand. If you don’t grow up in the neighborhood, you don’t understand it when we say ‘WASSUP.’ They don’t understand that.”

Singleton says that white teachers have a hard time reaching black students because black people talk about “racial matters daily, if only among themselves.” But white people “are conditioned not to do that.”

When Eric Holder became Attorney General in 2009, he famously said that Americans were cowards about race. Many people did not really know what he meant. But Glenn Singleton did: White people have to be courageous enough to admit how much their racism has ruined black people by giving them an inferior education.

Thus the title of his book: Courageous Conversations.

Some white teachers have a different point of view: They see black school officials ignoring black violence and lawlessness in schools because they do not want to “criminalize” students. Trayvon Martin is the most famous example of that.

Trayvon was caught with stolen goods and burglary tools but was never arrested because of that policy. In South Philadelphia High School, black students harassed, assaulted and tortured Asian students every day for years. The black principal said they did not alert police because they did not want to criminalize the students.

For all the talk about the so-called disparity in punishment black students receive in school, no one was talking about the victims. The students who could not learn. The students who suffered the assaults. And the teachers from schools all over the country who every day try to create order out of constant chaos. Sometimes at risk to their own safety.

Including this teacher who recently decided to call it quits:

I am a white teacher working in an almost exclusively black middle school.  In May of 2012, I left my classroom in an ambulance after two fighting students ran around the room at full speed and plowed into me, knocking me to the ground.

I sustained permanent back injuries and had a knee operation.  This year, instead of remedial reading classes (I am a reading teacher), I was assigned full classes. From mid-September, I have been subjected to almost daily race baiting, racial and sexual taunts, threats, and attacks.

Students chase me and each other around the room with table legs, threaten to kill my “three ugly little niggers,” follow me to my car in groups shouting racial epithets and “get in a white school, bitch.”  Requests to sit in a seat are met with, “Oh, it’s cause I’m black” or “Why you hate black people?”  I often hear, “Imma gonna slap this white bitch”, etc.

On Oct 30, a 7th grade girl with a history of incidents against me had just returned from suspension (she had sprayed me in the face with perfume after telling me that I “smell like old white pussy”) and got angry when I changed her seat.

She said, “Oh, this damn bitch is all up in my face startin’ her shit. Imma gonna kick her fuckin’ white ass”. She then got up and gave a long racially charged diatribe about how she “can do whatever I want to the white bitch and the school can’t do nothin’. It’s just a damn school and I’m about to kick this bitch’s white ass ‘cuz I am DONE with the damn bitch”.

She ended her rant by shoving past me and shoving me to the floor.

Incidents such as these are written off as “poor instruction” or “poor planning”.  When I discussed this situation with my (Black) principal, she said, “I doubt they even know you are white”.  She also said, “I have to wonder of you are able to really ENGAGE the young people – to they LIKE the work you give?” (sic)

Many teacher beat-downs at the hands of black students are caught on video: Here’s one from Upper Darby from October: More than 70 black students were fighting and when the teacher tried to break it up, the students turned on him.

Frederick Douglass high school in Rochester is the scene of regular and large scale black mob violence. The latest came last week, when five black students were arrested after being part of a large fight on campus.

Regular and frequent black mob violence in schools is documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It, as well as at the popular video site WorldStarHipHop.com. Many examples are gathered at WhiteGirlBleedalot.com.

That does not mean much to the president of the Chicago teacher’s union. She says any problems with student learning are due to racism. “When,” she asks, “will we address the fact that rich white people think they know what’s best for children of African American or Latinos, no matter what the parents’ income or education level?”

The secret of disproportionate levels of black violence in schools is no secret. It is the subject of frequent stories at black web sites including the TheGrio.com, Huffpo Black Voices, The Root.com, Ebony, Jet and others.

Glenn Singleton is way past trying to deny it. But he does explain it:

“White educators are prone to wondering why black and brown boys are prone to fighting in school,” he writes. “They question why violence is taught in homes of color. Missing from this analysis however is how these boys might be affected by growing up in a White-governed country which threatens young men of color at will, distrusts their ability to succeed and follow the law, and allows daily racial stress to mount in neighborhoods, schools and classrooms.”

With the release of the recent Justice Department report, it is not missing any more.

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  • Joe The Gentile

    How long is this going to continue? Will White America continue indefinitely to be bullied into taking the blame for a problem it is not causing? Or will there be a point when they stand up and refuse to take this blame any more? When will that be, in a few years, or in fifty years?

    • SWohio

      As long as democrats can lie with impunity, as long as the media is the arm of the democrat party, as long as the race baiters are never called on their lies and their calls to violence, it won’t stop.

      It won’t stop until the black community stops looking up to those same liars, race-baiters and anti-white ministers and instead allows their children to know that many black Americans are brilliant and successful and accomplished, and many rose from poverty and don’t blame any other race for their difficulties – whites can’t do a thing.

      Look at what black conservative politicians are called by other blacks. It’s enough to make you throw up.

      It is beyond hypocrisy, it is pure cruelty for the anti-white black leaders AND liberal white leaders to encourage the low expectations, the anti-white hatred of the black community, and they are doing the same thing to the low-income hispanic communities as well.

      We have a 2-term black president, we have black women in extremely high office, black generals in the military, black brain surgeons and scientists recognized and respected by their peers, both black and white.

      Yet, the mainstream blacks continue to buy into the garbarge that they are kept in misery and poverty by whitey and even with the truth staring them in the face daily, they believe it. When your bread and butter and the roof over your head are given to you by the government, your self-esteem and work ethic are destroyed. Then someone comes along and tells you it isn’t your fault, and gives you a target, well – a racially divided America is the result.

      • Guest

        Regarding the media, papers, etc., if those who’d truly like to see the attitude of TV and print media change would simply opt out of both of them, the loss of income to them both would cause an abrupt turnaround. They love their money more than their sold souls.
        Should you think the OTHER side would be sufficient to keep them afloat, think again. THEY have better uses for their money.
        Try it. Skip buying newpapers that are Liberal (most all of them), and not watch ANY of the mainline TV stations for a few weeks. You’d be hearing the screaming from them so fast you’d think a tornado was headed your way.

      • lillapoyka

        the black community will never improve. Just look at any majority black nation with majority black leaders. Every single one of them is a corrupt third world cesspool.

        • anonymous

          There are reasons for the apparent failure of many African States. Nuanced and complex reasons that have nothing to do with the myth–that you obviously subscribe to–of the black African intellectual inferiority. Do you not think that there is something fundamentally inhuman about yours and similar comments?

    • nimbii

      As long as white liberal elites are isolated from the problems their actions create, they will continue to “do good.”

    • KyraNelson

      It will continue until they run out of suckers to punch.

  • Larry Larkin

    Given that most teachers are going to be ultra-sensitive in regards to disciplining black students, that fact that black students have much worse discipline records than white students as a group, this means that the black discipline problem is much, much worse than the record indicates.
    Something that will get a white student suspended or expelled wouldn’t even show up on many black students’ records as a minor misdemeanour.

    • BagLady

      I can sympathise with teachers if what I read in British newspapers goes equally for America. There are some dreadful parents out there who are always ready to beat up the teacher for disciplining their brat. If these parents can add “it’s cos I’s black.” They will do. Scary job these days.

      • SWohio

        Oh the parents as well as the children are quick to claim ‘you a RACIST’ whenever a white person doesn’t grovel.

