Israel Batters Hamas —- Kerry to the Rescue

.As of Sunday evening, on Day 13 of Operation Protective Edge, Hamas was still fighting on against Israel, although its prospects didn’t look good.

With Hamas’s rocket fire on Israel intensifying two weeks ago, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, with Iran’s nuclear program the main thing on his plate, kept ordering only small-scale retaliatory strikes from the air, hoping to avoid a larger conflict. But Hamas kept firing—more and more. So Israel launched Operation Protective Edge—but still tried to keep it limited, without boots on the ground in Gaza.

On Wednesday morning Netanyahu made an adroit move, publicly accepting an Egyptian ceasefire proposal. Hamas turned it down flat. Netanyahu, who told the Israeli public in a televised address on Sunday evening that he has been in constant contact with the leaders of the U.S., Canada, Britain, Germany, France, and other countries, undoubtedly drove that point home to them.

With Israel’s diplomatic position strengthened, and with Arab media growing harshly critical of Hamas, Hamas responded by…escalating the war. On Thursday at dawn the Israeli army spotted and repelled a group of 13 Hamas terrorists who had infiltrated into Israel through a tunnel from Gaza, on their way to perpetrate a massacre at nearby Kibbutz Sufa. The near-catastrophe was a pivotal moment that put an end to Israel’s boots-on-the-ground debate.

On Thursday night Israeli infantry, tank, and engineering units entered Gaza. The stated goal was to find the tunnels along the border—in which Hamas has invested vast sums and years of work—and destroy them, removing an intolerable danger of murderous attacks and kidnappings from residents of southern Israel.

In his speech Sunday evening Netanyahu spoke of somewhat broader aims—“an extended period of calm and security” and “inflicting serious damage” on Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza. While the IDF has indeed been finding and destroying tunnels, Sunday also found it locked in heavy fighting in the Shejaia neighborhood of Gaza City, a Hamas stronghold.

Which brings one to the issue of casualties.

People who complain of “asymmetry” and “disproportion”—meaning that something has to be wrong because Israelis aren’t dying—could feel somewhat better on Sunday evening, as the IDF officially announced that the total of soldiers killed since Israel invaded Gaza on Thursday night now stood at 18, 13 of them in the previous 24 hours. As for the Palestinian side, the death toll since the war started reportedly came to over 400, including 65 in the fighting in Shejaia on Sunday.

On the Israeli side, sensitivity to casualties is particularly high, and Netanyahu devoted a good part of his speech to the issue on Sunday evening. But with most of Israel under constant rocket fire for almost two weeks, and ongoing infiltration attempts from Gaza, Israelis will tolerate the casualties because they know the alternative is an Israel that is no longer viable.

Palestinian casualties are, of course, a different matter—the cause célèbre not only of Israel-bashers but also of Western governments that typically start pressuring Israel for a ceasefire as soon as it starts seriously fighting Palestinian terror.

The reasons for the “asymmetry” between Israeli and Palestinian casualties should be clear by now to anyone who is informed and has a conscience. Israel invests vast sums to protect its citizens, particularly with the Iron Dome missile-defense system; Hamas positions weapons stockpiles and command centers in and under mosques, schools, and hospitals. Israel goes to extraordinary lengths to warn Gazans of impending strikes, and encourages them to leave conflict zones; Hamas orders them to stay where they are.

It gets down to the moral difference between a democratic state with a Jewish ethos and a terror organization with a jihadist ethos. But it’s a distinction to which the world seems particularly resistant.

There were already signs of trouble on Sunday when U.S. secretary of state John Kerry—who has publicly made statements supportive of Israel and critical of Hamas—was caught in an open-mike moment bitterly criticizing Israel for Palestinian casualties and implying that he needed to come to the rescue.

A short time later President Obama chimed in with a call in a similar spirit to Netanyahu—in which he announced that Kerry was on his way.

