A Pound of White Flesh

ferguson-protestsWhy isn’t anyone speaking the most obvious and most disturbing truth about what has been taking place in Ferguson? This is a lynch mob. It is unconcerned with the facts, impatient with due process, and it wants a severely injured officer who is probably the victim of a vicious criminal thug, indicted, tried and convicted or else. And the reason it wants him convicted is that he is white. This lynch mob even wants the prosecutor removed because his father was the victim of a black criminal 50 years ago.

This thuggery would be seen as classic lynch mob behavior except that it is composed mainly of blacks and its leaders include the Democrat Attorney General of the United States and the Democratic Governor the state of Missouri (on second thought this not so unusual). The mob is inflamed and abetted by an anti-white media that accepts the unfounded, actually ludicrous idea that unarmed black teens are regularly shot down in the streets by white police officers who are protected by a white supremacist power structure. As Bill O’Reilly courageously pointed out, there are approximately 12 million arrests every year in America and only 400 police shootings – and how many of these inspire criminal riots in the streets? Moreover, as O’Reilly did not mention, crime statistics show that a white person is 25 times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime committed by a black person than vice versa.

What is truly remarkable about the nation’s tolerance for the new lynch mobs is that they have lasted for decades without drawing an appropriate moral disapprobation. Here are three recent cases: The destruction of the career and fortune of Paula Deen, a white supporter of President Obama, over a remark she made to her husband in private after being mugged by a black criminal twenty-five years earlier; the public lynching of three innocent Duke LaCrosse players, also led by Sharpton and Jackson, the nation’s most notorious lynch mob leaders; the rush to judgment and demand for conviction and punishment of George Zimmerman, falsely portrayed as a “white Hispanic” to make him culpable. And one could go on and on.

The truth is that American culture has been tragically warped by the political left, which fervently believes that whites are guilty before the fact and blacks are innocent even after the fact. The chief law enforcement officer of the land has shown himself to be a devotee of this creed, over and over. The racial morality play of white supremacy and black oppression is perhaps the most crucial melodrama the left lives by, and can’t give up. But conservatives are also too timid and apparently too haunted by guilts of the increasingly distant past to fight back.

All this has created an ongoing spectacle that encourages the criminal violence from blacks that we are witnessing in the streets of Ferguson, and the obscene libels that are issuing from the mouths of so-called civil rights leaders, Democratic officials and MSNBC radicals targeting white people. In truth, white people, who recently elected and re-elected the first black president, are far more put upon and victimized by black thugs like Michael Brown than they are models for the racially vicious caricatures contrived by the leftwing lobby and its lynch-happy followers.

It is time for this corrosive and destructive mythology to be challenged by more Americans than just Bill O’Reilly and (less forthrightly) the Fox network. It is time for people who think of themselves as liberals to liberate themselves from the false narratives of white culpability and black innocence and start judging people as individuals and assessing them through the facts. It’s time for Americans to return to the traditions that created this pluralistic miracle, the fairest and most equitable nation in history. It was the principles of the American founding that inspired Martin Luther King and gave birth to the Civil Rights Acts which ended racial categories and preferences in America’s institutional life until the political left and the Democratic Party started putting them back in. The emergence of a civil rights movement that behaves like a lynch mob is integrally related to the tolerance of racial arsonists like Jackson and Sharpton and to lawless, racist mobs that will only be satisfied by a pound of white flesh.

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  • Al Pi

    It’s disgusting; but true.

  • herb benty

    Ya can almost hear the Devil, gloating.

    • Ivan

      I like this comment. It almost gets to the truth of the matter in a way that few comments do. Yes, there is a devil. Yes, he is laughing at this lynch mob.

    • Jill

      The Left worked on this for years and reaped their results. What did the Right do? ignored it or colluded. And now they whine.

  • MN dude

    Conservatives have no excuse not to organize and resist now. We have Fox News, talk radio, and a huge presence on the internet. We have allies in the minority community who are sick of this too and are fighting for us every day. But all we do is go to work everyday, sit back and take it. We need to start some serious civil disobedience. As far as Liberals giving up false narratives, etc. – that will never happen because it is the basis of their power. They will possibly only give it up when one of their fellow black or white Occupy Liberals bashes them over the head.

    • truebearing

      The Tea Party, with the tireless nurturing from Sarah Palin, was the biggest threat the Left has seen to its coup. People of all colors were protesting in the street, but what the Left feared most was that the still distinct majority of whites would rise up and crush their revolution. The Republican Party aided and abetted the Tea Party’s loss of momentum, which tells us all we need to know about how little we can expect in the way of help from that pack of cowards and fools.

      Yes, I vote Republican, but not for the Republican leadership. The only reason they still hold the House is because of people like Palin, yet the arrogant fools believe 2010 was somehow to their limpd*ck credit.

    • mjsmart

      OK. Talk IS cheap. Let’s organize some serious civil dis. It has to be well thought-out, and surgically targeted. No criminality, just a serious cage-rattling 1st Amendment exercise. No crazies tolerated (we don’t want any false-flag operatives with us). Video documentation.

      • MN dude

        my choice is everyone move to the South – Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, etc, and we go from there.

    • kertitor

      Alas, it is true. As it happened in the Weimar Republic prior the WW II

    • Jill

      I recall that there was an election back in 2012, was it?
      Had people shown up to vote instead of whining that Romney was not perfect things would be very different today.

  • truebearing

    Again, David Horowitz brilliantly elucidates not only where we have been and where we are, but where we are headed if we don’t force a change. The trajectory of the racist Left has long been determined by diabolical dialectics. If we want a different outcome, it is up to us to become the Iron Dome to the Left. If we fail to act, we will not fail to be destroyed.

    The governor of Missouri did us all a favor yesterday when he mouthed his vile call for prosecution before there is even a trial, much less an indictment. What he unwittingly told America is that if you are white and defend yourself against blacks, even when they are the criminal aggressor, you will be punished by the government. — a government that has abandoned every principle of justice this nation has ever stood for, including the principles that the cilvil rights movement claimed to hold dear. The governor misspoke when he self-righteously blathered about the prosecution of a cop who lawfully defended himself. He called for prosecution, but he was demanding persecution.

    Innocent until proven guilty no longer applies in this nation. Soon, no one will know if a white person is guilty or innocent because the racists in the federal government, and the goose steppers in the media, will try him on the media and convict him before he ever has a trial. They will do their best to suppress exculpatory evidence, as we witnessed when the video of Brown’s obvious strong arm robbery was almost suppressed by Obama and Holder. They will hand down the death sentence before any trial occurs, convicted by a jury of revenge-obsessed, hate-filled racists..

    There is no Department of Justice in this country. There is, however, a Persecutor General who intends to punish whites, conservatives, Jews, Christians, capitalists, or anyone else he has decided are enemies of the Racist Revolution. In this pursuit, he is lock-step with Obama.

    • Otis

      Nicely said. “Persecutor General”, you got that right. Fairness is yesterday’s standard, racist is today’s standard.

    • Drakken

      There is no unity in diversity, never has been and never will be, multiculturalism and diversity are one way tickets to Balkanization and civil strife, and any country in the world that has ever tried this stupidity always ends up in open warfare amongst themselves, that traitor Kennedy and his immigration act of 1965 ensured that this will end in bloodshed. Europe is already experiencing what happens when you import the 3rd world by the millions, we are no different. This will only get worse, much worse.