        • tagalog

          Groveling is the expected default attitude that black Americans expect from white Americans. NEVER question what a black American is doing, no matter how stupid. And NEVER call it stupid.

          Black American males also expect white Americans to be physically afraid of them. Although the recent spate of incidents where it takes a dozen black males to beat up two white women, or two black males to beat up a pregnant white woman, are whittling that fear away bit by bit.

    • Couper

      This is, of course, the racism of lowered expectations.

    • tagalog

      White teachers are afraid of something. Maybe they think they’ll get in trouble with their supervisors, maybe they’re afraid of the pupil beating them up or worse, the entire class ganging up on them, or maybe they’re afraid of what will happen when the day ends and they leave the school building and head down the way for their car, or maybe they’re afraid of possible lawsuits. But they’re afraid in a way that was very unusual a few decades ago. In fact I venture to guess that entire school personnel and the school boards that regulate them are FROZEN with fear of black pupils, their parents, the neighborhoods rabble-rousers, and the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world.

  • Gamal

    Why are blacks so racist is the correct question to ask. One reason is their hatred is protected.

    • Couper

      In Canada, according to one document at the Toronto DIstrict School Board, only white people can be racist. It is not possible for a minority to be racist against the majority. If a white person said or did any of the things in this article, it would be all over the media, but the reverse is ignored. (“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”)
      Martin Luther King would turn over in his grave.

      • SWohio

        Consider the complete lack of reporting or even mentioning ‘black on black’ crime by the media.

        Or ‘black on white’ crime. Apparently, to the MSM, the only criminals in the country are whites and their victims are always black. Doesn’t matter to them that the facts say otherwise.

      • Joe The Gentile

        “In Canada, according to one document at the Toronto DIstrict School Board, only white people can be racist.”

        Yeah, unfortunately that’s an old staple of anti-white racist propaganda. I remember first hearing it in 1987, but it’s probably way older than that. It’s sickening that white liberals buy into that rubbish.

        Another variant is ‘you can only be racist from a position of power’. Any redefinition of racism which produces immunity for American Blacks to charges of racism will do.

        You might as well say, only a majority can be angry, hate, be prejudiced, steal, murder, rape, pillage…..

        There’s no logic or reason to it of any kind. But it doesn’t need to be logical. The point of it is to bully Whitey into shutting up and to stop him objecting to anti-White racism.

        • tagalog

          Who says, now that we have the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and lots of other “anti-discrimination” law, that “protected classes” don’t occupy positions of power?

          Now THEY can be racist too.

          • Joe The Gentile

            You’re right, tagalog, that these victim groups are gaining power in the PC culture from their victim status. And that power may be great–that power may rule academia. And it may help a man become president, who didn’t have the qualifications, experience, or good track record. But the PC people automatically exempt that kind of power from their narrative, that ‘racism is only possible from positions of power’. It doesn’t count. Why? Because it doesn’t, so there. Like the whole narrative, there is no logic or reason of any kind to it. It’s just political bullying.

      • kikorikid

        Diversity ideology posits this,”White only” model of racism.
        Everything will be hunky-Dory after the White-Liberal-Female
        Teachers have their “Big Conversation”. Gee this brings back
        fond memories of Mao’s Cultural Revolution where/when
        everybody sat around with a Redbook in hand and
        Self-critiqued. Everything was better after these sessions.
        Oh yeah, forgot, they killed the ones they didn’t like.

      • kikorikid

        Diversity ideology posits this,”White only” model of racism.
        Everything will be hunky-Dory after the White-Liberal-Female
        Teachers have their “Big Conversation”. Gee this brings back
        fond memories of Mao’s Cultural Revolution where/when
        everybody sat around with a Redbook in hand and
        Self-critiqued. Everything was better after these sessions.
        Oh yeah, forgot, they killed the ones they didn’t like.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Michael King (his real name) was no angel. He was a plaigiarizer, a serial adulterer and loved prostitutes so much that he beat them. He was a violent black man.

    • Raydonn

      I thought the term ‘racist’ implied a ‘feeling of superiority over other races’…….surely we need another, more fitting descriptor for these types.

      • Gamal

        I think racist just means a hater of other races. These types certainly hate whites.

        • Joe The Gentile

          ‘hater of other races’ would be the definition I would buy into for racist, but the modern definition, that most liberals go by, is political. To them, any observation of differences between races, even perfectly scientific, statistically valid and verifiable ones, are racist. So is believing that people in large groups are responsible for what they do–that’s racist if that group is African American. It’s not racist if whites in large groups are responsible for the bad things they do. But it is racist if whites in large groups are responsible for the good things they do, like getting ahead in life.

          There is no logic or coherence to it. Really, anything but buying their narrative on race, is racist. Anything that undermines the view that ‘black failure is whitey’s fault’ is racist. The word now means little more than ‘counterrevolutionary’ on issues of race. Or ‘conservative’ on issues of race.

    • Denise

      Homosexual hatred is protcted as well.

      • kikorikid

        Salient point. The “Race” hustlers offer the arguement
        that if you are not one of the “Protected” groups
        then you do not have protection and may be
        discriminated against at will. This negates the
        “Bill of Rights” for Whites. NO EQUAL PROTECTION
        under the Law for Whites. Racial Tyranny all around!

  • CaoMoo

    Lets see When I was trying to get my teaching degree the first words out of my black female professors mouth were men white men in particular were the main problem with the schools. My response was she’d be lucky to have more male teachers of any color in school because a lot of these delinquents we called students need a strong male role model who wouldn’t take the crap these women let them get away with and could whip them into shape. My next words were where she could put my tuition.

    I had a black female principle who hated white men made my life hell. In a school that was fairly diverse anytime there were special programs or events only black kids got picked to do them by her.

    I sense a pattern. I had a black parent of a child who stabbed a child through the hand with a sharp pencil call me racist and threaten the NAACP on me for yelling at the kid. To which I said I am not racist I hate everyone equally including myself then detailed all the myriad other horrible crap her kid pulled. Including being naked with a female student in the bathroom in Kindergarten trying to have sex because mommy let’s him watch porn with her. But quote I didn’t know how to handle “their” (i.e. black) kids. I had to treat her like a kindergarten child and neither she nor her child ever dared pull any of that crap with me ever again.

    I stood my ground against all manner of this junk for 10 years. I was hated reviled and despised. I was the bad cop. But I turned around more problem children than anyone else many of whom I now see as adults that thank me when they see me.

  • CaoMoo

    Oh disqus thank my carpal tunnel ridden hands for deleting my lengthy comment. I guess racist is a trigger word for the poor oppressed commenting system.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    in his “analysis,’ Singleton puts the cart before the horse. “Missing from this analysis however is how these boys might be affected by growing up in a white-governed country, which threatens young men of color at will, distrusts their ability to succeed and follow the law….’ Horse manure. We’ve been hearing this same garbage for fifty years. WHASSUP, Glenn? America is no longer a “white-governed country,” but the problem persists. And if this ‘white governed country”, “distrusts their ability to succeed,” its no wonder–the violent incidents described above are the C-A-U-S-E of that distrust. The problem is the white assistant principals that constantly talk about that will o’ the wisp thing–‘racism’, and fail to discipline the black offenders. I know, I spelled it out.

  • DaCoachK

    I had the misfortune of having to sitting through one of Singleton’s seminars. He started by telling every white face that you are racist, but it is okay because “I’m going to fix you.” Diversity training is brainwashing. Who am I to believe–this diversity nut or my lying eyes?