Hamas is isolated, despised by most of the Arab world, caught in a vise between Israel and the fiercely anti-Hamas regime of Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in Egypt, inconsequentially supported by Turkey and Qatar, and in serious danger of sustaining a major, lasting blow.

A decisive Israeli win in this war will bolster Israel’s deterrence, discourage its jihadist foe Hizballah to the north, and demonstrate to the region that ideological jihad is a losing proposition and no match for Western military prowess. Obama’s “concern” and Kerry’s impending arrival are, then, very worrying.

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  • HTR

    Even if you are right about Hamas using human shields, there must still be more compassion towards the deaths. This is missing in your article and it makes your argumentation weacker because not human. Humanistic principles are absolutely missing in the Israeli Palestinian conflict and how you tackle the current situation in your article is underlining this missing. Hamas is an organisation that must be dismantled, such as the muslim brotherhood, ISIL or al Qaeda for the sake of the muslim world and of the free world. However, the palestinian cause should not be forgotten as well as Israels crimes.

    • JacksonPearson

      “Israels crimes”
      You’re so full of sh*t, that if you took an Ex-Lax, You’d disappear!

    • mollysdad

      Hamas is an enemy of God, because it exists in order to wage war against and to exterminate Jews and/or Christians. That means God commands Israel to destroy him. See (Exodus 17, Deuteronomy 25 and 1 Samuel 15).

    • Norbert Haag

      Nice try to detach the ” Palestinian cause” from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jihad. Not to mention the claim of Israeli crimes.

      There is no difference. Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood are simply players in the very same game called “kill the Jews” and later conquer the rest.

      It is a Nazi- like ideology targeted to destroy everything that is adverse to itself, i.e. western civilisation and morals and replace them with a totalitarian regime of sharia law that has a much ethical merits as had the arian cult of their german precursors 80 years ago.

      Truth is sometimes hard to swallow but nevertheless it is truth.

    • gerry

      Compassion about the deads,same compassion as Hamas has.Hamas did not build bomb shelters Israel did.This is your answer to compassion.

      • Rdlake

        If the cockroach isn’t stomped out, tomorrow you have a 100 & following day a 1,000

    • Larry Larkin

      Hamas doesn’t dragoon them in to be human shields, they volunteer. As soon as they happens they become combatants and are just as much legal targets as any genocidal maniac on the Hamas payroll.

    • guest

      Don’t worry. Hamas is giving hand grenades to children…They need victims for the media.

      • Rdlake

        How is it that sub human behavior is not scorned by the civilized world?

    • Rdlake

      Oh please!! Go hug a tree. These Islamist animals don’t care who dies. Women send their kids to be martyred, they rejoice in the streets when non Muslim die in masse. They’re butchering each other in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan. Crucifying people as they ravage through town, ISIS telling citizens to convert, pay a tax or die. Soon there Middle East will be Christian free then these cockroaches can go back to subjugating their women, cutting off limbs & killing each other

    • Lanna

      Do you think a true soldier who is supposed to be brave and honorable should use civilian human shields, women and children to avoid being fired at? This is totally opposite of what an army is supposed to do…. defend the people, not hide behind them! Puke!

    • CowboyUp

      Here’s a more effective idea, the use of terror and human shields d*mns the cause it’s used for, then they think twice about using such tactics.

      People claim one can’t wage war on tactics, like terrorism, but that’s demonstrably wrong. That’s what we did when we bombed Japanese and German cities, and that’s what Napoleon did when he executed the parole violators. A war on unacceptable tactics is won when the consequences of using them outweighs the benefits by enough to make the use of the tactics unthinkable.

    • Gee

      Why don’t you try reading the Geneva Convention. Number of Israeli crimes = zero. We are allowed to inflict much more than we have.

      We are compassionate – morons are willfully blind to the facts

    • Drakken

      There is no moral equivalency between Israel and the inbred savages of paliland. If you have such compassion for the bloody muslim savages, come on over and let your bleeding heart be a nice human shield.