      • truebearing

        It’s only a matter of time now before the Left has their permanent majority of illiterate, lazy, parasites that will gladly vote however they want for government cheese and empty promises. They recruit fools, and fools are in abundant supply. The longer people wait to act, the harder it will be to turn this around, if it is even possible.

        • Drakken

          Soon it will be open season with no bag limits. The left will have brought this upon themselves and I for one have run out of any type of empathy or sympathy for them.

          • truebearing

            I have despised the Left since 4th grade. I’m not kidding. My parents were conservatives and pretty savvy as to what was going on. I used to sit and listen to them discuss politics during election periods. Then I had a 4th grade teacher who was a fire-breathing conservative — a Maggie Thatcher type. I’ve never voted for a Democrat and am proud of it.

            I have exactly as much empathy for the Left as the Left does for everyone else. That ain’t much.

    • hiernonymous

      “The governor of Missouri did us all a favor yesterday when he mouthed his vile call for prosecution before there is even a trial…”

      So on Planet Truebearing, trials are supposed to precede prosecution? How, exactly, is that supposed to work?

      “Innocent until proven guilty no longer applies in this nation.”

      Maybe, and maybe not, but calling for a prosecution neither demonstrates that this is the case or helps bring it about. A demand for prosecution is a demand for a trial, not a demand for a particular verdict.

      • truebearing

        You didn’t include the entire statement. A grand jury needs to look at the evidence before there is an indictment or a trial. Maybe you got a little ahead of yourself in your attempt to be ever-so-righteous.

        Why am I not surprised that you would be the one to defend persecution? So Planet Hiernonymouse assumes guilt before there is a preponderance, or even a shred, of evidence. So far, it doesn’t look like the punk — Brown — has anything that would suggest he was wrongly killed. A bullet to the top of the head leaves little doubt he was charging the officer.

        Listen, carefully, to the moronic governor’s statement. Even you should be able to detect his attempt to assume a guilty verdict.

        Like Tayvon Martin, Brown got what he deserved… a simple and final form of justice. That you don’t have the moral clarity to see that rather obvious truth is typical of your kind.

        Are you indirectly defending an Attorney General who has made it abundantly clear he won’t prosecute blacks, but will persecute whites in every instance?

        Your self-vaunted logic has apparently abandoned you, once again.

        • hiernonymous

          In those cases requiring a grand jury, evidence is presented to the grand jury by … the prosecutor. Whether as originally written or as revised, you have have the order wrong – prosecution precedes hearing.

          “Why am I not surprised that you would be the one to defend persecution? ”

          The only reasonable explanation is that you have emotional reactions to imaginary events.

          “Hiernonymouse assumes guilt…”

          You managed to make two mistakes in three words.

          “Are you indirectly defending an Attorney General …”

          I made precisely no reference to the Attorney General. You seem to be functioning as a sort of reverse Rapunzel today, spinning straw men.

          “Your self-vaunted logic has apparently abandoned you, once again.”

          You characterized the governor’s comment as ‘vile’ because it called for prosecution “before there is even a trial.” It was an inane comment. Prosecution must precede trial – absent prosecution, there is no trial. The logic’s fine, and one takes the introduction of straw men in your post as tacit acknowledgement that what was actually said was sound.

          “In case you were wondering, no one has missed you in your recent absence from FPM.”

          If you noticed that I’d been away, then you quite obviously did miss me. It’s not clear why you think anyone but your family and friends would wonder about what you do or don’t miss. You will apparently be relieved to learn that you will have more opportunities to miss me in the near future.


          • truebearing

            Prosecution can’t happen if there are no charges filed, dim wit. What does the prosecutor prosecute if no charge is filed? DUH! No charge…no arrest…no grand jury…but you and the idiot governor believe prosecution is the next step. Thanks for the laugh.

            The prosecutor may call for and lead the Grand Jury, but he isn’t technically prosecuting until there is an indictment The purpose of the Grand Jury is to find out if there is evidence that a crime has been committed. You don’t prosecute someone until you have said evidence, know-it-all. If there is sufficient evidence, the Grand Jury hands down an indictment and the prosecution begins then.

            The moron of a governor was talking as if the evidence was irrefutable that Wilson was guilty, when the evidence was trending that Wison was charged by Brown. Only a true moron thinks you can start a prosecution without waiting for all of the lab reports, witness interviews, etc, and then without charging him with a specific crime.

            Prosecutors don’t work like you think, Thank God. They know better than to start a prosecution before they have evidence of a crime.

            Any more brilliant legal insights you care to share?

          • hiernonymous

            “Any more brilliant legal insights you care to share?”

            Sure. You have just offered some impassioned paragraphs insisting that a grand jury is not technically a prosecution, although it is sought and conducted by a prosecutor.

            However, you are seeking acquittal on a technicality of a crime with which you were not charged. The objection you raised was to the governor’s “vile” comment calling for prosecution before trial, not prosecution before grand jury. Have you come up with a legal theory that places trial before prosecution, or would you prefer to proceed directly to the ad hominems?

          • truebearing

            You refuse to accept the obvious…not one of your better traits.
            You can’t prosecute someone if he hasn’t been charged with a crime. Are you going to charge him with the possibility of committing a crime? That is absurd, and contrary to innocent until proven guilty. The key word there is “proven.”
            You can’t determine if he may have committed the crime until you compile all of the evidence and witness accounts. That is the neutral investigative stage of determining if a crime occurred, or who may have done it. Likewise, if there are three suspects, you can’t prosecute all three for the actions of one. Calling a Grand Jury is one way to establish grounds for charging someone with a crime, but until there are provable grounds, there can’t be a prosecution, especially the kind proposed by the slimebage governor… a politician who wanted to persecute Wilson for political reasons and wasn’t interested in first determining the truth.

            You nitpicked my comment, glossing over the clear intent. Prosecution that is motivated by politics is persecution, and that is what Holder, Nixon, and Obama, among many others on the Left, want to see in America. You should be just as outraged, yet you are more concerned with trying to dissect my comment. That in and of itself is a comment on you and your dubious priorities.

          • hiernonymous

            “You can’t prosecute someone if he hasn’t been charged with a crime. Are you going to charge him with the possibility of committing a crime? That is absurd, and contrary to innocent until proven guilty. The key word there is “proven.” ”

            You are confused. As I don’t have time to endlessly repeat the obvious that you inexplicably believe I do not accept, let’s look at this one last time:

            1. Main point: You took the governor to task for putting prosecution before “trial.” That’s simply stupid. Prosecution must precede trial. No prosecution, no trial.

            2. Your diversionary point: grand jury. You argue both technicality and “clear intent. Let’s look at both:

            a. Technicality: Prosecution begins when the prosecutor begins legal proceedings against an individual. The “neutral investigative” stage of determining whether a crime occurs is conducted by the police forces and coroners, and when one of the two believes that they have sufficient evidence to take action against an individual, the prosecutor’s office takes over. I offered you a link to a legal dictionary that explicitly notes that prosecution begins with the initiation of information, grand jury, or certain coroner’s reports. In a quick search for an explicit legal definition, one find’s New Mexico’s statute on malicious prosecution defines prosecution to include the attempt to procure an indictment.