    • http://WhiteGirlBleedaLot.com/ ColinFlaherty

      could you let me know more about what it was like? here or at colin@colinflaherty.com

    • Bamaguje

      Singleton is a blithering idiot!!

      • Boots

        Singleton is no idiot… he’s getting very rich the same way Jesse Jackson did… the racial grievance industry. He knows that if we get unicorn gas and racism as sold by liberals goes away he’s out of a job and will have to find honest work. He will never admit the root of the problem is that liberal policy has destroyed the black family to where we now have fourth generation welfare families living fatherless… young men being raised by gangs…, in crime ridden government run ghettos called HUD Housing. Liberal leaders have created this utopia,

        • Odin2

          In1911, Booker T. Washington wrote that he was concerned about those who profited from racial divisiveness and thereby had a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Looks like Mr. Washington had incredible foresight.

          • Boots

            Sadly there are people who want to make this a racial issue when in reality it’s liberalism. Yet liberals, with the help of the traditional media and the entertainment industry, have branded the right as racist. I don’t know a single person who wants the poor to remain poor. As a business owner I can’t make money off the poor but more importantly I believe in the dignity of self sufficiency. It’s liberals who trade in misery and I believe as long as liberal leaders can keep power through stuff like this article they don’t care who suffers.

          • Odin2

            Yes, the theology of victimization and government entitlements have enslaved people of all colors.

          • Chavi Beck

            He certainly did. That’s one great man I don’t see quoted nearly often enough.

          • lyndaaquarius

            His autobiography “up from slavery” is a crucial component of a first rate American education.

          • Ghost

            Booker T. Washington also advised blacks to stay well away from “Jews and their agenda”.

          • Odin2

            I doubt that he ever said that. If he did say anything like that, the quote is probably taken completely out of context or turned upside down. Here is an example of the Booker T. Washington that I have read about:

            “In his 1899 book, The Future of the American Negro, Booker T. Washington … praised American Jews’ economic success and industry, highlighting their “unity, pride, and love of race.” He advised Blacks to “imitate the Jew,” because “as the years go on, they will be more and more successful in this country,–a country where they were once despised, and looked upon with scorn and derision.”

            My concern today is that the tactic of claiming victimization and profiting from it is spreading to all people who are dependent on government entitlements. Now the same strategy is being used to create divisiveness between people on the basis of skin color, national origin, and wealth.

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      If I was attending, once he quipped he was going to “fix me”, I’d get up and leave. Would be funny if others did as well.

      • Drakken

        That is the problem right there, we are not being vocal in our outrage at this abomination being perpetuated upon us. I would like to think that you would stand up and call this race baiter on his bulls**t.

      • Bamaguje

        That wouldn’t be politically correct.

      • Chavi Beck

        Would it still be funny if it meant losing your job? Don’t underestimate the power of the grievances industry.

        • Drakken

          Silence is complicity.

    • tagalog

      A man who tells a roomful of people he doesn’t know the slightest thing about that they are all racist is suffering from some sort of, some species of, “category-itis” and needs to get over himself.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Sounds like he’s making a perfect case for school segregation by race. They want it, let’s see they get it. After all, it’s the right thing for white racists to do. And since we are ALL being portrayed as racists for simply being white these days, what is left to lose? He thinks I’m afraid to talk about racism? No a-hole, I am TIRED of talking about it. When will YOU quit hiding behind it?

    • SWohio

      He’s talking about generations of children being raised in a society where black ‘leaders’, ministers, politicians teach them they are doomed to failure and it is the fault of the white man. That the white folks have all the ‘good stuff’ and the only way they will have it is to TAKE it from the white folks.

      These racist ministers, black politicians and leaders (all liberals, all Democrat, TINA) continue to fuel the fire of racism because that is how they keep their power and their Democrat voting block.

      It’s as simple as that and TINA, please list for me one conservative black minister, one conservative black politician who you feel fuels the fire of racism.

      Don’t forget the leader of the race baiters, Obama.

      It doesn’t matter whether YOU want to talk about racism or not, the black race-baiters will continue to talk about it, to screech about it, to their black listeners regardless of what you do. That’s the point. Every white person in America could stop talking about it, but that won’t stop the black community from being drenched in it by their ‘leaders’.

      The point is that until the black community stops thinking in black and white, starts telling their kids about the many brilliant and successful black folks in the country and in the world, stops telling them they have an ax to grind and everything bad that happens to them is the fault of someone else, nothing is going to change.

      WHether you want to talk about it or not. I would advise you to not read any articles in this vein, if you have such a problem with them. Why do you put yourself through that? Sounds to me like you are a bit of a maschochist.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        I’ve been called all manner of things by black American racists for many years, since the 60s at least. I’m really kind of numb to it. I was never insulted by “honkey” because it just sounded so stupid and funny. Getting called a cracker is equally foolish. There is no word that can toss me into a homicidal rage. And therein lies the difference.

        • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

          OK, I see that you’re confused. Read more slowly.
          You’re not getting the conversation here. We’re not disagreeing.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            I’m only suggesting that trying to come to common terms on “racism” has become boring. But addressing people like they are 9 year olds surely helps matters as well. “Read more slowly”! P|ss more off!

        • Debbie G

          You’re right. “Sticks and stones…”

    • Raydonn

      Segregation is the ONLY non-violent solution, period, end of story.

      • dennis x

        I agree. Academic standards should apply to all students. White institutions have denied admissions to Black Students but allowed Black basketball, football players etc. in to their schools. Stop!! Black students need to be in HBC Schools!! Let’s see if white people can walk the walk without that sports $.

  • Bamaguje

    “…any problems with student learning are due to racism” – President of the Chicago teacher’s union.

    She’s absolutely right… it’s all because of Black racism.
    Until Blacks stop their shameless and pathetic blame-whitey excuses, and start taking responsibility for themselves, Black America will remain in the doldrums.

    African-Americans should stop listening to loudmouthed race hustlers like Glen Singleton, but should instead take a cue from African immigrants to America – Nigerians, Ghanaians etc – who are better off than Black Americans, because they (recent African migrants) work hard and don’t hype about racism.

  • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

    I know exactly how these teachers feel when I open Frontpage and get told by a bunch of white boys that I am the racist who is going to lose our next election because I don’t like their imaginary black hip-hop artist friends’ songs enuff, word.

    Only, unlike them, I actually worked in the real ghetto, which is why I have no patience for silly teachers who submit to racial abuse in the name of progress or silly pseudo-consaervative Hollywood children of important people who want to tell me how to properly submit to musical misogyny in the name of conservatism.

    Thanks for the object lesson in rank absurdity, Colin. Though I’m not sure how you could continue to participate in the charade, frankly.

    • SWohio

      These children are raised (if that can even be said) by parents who teach them that violence against white people is fine, because they are oppressed by white people. That is a crock but still it goes on.

      The teachers he writes about are not necessarily liberal or conservative, just white. For you to try to drag politics into the issue, and blame conservatives for – what, exactly, I’m not sure – is beyond ignorant.

      • http://tinatrent.com/ Tina Trent

        Beyond ignorant, eh little anonomouse? I’m one of those educators. You are not. You’re a tourist. I’m not.

        It’s all about politics, you ignorant little gnat.

  • BagLady

    Trayvon was caught with stolen goods and burglary tools but was never arrested because of that policy.

