Samar Ali: Her Father’s Organization Wants to Destroy Israel

samarDr. Subhi Ali, Chairman of the Jerusalem Fund, is the father of Haslam appointee Samar Ali.  Dr. Ali’s organization advocates BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel as a way to end Israel as a Jewish state; to destroy it by any means possible.

Hisham Sharabi, who founded the the Jerusalem Fund (JF) in 1990, along with its programmatic arms including the Palestine Center (previously named the Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine), endorsed the anti-Israel rhetoric and actions of pro-Palestinian groups like Hamas.

As detailed in Newsletter #39, Dr. Ali joined the JF in 2000, became Vice-Chair in 2004 alongside founder Sharabi and has served as Chairman since 2005.

The Hamas Charter is posted on the JF website, along with position papers and information briefs suggesting that there are positive aspects to Hamas. Is this JF’s effort to help legitimize Hamas regardless of its terrorist designation?  Or is it because JF’s founder Sharabi supported Hamas’ strikes against Israel?

The terrorism financing prosecution referred to as “The Holy Foundation” (HLF) involved the largest pro-Palestinian Islamic charity in the U.S.  It was designated as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” and shut down by the U.S. government.  Its leadership was convicted for raising money for the designated terrorist group, Hamas.  Just like the Jerusalem Fund, HLF’s mission was to provide humanitarian assistance to needy Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza.  But HLF was proven to be a funding source for Hamas whose avowed purpose is to destroy Israel.  The Hamas charter advocates violent jihad as the only solution.  The charter identifies Hamas as Muslim Brotherhood.

A 1979 report “Anti-Israel Influences in American Churches” referred to “Dr. Hisham Sharabi, president of the National Association of Arab Americans, who has been publicly criticized by moderate Arab-American leaders for his defense of Palestinian terrorist tactics.”  A former student also noted Sharabi’s support of “radical Palestinian terror groups.”

Sharabi described Hamas as “the true fida’i (self-sacrifice) resistance in Palestine since the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada.” In 2003 he said:

“In the face of relentless Israeli force, the only weapon the helpless and desperate have is to           fling their bodies against the beast.  Suicide bombings are no longer the lone act of desperate         fanatics, but have become a conscious weapon of resistance and war.  The culture of death          and self-sacrifice is spreading in many Arab and Muslim countries.”

Of course when you consider Sharabi’s affiliation with WISE and Sami al-Arian of Palestinian Islamic Jihad notoriety, it all makes more sense.

The Jerusalem Fund and BDS

Keeping with its anti-Israel campaign,Yousef Munayyer in his position as Director of the Jerusalem Fund, openly supports and advocates for BDS against the State of Israel.

In a January 2013 “Palestine Note” video interview, JF’s Munayyer discusses his support for BDS. While he is disappointed that BDS has not yet been adopted by world governments, being blocked for  now by the U.S. at the UN Security Council, Munayyer resigns himself to accepting BDS initiatives from non-state actors.  As he says, “while BDS is not the most efficient way, BDS is the only option people have left.”

Sounds eerily similar to the justification given for why Palestinian suicide bombers blow themselves up in civilian settings like the Sbarro pizza restaurant and why the terrorists are subsequently glorified by their media.

Why does the leadership of the Jerusalem Fund promote BDS? Because the end goal of the BDS movement is to end Israel as a Jewish state.  And destroying Israel means destroying Jews.  Same objective as the “radical Palestinian terror groups” Sharabi is reported to have supported.  Just a different means.

Law school professor William Jacobson explains, “BDS should being seen for the anti-Semitic movement it is, a movement that demonizes only the Jewish State, holds only the Jewish State to the highest standards no one else meets (certainly not in the Middle East), and seeks the destruction only of the sole Jewish State in a sea of Islamic States.”

Former Jerusalem Fund Palestine Fellow, and Electronic Intifada co-founder Ali Abuminah is a virulently hateful anti-Israel voice on the internet and on the speaking circuit, including college campuses.  Abuminah served as Vice-President on the board of the Arab American Action Network, a controversial anti-Israel organization founded by Rashid Khalidi and his wife who coincidentally are friendly with the Obamas.

Sharabi, Ali, Munayyer, Abuminah and their fellow Israel haters well understood that the Palestinian suicide bombers of the second intifada in 2000 laid the foundation for the BDS assault on Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist.

There is also the matter of Subhi Ali’s financial support for anti-Israel politicians like U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney.  Is that why he also donated to Tennessee Senator Mark Norris?

When news first broke and questions were raised about Samar Ali’s hiring, ECD Commissioner Bill Hagerty told the June session of First Tuesday that Subhi Ali called him and asked him to look at Samar’s resume, which includes work done on behalf of the Jerusalem Fund.   Sounds like Haggerty knows Subhi Ali and his family pretty well.  Makes you wonder whether Haggerty agrees with their politics?


Subhi Ali has chosen to align himself with and lead an organization that has committed itself to a course of action which at its core, is intended to destroy the State of Israel.

Politics may make strange bedfellows, but you always have a choice about who you wake up to in the morning.

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  • richarddonna

    As long Muslims revere the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 UNARMED Jews in 627…killing Jews swill be their holy grail. You cannot revere a mass murderer of Jews and not support Jew killing organizations…

    • itaintmojo

      I’ll look up 627. I was not aware the world’s most revered pedophile had done that. Thanks.

      • richarddonna

        The sociopath MUHAMMAD in 627 PERSONALLY decapitated 900 UNARMED Jews of the Banu Quarayza tribe. Muslims revere this sociopathic conduct. That is why they are continually beheading infidels.

        • defcon 4

          He killed or enslaved the entire tribe only after attacking them while under the auspices of a peace treaty and then accepting their surrender. You gotta wonder who would surrender to someone who just attacked you under auspices of a peace treaty as well.

          • richarddonna

            They hoped he was a human being and not an animal…they were wrong.

  • itaintmojo

    “Abuminah served as Vice-President on the board of the Arab American Action Network, a controversial anti-Israel organization founded by Rashid Khalidi and his wife who coincidentally are friendly with the Obamas.”

    The POTUS has a strange bunch of friends. Like Erdogan, and Morsi, and the whole Muslim Brotherhood. But he can’t stand Bibi.

    I won’t be surprised if Obama ends up openly advocating BDS, by the end of his term, or perhaps as soon as these sham “peace talks” he has shuttled Lurch to 10 times over, falls apart.

  • Softly Bob

    BDS will not work. Israel will never fail to exist. Those who try it are fighting against God.

  • Drakken

    Subhi Ali and others of her ilk are still breathing why again? Until folks are willing to say enough is enough and deal with these Islamic jihad supporters and financers, it will continue until they are shown the folly of their ways.

  • hashimoto

    With all the so called ..power…&..intelligence …Jews have to unite & fight these enemies…with & by any means

    • defcon 4

      What? Is no one else going to stand up to islam0nazism? It doesn’t threaten anyone else’s civil rights or freedoms?

  • Softly Bob

    Better cover up that hair and bare arms, lady. The prophet would not be pleased!


    Anti-Semitism 101. Period.


    This nonsense is about wiping Israel from the map. Not about peace or justice for anyone.