            Further, you misstate the purpose of the grand jury. Grand juries do not exist to perform neutral investigation; they exist as a check on malicious prosecution and abuse of power. Their job is not to investigate, but to evaluate the results of previous investigation as presented to them (by the prosecutor) to determine whether the evidence truly justifies the charges sought by the prosecutor.

            b. “Clear intent.” If you want appeal to the reality of the situation, the grand jury is considered in modern times to be essentially a rubber-stamp of the prosecutor’s office. Procedurally, the prosecutor fully controls the presentation of evidence, incriminating and exculpatory. Justice Douglas had this to say about grand juries: “It is, indeed, common knowledge that the Grand Jury, having been conceived as a bulwark between the citizen and the Government, is now a tool of the Executive.” (http://corporate.findlaw.com/litigation-disputes/grand-jury-indictment-versus-prosecution-by-information-an-equal.html#sthash.Hj5k8C1C.dpuf)

            To recap: What you said was clearly nonsensical – trials cannot precede prosecution – and in your digression into the grand jury, you err in understanding when prosecution begins.

            “That in and of itself is a comment on you…”

            There is no end to your comments on me; the day may come when one is worth reading.

            I regret that this will probably be the last chance I have to post for a few days; make the most of it.

      • Pete

        “The governor of Missouri did us all a favor yesterday when he mouthed his vile call for prosecution before there is even a trial, much less an indictment. What he unwittingly told America is that if you are white and defend yourself against blacks, even when they are the criminal aggressor, you will be punished by the government.” – Truebearing

        I see no problem with that statement.

        It says that the governor opened his mouth and removed all doubt. The statements I head from Governor Jay is that he pre-supposes Derek Wilson’s guilt.

        Basically Jay got in line with so many other and convicted the cop in the court of public opinion.

        • truebearing

          And he did it before any charges were filed, or all of the real evidence was collected. Apparently, Hiernonymouse thinks one can be prosecuted for a crime before one is charged with that crime. Talk about befuddled.

        • hiernonymous

          The problem with the statement is that it objects to placing prosecution before trial. Prosecution necessarily precedes trial; absent prosecution, there is no trial.

          It is at trial that one determines guilt or innocence. A demand for prosecution reveals that the speaker is convinced that there is sufficient evidence to require decision at trial, but it is not the same as demanding (or presupposing) conviction.

          There may be other statements from the governor that indicate such belief, but the statement that Truebearing highlighted, and to which he objected, is not objectionable on the grounds Truebearing invoked.

          • Pete

            “Speaking of civil rights, the governor, Jay Nixon, has called for “the vigorous prosecution” of Darren Wilson.”
            What the Governor should call for is a grand jury to look into the incident and find out the facts and if the facts warrant to call for a prosecution. When Governor Jay Nixon called for a vigorous prosecution had a grand jury even met much less returned an indictment?
            The legal community might call the proceeding of a grand jury a prosecution. That is not how the man in the street sees it. What the American street sees, the part of the American street that is not beholden to the Democrat Party, is that Governor Jay Nixon is calling for a prosecution in a kangaroo court.
            I am not totally sure what happened. I do not know as of today whether Officer Derek Wilson suffered a broken eye socket or not. I do know that Governor Nixon and Eric Holder wanted to suppress the convenience store tape. I do know that Michael Brown’s companion is a known liar. Based on those facts and purported facts to call for a vigorous prosecution would seem to the average man that Nixon believes Derek Wilson is guilty before there was a trial or before a grand jury has convened or indicted the officer.
            I would be hesitant to call for a vigorous prosecution even after a grand jury returned an indictment. We all know the old adage that you can indict a ham sandwich.

            IMO police need cameras to protect themselves and to protect the public.

            I also know that Michael Brown was stupid and was engaged in behavior that many black youth engage in. That is walking ibn the street and giving people crap. They did in my city. The cops put a stop to it. I drove through that part of the city to see for myself. Sure enough it was true. When it can take you 3 to 5 minutes to travel the length of 3 houses and the youths are angry at you just for passing through, you go a problem. I saw the same behaviour when I went to my old neighborhood . 3 or 4 women were walking abreast pushing strollers, and they were not going to move. You do not walk a block in the middle of the road at 5 mph or slower and expect other people to be happy with your rudeness/antics.
            All Michael Brown had to do is get off the street and tell the officer he wouldn’t do it again. You can get out of tickets and only get warnings if you are not overtly hostile to police. But the word in much of the black community is the opposite.

            prosecution (noun): the act or process of holding a trial against a person who is accused of a crime to see if that person is guilty
            the prosecution : the side of a legal case which argues that a person who is accused of a crime is guilty : the lawyer or lawyers who prosecute someone in a court case
            : the act of doing or continuing to do something
            Full Definition of PROSECUTION
            1: the act or process of prosecuting; specifically : the institution and continuance of a criminal suit involving the process of pursuing formal charges against an offender to final judgment
            2: the party by

          • aronitethinking

            The right thing and choice of word must be a full Judicial Investigation-which might recommend a Prosecution if evidence justified that. Prosecution implies a Prima facie offense-which is actually pre-judice trial by media.

  • UCSPanther

    If and when a full-fledged racial war does erupt, the Left will only have themselves to blame.

    The breakup of Yugoslavia was not a pleasant exercise…

    • antisharia

      It’s coming, probably sooner than you think.

    • Robofish

      Blame? When a full-fledged race war erupts, the rank and file left will blame the right for not allowing them to do more and the puppet masters on the left will congratulate themselves for a job well done.

      • glpage

        If the race war erupts, and I fear it will, the white Left will probably find that its race guilt will not save them. I might be a bit surprised to find that they are not some of the first victims.

        • Drakken

          The left will find lots of company in the ditches and amongst the lampposts.

        • nunyabidnessfoo

          Their African pets certainly won’t take kindly to them, as the self hating white boy who was beaten in Ferguson this week by a pack of blacks learned the hard way.

    • WhiteHunter

      Post-Tito Yugoslavia is a perfect example of “diversity” in action. So is post-Saddam Iraq, with a death toll over just the past few years that rivals the dictator’s own bloody tally. So much for forcing people to live together “united” by the fig leaf of “elections.”

      Czechoslovakia (another artificial, externally-imposed construct) is the only example that comes to mind of a civilized, non-violent solution: the Czechs and the Slovaks simply decided that they’d both be happier living among their own kind, in separate, sovereign countries with separate governments, and then peaceably divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia without a shot fired.

      Of course, the Czechs and Slovaks are civilized, at least nominally Christian, Western peoples, with apparently no enclaves of hostile, incoherent racial minorities ready to loot and fire-bomb over imaginary historic “grievances” at the drop of a hat, no raving mohammedans or snarling ayatollahs demanding sharia or exhorting “martyrs” to suicide bombings against the “infidels.”

