War & Peace in the Age of Obama

3333Editor’s note: The following is the text to David Horowitz’s introduction of Caroline Glick at the Freedom Center’s recent Wednesday Morning Club.

To order Glick’s new book, “The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East,” click here.

We live in surreal times. My privilege and pleasure today is to introduce a remarkable woman who has written an extraordinary book in which she argues that the only viable way to resolve the Middle East conflict is a “one-state solution.” I am going to let Caroline explain why that should be so, but in order to understand the magnitude of the task she has undertaken and the difficulties her solution would have to overcome, you first have to understand the surreal nature of the times we live in.

We are not long emerged from a fifty-year Cold War, which began when the Soviet Empire swallowed Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, and ended only when the United States undertook a vast rearmament, and applied enough pressure over enough years to bankrupt the Communist system and force its withdrawal from the occupation.

The Russian successor to that empire has just swallowed one of its lost treasures, a sovereign domain in Eastern Europe. The response of our commander in chief, Barack Obama, to the rape of Crimea has been to wag his finger in response, and explain to the Russian conqueror that the time for conquests has actually passed. We are all modern people now living in the 21st Century and we just don’t do things that way. Not surprisingly this pablum made no impression on Vladimir Putin.

In point of fact, Russia is a second-rate power and could have been easily dissuaded from this adventure or backed down without firing a shot. But because Barack Obama is such an embarrassingly weak leader and untrustworthy ally, Putin was able to laugh in his face, mass 100,000 troops on the Ukranian border and prepare to swallow Ukraine itself.

The leader of the free world today is a man who does not believe in the free world or in America’s role as its head. In the five years since a Norwegian committee gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing, Obama’s policies of weakness and appeasement have made the world a far more dangerous place than it has been since the end of the Cold War, and possibly its beginning.

From his first day in office Obama has made it clear that he regards America as having wronged its adversaries, and its adversaries as having grievances that are justified. It is a view that is conveniently close to Putin’s own. As should by now be apparent, America’s president is a determined enabler of America’s enemies, and equally determined betrayer of her friends. In the five years since he took office he has lost the war in Iraq, giving up the military presence that thousands of Americans gave their lives to secure, while turning that benighted nation over to Iran; he has lost the war in Afghanistan by announcing his intention to lose it in advance and by forcing our troops to fight under rules of engagement that tied their hands and got them killed. He has lost Libya by conducting a unilateral, illegal and unauthorized aggression against an American ally, murdering its leader and turning its streets over to mobs of terrorists. In the course of these betrayals Obama has violated every principle he invoked as a senator to justify his attacks on George Bush’s war in Iraq. But then, Obama is a compulsive and brazen liar on matters both foreign and domestic.

In the Middle East, Obama has lost Egypt, its largest and most important nation. Until Obama intervened in its internal affairs and overthrew its pro-American president, Egypt had been an American ally for 40 years. In Egypt and throughout the Middle East, Obama and his secretaries Clinton and Kerry, have put American power and influence behind the Muslim Brotherhood an Islamic terrorist organization with attitudes indistinguishable from Hitler’s Nazi Party, except that it claims to take its direction from Allah.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the spawner of al-Qaeda, the creator of Hamas and the source of the global jihad against America and the West. Obama’s support for the Brotherhood has not only cost us our Egyptian ally, but it has opened the door for Putin’s imperial Russia to replace us as the Great Power influence in the region.

On top of these betrayals of America’s interests, Obama has systematically appeased our most deadly enemy in the region, the terrorist regime in Iran. In particular, he has conspired to insure that the Iranian mullahs, who have sworn to wipe America and Israel from the face of the earth, are successful in their drive to acquire nuclear weapons. 

While giving aid and comfort to America’s mortal enemies, Obama has turned his back on the only democracy in the Middle East, and America’s most faithful and important ally. He has thrown his country’s enormous weight behind Islamic radicals whose goal – stated in so many words – is to obliterate the state of Israel and push the Jews who inhabit it into the sea. To finish the job that Hitler started.