    I once parked my car in a public car park overnight in a small country English town. The next morning I found it with 3 broken windows, broken innards and big bovver-boot dents in the panels. The police said they knew the (white) kids responsible but could do nothing. They gave me a crime number for the insurance claim. What they meant was that they were not backed up by the penny pinching courts/government and going through the paperwork was not worth the effort. ‘Nipping it in the bud’ is not within the bounds of our budget and, perhaps it’s the same over there and has nothing to do with colour.

    • SWohio

      You really don’t know what you are talking about, do you?

      A friend who taught elementary school for years in the Antelope Valley section of California told me that YEARS AGO, before Obama and his racist policies, she had a little girl in her class who constantly said things to her like ‘what ‘cho lookin’ at me for, b—-?’ and ‘why you axing ME to do (whatever)’ and ‘you can’t make me sit down, white b—-‘.

      Many members of the black communities in America have been teaching their children and their children’s children all about ‘white hate’ and ‘white priviliege’ and using those liberal creations to excuse the vicious and horrendous behaviors and the failings of their offspring.

      All you need is a drop of black blood to give you license to behave in this animalistic fashion. Friend has a daughter who raised 3 bi-racial children. In appearance the children were lovely, in behavior – well, the boy was kicked out of kindergarten more than once for calling his teacher a ‘white b—-‘. He did not learn this from his white grandparents. Apparently their mother, who was entirely white, approved of this ‘black’ behavior, because she allowed someone to teach her children to behave like uncivilized people.

      Both girls have several illigitimate children now, and they continue this cycle.

      Our communities are somewhat mixed and we have a lot of folks from other countries as well due to the nature of various businesses. The intense behavior problems come primarily from black children, who live in the same apartment complexes, in the same neighborhoods as the other children. Their homes have the same televisions, their parents drive cars no different from anyone else, we had a female black mayor in the city for years and many successful black professionals, engineers and scientists, as well as military members live here, so there are plenty of successful blacks for the kids to look up to – but still, many of them are taught that white people don’t want them to succeed.

      When you travel overseas, in any European city you will see people of color from African countries, who do not speak in this incomprehensible ‘black’ jargon we hear in the US, who don’t walk around with a chip on their shoulders looking for racism behind every tree.

      America has had its race-baiting black leaders including ministers who continue to encourage the black community to hate whites, and it is scary, frightening, and pathetic. Until the black community stops listening to the extremists who create flames where there are NO fires, they are doomed to poverty and misery and it is no one’s fault but their own.

      • BagLady

        As far as knowing what I’m talking about. I think I have mentioned on here once before that in my school I was the only white girl. I know all about arguments that ended with me walking away sighing with the ‘opponen’t screaming: “You tink you so superior ‘cos you white”.
        “,….the boy was kicked out of kindergarten more than once for calling his teacher a ‘white b—-‘”

        Gosh! What kind of a kindergaarten can’t handle a little brat? The good ones I know of wouldn’t have any trouble.

        How about the little kid who was kicked out of kindergaarten for kissing another kid. He was labelled a sexual predator. Thinking back to my own early years, I must have known a lot of budding pervs!!!

        • nimbii

          I forgot about the kissing thing.

        • tagalog

          And then the women complain (in America at least) that men don’t act like REAL MEN any more.

  • Biff_Maliboo
    • Drakken

      That about sums it all up in one picture that is worth a thousand words.

      • Debbie G

        I was under the impression that TFA was doing a fairly good job in the inner city schools. Also non-union. What’s the deal?

    • Sharps Rifle

      Every TFA douchebag I ever had the misfortune to be exposed to..

    • cacslewisfan

      LOL! SO true!

  • Joe Esposito

    Good. The White bleeding heart liberals deserve the crap that the leftist blacks are raining down on them. If you hate your own race as white liberals do than the Marxist slogan of “useful idiots” apply to all these white guilt liberals.For the last 50 years these education liberals have towed the line of the left and now are being shoved aside and being mistreated just like us conservatives.

    • Joe The Gentile

      Maybe so, Joe. If these liberals are now being mistreated like this, will they just suck it up, masochist-style? Or will it produce a political awakening, a tipping-point? When Whitey finally resists bullying and refuses to play Designated Oppressor any longer?

  • amongoose

    Could it possibly be the statistical imbalance is because a minority of schoolchildren (and adults) are responsible for most of the disciplinary (and crime) problems in our schools (country)?
    This unruly, undisciplined, unmotivated (except for criminal activity), morally deficient, tribal culture is the result of your liberal policies.
    You remove family structure and God and this is what you get,
    Unfortunately we are reaping what you sewed.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    The inadequate always have to blame someone–besides themselves, of course.

  • Tom Servo

    It is silly to blame this on race and not on behavior. I’ll bet if you allowed Rhesus Monkeys into pre-school, the rhesus monkeys would be expelled at a higher rate than white kids, too.

    • BagLady

      There are many societies in the world where young sprats are taught nothing. Meals are served ‘on the hoof’ a spoonful here, a spoonful there. There are no schedules and they rise as they please and run wild all day. They are ‘potty trained’ against a tree by the older kids. ‘Naughtiness’ is seen by their parents as a good sign that the child will have a high IQ ‘later on’. Suddenly, a rigid school regime is introduced into their feral lives and poor teachers are left to cope.

      You need smaller classes for a start, and more parent/teacher participation. A little respect goes a long way.

      • Tom Servo

        I agree with you that it’s crazy to expect the black kids to be able to live up to the behavioral standards of the white kids. The obvious answer is that you need separate classes; one for the civilized kids, another for the uncivilized ones, and probably just a chain link enclosure for the ferals.

      • tagalog

        Most of the children you mention are raised in those “it takes a village” societies.

        • BagLady

          Very true. However, it does take a community to produce a rounded adult.

  • Lorilu

    After all those physical attacks, and permanent injuries, one can only assume that this teacher will be going out on disability. So, the taxpayers will end up paying for the lack of discipline in her school. Then, they’ll get to pay for it again when these students can’t find gainful employment because they lack an education or discipline.

  • Johnny

    Way back in the 1950’s racism was about racism. Now it is a political movement that allows a certain class of politician to get elected. I would imagine the dialogue of racism is getting more intense because the premise is getting weaker, due, mainly, to black misbehavior.

  • joshuasweet

    the racist diversions keeps the democrats in power, the more they keep it a raciest issue as they have they are liable to win yet again, the lack of education for the voters to see that eh democrats are the suppressors, the KKK, the makers of the Jim Crow laws and segregation racial quotas to get their wins.

  • bob

    many people just don’t seem to get it……..

    you are hated……….. racially

  • Fed Up

    Years ago my longest living friend and I would chat on the phone every evening about politics, social issues, etc. He was a typical, liberal-ish American Jew but intellectually fair and open minded. He’s been a teacher in the public schools for the last 25 years and, I guess, part of the problem. One night as he was making some standard lib complaint about race and ethnicity I stopped him.

    I said, “Jeff, it may surprise you to know that I don’t wake up every day and think of myself as a ‘”white man”‘ and how that fits me into the world. I don’t frame issues in terms of how they effect “my people”, other whites. And I don’t believe the great mass of white people do either. I’m just me and not part of some self-conscious racial group. But one day, if the race hustlers and grievance-mongers keep it up, we just might start to think as a group, and all that implies, with group rights, prerogatives and preferences we are willing to codify and enforce. And since there’s about 200 million white people in this country, you might want to think about what that could mean.”