      Al Gore’s ignorant (or was it a Freudian slip?) mistranslation of our national motto–turning it upside down–as “Out of one, many,” has become, in fact, truer than he may have intended: We now “celebrate diversity” by encouraging each ethnic tribe to cling stubbornly to its own dialect and cultural attitudes, its own manufactured grudges and persecution myths, and demand that they be “redressed” at the cost of–and with harm to–the others.

      The final results of “the American Experiment” are nearly in. And we’re almost ready to conclude that it doesn’t work as intended or hoped. Giving the rights and privileges of full citizenship in a constitutional republic to any and all comers is like giving a sharp, dangerous power tool to a child who is incapable of using it safely and can’t read the cautions in the owner’s manual: He’s more likely to cut off his own hand or foot, or his father’s arm or head, than to use it to build, or even maintain, a house or even a tool shed.

      No democracy in history has ever survived much longer than 200 years before collapsing in the chaos of the mob or the tyranny of a mad emperor–or more commonly, first one and then the other. And it seems we’re right on schedule.

      • UCSPanther

        Some very good points you raised. Tito was more or less the glue that held Yugoslavia together, but when he died, it was the beginning of their downward slide. You simply cannot make a larger nation out of groups who have been bitter enemies for centuries, and still continue to carry on their traditions of hostility towards each other.

        For the Czechs and Slovaks, they appeared to view each other as brothers, and that is why their split was peaceful, and why they still maintain close ties to each other.

        The trouble with pure Democracy, as many have pointed out, is that it turns into mob rule, which can lead to anarchy when the different camps turn on each other.

        The Founding Fathers had the right idea of limiting the vote to landowners, because it meant that they were actually invested into the country and would think more carefully about who they voted for (IE look at proposals, platforms and policies rather than superficial appeal or who offers the most entitlements) than just anyone.

        Unfortunately, when you allow the vote to just anyone as is happening now, you have people on the dole voting for more entitlements (I like the idea of disenfranchising anyone who is receiving a “Monthly Tugboat” of any form) and politicians importing hordes of immigrants of dubious quality a la Tony Blair for the purpose of shoring up their vote while possibly sowing the seeds for ethnic conflict.

  • camp7

    Thanks Daniel, that needed to be said — straight to the point! The caption really struck a chord since I recited The Merchant of Venice in seventh grade…

    “Tarry a little. There is something else.
    This bond doth give thee here no jot of blood.
    The words expressly are “a pound of flesh.”
    Take then thy bond, take thou thy pound of flesh,
    But in the cutting it if thou dost shed
    One drop of Christian blood, thy lands and goods
    Are by the laws of Venice confiscate
    Unto the state of Venice.”
    ~ Shakespeare

    (Modern Version)

    Wait, there’s more to this.
    False narratives can claim no blood,
    when pound of flesh be shed.
    Take your lies, your flesh amiss
    no blood of truth be bled.
    Laws of land and common good,
    will be the flesher’s down.
    No contract gives you free of will
    to cut beyond your pound.

  • Guest Writer

    in a recent article here by Bill Whittle:

    you discover is that black perpetrators violently assault White victims TWENTY-FIVE times more frequently

    OR put another way, a random black is TWENTY-FIVE times more likely to assault a white than vice-versa.

    Your statement below, is incorrect, though, the correct figure is 5 not 25 for this statement (as explained also by Bill Whittle) and the reasons for the difference is that there are far more whites than blacks in the US, and you should correct early it on pain of being accused of falsely spreading exaggerated statistics:

    >> crime statistics show that a white person is 25 times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime committed by a black person than vice versa.

    • Guest Writer

      PS. I’m on your side here and I don’t mind if you delete my post if/when you fix the article.

      • Guest Writer

        In the recent article ‘Sharpton is right–racism is rampant’, the statistics are also stated correctly.

  • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

    Here I agree with every word of Mr. Horowitz. Now an attitude of the US justice in regard to the great White majority in America is no different from that in the USSR in regard to a few heroic dissidents – something bizarre and inexplicable in itself.

    How come that a couple of small yet extremely trouble-making groups such as 15% minority of blacks (and 1% minority of sexually obsessed perverts) not only became a “protected specie”, but they have the entire government on their side dictating the fate of the rest of us?!

    How come that the facts in the book “White girl bleed a lot” happened to be only a small part of a big and very ugly picture?! In America, the land of the brave where freedom rings?! Or… may in the land of not so brave any more?!

    The government calls us racists: May be it is a high time to show a bit of it undoing the excesses of the 1960s? Isn’t it a shame that all of it was envisaged in … 1958 by a Soviet poet (of all) Vladimir Ufland:

    America is changing rapidly.
    The Negroes quickly gain the power
    And soon the famous Lady Liberty
    Will be repainted in black powder.

    Then “disadvantaged” and the poor ones
    Will mock the millionaires blatantly
    While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans
    Will rush to mimic Negroes ardently.

    They will respect the Negroes dearly
    And glorify the blackest fellow,
    And Whiteys, walking with humility,
    Will bow the first to every Negro.

    Here is the source: http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org/UflandAboutBlacksIn1958.htm

  • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

    And let me ask again: Where are riots for an innocent black mother Miriam Carey, also killed by police, but without any necessity, in a cold blood in front of her baby http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/why-no-riots-for-miriam-carey/ ? The very attempts of investigation and finding the culprits are sabotaged by this very government. Isn’t it bizarre?

  • johnlac

    Liberals cannot let go of the narrative of innocent blacks constantly being murdered by racist white cops or white citizens for political reasons. Even when the facts prove the country’s citizens, black and white citizens alike, are victimized by the Black Underclass, liberals choose to stick their heads in the sand and go along with the lying narrative of the oppressed, black victim of white racists. Yes, blacks are oppressed…by other blacks.

  • rebaaron

    Whites are the new Jews in America.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      White Americans don’t get that much respect.

  • BMS

    Facts don’t matter. They interfere with the “whites are committing genocide on young black men” agenda. Did Officer Wilson break his own eye socket? That’s the fictitious story the rebel rousers will be telling next.

    • Gee

      Kind of reminds me of how the world views Israelis. We are attacked by the Arabs and nobody says a word until we shoot back. Then we are worse than the Nazis and committing genocide.

      Gaza is like the Warsaw Ghetto that exports food and launches rockets at cities.

      • Jill

        It is indeed the same view and strategy. Just applied a little differently but by the same people.

  • Lanna

    Yes, It is a lynch mob….well said David. They don’t care about true justice, only persecuting and attacking the white civilization! In order for officer Wilson to have an orbital fracture blowout around the eye, he had to be hit very hard by Michael Brown while in the patrol car…That is an attack on a police officer, in which the officer has a right to respond in self-defense!

  • Arlie

    The really true evil of this “Ferguson, MO” Communist fueled riot is to 1.) Distract the general public from ALL the other enormous evil corrupt practices this Corporate Fascist/Muslim Brotherhood regime is perpetrating in the District of Corruption, on our Southern Boarder, in the Middle-East and around the world. 2.) Stir up the low information “demons” to vote. 3.) Condemn local law enforcement so the Feds can take over local law enforcement. 4.) Further drowned out anyone that is vocally preaching any common-sense or rule-of-law.