For sixty-six years the Arab states and their Palestinian proxies have conducted an unprovoked war of aggression against the Jews. The Palestinian cause is overtly and explicitly genocidal – the destruction of the state of Israel and the cleansing of the entire Arab world of its Yids. The Palestinians have advanced this cause behind the Hitlerian lie that Israel occupies Arab land. Israel was created on land that belonged to the Turkish Empire, which was not Arab, for four hundred years. American Indians have a greater claim to the United States than the Arabs do to the state of Israel.

The Palestinian cause was inspired by the Islamic Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood and was created by the war criminal Haj Amin al-Husseini who served Hitler in Berlin, and planned his own Auschwitz for the Jews of the Middle East, thwarted only by Rommel’s defeat at El Alamein. Yet Obama has thrown the full weight of his presidency behind this evil. He has supported the Palestinian demands that Israel retreat to its 1949 borders, which would make their genocidal goal far easier to accomplish. He has demanded that Jews stop building homes for themselves in Jewish Jerusalem, while at the same time he has turned a blind eye toward the promise of Palestinian leaders that that no Jew will be permitted to live in any territory that Palestinians control. He has acquiesced in Iranian shipments of long-range rockets to the terrorists in Gaza so they can carry out their work of obliterating the Jews. He is a greater enabler of Islamic Nazism than Chamberlain was of Hitler’s.

This is the surreal context of the world we inhabit – where Israel’s most important ally is an ally of her enemies; where negotiations designed to facilitate a new Holocaust are called a “peace process;” where an American president provides Iranian Hitlerites with the time and space to acquire nuclear weapons; and where the international dialogue about the Middle East is so constructed by the enemies of the Jews that a rational assessment of the situation has become almost impossible, and a reasonable proposal for improving it difficult to formulate.

This is the context that our speaker has entered with just such an assessment and proposal. Caroline Glick is the new head of the Israeli Security Project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. She has written a book, The Israeli Solution, which displays all the intellectual and moral qualities that caused the Center to hire her and make us proud to call her colleague. Caroline Glick is the senior contributing editor at the Jerusalem Post and one of the most astute observers of international affairs writing today. Readers of her columns will already be familiar with her muscular intelligence and command of the facts on the ground. It is that intelligence, and the courage informs it, which allows her to analyze the conflicts of a surreal situation and the policy proposals to deal with it, while not being sucked into its delusions. The Israeli Solution is a remarkable book, which steers readers between the Scylla of moral outrage that threatens to overwhelm every morally decent observer of Middle Eastern affairs, and the Charybdis of lunacy that threatens to swallow anyone who buys into the delusion that the Arabs and the Americans are talking about peace in the Middle East rather than the destruction of the Jewish state. We are thrilled and honored to have Caroline Glick as a member of our Center. And we know you will be gratified and enlightened to hear what she has to say.

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  • danshanteal

    You gave her speech for her. Obviously she’s the best analyst of events in the Mid East. There ain’t gonna be another 50 years of wrangling over land cause the Jews are losing the battles and the war. So along comes this young lady from Chicago via the JP and other posts with a solution bigger than the land being fought over. She’s right except there is no one to pull it off. Start from there, Caroline.

  • 11bravo

    Great summation Dave!!
    I have just finished Dr. Sowell’s Intellectuals and Society. France’s big social thinkers led to the defeat of their nation in WWII in 18 days. The absolute moral bankruptcy, and lack of allegiance to his own country… Just might put Barack Obama in the position of being the most dangerous man on the planet right now.
    It really is quite incredible to watch in real time.

    • PAthena

      President Barack Hussein Obama is the worst president of the United States. He showed that he was a liar from the beginning, by his speech in Cairo when he said that Muslims had invented the printing press (Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz did that), that they had invented the compass (the Chinese did that) and that they had founded the first university – Italians did that in Bologna, or, if we go back to the first Academy and the Lyceum, the Greeks Plato and Aristotle.