    He got really quiet and said, “I see what you mean” and never laid that crap on me again.

    I thought a real split would come in my children’s lives later this century but It would seem the grievance industry is intent on speeding the process along. It wasn’t enough for them to go after known or demonstrable racists. Now, they want to tar an entire race in the name of anti-racism no less.

    Let the coalescing begin.

    • tagalog

      The coalescing began a couple of generations ago, when black students began sitting at all-black tables in the cafeteria, when black students at college took over dormitories and made them all-black sub-communities.

      Whites are nibbling around the edges of that kind of thinking now. I’m surprised they weren’t doing it 30 years ago. Of course, the white revulsion at white supremacy and the kind of people who adopted it as a life principle kept them away, but now things are different.

  • Raydonn

    ANY white person that tolerates or endures this sickness may just deserve whatever outcome they receive. When that huckster mentions that he’s going to ‘fix you’, etc, you WALK OUT! What a gaggle of spineless people we have become.

  • TruckinMack

    Quote: “Missing from this analysis however is how these boys might be affected by growing up in a White-governed country which threatens young men of color at will, distrusts their ability to succeed and follow the law, and allows daily racial stress to mount in neighborhoods, schools and classrooms.”

    This final sentiment in this report is total bull s–t. Do you know who threatens young men of color? Young men of color, that is who. Do you know who tells young men of color that they cannot succeed, that they should not follow the law, that they should stop ‘acting white’? Young men of color. Do you know who foments daily racial stress, who tells young men of color that White people hate them and want to put them in shackles? President Obama (via Joe Biden).

    It is absolute bull s–t! Black people have shackled themselves to hating White people because of slavery – which they were part of. The Africans selling slaves sold them into slavery. Long after America realized the horror and banned slavery, Africa was still selling slaves. Stop blaming White people and start taking care of your families and your communities. Stop encouraging breaking the law. Stop encouraging wilding or knock out games. Stop encouraging single mom families. Stop. Black race hustlers are destroying the Black family.

    Do not blame White people for your hate. It is eating you, not us.

    • tagalog

      Our country’s president is African-American; there are black legislators in Congress and black justices on the Supreme Court. What’s with the archaic clinging to the idea that this is a white-governed country?

  • Habbgun

    These white liberal teachers fought vouchers and won. Let them get what they fought for good and hard. Under vouchers they had a chance of getting motivated children not brought down by the little bully that can run a classroom due to the screwed up politics in America. If the centralized education system the liberal white teacher fought for finds them to be the problem, they are the problem.

    • tagalog

      Under a voucher system there would have been two kinds of school: the Fort Apaches with all the troublemakers, and the real schools where motivated kids with motivated parents would actually have a chance for a good education.

      That state of affairs would inevitably have led to the caretaker schools becoming state-run day care centers. The culture we’ve built up over the past 50 years insured something like that happening. And even without vouchers, it seems to be happening anyway.

      • Habbgun

        Yes and no…….there are charter schools that specifically gear themselves to problem kids. They are more nimble than public schools and can get ahead of behaviors before they become gang-like. They put the kids on individualized tracks so they get interested and also so they aren’t simply moving en masse and become little gangs. I don’t totally buy the public school as a dumping ground. They could be if teachers insist that is what they want. The teachers have so far insisted on that.

  • nimbii

    Weaponizing black children. Hmmmm…what could go wrong with that?.

  • http://geoffreybritain.wordpress.com/ Geoffrey_Britain

    “black people talk about “racial matters daily, if only among themselves.”

    And therein lies the problem, they have embraced victimhood. And race hustlers and leftist intellectuals instigate, indoctrinate and fan the flames of hatred.

    Minority success in America exactly tracks the minority culture’s embrace,
    neglect or rejection of Five Critical Cultural Virtues.

    The Five Critical Cultural Virtues are simple but profound in their effects, they are; 1) education, 2) developing a strong work ethic, 3) acceptance of personal responsibility and accountability, 4) acceptance of familial obligations and loyalty, and 5) the virtue of delayed gratification. Individual exceptions aside, that is all it takes to be successful in America. That is all it has ever taken.

    The overall success of Asian, Hispanic, Native American and Black ‘cultures’ closely match the degree to which they culturally embrace, ignore and neglect or reject these virtues. There are no substitutes or short cuts.

    The Five Critical Cultural Virtues are proven by the socioeconomic success of three groups; Asian immigrants, West Indian black immigrants and black Nigerian immigrants. West Indian black’s ancestors were also slaves and their average incomes are equivalent to the average incomes of whites and nearly 25% higher than the average incomes of American born blacks. And, immigrant
    Nigerian-Americans are also extremely high performers too. These cultures embrace the Five Critical Cultural Virtues.

    Urban blacks reject ALL five of the critical virtues and that is the ONLY reason why they reside at the bottom of the socioeconomic ‘totem pole’. No amount of welfare, entitlements, minimum wage hikes or black teachers or money pored into schools will change that reality. Urban black ‘culture’ needs to take a hard look at itself. It’s the culture, stupid.

  • nimbii

    Well, you have unaccountable elites isolated from consequences of their decisions.

    And then you have minority sheep herders who keep them going to the ballot box every two years to “vote their revenge.”

  • Drew Perrywinkle

    This continual groping for answers that will explain the achievement gap is ridiculous. Oh yes, it must be racism. I mean, what other excuse could there be?

    Well, let’s apply the direct observation test using the entire planet as our laboratory. Is it possible that the Congolese could have put a man on the moon? What are their civilizational achievements? What legal and educational systems were developed and used in New Guinea? Why wasn’t Democracy invented in Saudi Arabia?

    The point is that different people have differing intelligence capabilities which are not remedial via environmental conditions. This is the reason that every life-altering invention like automobiles, aircraft, television, the use of electricity, and so on, was developed by Westerners and not Africans.

    It is what it is. The achievement gap will never be completely closed because it cannot be.

    • A

      Do you not see the irony in your comment. “The point is that different people have differing intelligence capabilities which are not remedial via environmental conditions.” This is the point that the piece is trying to make. This belief is not just held by you. Everyone born and raised in the US holds this view, unconsciously or otherwise. And this is not an indictment on a particular race. I pretty sure most black people believe blacks are not capable intellectually. It’s the product of the world we live in. If you are a teacher, Black or White, with a Black student, the default assumption is that they are not as bright, and you will teach and treat them according. If you are the Balck student, you will internalize these belief and act accordinging.

      Race is socially constructed and biologically meaningless my friend. I am very aware that there are “difference existing” in the IQ scores of different racial groups. But if race is biologically meaningless, there are obviously non cognitive factors contributing to these differences. Stereotype threat, for example.

      Btw, you oviouly know nothing about history. Read a book, any book, on the history of the Congo. I don’t even know where to begin with your observations about Africa.

  • LawReader

    Must really irk Holder and Obama that the FBI statistics consistently show 13% of the population commits 80% of all violent crime, and the fact the mass offenders are their peeps.

    This administration has taken race relations back to pre-1969 levels, where any truthful, objective criticism is met by *screams* of RACISM!!! Amusingly – the ‘black’ condition was described accurately by Moynihan 40 years ago – and has only worsened since. Their primary problem is family disintegration, with over 74% of black children born to single mothers with no baby-daddy in sight, and a Federal welfare structure that actually PAYS for this social disintegration.