    The time is growing short for common-sense to be restored in the once great America; when we were ALL Americans First (before the hyphens came). Please read at least the last paragraph of this article about who is going to be in charge of the internet and the up coming conference: http://www.thenewamerican.com/tech/computers/item/18950-un-grabs-for-the-internet-cfr-chatham-house-lead-the-charge-for-global-governance/

    Thank you David for all you do daily to further truth, freedom and sani
    ty in an insane corrupt world.

  • Burlington

    They are pissing in there own soup on this one. Brown got in one hell of a blow to cause the orbital blow out fracture.while Wilson was still in the car. If Wilson is indicted, every cop in the country should call in sick.

  • logdon

    I was thinking along these lines only yesterday.

    In similar vein to Zimmerman this has been whipped up by false narrative, inflammatory speech and the usual suspects of Jackson, Sharpton, Black Democrats and worse, Holder and Obama.

    The msm jog along in tandem and situations far worse than the spark ignite and thus the rioting begins.

    I believe in civil rights but those rights are ably addressed by law and the looting, shootings and arson almost condoned as a natural reaction by elements of the left are nothing more than a return to the savagery and lawlessness of a bygone age and play no part in the modern western world.

    A spiral of self perpetuating chaos ensues and the victim culture blooms on it’s ordure.

    What has become of an America where the worst is celebrated by a deranged liberal establishment high on it’s own idiot self righteousness?

    And where are the black leaders when calming is needed and the rule of law resumes?

    • Conniption Fitz

      Re: The False Narrative – There are 51 Identical Aspects Between the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown Cases

      51 goes beyond a coincidence, it’s a pattern or Modus Operandi.

      The most important matching feature is media and blacks latching on to
      Crump-manufactured racist narrative and refusing to acknowledge facts.

      Both cases are being nationalized by Obama and Holder, Crump and Parks, Sharpton and NBPP for political (election year, bad poll numbers, distraction from high crimes and misdemeanors) and for financial reasons.

      Review of facts in Ferguson case by Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio: (video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pr1oE34bIM&list=UUC3L8QaxqEGUiBC252GHy3w&index=2

    • Drakken

      Welcome to the Balkanization of America and its inevitable bloody conclusion, there will be more of this in the coming days, much more.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Kill-Media-Martial-Conspiracy-ebook/dp/B009063F5W/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1345573494&sr=1-2 jeffreyafriedberg

    Not going to happen, Dave. Not as long as the false Entertainment/AgitProp Matrix the White Zombies live in still exists. Just look above herein: “The 10 Best Butts in Hollywood; Celeberities That Swing Both Ways; Celebrities Who Flash More Than Teir Smiles;” etc. THIS was and is the only “reality” for the white carcass that washed up on the beach last night—the body of what was once America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

    It’s over, vato. Too late. No help coming. Done.

    • BS77

      We are witnessing the decline and fall of our great nation…day by day….The Orwellian media should be ashamed…but they have no shame.

  • kasandra

    Any progress on the FBI investigation into the murder of Rabbi Joseph Raksin in Miami by two young black males nearly two weeks ago? Oh, wait. I forgot. Not a peep from the Federal government or our wonderful media.

  • joe kulak

    August 10, Salt Lake City: 20 yr old unarmed white suspect shot and killed by black officer outside convenience store in a case of mistaken identity. 911 transcript not released. Name of officer withheld. Protests? No. Riots? No. Media coverage? Other than a short blurb in the local rag describing the officer as “other than white”– no.

  • http://johnnyangeladvocacygroup.net JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Sorry that David didn’t mention the Communist ideology that runs rampant through the Left’s tactics. He knows this better than anyone and although he may have insinuated it, he should have mentioned it by name. Sightings of this propaganda is evident in New Black Panther movement and Obama/Holder themselves are quite “fluent” in the culture, as he well knows. I’m guessing he avoided it for a reason even though in our estimation it is pervasive in ALL THINGS LEFT in the country today !! JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group.net

  • Rondo

    “It’s amazing how many people think they are doing blacks a favor by exempting them from standards that others are expected to meet.” – Thomas Sowell

  • Mo86

    Absolutely right.

    What’s horrifying is that whites have been so psychologically beaten down that they actually BELIEVE this ridiculous false narrative!

    People assume I am white because I’m light skinned, but I am Hispanic. (Maybe I’m one of those “white Hispanics” like Zimmerman?) But I just think of myself as white because I was born and raised here.

    But I have never once felt this white guilt thing. I never even heard of it until the Reign of Obama, when I kept hearing about it. And I could not understand it for the life of me. Why would anyone feel personally guilty for things that happened generations before they were even born?!

    But my goodness, they do! It’s unbelievable to see it. And that’s why they won’t speak up about things like what’s going in in Ferguson.

    • MrUniteUs1

      I never heard of white guilt either till I read something written by Horowitz.
      It’s used in conjunction with anti-blackism.
      I believe the New York Times wanted to quell the belief that Zimmmerman was Jewish, so they put out the term white Hispanic. Do you the term helped or hurt Zimmerman. Some Causasians didn’t think Zimmerman should be considered white.

      • Pimpton

        What cullah you be?

      • WhiteHunter

        Not sure whether “some Caucasians” consider Zimmerman white or something else. What we do know with certainty, however, is that if he hadn’t stopped innocent little Trayvon from bashing his brains out against a concrete curb, everybody, Caucasian or not, would consider Zimmerman dead.

        But we wouldn’t even have heard about it, would we?

    • MrUniteUs1

      I never heard of white guilt either till I read something written by Horowitz.
      It’s used in conjunction with anti-blackism.
      I believe the New York Times wanted to quell the belief that Zimmmerman was Jewish, so they put out the term white Hispanic. Do you the term helped or hurt Zimmerman. Some Causasians didn’t think Zimmerman should be considered white.

      • Pimpton

        Mars Zimmuhmunn, he not Jewish? Coulda foolt me!

      • kertitor

        Zimmerman is half Jewish half Hispanic. And does not likes when someone kicks him on the head. In this race crazed world logic, reason and self defence are dirty words.

        • mikeh420

          George Zimmerman was a Catholic Altar Boy.

          Not all people with German last names are Jewish. Of course, blacks being Anti Semitic, always try to blame a Jew.

          • kertitor

            Being a Catholic does not exclude Jewishness. (Or Zimmermann’s half Jewishness). Not as religion but as race. Mikeh, I am not black, and not anti Semite. In this crazy world of today when the anti Jewish propaganda so loud, and about to win the propaganda war, we must not forget the necessity of fight back, not with words, but deeds. Zimmerman was right, and the newest “poor innocent black boy vs. ruthless cop” is Wilson also right.

          • mikeh420

            I didn’t say you were black or Anti Semitic. Where did you find out that Zimmerman was Jewish? Mom is Afro-Peruvian and Dad is American of German descent. There are very few Jews in Germany, for obvious reasons, and not a lot in Peru.

  • MrUniteUs1

    A real lynch mob would have killed the officer on the spot. He was surrounded by Black Americans. Yet not one person attacked him. His mother can be heard yelling for an ambulance. She watched her son laying on the pavement uncovered for 5 hours. She saw his blood and brains.

    • nightspore

      There may still be differences but these are diminishing. We saw that with the other cases mentioned in the article as well.