  • MattMarriott

    Crimea similar to Kosovo but NOT as impostor impersonating Putin means

    Fake Putin: Crimea similar to Kosovo = illuminati agent selling the BIG LIE that the criminal bombing and occupation by NATO of Serbia’s heartland is the same as the return of Crimea to whom it always belonged to

    until 1954’s coup using illuminati infiltrator Khrushchev.


    Black is white: fake Putin delivering ukrainians including millions of russians to the IV Reich while pretending to protect russians of Crimea is rewritten as “annexation of Crimea”.

    Putin and Yanukovich killed and replaced with doubles, same as Prince William and Harry.

    “Puzy Riot jailed for desecrating a holy place” is completely staged with actors, part of the same illuminati theater as “anti-gay propaganda laws”, to divert from Putin’s replacement.

    For videos and photos comparing REAL with FAKE Putin:


    VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed 2010 and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon


  • kasandra

    Excellent! Simply excellent.

  • Srinivas Varma

    I love This Post great info thank u

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  • Yoni Cohen

    I am a fan of Caroline Glick and admire her dedication and work for that cause of Zionism and what’s moral and good in this world. But there is a flaw in her plan. Caroline proposes that for the sake of having one state the Muslims that are currently inhabiting Judaea and Samaria will become Israeli citizen with full rights including the ability to reside anywhere in the state of Israel. This idea will have catastrophic consequences. It will increase the percentage of the Muslim population in Israel from what is now 16% to close to 30%. Without dealing with the issue of the genocidal directives in the Koran, the constant incitement in mosques, and lack of reformation in Islam, this would mean that the quality of life of the Jewish population will suffer and be plagued with fear from the next knife attack or suicide bombing – take your pick. The only solution in my mind is to separate from the Muslim population until there is meaningful reformation in Islam and effective control of incitement in mosques, madrasahs, and Muslim media. The separation can be achieved leaving the situation as it is with a separation wall or letting the Muslims that live in Judaea and Samaria reunite with the Muslims of Jordan.

  • kilfincelt

    And that’s just Obama’s foreign policy. Added to that is his inclusion of members of Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups in our government, particularly Homeland Security and the State Dept. No wonder he eliminated the term Islamic Jihadist from the government lexicon. If it still existed, he could be charged with treason for aiding and abetting the enemy.

  • hktony

    This f ing obama got a peace prize and we now face war because of america the land of the free. What a joke!

  • monostor

    I didn’t read Caroline Glick’s book yet, but I read a few books that can easily counter argue some of DH’s statements.
    The “Palestinian Cause” was not born out of sympathy for the Nazis, but is part and parcel of islamic legacy of jihad.
    The Muslim Brotherhood was born in 1928 to re-create the Caliphate declared defunct by Ataturk in 1924.
    The Mufti of jerusalem didn’t want to finish Hitler’s job, he inspired Hitler to hurry up and finish what the legacy of islamic antisemitism started over a thousand years ago.

    (See Andrew Bostom’s books on the topics listed above. Amazon can help you)

  • John Waters

    Well, you pretty much hit all the “anti Obama” talking points, David. You did leave our the failed “Freedom Agenda” from the prior administration and all it stood for, which I assume is just an oversight?

  • Vote Draiman


    Israel should inform the Arabs that any disturbances or
    attacks will be dealt with ejection of those people and the area will be off
    limits to the Arabs.

    This is Israel the Jewish home and any threats or violent actions against the
    Jewish people or visitors will be dealt with the most extreme action by the
    Israeli authorities.

    The Jewish people have the right to live in peace and harmony without threats
    or fear of violence.

    The Israeli government prides itself that it
    gives access to all people for all religions to worship any and all religious
    sites. How come Jews cannot have access to all religious sites, this is

    Judea and Samaria is Jewish land and Jews
    must be permitted to settle anywhere in Judea and Samaria (See the San Remo

    It is insanity to try and make peace with
    people who are telling everyone that they want to kill all the Jews and have no
    respect for human life.

    YJ Draiman

  • ose

    Marxist, Islamic and Nazi Peace.