The Kennedy-Chavez Oil Subversion Campaign Lives On

joekenVenezuela’s economy is on life support, yet its pretensions of humbling the United States persist. This is underscored by its plans to continue Hugo Chávez’s showcase anti-American propaganda program  – giving away free home-heating oil to poor Americans this winter, just like it has done for the past nine years. As usual, former U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy II is facilitating and cheering on what amounts to an anti-American program by the oil-rich yet impoverished South American nation.

There had been much speculation about whether Venezuela would continue, amid its deepening economic woes, to use oil largess to promote its leftist ideology abroad, as the late President Chávez had done. But CITGO Petroleum Corporation, the Houston-based arm of Venezuela’s state oil company, confirmed on Wednesday that it will indeed provide free home-heating oil to poor Americans, those who supposedly can’t afford heating oil.

Leftist firebrand Chávez, who died last March of cancer, launched the program in 2005. Since then, CITGO claims that more than 235 million gallons of home-heating oil have been distributed to more than 1.8 million low-income Americans. It says it has assisted families, homeless shelters, and native American tribes in 25 states and District of Columbia. Naturally, the blue states of the Northeast are major recipients given the wide use of home-heating oil there.

Chávez made anti-Americanism a cornerstone of his foreign policy. He devised sweetheart oil deals with like-minded nations to spread his leftist ideology — essentially using oil as a political weapon. His hand-picked successor Nicolás Maduro, a former bus driver and union leader, is showing yet again that he is determined to follow in Chávez footsteps.

Interestingly, CITGO’s announcement comes as a U.S. judge in South Texas fined CITGO more than $2 million for felony violations of the U.S. Clean Air Act committed by its Corpus Christi refinery. Pollution from the facility was blamed for sickening dozens of nearby residents. Presumably, they were low-income Americans, people who could only afford to live near a smelly oil refinery and who, it would seem, lacked the propaganda value of poor Americans elsewhere, especially in the Northeast’s blue states.

“We have committed to this program once again this year because we see it as a humanitarian effort that helps our most vulnerable neighbors stay warm during one of the coldest winters in history,” Nelson P. Martinez, President and CEO of CITGO Petroleum Corporation, announced in his company’s news release. “We can’t relieve the need for everyone but this is our humble contribution to share the responsibility of improving the quality of life in our communities by using the strength of our resources to help those in need. This is one of the most important values we share with our shareholder, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” he added.

Kennedy, for his part, is again playing the role of useful Democratic idiot in Venezuela’s anti-American oil largess. A non-profit he created in 1979, Citizens Energy Corporation, has gladly partnered with CITGO to again deliver the fuel.

“The poor are facing a terrible hardship this winter,” said Kennedy, as quoted in CITGO’s news release. “Federal fuel assistance has dropped 40 percent over the last few years while heating oil prices have jumped by a third. With the kind of cold we’ve experienced this winter, the federal aid just doesn’t go as far. It’s a triple whammy on the poor. That’s why the generosity of CITGO Petroleum and the people of Venezuela is so important – it helps fill the fuel gap for the most vulnerable among us.”

Did Kennedy clear his comments about scaled-back federal fuel assistance with the Obama administration? Or perhaps the cutbacks to which he refers were made because the Obama administration was counting on Venezuela’s anti-American government to keep providing poor Americans (presumably Democratic voters) with free home-heating oil. And when referring to the generosity of Venezuela’s people, was Kennedy aware that no referendum was ever held among Venezuela’s voters as to whether their oil patrimony should be given away to further the ideological ambitions of their political leaders?  Under Chávez, Venezuela gave away billions of dollars of its oil patrimony in sweetheart oil deals with Cuba, the Caribbean, and left-leaning countries in South America. It’s all apart of Venezuela’s effort to spread its leftist ideology and counter American hegemony, which it sees as the cause of the world’s suffering.

President Maduro has been deepening Chávez’s socialism as he grapples with worsening food shortages, falling oil prices, and annual inflation topping 50%  – the region’s highest. Venezuela is quite literally broke. It can’t afford to give away its oil, yet it continues to do so because Maduro is dedicated first and foremost to his leftist ideology — not the welfare or ordinary Venezuelans.

Has any of this occurred to Joseph P. Kennedy and like-minded Democrats? The eagerness with which they embrace Venezuela’s oil largess suggest one of three things. They are useful idiots, fellow travelers – or both. 

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  • Beckwith

    A few things.

