Dhimmitude in Tennessee

DhimmitudeTennessee Islamists recently complained to their friend, Fox Channel 17 news reporter Sky Arnold, about a pamphlet that was inadvertently included in a pro-Israel booth at a school cultural/heritage fair.  Looking to incite the Muslim community, the complainants posted this image of the pamphlet that addressed anti-Israel hate messages in Palestinian school materials.

rt_edited-1The pamphlet these young radical extremists are referring to looks like the same information that has been documented and catalogued by the translators at Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) since 1996.  A 2013 video from the Palestinian Authority TV of two young girls reciting a poem about Jews as the “most evil among creations, barbaric monkeys,” is only one of the many examples that validate the assertions in the pamphlet. There are many more including:

– This young girl’s poem recitation on Palestinian Authority TV: “Our enemy Zion is satan with a tail.”  Or this one: “Christians and Jews are inferior, cowardly and despised.”

– The recent Palestinian Authority TV host report that “our prisoners are heroes and not terrorists.”  These “heroes” are planners of suicide bombings.

PMW says that exposing the propaganda and separating fact from lies is one way to clear away deliberate obstruction to peace.

Even Hillary Clinton relies on PMW research.  Speaking at a 2007 joint press conference with PMW, Clinton said:

“I have been speaking out against the incitement of hate and violence in Palestinian textbooks for years. In 2000 I joined Nobel peace prize winner Elie Wiesel in New York to denounce the   lessons of hatred and violence that are part of the curricula in Palestinian schools…..

This propaganda is dangerous. You know, words really matter. Some people sort of downplay the importance of words. But words really matter. Because in idealizing for children a world without Israel, children are taught never to accept the reality of the State of Israel, never to strive for a better future that would hold out the promise of peace and security to them, and is basically a message of pessimism and fatalism that undermines the possibility for these children living lives of fulfillment and productivity.

This has dire consequences for prospects of peace for generations to come

While the photograph above has the PMW and MEMRI websites listed, it is not clear what organization actually published this particular pamphlet.  What is clear however, is that the content of the pamphlet has been documented by both PMW and MEMRI and is accurate.  It is information that should be of concern to everyone.

If the Tennessee Islamists aren’t convinced by the PMW research, they could watch a few of the videos catalogued by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute.  MEMRI follows what is being said in the Middle East by “monitoring, translating, and studying Arab, Iranian and Turkish media, schoolbooks, and religious sermons.”  For example:

And here is the January 2014 New York Times article documenting the negative statements about Israel and Jews in official Palestinian Authority media and textbooks. Research included in the report:

Adolf Hitler is quoted on the websites of Palestinian Authority schools. A young girl appears on Palestinian television, describing Jews as “barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs” and the “murderers of Muhammad,” the Islamic prophet. Maps on the Facebook page of the Palestinian presidential guards do not show Israel. President Mahmoud Abbas himself embraced as “heroes” released Palestinian prisoners who killed Israelis.”

Textbook Used in Tennessee Islamic School Teaches Lies about Jews and Christians

Watch Knoxville Anoor Academy’s 2013 promo video carefully and at minute 1:04 you see a row of textbooks which are Yahiya Emerick’s What Islam Is All About.  This text is being used in Islamic private and weekend schools around the U.S., including in Tennessee.  According to Emerick, this book was written in standard English to teach Muslim children living in the U.S. about Islam.  The following are only a few examples of what the children learn from the Knoxville academy textbook about their Jewish and Christian neighbors:

p. 187 – I. Who Follows Ibrahim’s Example?

“So, although the Christians and Jews may make a big noise about following Prophet Ibrahim, in fact, neither of them do.  Prophet Ibrahim fulfilled Allah’s commands, the Jews don’t even follow half of what their corrupted books say.  The Christians don’t follow anything except what their philosophers and priests make up from time to time.”

p. 188 – “Prophet Ibrahim called all people to Allah’s way of life.  The ‘Jews’ don’t call anybody to anything.  They subscribe to a belief in racial superiority calling themselves the ‘chosen’ ones and excluding non-Jews as much as possible.  Their religion even teaches them to call down curses upon the worship places of non-Jews whenever they pass by them!  They arrogantly refer to anyone who is not Jewish as ‘Gentiles,’ equating them with sin.”

“Prophet Ibrahim told people to do good and he forbade the wrong.  Many ‘religious’ and ‘non-religious’ Jews and Christians lead such decadent and immoral lives that lying, alcohol, nudity, pronography, racism, foul language, pre-marital sex, homosexuality and everything else are accepted in their society, churches and synagogues.  Just turn on the television in any Jewish or Christian community and see what’s ‘normal.’”