  • ShalomFreedman

    This article is accurate in describing the basic error of those who find some kind of false symmetry between Israel and Hamas, between a democratic country that holds as first value human life, and a terror- organization that uses its own civilians as shields for its weapons.

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      • Almondrod

        What’s a wolf like you doing, trolling on a page like this?

  • rivkah f.

    This article is to the point and gives a wide perspective. There is no moral or any other equivalence between Israel, under constant attack by Hamas, and Hamas, a terrorist organization that is dedicated to killing Jews and destroying Israel and uses its civilians as human shields. If Hamas emerges with any perception of victory or status quo, it will embolden all jihadi groups and the West will suffer as well.

  • Terry

    It’s always a worry when kerry the village idiot turns up some place in the world. Things always get worse for his being there.

    • gerry

      Not village idiot,traitor.Jean Francois Hanoi.Should have married Hanoi Jane.

      • guest

        Are you kidding? Hanoi Jane picking someone that looks like he does? Pathetic loser, at best.

        • Ceekay

          Gerry .Kerry’s wife I understand is associated with Heinz 57 varieties . If so Kerry must have fell in a pickle vat ,it did improve him somewhat ,might have been a complete make up if someone held his head down in the brine until bubble were no longer there ..He is referred to Kerry the Impotent . So pity him as having to live in his carcase is sad enough

          • PatnTrucks

            Kerry married the Widow of the Heinz ketchup (or is that catsup??) empire. Wow, great if you can get away with marrying an extremely rich widow…gets you into politics, buys your way into the political parties, fund raisers, etc etc. Buy your way in!

          • American Human

            I believe it depends on the tomato. Is it the tomato used for Heinz Catsup or the one used for Huntz Ketchup?

      • Rdlake

        A real POS who ratted on his Nam comrades & vilified our soldiers in Iraq. A real Mass. Puke who almost became our president.

        • mmercier0921

          Wait till Warren gets to be president.

          Massachusetts hase more vile people than hams.

          • Rdlake

            How does a university professor get a net worth of over $15 million, owns a $4 million home while masquerading as the savior for the little people.

          • mikeh420

            By marrying for money.

          • Rdlake

            Isn’t that capitalistic

    • mmercier0921

      Abduct Kerry, and deliver him to gaza.

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  • Rdlake

    It’s mystifying how Israel deals with the unrelenting barrage of rockets hurled at them & the uncompromising savages who refuse a truce brokered by Egypt, yet Europe in fascist style riot & burn while making the Jews he villain. It doesn’t help when our Prez (closet Muslim) sends mixed singles & our crybaby coward Sec of State Kerry has same sentiment.

    • Yidith

      Golda Meir said it best when asked how Israel deals with “it”.
      She answered: “No option”.
      THAT’s how we deal with it.

  • Lanna

    Lurch is NOT going to solve anything!

  • Ban Liberals

    If Kerry strayed into the war zone, and if Kerry were somehow mistaken by Israel as the enemy he is, and if Kerry somehow was mistakenly targeted along with his Hamas friends, I think I would actually mistakenly cheer.

  • Almondrod

    Both kerry and obama are an example of Peter Principle, that is if you give them them the benefit of the doubt. By that, meaning, they are not out to deliberately be destructive .

    • Marcus Demetrius

      Peter Principle: In a hierarchy, every individual rises to his level of incompetence.

      • Gee

        Both are way past that level

  • David

    I don’t think Netanyahu had any attention of destroying Hamas. If he did, John Kerry would not be able to save Hamas. This operation has ridiculously been going on for two weeks. Netanyahu had two years to put together a military plan for destroying Hamas quickly and he either failed to do it or he failed to put it into motion. In either case, he needs to go and somebody like Danon or Bennet needs to win the next elections.

