Islamic Olympics Are Better Than Infidel Olympics recently published an article today by a known Jihadophobe, Nonie Darwish, titled The Islamic Grinch Who Stole the Olympics, in which the author outrageously claims that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia have somehow been overshadowed by the threat of Islamic terrorism, with al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri calling for a “global jihad” against the Sochi games, and various allegedly jihadist YouTube videos promising that the “demon Olympics” will have an “atmosphere of fear and terror” and telling the athletes that “Satan is with you.”

She then comes to a far-fetched conclusion that “competitive sports are not an important Islamic value, especially if compared to the mental and physical training of Islamic youth for jihad,” claiming that “Islamic culture often discourages competitive sports, singing, dancing and self-expression, and this is the fundamental reason why there are few prominent Muslim athletes.”

That is, of course, absolutely untrue. As you can see from the YouTube videos below, the Muslim world has a vibrant athletic culture and breathtaking Olympic events that indeed overshadow anything that the infidel Olympics have to offer:

Taliban Olympics I:

Taliban Olympics II:

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  • Demetrius Minneapolis

    First event for the muslim Olympics was this morning, synchronized self-demolitions. It would seem Team Western Iraq will take the gold medal after their outstanding performance.

    • kikorikid

      Yeah, I heard the IOC was rebuilding the Gold platform
      to hold 21. In my youthness I used to jump off high
      places, it was fun, I used water to stop.

  • wileyvet

    Boy these guys are a regular laugh riot.

  • Dallas25305

    What could be more fun than an Islamo Fascist Olympics? It could be started with the beheading of an infidel, followed by the honor killing of someones daughter for dating an infidel. Then they can preform the Stoning a woman for some minor misconduct and the Muslim Olympics can be finished off with a grand finally by driving a truck bomb into a Kindergarten or an Old folks home. Yes the Imams and Ayatollahs will love it. The Islamic Olympics great fun and entertainment for the whole family. Make sure to bring the kids along.

    • defcon 4

      Pizza parlor bombing events shouldn’t be ignored, nor should blowing up passenger buses — a popular islamic pastime in Israel, London and now Russia.