Complaining Islamist Is Also a Vocal BDS Collaborator

After learning about the pamphlet, local agitator, Drost Kokoye, contacted apologist reporter Sky Arnold who wrote about the story. Arnold reported that after students and parents complained about the pamphlet, the Nashville Jewish Federation issued an apology for offending Muslim sensitivities.

But Tennessee Islamist Drost Kokoye’s only interest is in censorship and incitement.  As she said, the offered apology isn’t adequate.  Of course not, because her real agenda is more in line with her Quaranic doctrine.  She is a vigorous advocate of BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against the State of Israel and agitation against Jews.

p2Kokoye, who previously was a local organizer for the TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC), now works with Muslim youth and is a board member of the Muslim Youth Network of TN (MYNT) and the TN American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).  She collaborates closely with her friend, Remziya Suleyman, Dir. of the Islamist American Center for Outreach (ACO) and conveniently takes the role of “bad cop” for Suleyman, the Muslim voice of Tennessee, on sensitive interfaith issues like BDS.

Kokoye takes her inspiration from Islamic extremists like Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir, Muslim Brotherhood leader Jamal Badawi, and more recently, her twitter buddy BDS leader, Ali Abunimah.  She was very young when she and her family came to the U.S. as refugees from Iraq, and she seems to regret this move because she routinely expresses her disdain for Americans, calling them “stupid,” especially those she labels as “white people.”

Why Doesn’t the Jewish Federation Stand Up to Jew Haters?

Should the Jewish Federation’s director Mark Freedman have done the Obama-Cairo bow and scrape?  Doesn’t Freedman understand yet that pro-BDS Jew and Israel haters like Drost Kokoye aren’t interested in apologies or appeasement of any degree?  Doesn’t he understand that what she really seeks is the Islamist brass ring of full-blown dhimmitude for Jews?  What will he say when CAIR insists that the Federation staff needs CAIR’s special sensitivity training?

Maybe Freedman should read what is posted on the national Jewish Federation website and the local Nashville Federation website. Myth and Fact #248 titled “People of the Book, Jews and Christians are protected under Islamic law” explains the dhimmi relationship.  This entry ends on a statement of clarity that Freedman would do well to review: “The attitude of the Muslims toward the Christians and the Jews is that of a master towards slaves, whom he treats with a certain lordly tolerance so long as they keep their place. Any sign of pretension to equality is promptly repressed.”

Myth and Fact #219  (#9 on the Nashville Federation website), is titled “Muslim schools in the United States teach tolerance of Judaism and other faiths, and promote coexistence with Israel.”  Turns out this is the “myth.”  This entry explains that Muslim schools in the United States, similar to schools in Arab and Islamic countries are likewise “indoctrinat[ing] students with hatred of Jews and Israel.”

With the recent start of the virulently anti-Israel, Jew-hating Students for Justice in Palestine student organization at UT-Knoxville, school districts in Tennessee using textbooks with overly pro-Palestinian terrorist whitewashing, CAIR anti-Semites training Muslim students, and now anti-Israel agitators like Drost Kokoye pushing BDS, it may be time for the Nashville Jewish community to wake up to the dangers confronting them and seek out strong and insightful leaders.

Nashville is not the only target for these Islamist agitators.  The Nashville Jewish community is like all the rest in the U.S.  This appeasement is a systemic problem and needs to be addressed.

According to Winston Churchill, “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

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  • AlexanderGofen

    Why are moslems here at all?! Why don’t they fear to open their filthy mouth and worse, even demand apologies?! Show and display this at every corner: http://www.resonoelusono.com/Islam/ … just as the beginning.

    As to the Jewish “apologies” to mo-o-o-slems, David Solway once wrote:

    “As a Jew, I must confess that I do not know what to make of my own people. Studies show that this tiny cohort is disproportionately ranked among the most innovative and accomplished people on the planet.

    At the same time, given its proneness to what I can only call cognicide, I cannot help but regard ourselves, by and large, as possibly the most stupid people on the face of the earth.”

    More here: http://www.resonoelusono.com/ApostasyOfJewry.htm

    • A Z


      That is good.

      That is part of what 1984 was about. One had to commit in cognicide to be a member of the ruling group at an accepted prole or one had to engage in DOUBLE THINK in order to retain intelligence but not run afoul of GROUPTHINK and be cast out.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Why are moslems here at all?!

      That is the 64 trillion dollar question.