    One suspects that 40 years of the Feds paying black women to spit out 8 children on the public dime – with added financial incentive to keep a ‘father’ out of the picture’ – coupled with Fed interference crippling or forbidding any actual ‘discipline’ in the public schools…

    The ‘teachers’ pretty well elected their own executioners.

    • Chavi Beck

      I find the term ‘baby daddy’ incredibly offensive. It amazes me that black women continue to use it.

      • Debbie G

        And black men using, “my baby mama.” Heard it just today on Judge Judy!

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Almost 15 years ago, I was “testing the waters” for a traveling troupe of actors who would perform Shakespeare on the stage of various schools. The head of this group wanted to see if there was a market for this sort of thing.

    With the man present, I called the principal of Illinois’ largest high school, which is in the heart of Chicago. The following is a small sample of what she told told me:

    “That’s all very fine and good, Mr. _____. But I fail to see how an art form originating in white Europe is going to mean anything, or have any merit, to African-American students.”

    The head of the group wanted specifically to target black schools because they were most likely not to have been exposed to the works of Shakespeare. He wanted to help the students, there. One of his actors was a former Chicago Bear, who realized how much he had missed in school, and blamed the administrators of the institutions.

    He quickly saw the error of his ways, and his group tours the nation in primarily white areas, today. Da**ed shame …

    • tagalog

      Maybe that school could get the African Shakespeare’s plays to be performed for the school’s African-American students.

      Oh wait, there isn’t one; never mind…

    • UCSPanther

      Rejecting something because it is “irrelevant” to one’s race is a sign of laziness in my books.

      If they wanted to make a “black” version of a Shakespeare play, they could do so. A version of Hamlet or MacBeth in a traditional African Monarchy setting would be an interesting idea.

      • Chavi Beck

        It’s been done, and was popular too. Recalling Reader’s Digest articles from several decades ago…

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        I agree with you, Panther, as long as the language wasn’t substantially changed. But the principal in question actually rejected the idea because Shakespeare was English, and therefore, white.

      • tagalog

        How about Othello?

  • ssohara

    My parents came to this country from India. My brother and I experienced some racial discrimination, but we never got into fights in school – in fact, we studied hard and excelled. We never talked back or showed disrespect to a teacher – if we had, our parents would have punished us. And while yes, there were people who were prejudiced, there were also white teachers who were wonderful, helpful, kind, etc. It’s not fair to paint everyone with the same brush. That is bigoted. Besides, whatever happened to the Christian doctrine of turn the other cheek? Mahatma Gandhi used this to great effect in India and Martin Luther King Jr. also used non-violence. What would Dr. King think of black students beating up on teachers? It’s shameful.

    • Drakken

      The only reason your racist hero Gandhi succeeded in India was the Brits were tired out after ww2 and if Gandi tried his crap in SA or India before the war he would have been shot down like the dog he was.

      • ssohara

        Got it. You don’t like Gandhi. What do you think of Martin Luther King Jr.? Do you think he would support black students beating up teachers?

        BTW, destroying things is easy, creating things is much harder, which is why it takes a better class of person to actually build something vs. tearing things down.

        • Drakken

          MLK is dead and so is his dream, reality is what we are dealing with here and now and that black feral youths are running the asylum and more black grievance theater will continue until the proverbial straw breaks the camels back. The blacks are the ones destroying and breaking things that western civilization built.

          • Chavi Beck

            I don’t believe the dream is dead. It’s just being outshouted by the grievance mongers, Sharpton et al. Like this Singleton freak.

            “Not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” The words still ring, and I believe we can still get there one day. It will take some healing time after the Age of Obama.

          • Drakken

            The dream of multicultural utopia is just that, a dream and it is dead and the Balkanization of America continues unabated to its now inevitable conclusion. You will never get culturally different tribes together to live in peace for a long period of time without bloody conflict arising. History has proved this time and time again and people still think it is a good idea with no consequences. They deserve the result of their actions.

    • UCSPanther

      Yes, but inner city schools in the US have a very nasty reputation for severe disorder and violence. How can one learn or teach in a place where personal safety is a constant concern?

      • Leland64

        Since white teachers are by definition racist, place students in schools base on their race and staff the schools accordingly. Black students, black teachers and administration. Let’s see if that works. It used to be called “separate by equal” back in the bad old days but I’m sure we can now do better. Equal funding, equal pay, equal facilities, equal everything. Problem solved.

      • Leland64

        Since white teachers are by definition racist, place students in schools base on their race and staff the schools accordingly. Black students, black teachers and administration. Let’s see if that works. It used to be called “separate by equal” back in the bad old days but I’m sure we can now do better. Equal funding, equal pay, equal facilities, equal everything. Problem solved.

      • ssohara

        That is a really good point. The only way to deal with it though is to separate the wheat from the chaff – the ones who really want to learn from those who are just trouble makers. Right now, the trouble makers face no consequences for making it impossible for teachers to teach (or even be safe), so they have no motivation to stop acting badly.

        One reason I think allowing vouchers or school credits so that kids can go to, say, a Catholic school or a charter school or a music or tech oriented school – allowing kids options is a good thing. Not only because it appeals to children but because kids will have to compete to go to a special school knowing that if they cause trouble, they can be kicked out. In a free market (even in a quasi-free market created by vouchers) kids who actually want to learn will be matched up with schools that want to teach them. This is the solution to under-achievement not just for poor urban black kids but also poor rural white kids in Appalachia, kids in the barrios, etc.

    • Chavi Beck

      Yes. When you have a goal, you can’t be bothered with obsessing over other people’s issues or meanness. You’re too busy getting somewhere in life.

  • tagalog

    So Eric Holder believes that there is a “school-to-prison pipeline,” does he? I would speculate that there is a “truancy-to-prison pipeline” that is more worrisome.
    But then I read the account of the perfume-throwing pupil who said she could do anything she wanted and was DONE with that teacher, and I changed my mind – I’ve come around to thinking that there IS a school-to-prison pipeline that carries pupils along its course to prison each time the school allows the pupil to act out like that.
    But of course I went to a school with predominately white students and all white teachers, who wouldn’t have allowed that kind of behavior for an instant.
    So now I consider the quote:

  • Gee

    Reminds me of Arabs – everything in the entire world that upsets them is caused by the JOOOOOSSSSS!!!.
    In American lazy, stupid, violent minorities blame their laziness, stupidity and violence on the majority.
    What is really needed is holding those that do that accountable

  • tagalog

    You found out how to handle “their” problems, didn’t you? Treat them like kindergarten children and you’ve got it knocked.

    • CaoMoo

      Unfortunately I find a lot of adults need to be treated like kids these days.

      • tagalog

        Me too. I also find a lot of people over 21 who refuse to become adults.

  • Elseebee

    When I started teaching in the south as integration came to the public schools, what was the one thing I heard the most from the black parents? “If you’d take your belt or a stick and just give my boy a good whuppin’ you wouldn’t have problems with him.” Then I would politely point out I was WHITE and what would happen if I did do that? They immediately saw what I meant and most of them then agreed they would help and support me with the discipline of their child.(One mother showed up one day, stood in the door of my classroom and just twisted a wire coat hanger in her fist as we talked to the child. She never hit the child in front of me, but I never had any major problem with that child again.) I had many black parents tell me that integration destroyed the schools because the discipline the black schools had in place had worked. But white, liberal society said corporal punishment was a no-no and now 50 years later we see what happened from the examples in this article.