    • nightspore

      Thinking about this some more, I think you’re raising some good points. However, there are some further distinctions to make. First, the distinction between the black people you’re referring to and the mobs that formed later. I think Mr. Horowitz is referring to the latter.

      Then there’s the outside agitator factor, which plays a big part here but didn’t with real lynch mobs in the past. This does make the “lynch mob” designation in this case a bit slippery. And you’re right about the trial business. So you may well be right in questioning the analogy. At the same time, there’s a lot of nastiness going on here that too many people are trying to overlook or explain away.

      Interesting, I’ll have to think about this further.

      • MrUniteUs1

        Thank you Nightspore. Judging from the comments Horowitz failed to distinguish between law abiding Black Americans and the looters in Ferguson.

    • Pimpton

      He had brains?

      • MrUniteUs1

        Yep he was supposed to start college last week.

        • mikeh420

          Only because of Affirmative Action would he have been accepted. Just to make student skin color nice and even.

    • Drakken

      If your looking for sympathy for that black hood rat who made his own bed, you can find it in the dictionary between the words sh*t and syphilis.
      The reason that the black mod didn’t attack said white officer was he was armed. Keep up the great work in racial division that is going to a head.

      • MrUniteUs1

        I sympathize with the parents.

  • MrUniteUs1
  • Biff_Maliboo

    “White liberals, in their hunger for humiliation, will take as revealed truth anything an angry black man says.”
    -S.I. Hayakawa


    • ben t


    • Nanci Loveless Burns

      Come to Indiana, I’ll test you!

    • Wilkins Micawber

      Black people, this IS the week to finally stop your incessant whining and complaining and face the obvious fact that YOU are your own worst enemy.

    • Pimpton

      They couldn’t pass a real test.

    • HangingJudge

      What’s going to happen is a bunch of these black guys are going to roll up on the wrong white people, and there’s going to be 10 black bodies looking like swiss cheese in the streets.

      Just wait for it. They seem to think because we act like civilized humans that we are afraid of them.

      Keep testing white people and you will see why your ancestors were so afraid of us.

  • meanpeoplesuck

    It may not be right, but it is the sad result of whites cheering on people like George Zimmerman, cheering on the killing of children of color on a daily basis in the US and around the world and no justice being served.

    • Mo86

      Which alternate reality do you live in?

      Now, anything to say on the article? Or did you bother to even READ it?

    • UCSPanther

      I take this as an advocation of political violence.

      Be careful what you wish for, for you might just get it, and more than you can handle…

    • nightspore

      This may be the most amazing case of projection that I’ve encountered so far this week. Do you really believe what you’re saying, or are you paid by the word?

    • fiddler

      What “sad result?” What “cheering on?”. Pure reaction and racial grandstanding. This is a stupid “our side versus their side” conclusion. You broad brush that ALL whites are incapable of fairness and merely want “revenge”. So, we “cheer on” Zimmerman, even though the NYT can’t resist calling him a “white hispanic” before the ink is dry. What we have here is sensationalism based on envy and intergenerational familial disfunction. And no amount of tax money is going to fix the broken family. Zimmerman MUST be guilty; it HAS to be! Here is the undeniable truth if you actually read the article:

      “The truth is that American culture has been tragically warped by the political left, which fervently believes that whites are guilty before the fact and blacks are innocent even after the fact.”

    • Wilkins Micawber

      the killing of children of color on a daily basis in the US… and just who is it that does virtually all of the killing of “children of color”?

    • Captlee

      Another incredibly stupid comment by an incredibly stupid loser. Site examples of anyone (other than HAMAS, ISIS and other lunatic Islamic groups) cheering on the killing of children.

    • mikeh420

      Meanpeoplesuck Sucks big time. Whites didn’t cheer Zimmerman, although black cheered Trayvon. And no one is cheering all the killing of black BY BLACKS, like in Chicago. In fact, no one mentions that at all.

      They be Niggin. We be Hatin.

  • William

    Someone should inform Mr. Horowitz that blacks and Jews have had a long history of working together for civil rights. That’s why so many on the right wing see the civil rights movements as a Jewish-Communist plot. He really has no reason to fear black folks.

    • Bulan Sabriel

      David Horowitz is very well aware of the antisemitism that runs through the left and how quickly the Civil Rights movement tuned on Jews in the 1960s. If you read anything here you would know this.

      Stop being a Nazi untermensch and start reading reality.

    • Pimpton

      You can be the informer Willie. Now blacks and Jews play Knockout together.

      • mikeh420

        Moron. Jews played a large part in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Several Jews founded the NAACP as well.

        But, as blacks always do, they turn on the very people that help them. The Knockout Game has been “played” against several Jews.

        Read about The Frog and Scorpion.

    • American Patriot

      Many on the radical left like you erroneously see free-market capitalism, democracy and resistance to Communist totalitarianism as “segregationist” and supporting “white supremacy”. Who is the paranoid one, fool?

  • Conniption Fitz

    I hope the entire combined Missouri law enforcement forces, State Troopers (minus Ron Johnson), MO National Guard and all retired veterans join forces to guard and protect Officer Darren Wilson from these unthinking, unlawful thugs (from the top down).
    America is tired of Obama’s racism and lawlessness. He has passed the level of high crimes and misdemeanors and has gone full-rogue outlaw and traitor.

    • MrUniteUs1

      They could have killed Wilson on the spot.

      • Wilkins Micawber

        Then they’d have been guilty of murder.

        • WhiteHunter

          Yes, although they (and Holder, and Jay Nixon, and Sharpton and Jackson) would call it “reparations for slavery–although the job isn’t yet finished.”

      • Pimpton

        Not if he kilt them first!

      • Drakken

        Not if Wilson opened fire first, after the first 4 or 5 dropped, the rest would have been on the run.

  • WeirOnlyHuman

    Blacks have made it abundantly clear that they hate whites, so they use every phony excuse to rob, rape and murder whites at every opportunity.

    • MrUniteUs1

      I haven’t robbed, raped or murder anyone.
      You show that now whites rob, rape, and murder whites, many times more often. Yep about 90% of the purps are white.
      #1 killer of white men, white men.
      #1 cause suicide, outnumbers homicides 2-1.
      #1 victim white men. Over 70% of suicides involve white men.
      #1 method gun shot to the head. Something to think about when you look in the mirror.

      • Wilkins Micawber

        And I haven’t discriminated against anyone so take your incessant whining elsewhere. Oh, and by the way, do try and cite some statistics that are at least remotely relevant to the subject being discussed.

        • MrUniteUs1

          1 armed policeman, 1 unarmed civiilan, 1 murdered unarmed civilian.

          • HangingJudge

            That kid wasn’t a civilian he was a criminal and got what criminals deserve.

            How do you think that little old store owner that got robbed feels? I’m sure he’s happy there’s one less useless thug to rob his business.

            I also saw the pictures of this guy throwing up the Bloods sign such an innocent kid right?

            If the cop said “get out of the street” and dude said “Ok sorry sir.” he would be alive right now. But that’s not how blacks act is it buddy? Haha nah he was pumped up from just robbing a store so he though he would get an attitude with the cop and now he’s dead, boohoo.

            And you know what? I don’t even like cops, but I dislike garbage human beings even more.