      • BS77

        It’s the PC multicult agenda….to promote diversity instead of unity. Look at what this crazy libtard policy has done to England and France, Sweden and Holland…..

      • GopherNo83

        Would you want to stay in the bottom-of-the-barrel, oppressive countries from where Muslims come? I would not!
        The West is a promise of opportunity and propsperity they can not dream about in MohamedLand.

        • Western Canadian

          And when they get here, they fight tooth and nail to drag our J/C based countries down into the same islamic gutter that they think is superior to our own countries… You are such an ignorant and dishonest shill.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          Actually mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage in reality is non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest. They are not escaping oppression. Instead, they are here to ultimately make Islam supreme.

        • knowshistory

          you are a detestable troll. too stupid to recognize that those poor oppressed muslim “refugees” are here to enslave and oppress us. yes, if I was a citizen of a muzlim chithole country, I would do anything I could to immigrate to the west, but I would leave evil islam and its archcriminal prophet behind. our dear muslim “refugees”, however, bring their evil with them, and will inflict it on us. you are disgusting.

      • MarilynA

        Don’t know what the policy was before Bill Clinton became president but do know that Clinton Brought them in by the hundreds of thousands as refugees from countries like Somalia, as if we didnt’ have enough illiterate morons in this country. He relocated them in groups of 200,000 to predominately black areas all over the county. Like in Atlanta, Dearborn/Detroit, Western TN, etc. The Clinton’s hated, and still hate, America and it’s military supremacy. As did jimmy Carter and now Obama. . they were indoctrinated with white guilt in our Ivy League colleges and Universities. Their aim is to reduce this country to third world status and prove that capitalism was just as bad, if not worse, than their failed beloved Communism. They still believe communism will work if “Practiced in it’s true form.” Talk about idiots. The only way to reduce America to a level playing field with the third world is to import more and more low IQ animals from those areas, squander our wealth on useless and failed policies and projects, and reduce our future innovators to struggling animal just grubbing out a living by limiting their education to what the lowest moron can learn. That’s the reason the less than most qualified have been affirmative actioned into colleges, and .leadership positions in government and industry. It’s also the reason for their open borders, look the other way why illegals flood into this country policies. The more anti American terrorists they bring in the sooner they can bring about the downfall of our country. Those who are supporting these anti American zealots will be the first to go when and if they succeed. That’s the way it’s happened everywhere else. James Carville said it well, “First you do it to your enemies and then you do it to your friends.”

  • Dyer’s Eve

    The elephant in the room continues to grow larger, doesn’t it. I like Churchill’s quote in the last paragraph of this article. Says it all, really.

  • Bamaguje

    “…after students and parents complained about the pamphlet, the Nashville Jewish Federation issued an apology for offending Muslim sensitivities” – David James.

    Apologise for what?
    Muslims should be the ones apologizing to we non-Muslims for the estimated 270 million people slaughtered by Jihadis in the last 14 centuries since that vile Arab psychopath founded the devilish hate cult.

    It’s not just Jews in Israel that Muslims are indoctrinated to hate. A 1998 study presented to the State department by Sufi Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, found that 80% of mosques in America teach “extremist ideology.”

    See: http://www.humanevents.com/2011/06/14/most-us-mosques-teach-violence/


      Bamaguje AKBAR!

  • remmy

    “Convert or die” comes to mind.

  • The Facts

    Pro-Israel booths don’t inadvertently add propaganda items. They don’t roll like that.

    • A Z

      Inadvertent or purposeful is not the question. We know the items were added on purpose. We also know the items are part of Palestinian school material.

      We know that director Mark Freedman lost his nerve and backed down.

      It is quite a sport having greater numbers than another group and making them back down. However, it does not change the truth. those items were included in Palestinian school material and this is not a good way to live.

      You might want to consider since you are black that after the Jews and Christians what will happen to you. Islam seems to be not so much about religion as cultural hegemony. They have royal families which hold power and it is their right to rule. Rulers generally have more children than serfs/proles. These are the Syeds, descendants of Mohammed. Also Arabic becomes the language of religion & commerce. Iran very nearly lost its Persian language after conquest. Look it up.


      Services in Islam are suppose to be in Arabic. Over time other languages will disappear. We had the same debate of the Roman Catholic churches insistence on using Latin for services. The RC relented. The HOLIER THAN THOU Muslims will not. The cultural heritage of Africa will be erased, forgotten. It will be said to be from the ignorant times.