    I never used, or wanted to use, any form of corporal punishment on a child. I’m just saying that when we forced one community to become part of another community/culture there were problems that started and have only grown over the years. I believe the only answer is school vouchers so all parents can choose the type of education their children receives, one that supports the values and beliefs of their family. And no, I was NEVER a member of a teachers union- and I was VERY unpopular with the ones who did belong. Still I taught for 35 years with a reputation for being a good teacher, had fewer discipline problems than other teachers, and often had some of the best test scores in the school.

    • fritzidler

      I can’t tell you how many times I have heard liberals say on Book TV, studies show corporal punishment lowers a child’s IQ. So it makes me think students beating teachers must lower their IQ too.

    • tagalog

      Those black parents who, with the best of intentions, lamented the loss of black schools with black teachers who understood how to deal with black children to you, were revealing something rather fundamental, weren’t they? “Whup ‘em.” Although it’s true that there are white children who could stand for their parents to encourage the teacher to threaten/carry out corporal punishment on THEM as well.

      They also displayed a rather self-involved attitude toward white people, didn’t they? I mean, it never occurred to them at the outset that you as a white person threatening physical punishment to a black child was anything that might be especially wrong. I suppose the most charitable interpretation is that they had a view of white people that white people can do anything they want to without fear of consequences, but I can’t help but speculate that maybe all that black propaganda about how the deep fears of white people that persists over the generations from the time of slavery and Jim Crow is just a lot of hooey, and that black people aren’t afraid of white people at all anymore, but instead just the opposite, contemptuous of them.

  • Guest Poster

    Just one more ‘I got mine, but you ain’t getting yours’, type of black (or is it “N”?) trying to keep his people down, both educationally and politically.
    I’ve know many people involved in the education of many blacks. There were many successes but they were limited to those whose families supported them and their educators in their efforts, or the child was singulary focused on learning- whether for the sake of knowledge or just to improve themselves socially.
    There were just as many failures, most of which were directly influenced, if not caused by, their relations making them think they could all be superstars in the NBA, NFL, the NL, or the AL. Or making excuses for why their kid was out of school more often than they were in. Or making excuses for why their kid didn’t have their books, homework, was late by half of the school day (the alarm didn’t go off, the power failed so it didn’t work, my kid didn’t wake me up), etc, etc, etc. And then insisting that their kid had to go on with his classmates so he/she/it wouldn’t “get mad” about their singular lack of effort keeping them back to actually learn something useful in their lives.
    Yeah, it’s “all those whitey teachers fault”. Uh huh.

    • Elseebee

      You hit the nail on the head!

  • tagalog

    I think it would be better if we didn’t refer to the kind of schoolchildren whose exploits are talked about here as “students.” The term “student” seems to imply some good-faith approach to education, while “pupil” seems to be the more apt description of someone taking up space in a classroom.

    • UCSPanther

      I would just simply call them “gutter trash”.

      • tagalog

        In a similar vein, I’ve always liked the archaic term “guttersnipes.”

  • UCSPanther

    The more I read of Ghetto schools, the more I come to the conclusion that trying to teach or learn at one is an exercise in futility.
    When you have students fighting constantly, engaging in egregious criminal activity, having sex in the hallways and even threatening/assaulting/harassing the staff, you know that it is a completely and thoroughly disorderly environment, not to mention dangerous.

  • canto28

    Got to wonder how much the phony anti-racism consultation industry costs the taxpayer to instill stupid white guilt. It must be billions every year.

  • GinoMachiavelli

    ” Hamlet, Fo shizzle !”


    Natasha Rostova role played by Niki Menage.

    GTG, starship just called.. Energize!

  • JVR

    “…and how they have to admit their own racism in a series of “Courageous Conversations”…”

    Yes, they also had self-denunciation session in commie communes in Red China — those sometime end up with executions, I think. Now this is not there yet, but eventually it could be a self-denunciation followed by a firing, or some prison time, etc. The Left deserves that this happens to them.

  • Boston Poverty Law

    The public school is a jobs program. I think its getting to the point
    where the dispossessed poor could be politically divided from the
    government workers who provide them “services”. Teachers, police,
    probation officers, jailors, social workers, etc. I think they would
    settle for a lot less in cash and access to a real free market in
    housing, education and all that.

    Last night I went for the first
    time to a meeting at the Boston Teachers Union. The room they were
    meeting in had, I swear to you, a full bar. You know, a bar counter, the
    place the bartender would stand behind and serve, like 50 large bottles
    of various liquor going up the wall behind him with the lighting. I
    swear we were in the Boston Teacher’s Union headquarters meeting in a
    saloon! The entire ceiling of the room was made of mirrors. And as you
    park your car you can’t help but notice its on the waterfront.

  • Lanna

    Just part of Obama’s New World Theology….Blame and use the people who are the most capable stable producers that keep the country moving, until finally the country falls apart. Creating Division…that’s our boy!

  • Kuffar

    Beware of pissing people off to the point they no longer care…
    Atlas will shrug!

  • rusyn

    why do Asians do so well with white teachers but blacks do not. and seriously, enough with the hip hop garbage

  • Sussex Girl

    So here’s a thought, then. Make a law that in schools with more than 50% minority students, only minority teachers and administrators can be hired, and to really keep folks happy, hire only minorities that fit the community profile. Only black teachers and black administrators in predominantly black schools, Latino teachers and Latino administrators in Latino schools, and so on. We could also insist on only white teachers and white administrators in white schools. Wait, that would racist.

    • shmo123

      You could never implement such a policy in schools that are 50%+ minority, because there simply aren’t enough minority teachers to hire. However, you would have no problem filling a white school with white teachers.

  • David Heller

    I’m 66 years of age. I have witnessed more Black on White Racism in the past 10 years, than in the remainder of my life combined. The racial climate in America is worse than I have every seen it before.

    It will not surprise me if White America in the next 20 years arms itself against Black America, and goes hunting. Since Whites outnumber Blacks about 13/1, it will be a short hunting season, but I fear it’s coming.

    What is absolutely clear, is that progression down the path we are one, is a one-way trip to disaster. I want this progression to be stopped, and reversed. I had hoped that the 1st Black President would have addressed these issues in a meaningful way, but he, and his Attorney General have only exacerbated the decline in civility, and civilized behavior.

    This isn’t going to end well.

    • tagalog

      You’re right, it isn’t. And whites and blacks have already begun arming themselves with one of their reasons being the possibility of race war. There’s been a huge surge sales of firearms going on since 2008, particularly the .223 military replicas like the AR-15. Since at least the election of 2012, a year and a half ago, there’s been a sizeable shortage of the most popular calibers of ammunition. You still can’t get (of all things) .22 LR ammo a lot of the time. People are buying firearms (particularly handguns) and ammo in unprecedented numbers. There’s a reason for that, and it’s not all those folks who want to go hunting for the first time.

  • kevinstroup

    Whitey did it!

  • humura

    To interpret all this, one must begin with the universally ignored fact – BLACK RACISM. Liberals pretend it is non-existent, so they do not know how to handle it even when a Black racist kicks them or knocks their teeth out as in Philadelphia the other day. And Holder is worried that too many Blacks are expelled! Holder should be fired, along with his boss. The objective of the crowd in this article is to have all white teachers fired from Black schools. Just as no German could possibly learn from the Jew Einstein, so no Black should learn from some white, even a liberal white. It is pure racism. The Democratic Party has followed the path of the NSDAP.

