Why Doesn’t Obama Get to the Bottom of the IRS Scandal?

Obama's behind it

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  • vsraglan

    More questions for Lois Lerner:
    Why did you personally approve the application of Malik Obama?
    Why did you make Malik’s application retroactive to 2008?
    Are you aware that Malik Obama is funneling money to radical Islamists?

    • catherineinpvb

      They could have asked. . .they did not. . .

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    It bears repeating….For an organization that doesn’t have a Smidgen of corruption, it’s strange that the former irs head would need to plead the 5th in the investigation. And why doesn’t this occur to Cummings?

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Whether it might occur to Cummings is of no consequence given what he considers his real job: covering up anything that taints his Party and his President. When the subject is corruption and illegality, his response is to shout “racist” and “politics” at those trying to expose that dirty laundry.

      • fiddler

        Yeah, his “indigence” is laughable.

    • Chris Behme

      Cummings is an incredibly slimy creep.

  • Alisia S


    The shortest article I have ever read at FPM yet it says it all!

    • Guest

      The truth doesn’t require lots of “explaining.”

  • Dare Tuitt

    Congressional Repubs won’t press too much on this before election for fear the Dim Party and their media lackeys will blow it out of proportion.. but once Repubs take back the Senate, and hold onto the House, there better be action – and we mean action on this! Like holding Holder and Lerner in contempt of Congress (even if it means jail time), and appoint a special prosecutor to go after this White House with a vengeance. Then they can fully-repeal Obamacare and start about getting the budget under control – and do that before the next Pres election in 2016.

    • reader

      I’m afraid, that will never happen for as long as Boehner and McConnell keep their leadership positions. There is no excuse for not appointing the Select Congressional Committee to investigate Benghazi, for example. The list of things both of these clowns refuse to do to avoid confronting Obama is staggering.

    • Jim

      You got dat right Dare Tuitt…The other “Party” best clean out their own
      closets first, otherwise the GOP is HISTORY.

  • Alisia S

    Lerner takes the Fifth over and over and over. Refuses to testify. Falls on the sword for Dear Leader.

    • catherineinpvb

      Yes; the sword of a great retirement; rather than being in jail. She will never be free, of course. She will have to watch her back; just because. . .sometimes people weaken. . .they talk. . .slip on their own tongue; and write memoirs. In a ‘Den of Thieves’ – no one, can turn their back; and relax.

  • Boots

    I don’t believe Obama minds the Tea Party angle of this being front and center. It keeps our eyes off the just as big of scandal of the IRS/Administration targeting individuals. An IG needs to get FEC donation records and check to see the percentages of Republican donors compared to the percentage of Democrat donors audited. Same thing with the EPA… how many companies donating to Republicans have been targeted compared to how many companies owned by Democrats? We’ll never find out as Republican leadership has no real interest in fixing the problem since they also hate the Tea Party.



  • SoCalMike

    Horowitz nails it.
    The collection of liars and false prophets infesting our media are the vanguard protecting Obama. Lois Lerner is only a low level punk flaky.
    This is about Obama and his criminal impulses.

  • Chris Behme

    I would be absolutely shocked to find that Obama didn’t personally orchestrate the IRS targeting. It was ALL FOR OBAMA’S BENEFIT. If some lackey did this on his behalf, Obama would have thrown them under the bus by now, FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT.

    • mtman2

      They all know so much and are so far down this crooked road if one falls into full divulgence the whole cabal could tumble. These so called selfdetermined elites actually feel safe as they “ride shotgun” over us while WE are only along for the ride and to pay the fare!
      THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZEN by them, WE are sheeple to them. Until they find themselves held accountable and dealing with consequences(like jail, fine and loss of ALL jobs+ benifits). Actually it’s TREASON and are enemies of OUR Founding documents ie- you+me,
      “WE the PEOPLE”.
      Some are like know-it-all teenagers that finally get caught for the wake up call of “how did we think we could ever get away with this”. Most are childish with no real adults in the room -but some- are the Pied-Pipers of determined control by whatever means using the “useful-idiots” for true nefarious purposes.

  • rubber stamp

    It was orchestrated by Obama’s FAN base in IRS. They acted in hopes to be patted on the shoulder in later years after Obama retires. To be congratulated for their hard work behind steel doors in the Liberal bunkers of “Greenwich villages” and “Hyde Parks” of America. Obama himself didn’t have to coordinate it, the Lerners of the world did it at will, as his foot solders.


      And there is the secondary difficulty, the primary one being that as long as Obama controls the DOJ there won’t be any real investigation, although House Republicans could try using their subpoena power to go up the chain of command. Probably either their subpoenas would be ignored (it’s happened before, which is how Holder became the first AG to be cited for Contempt of Congress), or the officials above Lerner would also take the fifth. Another possibility is to grant someone immunity and force him to testify, although I hate to see any of these weasels get off.