      And Africans will be second class citizens in the Islamic world. Jiahdis in Mali treat blacks/Africans like 2nd class citizens during a war

      I leave you with a monument of the black slave trade conducted by the Omani sutlans of Zanzibar


      • The Facts

        It seems to me that the Nashville Jewish Federation was probably framed by Stand With Israel or Americans for “Peace” and “Tolerance.” Historically, the NJF has supported the Murfreesboro Islamic Center while on the other hand, Charles Jacobs is the man starting fights by attacking mosques and attacking local American schools for having social studies books that depict Palestinians as human beings. He alone is the one trying to get books banned from schools. One issue. One surname. I feel bad for the NJF because Jewish extremists are sabotaging their events and trying to eliminate the tolerant types.

    • A Z

      The Muslims were so nice to African people.



      The Facts are you are a fool.

  • Rosine Ghawji

    The problem is Mark Freedman the executive director He needs to be fired. I spoke with him on the phone a few days ago , not only he was rude but he did not tell the truth. He denied totally his involvement with the Muslim community.. Men like him are a disgrace to the Jewish community and should be put on the back burner ..The National Jewish federation should understand that we are tired to hear some Jewish people whining …. they know they are the first on line ,,, and they should stop catering to their worst enemy ..

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    The message of truth about muslims is suppressed by the politically correct MSM, and the liberals who eat the garbage spewed by the MSM are doing so because they fear the truth being told to them.
    When those of us who can see the truth try to provide it to them, the liberals pass laws to abridge our freedoms and then marginalize us as “the enemy of peace” when just the opposite is true.
    Ultimately, there comes a time when it is useless to try to deliver enlightenment to the liberals and, instead, turn our efforts and resources toward enabling ourselves to survive what we know will ultimatly come – Jihad!
    As you prepare, grow strong in your faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and remember the old Arabic corrollary: The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      and the liberals who eat the garbage spewed by the MSM

      Which includes both political parties in America: the Marxist Dhimmicrat Party and the Progressive Liberal Republican Party that are both equally married to the cult of PC Multiculturalism.

  • Hass

    How pathetic! What’s next? Apologising to Iran in hope of stopping the inevitable?

    • iHateMuslimes

      …Probably after they get bombed. That is, if there are any Jews left.

  • wileyvet

    Jews have given and done more for the world and America totally disproportionate to their numbers, than any group I can think of. Their achievements in America alone are most impressive. The Muslims have done nothing, bring nothing, offer nothing good. The only thing they have given The United States is 2 giant craters in New York City.

    • knowshistory

      we can thank the jews for betraying our country and revealing every nuclear secret to stalin as they were discovered. never in history has a group been so well accepted and so traitorous as the foreign jewish scientists who betrayed our country and the entire free world by enabling stalin’s nuclear program. jews are not as evil as muslims, but it is hard to fathom the poisonous hatred for the country that took them in that was displayed by the jewish nuclear traitors. on the whole, our country would have been better off without them. while hitler was murdering his innocent jews who had done nothing to betray Germany, our jews were actively and maliciously betraying our country. now, jews ever belligerent towards the legitimate citizens of our country, lest they utter an antijewish sentiment, will not do anything about their real enemies–the religion of peace. our hapless gentiles do not murder jews, but muslims do. hence the vicious continuing campaign against gentiles, while giving those lovable muslims a pass. I have a suggestion, jews. immigrate to muslim countries, and betray them. see how that works out for you.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The pamphlet these young radical extremists are referring to looks like the same information that has been documented and catalogued by the translators at Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) since 1996

    Uhm…those so-called radical extremists the writer is referring to are actually mainstream orthodox Muslims, as despite what GWB told the American people, Islam is not a so-called religion of peace, especially when you consider the fact that the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is the subjugation of all religions and all infidels into Islamic totalitarianism through both violent and non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, to ultimately make Islam supreme.

    If the Tennessee Islamists

    There are no Islamists, i.e., radical Muslim extremists, in Tennessee or anywhere else. The Islamists only exist in the minds of dupes that were duped by PC Multiculturalism and GWB’s fraud, as waging jihad in the cause of Allah to make Islam supreme is not only a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all Muslims in one form or another, it is also the sole path to salvation for all Muslims as well. Thus, all Muslims in the world are jihadists, either violent jihadists (a tiny minority) or non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists (the vast overwhelming majority).

    Meanwhile, if a Muslim for whatever reason openly decides that he or she no longer wants to wage jihad in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme, he or she will not only be condemned to hellfire and damnation, but also executed as well. As blasphemy, like apostasy also, is a capital offense in Islam. Thus, all Muslims are jihadists. Otherwise, they are executed.