          • Drakken

            Don’t attack police, you don’t get shot, it’s a very simple concept that you blacks don’t seem to understand or get.

          • mikeh420

            So, if a thug twice your size comes at you, but does not have a gun, does that mean you can’t use a gun to defend yourself? Why does the aggressor get to determine the level of force used?

            Don’t charge a man with a gun drawn, and you won’t get you ugly head blown off.

      • Drakken

        Doesn’t ole Al Sharpton need a BJ?

      • WeirOnlyHuman

        Are to dumb to recognize that blacks are only 12% of the population but commit more than half the violent crimes? How many white men are raping black women? You’d have a tough time finding a single case. Yet, black men rape white women at an alarming rate. Something to thing about when you look in the mirror.

        • MrUniteUs1

          Weir are you to0 dumb to draw line of demarkation between criminals and law abiding citizens. Most Black and White Americans are not criminals.Most police officers are not criminals. I do believe Darren Wilson committed the criminal act of murder. I

          • WeirOnlyHuman

            That’s what I thought. It takes someone with an IQ lower than a fire hydrant to believe that Wilson committed murder. People like you are too uneducated to be allowed to vote, let alone make decisions about the law.

          • kertitor

            The participants of the lynch mob are uuneducated, but their leaders are not. Education itself means nothing without the right attitude Think about Ayatollah Khomeini who was a Sorbonne educated scholar.

          • Drakken

            Of course you think that Wilson the White is guilty, your black and it is always whiteys fault.

          • MrUniteUs1

            You should apologize to Gentiles for using that racial slur.

          • Drakken

            If my harsh brutal point offends thee, I know I am right on target.

      • GerriAttricks

        Not yet anyways you haven’t .

  • Armed_Infidel

    White people better wake up and fast. Whites are still in the majority in America and are being victimized by blacks thugs and leftist militants. But by around 2042, whites will be in the minority — a despised minority with so called “white privilege.” Does anyone think blacks will become less vindictive and violent toward whites by then?

    • Matt E

      Exactly right. The fools at the Chamber of Commerce and the Establishment folks of both parties don’t think about this.

      We need to end third world immigration now. If the facts were presented, we might barely have the demographics to face down rampant black criminality. That won’t be the case when whites are a minority

      • Armed_Infidel

        Right on, brother. Third world immigration is like a noose around the necks of whites. And how will the jews fare in third world america? Not well I fear — yet they support Barry Soetoro by 80 percent.

    • Wilkins Micawber

      Self-loathing, suicidal liberal whites are the biggest problem this country faces. Without them Barak Hussein Obama would still be a community organizer.

    • PatnTrucks

      I don’t get why ‘people of color’ always want to live within so-called WHITE areas? We White Folks pick up trash, we mow our grass, paint our houses, wash our cars and are polite to our neighbors. Who WOULDN’T want to live with us? So now they do – and there went the pleasant neighborhoods, the friendly people threatened by thugs and in-home burglaries, and the elderly were mugged, robbed, drug dealers moved in, prostitutes pushed by cadillac driving pimps, then— off and running when us white folk tore out of these formerly nice neighborhoods for parts suburban. We were tired of getting dragged out of our nice cars and ‘car-jacked’ by thugs similar to this 300 pound ‘dear sweet boy’ (bah!) who the news media and Reverend Al and Jackson say has totally misunderstood intentions (not to rob that store and beat the clerk, not to assault the police officer), just to go home and practice for the spelling-bee? I hardly think so. And yes, I have wonderful black neighbors who mow their grass, wash their pretty car and would be confused for White Folk for their habits.
      Of course, these folks are former military, or retired military, like most of us in my neighborhood. Veterans. Disciplined people. Courageous people. And we are wondering what our Commander-in-Chief is doing.

  • SavageSerpent

    Finally a website telling the truth. I am horrified and appalled at the naivety and sheer dumbness of the leftist comments on MSM websites.
    I despair for the white people to sell themselves out and debase themselves over the debauched savage behaviour of the rampaging blacks.
    Unless the west (meaning whites) stand up we will be wiped out before a new millennium. Political correctness is our biggest enemy by far

  • MrUniteUs1

    Does this article promote racial hatred?

    • fiddler

      Well, read it! Some people think that the distribution of the convenience store security video was insensitive. Brown towered over the short asian store attendant who was terrified that he might be fingered for contacting the police (that shouldn’t be!). Brown clearly looks like a bully, does that justify his being killed – certainly not. Does an officer having his face re-arranged before (or during) his firearm discharging justify the killing? Fair-minded people will wait for the facts to come out from a grand jury. When oh when will the media stop being an active participant in race baiting / hustling? When will they themselves reserve judgement? I’ll tell you when — when sensationalizing has no bearing on ratings — like when he|| freezes over.

      • MrUniteUs1

        Brown should have been arrested not murdered.

        • WhiteHunter

          First of all, he wasn’t “murdered.” Second, he was a raging, violent, out-of-control 300-lb. monster who had already smashed in the cop’s face and was charging directly at the dazed, badly wounded cop to “finish the job.”

          “Arrest” him? Explain how one cop, alone–since no police reinforcements were on the scene–who’d already had his eye socket shattered and his nose broken by the hulking thug’s fists could have arrested that berserk, drugged-up monster who kept coming despite four intentionally non-fatal gunshots to his arm and shoulder.

          The officer did exactly the proper and necessary thing to neutralized this lethal threat to himself and others. You’re just part of the lynch mob.

          • MrUniteUs1

            Wilson looked fine in the video. Medical records make no mention of eye damage. Not one witness said Brown charged. Officer. One witness he stumbled fwd one or two steps as he was falling to the ground after being shot. All agree that Brown had his hands up.

    • Mo86

      Does your comment promote racial hatred?

      Now, anything to say on the actual topic?

      • MrUniteUs1

        see below

    • Pimpton

      Do tell now!

    • Drakken

      You people sure do, and when you people finally get what you wished for, you will rue the day you did.

    • Drakken

      No but your kaffirs sure do, and as much as the liberal news media tries to suppresss the amount of savagery from your people, the rest of America is waking up to the fact that you people will never be appeased enough to satisfy you.



  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    You’re right, David, it is a lynch mob–it’s a racist lynch mob targeting a white cop because he is white. As far as the mob is concerned, the judgment is in. The media shows considerable respect for the mob’s demands, making the media an accomplice in this witch hunt. David, you’re a lone voice fighting this insanity. Keep it up!

  • Giles Blyzzard

    The left lie like you and I breathe. They will sacrifice any innocent life, gladly see people’s livelihoods go down in flames and happily put an innocent person in jail if it fits their agenda and gets them votes. They are the scum of the earth.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Under reported goes against the racIst narrative

    Hedy Epstein, 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor, Arrested During Michael Brown Protest

    Hedy Epstein, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor, was arrested on Monday during unrest over the death of Michael Brown,KMOV reports.

    Epstein, who aided Allied forces in the Nuremberg trials, was placed under arrest in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, “for failing to disperse”


    • Drakken

      She was protesting for the police officer you dumbazz!

      • MrUniteUs1

        ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) –At least eight people were arrested,
        including a 90-year-old political activist, following a march in
        downtown St. Louis Monday afternoon. The marchers were protesting
        Governor Nixon’s order to activate the National Guard.