    1. Joe Kennedy is a figurehead Chairman at Citizens Energy Corporation. Peter F. Smith runs the company.

    2. Both receive compensation in the neighborhood of $600,000 per annum.

    3. Only 50% of Citizen’s Energy’s oil allocation goes to the elderly and poor. The other 50% is sold on the open market for the highest available price.

    4. Joe Kennedy is in business with a socialist government with a terrible human rights record.

    • WhiteHunter

      I wonder if Pam Kelly’s lawyers know about his $600,000 salary….

  • Omar

    Good article, but please stop calling Maduro “President”. He is not the real president. The real president of Venezuela is Henrique Capriles and everybody knows it.

  • Bacon_Crusader

    Venezuela is close to collapsing.
    The debts of the Venezuelan Government with the private companies for imports is now higher than the international reserves (Due to its Fixed Exchange Regime Venezuela needs a high number of international reserves to supply dollars for all the imports among other things).
    15% Public Deficit in 2013, Inflation at 56%, set to rise in 2014 to 60%+ (and that’s a conservative prediction)
    Toyota and GM are stopping its production due to inflation and lack of Dollars to keep functioning. Newspapers are closing or printing less pages due to problems with the supply of Dollars
    The Current value of the Street Rate for Dollars/Euros reached another all time high.
    Now there’s an increasing number of protests, the only thing that could somehow delay the Venezuelan collapse would be war in the middle East, but even if a war happens the point of no return has been reached in my opinion.

  • The Facts

    A great way to undermine Joe Kennedy’s unamerican outreach to people who can’t afford heating oil would be to attack the unamerican oligopoly in America that spikes oil prices. Kennedy’s left-wing exploit only exists because of right-wing cartel pricing.

    • Bacon_Crusader

      Lmao, do You have any idea of what supply and demand is? The only thing You can blame on the US government for high prices of heating oil is its foreign policy and the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy which hasn’t changed at all under Obama

      • PhillipGaley

        “The only thing which can be blamed on the US government for high prices of oil is its foreign policy.”?

        What about injurious energy regulation right here on US soil against private endeavors at exploitation in coal, in drilling, in pipelines, in refining, and in the corruption in loans and grants to such as Solyndra, . . . and financing of the wrong kind of windmill generators? What about lack of use of low-head hydro?

        I would say, the earth is so energy rich, and in other ways so productive of all good things that, except for interference—mostly the governmental “it’s for the children.” kind of interference—not only would fuel be affordable but, in other things also, we all would be much more comfortable, . . .

        • WhiteHunter

          Perfectly spot-on.

        • Bacon_Crusader

          I agree, government interference(Europe included) is another reason, You can blame the US government for, forgot to mention it.

          • PhillipGaley

            Government consisting in the first part, of an abstract framework existing in the documents, and in the second part, in the people who are hired to make sure that, the first part is faithfully put into effect, why then, in the class of cases now under contemplation, government consists of people who have found that, the documentary framework can be made to act as a central axis providing taxed revenue for them, and thus becoming of a lebensraum for the people who “stick together” in administrative activity to live from the thought and work of the people who are not governmental employees, . . .

      • The Facts

        Yeah. Supply and demand is what people with a C average in high school economics think applies to cartel pricing.


      Thank OPEC for raping the ENTIRE WORLD with $100 per barrel oil.

    • WhiteHunter

      How much has Joe given to Pam Kelly, the girl he left paralyzed from the neck down, a paraplegic for life at age 16 when she was foolishly riding in the jeep he was driving wildly across the dunes and flipped over?

      I believe she got $300,000 at the time from his auto insurance, and if I recall, just $50,000 total from him since; his “excuse” is that he “doesn’t have any money” to give her. Very strange, for a man who’s a leading member of a family with billions.

      Maybe Joe’s compassion and generous charity should start with the girl whose life he personally destroyed.

      • CapitalistPig

        Ted Kennedy & the Kennedy family have never apologized or made any effort to make amends with the Kopchne family–the woman Teddy killed when he drove over the bridge in a drunken stupor & saved only himself–then didn’t report the accident for 10 hrs..

        • PhillipGaley

          Maybe he was just confused, . . . after all, she was pregnant, . . .

          • CapitalistPig

            “Hey, cut me a break! I was really loaded at the time”!

  • wileyvet

    Well I bet Old Chavez can really smell the sulphur from where he is now. Ha Ha.