    Indeed, Islam is not a faith-based religion, as that is a PC multicultural myth. Instead, it is a cult, a very totalitarian cult and it aims to take over the world via jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia, which again is Islamic totalitarian law. And that is why mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage throughout the world in the spirit of PC multiculturalism always without fail turns into an unmitigated disaster for the host infidel countries, as mass Muslim immigration is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purpose of demographic conquest.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    One has to search far and wide to find “Jewish leaders” in the US worthy of respect. Most of the organizations reflect their constituencies – liberal, secular Jews – and are closer to the Democratic party platform than they are to traditional Jewish sources. Federation heads increasingly accept a “broader tent”, even to welcoming Israel’s harshest critics – Rachel Corrie’s mother at a San Francisco “Jewish” Film festival, the anti-Semitic “Seven Jewish Children” and the libelous “The Admission” (followed of course by “discussion”) at the DC JCC’s Theater J, Alice Walker at the 92nd Street Y (Roger Waters was cancelled), etc. It could well be worse as the next generation takes over, given what they’ve been exposed to on campuses (with little support from established Jewish organizations) to the point that even the local Hillel House may be no refuge.

    Just in recent days, almost 200 prominent Jews sent a letter organized by the left-wing Israel Policy Forum to support Kerry’s peace initiative despite (or maybe because of) its pressure for Israeli concessions. These aren’t the people any of us should be taking guidance from.

  • Lanna

    Beware those who pretend to be Jews in name only, they don’t have circumsized hearts and do not represent to the best of their abilities the truth that God gave them or their own blood. No Jew should take sides with Islamic religion or beliefs.

  • antioli

    Maybe the apologizer is still hooked on multiculturalism.

    • nopeacenow

      Easier to give in than to fight. Israel does it all the time.

  • vladimirval

    Acquiescing to Islam’s demands is promoting Sharia Law to shred and replace our Constitution. The mentality of the Jewish Federation’s director Mark Freedman is the same as the Jews of Europe not standing against the Nazi Propaganda prior to Hitler’s reign of terror. The lie of that time was that the Jews were hording wealth they stole from non Jews and were the cause of the poor economy. Now the rhetoric is, the non Islamic world must acquiesce to Islam’s demands because Islam is the one and only concept that deserves respect. Every time someone gives an inch to Islam’s incursion we are closer to extinction. Today’s technological and medical advances were not made by Mullahs in Afghanistan, or in Iron, or any other Muslim country. They came form Berlin, Prague, Silicone Valley, Televiv, and other western places. Folks, do not cower in the face of Islam. Stand firm and do not voluntarily accept Dhimmitude a form of slavery.

  • vladimirval

    One would think that by now we would know better than to cower in the face of an aggressive movement seeking to destroy our way of life and deny us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The actions of the Jewish Federation’s director Mark Freedman have just emboldened purveyors hate and misery and helped them get closer to tarnishing our Republic whit Sharia Law. There is no room for compromise with Islam. The Jewish Federation needs to be led from a position of strength not dimmitude.

  • knowshistory

    we have two huge problems: 1. muslim invaders who are sworn to enslave or kill the indigenous population of our country. 2. an evil government that is determined to aid and abet islam in its campaign to genocide the indigenous population of our country, and replace it with members of the “religion of peace”. hard to slay which is more evil, our government, or the muslim invaders, but it is easy to see which is more treasonous.

  • no dhimmi

    So funny…

    “…after Nazis complained about the Jewish description of the Holocaust, the Jews immidiately apologized to the Nazis…”

    OK, not in this text but you get the gist

    also very funny how the muslima in the picture is proud to get up to these “rich white folks magazines”. When it is so bad around white people who make some money, why isn’t she in Pakistan or Egypt or whereever?

  • joshuasweet

    Obama kowtowing to his Muslim allies using these deceptions to ensconce their agendas into our Republics freedoms from such

  • BigSticksWalkSoftly

    People who don’t know about Islam and Muslims tend to be pale stale and male.
    Just saying.

    • Discourse

      You seem to be saying you’re a unrepentant racist. This may explain why you whine about everyone else being racists.

      • BigSticksWalkSoftly

        Your unconditional love for commie kubbitz brings shame to any hardworking American taxpayer.
        Go stand up for the many zionist’s unabashed apartheid, racism and ‘solving’ one refugee crises by creating a refugee crises for the indigenous Christian Palestinians of the Holy Land.
        Holy Landers shouldn’t have to pay the price because pale stale males can’t get along.