        • MrUniteUs1

          “I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. I didn’t think I would have to do it when I was 90,” Epstein told The Nation during her arrest. “We need to stand up today so that people won’t have to do this when they’re 90.”

          Epstein is currently an activist and a vocal supporter of the Free Gaza Movement.

          • infedel taeshawn

            well, if this lady is a holocaust survivor, why is she siding with hamas? They have a stated goal in their charter the murder of all jews. If the arabs in gaza want to free gaza, they need to free it from hamass. The women is obviously deranged, like most of you folks on the left.

          • MrUniteUs1

            The West Bank were living peacefully and negotiating with Israel, thus setting example for Gaza residents. However when they reached to out Hamas. Netanyahu pounced. Netanyahu needs Hamas and Hamas needs Netanyahu. They use each other to justify the hatred.

  • MrUniteUs1

    White man believes Ferguson police murdered his son. Under reported goes against the narrative


  • MrUniteUs1

    Real lynch mobs. White and Black victims.


    • Drakken

      You blacks feared lynch mobs in the old days, continue to victimize whites and you will see those days again in spades.

  • Josh

    David Horowitz owed Lawrence Auster an apology.

  • Josh

    David Horowitz owes Lawrence Auster an apology.

  • Digli

    Is that the most disturbing truth or is it that these people show no capacity for rational thought ?
    I’ve been calling these “Klan” type behaviors since they started.
    Will these people be satisfied when they see some strange fruit in blue uniforms?
    Comments by Horace Cooper, Jason Riley, Niger Innis and Ben Carson have shown that not all black people are brain dead.
    We’ll have turned a corner when those men get more press than Sharpton and Jackson

    • Drakken

      When 95% of the black population is all for Comrade Obummer, those people you mention are the exception, not the rule, so your point is moot.

  • Horace Yo

    When George Zimmerman got railroaded for defending himself from a potentially murderous attack by a young black male thug they hid the pictures of his broken nose and bloody back of his head for a long time so they could work up a screaming lynch mob. The same thing is happening now with Darren Wilson. Where are the pictures of his damaged eye? The leftist-destroy-America gang of pseudo journalists or TV “news” operatives just loves this sort of thing. Even if you had the pictures the lefty propagandists would help their false witnesses concoct new stories to facilitate continuing the media lynching in progress. The bottom line is black thugs have a right to attack you and you have no right to fight back.

    • MrUniteUs1

      GZ nose wasn’t broken. The gun sites knicked the tip of his nose.

      Turns out Wilsons eyes was not damaged. No broken bones or damaged eye socket. Not surprising, no sign of the pain or injury to Wilson in the video.

  • Jdcsa usayy

    Once again David Horowitz has show great intellectual and moral courage and speaks frankly about racial politics.

    In 2007 in Tennessee there was the brutal prolonged torture and eventual murder of a young White couple, Christopher Newscom and Channon Christian by 5 Blacks. It was clearly a hate crime, but the gutless White police would not call it that. What was the response by the White community? Nothing – NOTHING ! The major news media virtually ignored this heinously vicious act of racial hatred. This is just one of thousands of Black hate crimes against Whites. The so-called “Knock-out Game” is almost exclusively Black thugs punching Whites who are not bothering anyone.

    It has been 150 years since the end of slavery, 50 years since segregation was outlawed. Today the most powerful businessmen have their careers ruined because of some supposedly racist comments they made in private conversations. Affirmative Action laws have put the power of the government in support of racial discrimination against Whites in favor of Blacks. The Confederate battle flag has been remove removed from the university that bears the name of General Robert E. Lee (Washington and Lee University) and from the chapel crypt where Lee and family members are interred. Bands for southern colleges can not play Dixie at football games at “half time.” And on and on.

    The “racial tensions” that exists in the U.S. today are almost exclusively the paranoia of Blacks about some phantom racism that is holding them down.

  • Mark Robert

    I’m confident the Zionist press will be indicted for Hate Crimes for provoking other races to hate and attack Europeans.

    Europeans have quietly retaliated by refusing to purchase Zionist Newspapers, Magazines, Movie tickets, we have even turned off our TV’s.

    Zionist influence is waning, their entire media machine is on the verge of collapse, and they are becoming less relevant every day.

    Currently the world’s most popular media outlets are GOOGLE & YOUTUBE

    The day of reckoning is almost here.

    • cheechakos

      What are you babbling about?

  • Mark Robert

    The Main Stream Media has allowed Anti-White, Race-Baiting shills to castigate Europeans with impunity.

    Zionist chose to unleash their MSM (Main Stream Media) to attack Europeans for decades.

  • cathc

    Just finished reading “Radical Son.” Even as a long-time conservative, it enlightened me to the falseness of some long-held beliefs about the radical movement in the 60s, which I had always respected: e.g., the antiwar movement was lead, not by those for peace, but by those who wanted North Vietnam to WIN, and that the Black Panther Party, rather than being about civil rights, was more like a Mafia: extortion, hit men, and all.

    This made me curious to find out Mr. Horowitz’s take on Ferguson . . . he KNOWS how this stuff works . . . and he didn’t disappoint. Thank you, David, for your book(s), your mind, your gift for writing, and for letting me know I’m not crazy for the positions I take!

  • nunyabidnessfoo

    I can’t take people seriously when they think in black-and-white terms (no pun intended).

    It wasn’t “false” to say Zimmerman was a “white Hispanic.” It was somewhat inaccurate (his mother is Afro-Incan) but it wasn’t “false” per se.

  • inja


  • Drack

    America better wake up. I grew up in East Cleveland and witnessed racism at an early age, I am white and my brothers and sisters, who were very innocent and stayed to themselves, were victims of black racism, so was I, however, I was a little bit of a hell raiser, and was caught up in kids being kids (black and white). Nonetheless, I will NEVER live in a black neighborhood, nor will will my three daughters. Until the black community can come to gether and police themselves, I will encourage my daughters to stay away from black people. My daughters argued with me about the Zimmerman case, I summed it up by saying, ” if anyone is bashing your head, and you have a gun, shoot them! No matter if black or white.”. This is just a smidge of my life long experience’s with blacks, but until the black community comes together, and starts changing for the better, I will avoid them like the plague!

  • Drack

    I don’t know what horowitz’s thoughts are on this case, but I can only imagine. I guess O J was innocent. No wonder why the world turned a blind eye during World War ll.

  • Guano Genesis

    Well done Mr. Horowitz.

  • Guano Genesis

    Yes a witch trial against a white policemen has started in the Midwest. In Ferguson at night, “black masses” perform ritual violence, looting, and arson, while media proclaimed black wizard Al Sharpton casts his evil spell upon the devout followers of their dark lord. The enthralled media, clearly spellbound at the prospect of human sacrifice of an innocent man on the alter of black bullshit, performs an endless drumbeat of lies and half truths to serve their master.

    Obama, the first openly atheist president, sent his familiar, the ferret Holder, to Ferguson, and who immediately testified to all who would listen just how black his heart truly is.

    Yes what is happening in Ferguson is a demonstration of the evil of, “dat ole’ black magic.”