      It’s going to be very hard to prove that Obama ordered this, although we all believe that he did because it’s so in character (the character of a thug).

      • rubber stamp

        I hope the new President and new DOJ, given both conservative republicans, will open all those cases and jail them all for many many years. Crack down on all the commies, chase them away from all significant offices in general. such as IRS. We must act aggressively within the Law to fight them to the last nail. They will call it Bias, We will call it American Justice.

      • WW4

        I would say it would not be hard to prove Obama ordered this–it will be impossible.

        Nixon and Clinton were reckless in their foibles due to their character. Obama is much more deliberate and self-controlled. That comes across through his campaigns and in the “inside” accounts even of his opponents. You may be right about the nature of his administration, but you’re wrong about his character. I can’t picture him being sloppy enough to not make sure his fingerprints were off this.

        I rather think rubber stamp is right, and that he would not have even needed to know about this, much less coordinate it.

    • mtman2

      “Useful-idiots” for the cause.

  • burkasrugly

    The only reason he hasn’t been impeached is BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. Simple, yet true. And the Useful Idiots like Pelosi look at him with starry-eyed admiration and it makes me literally sick to my stomach. Oh, yes, it is also because he is Muslim….we can’t impeach our first black Muslim president, now can we?????

    • Steve Dietrich

      To be technically correct, he is not black, he’s mulatto. It’s just that the white half is never recognized as relevant, especially politically.

  • antioli

    Why did not Al Capon crack down on boot legging, murder and bribery??

  • Dallas25305

    Of course Chairman Hussein Obama doesn’t want to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, because he is the one who ordered the IRS to attack the TEA PARTY so they would be no problem in the election. Just as he is the one who let the four men die in Benghazi and then told Susan Rice to lie about it and say it was caused by a video? After all he had an election to win so he could continue his destruction of the nation he hates the U.S.A. He didn’t care about those four men who died because they where white. If it’s his imaginary son Trayvon then that would be a problem. Chairman Hussein Obama is a serial Liar, a Marxist and a black power racist. Anyone with a brain who looks at what he has done, is doing to the country and some of it’s people can see that.

  • truebearing

    Brevity is the soul of wit, and in this case, truth.

    There is no need for extensive analysis or posing alternative explanations. Obama instructed the IRS to attack the Right, and it is still happening. He is a vile racist and a sociopathic dictator.

    In any crime you look for motive. You find the motive based on who benefitted from the crime. Obama was, and is, the primary beneficiary of the IRS jackbooting of conservatives. His is guilty as charged.

  • Cyn Lee

    Because HE IS at the bottom of the I.R.S. Scandal. We all know this – why can’t you guys find the ‘link’?

    • catherineinpvb

      The problem seems to be; not that they cannot find it. . .but rather; what would they do with it; after acknowledging; they did find it.

      • rubber stamp

        Comes 2014, and if we take full proof majority in both houses, Impeachment is quiet possible. She is a slow Lerner. She better start talking soon.

        • The March Hare

          “She is a slow Lerner”
          LOL That is a great pun.

      • Cyn Lee

        Depends on who takes the Senate in 2014. Democrats = nothing Republicans = whatever Tea Party = impeached.

  • joshuasweet

    because he does not care about the law or the Constitution

  • camp7

    The IRS scandal is one of the preconditions needed for the transformation to a statist society based on Marxist ideology. The initiators of this blueprint well understand the strategy and advantage of placing a personality with narcissistic, paranoid and antisocial personality disorders as chief executive – to carry the torch.

    The bonus they received by installing Barack Hussein Obama into office was the assurance of deep, long term damage to our constitutional republic by infecting the system with racial divide and Islamic progressivism. To build a culture of hate toward independence, free enterprise and moral theologic beliefs you have to destroy them.

    One of the reasons I am attracted to Frontpage Mag is the context, the perceptive talent of their journalists and the community it inspirits. These pages are part of the real grassroots of change. From the pen and ink of our forefathers to the ecommunications of contemporary freethinkers. Thank you David Horowitz and others.

  • mcbee555

    Obama doesn’t get to the bottom of the IRS Scandal, because HE is the bottom.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Frontpage is running from the fraudulent and criminal activity of Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Lanna

    Good point David…because he wants to keep intimidating, persecuting, suppressing the truth, and stopping those who stand for freedom, liberty, and equality…he doesn’t want them to be able to stop the flood of communism and lawlessness!

  • CurmudJohn

    Where’s the actual post?

  • searcher0

    why? because he is already there.