  • Hktony

    Chinese and Indians are black but tbey do well. The answer we all know is the family . Leave an Indian or Chinese in a third world country and they will start a business. Leave a black person in ……. And they will blame the white man.

  • Hass

    Na Na! None of you understand. It’s Whities fault!

  • LiveLeak average IQ is 70

    Why aren’t all of these white teachers in prison for Civil rights violations? … I suppose their privilege and entitlement precludes them from jail for for things like child rape … where they magically become the ‘victims’ so Civil rights violations are perhaps minor , given their Status


  • fistdeyuma

    You cannot get racial equality until the Black culture stops being racist. The are hurting themselves more than anyone else. Those that want to help them are driven out because of their race. The only support they want is when people are willing to give them stuff. There are many blacks who are sick and tired of having their lives distorted by Liberal encouraged hate groups.
    The only way to stop racism is to stop being racist. You cannot expect white people to take abuse forever. We are trying to be understanding but it has got to the point were many are starting to see where the real problem lies. Democrats depending on the black vote only encouraged Democrats to support any cause that makes them angry and depressed. The national goal for Democrats is to keep black people ignorant and angry.
    Of course in the 160 degree world of Liberals it is Conservative’s fault that blacks are ignorant and angry. Conservatives will not support destructive and racist policies so of course Conservatives hate blacks.

  • justquitnow

    Really disingenuous. Where to even start? First off the whole “problem-solution” language and all the opinions given are constructions of this writer.

    “The question was posed last week following a Department of Education study about the educational and disciplinary differences between white and black students.”

    Um…but no one posed that question and there is no link to the study. What was it about…who cares when there is another chance to show how you aren’t racist, not by showing that you don’t think blacks are just an inferior and violent race, but by trying always to show that you are justified in how you want to feel about it.

    Trying to foster a white-think reaction to every case of individual racism or accusation of racism just doesn’t make any sense. It’s like someone called out in a crowd “hey you ugly, impotent jerk” and you turn around ask “who me?”and start explaining yourself…

    • Drakken

      I really have to wonder, what color is the sky in your little world because you can’t see and deny reality.

      • justquitnow

        The sky appears to be blue and your diction sucks.

  • Victor

    What Holder and Obama are doing is something Jesse Jackson only half-seriously suggested many years ago: if we cannot stop them from breaking the law, we need to decriminalize as much crime as we can get away with. Demand that law enforcement omit actual drug quantities seized during busts in efforts to skirt mandatory sentencing laws, and now this. (Decriminalization of crime…no wonder they are also opposed to stand-your-ground laws.) The bright spot on the horizon, though, might be the inevitable demographic shift in the US toward Hispanics. My gut feeling is that the Black Left knows full well that Latinos lack historical guilt, and, once Latinos have had enough, they will permanently come down hard on Black crime. One can only hope.

  • Red Baker

    A large part of the solution is to disassemble government schools, and give everyone vouchers to be spent on education. They can purchase a good, peaceful education or not. As is, in government schools, you are stuck, sometimes, in anti-white hellholes.

  • Chaim Goldstein

    They demanded access to white school systems decades ago with the end of segregation, and now that they’re there, they demand to run white school systems as they had ran theirs when they were segregated. Instead of spending the effort to lift themselves up, they would rather drag everyone else down to their level.

  • lillapoyka

    The blacks are bigger racists than white people.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Every last one of them, huh?

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    So what’s the solution Mr. Singleton, Mr. Holder and the DOE?
    Should there be all black schools located only in black neighborhoods and staffed solely by black teachers? If that were the solution, shouldn’t we already have model schools with model black students in our inner city schools?
    Maybe the real goal is the redistribution of wealth (Asian and white “wealth”) and the dismantling of ghettos and the relocation of black inner city dwellers in white suburbs (part of Agenda 21)?
    How about the goal of permanently dividing the races by fomenting black hatred and rage and a subsequent white backlash?
    Why are black leaders so invested in excusing criminal behavior in blacks, behaviors that have overwhelmingly horrific consequences for law abiding black citizens and for the rest of the population?
    My personal opinion is that our government is now invested in creating,
    maintaining and ultimately controlling a permanent sub culture of perpetual victims, a people utterly dependent on government for their very existence and willing to do whatever government asks of them.
    Also a people divided and fighting amongst themselves are so busy that they don’t have time to watch a government who fans the flames of hatred for their own self interest.

  • Craig Gorsuch

    It’s long last time for Atlas to shrug and sadly allow those communities bent on self destruction to do so without our presence or attention. But whites will be blamed for not helping…

  • Tom Doe

    13% of the general population
    86% of the crime
    64% of the prison population
    Around blacks, never relax.
    Avoid the Groid.

  • George

    Jews use minorities against whites. Not just blacks, look at the leaders pushing for 3rd world immigration and open borders in Congress.
    Cultural Marxists have control of media, education and politics.
    First people have to be made aware of the problem in a way that is palatable, baby steps. The problem being that white people are being made war upon and most aren’t aware of it.
    Blacks did not invent political correctness, multi-culturalism or found the NAACP. They don’t own the record companies pushing hip hop garbage to teens. They don’t run the ad agencies that depict white men as idiots and happy families as inter-racial. They aren’t running the law schools teaching twisted Talmudic reasoning used to distort the Constitution. They aren’t the ones who made movies with black presidents before Obama was crowned by the Bolshevik media.
    Once the scales fall from their eyes people will begin to think and eventually to plan.

    • Tea Party Yid

      Listen here, fool. The vast majority of pinko scum are, and always have been, white people. It’s part of the Aryan-Christian guilt complex. I want the commie unjews punished more than you do, but don’t go blaming us for your own people’s mass psychosis. Take some responsibility!

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Things getting lonely over at Stormfront, are they?

  • Victor

    Crime in the Black community, in schools, and in the US? See Moynihan’s (Durkheim-inspired) “Defining Deviancy Down” for a plausible rationale of how it evolves to become worse over time. Obama, via Holder, is speeding the process along by diktat.

  • Debbie G

    So blacks want segregation now? They want only black teachers to teach black students? So can whites now ask for only white teachers for their kids?

  • Maynard

    I agree, under the circumstances a white teacher cannot get to a black student ( they have no trouble with Indians, Japanese or Chinese) so lets admit Kennedy was wrong. Let black students be taught by black teachers, exclusively!

  • BagLady

    I sit by the lake chatting to the young men of the village. Tall, muscly young men with no shoes and no education except that bit the Christians taught: changing the kids’ names to pronounceable John and James and teaching them how to write this one word.

    They come to the lake every morning with their bar of soap and scrub themselves and their one pair of shorts, bought on the local market from the USAid supply. Inevitably, the fashion is to look like a basketball player.

    Their dreams include a pair of trainers and 2 meals a day. When I suggest that to get these things in life they must work harder, they are horrified at the idea that they can’t sit under the coconut tree in the heat of the afternoon snoozing.

    All they really want is a quiet life and a water supply to their maize and tomatoes. The odd chicken wouldn’t come amiss.

    Unfortunately, the lake is 50 metres away. So close but so far away when you don’t have an hosepipe.

    I, for one, don’t think they are asking too much.

  • Henry

    I agree that young, white, liberal females cannot teach black students, but not because THEY are racist, but because young ,black students are the racists. Stop blaming white people for what happened hundreds of years ago. Many Black people have a ball and chain on their legs and THEY are the ones who put it there, not white people. Would you consider me to be a coward about race now, Eric Holder ?