    • Larry Larkin

      The Israeli military could do it quickly if they were held to the same standards as everybody else, even faster if they went Russian on the bastards. But because of the farcical double standards the leftard anti-semites keep laying on Israel they have to go very, very slowly, and put their soldiers at great risk. If they go even slower they can reduce the risk to their soldiers.
      Hopefully this time, with the example of Hamas flat out refusing a ceasefire that Israel agreed to, and with the current regime in Egypt, they will go all the way to the Egyptian border and do a thorough job.

      • Drakken

        I do frankly love how the Russians deal with their muslim problems, the simply killem all and let allah sortem out and level the places they fester. It is about time Israel takes a page or two out of the Russians playbook.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Grab every jailed terrorist prisoner and stake them to the ground where rockets are known to fall.

    • Gee

      We did something similar in Lebanon. The jail for prisoners was on the edge of Israeli Headquarters. It was attacked the same day as the Marine Barracks and the French Headquarters.

      The US lost over 270 Marines, the French about 70 Legionaires and Israel 50 terrorist prisoners.

      • Drakken

        I remember that day very very well. I have never forgotten it’s lesson either.

  • Bklyn Farmer

    Lurch should go back to school and take remedial diplomacy 101, specifically the lecture dealing with mic on/mic off.

  • Pepe Turcon

    There is a race on to rescue Hamas by Obama before they are defeated. I pray that Israel is not stupid enough to fall for the serpent tongue of Kerry and his demons to make a ceasefire. It is in Israel’s survival to make sure Hamas is defeated because Hezbollah and Iran are waiting in the wings. God bless the IDF and their families.

  • drthomasedavis

    Politicians are still playing politics. The 113th Congress has the authority undert the Constitution to convene a General Courts-Matial and bring to trial, Obama, Holder, Hillary, Panetta, Kerry, Fonda and General Dempsey for violating Article 104 of the Manual for Courts-Martial (Aiding the Enemy). The Death Penalty is applicable and SHOULD be the penalty. The arrogance of the seven named is nauseating. A mass hanging would, for certain, change some minds and attitudes.
    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

    • PatnTrucks

      Well said Colonel, And we need to demand of our representatives, congressmen and other politicos to immediately stop muslim immigration to the USA as its political system of islam – per the koran’s own words – is SEDITIOUS and Traitorous to the US Constitution.

  • Doc

    Kerry’s a disaster him and his traitorous boss need to stay out of it . If Israel hands them there heads good for them they did don’t start this they never do but history shows the finish them. This time is real should show no mercy . Hammer down all the way. This country has a history of backing peace loving nations not murderous terrorist who kill the innocent using them as human shields . Obama has made himself clear he’s a Jew hater a Christ hater a patriot hater. The photo attached shows an allegiance to the one who they claim win sections for them. They won’t post the photo find @Doc357 on twitter they’ve taken the gloves off we should to

  • Doc

    I tried to post a photo with my comment it didn’t show here it is the author of the picture states how they Winn elections

    • Lanna

      And Satan’s time is going to be shortlived!

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Take Kerry to Gaza, tell him to talk to the terrorists and when they take him hostage suggest they trade him for Obama.

  • Paul Waliser

    Kerry takes buffoonery to a new level every time he opens his mouth.

  • mmercier0921

    Cut their electricity, water and food. Create a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. Give friendly arab navies a pass to pick up the refugees and deliver them… wherever. Then rototil the place with artilery.

    No one gives a crap about what Assad is doing next door.

    Israel is foolish to support in any manner these insects.

    • Drakken

      I say lets push the pali’s into Syria, and then sit back with a bourbon or two and watch the sh*tshow.

  • Gee

    The US invasion of Afghanistan used everything in the US arsenal except nuclear weapons, including 15,000 daisy cutters. The US inflicted tens of thousands of casualties and lost less than 300 soldiers.

    Disproportionate? Why not.

    • Liberal knot

      US military doctrine seeks military superiority giving us unfair advantage in any fight we engage in.

  • meanpeoplesuck

    Their is a typo in the title of this article- it should read “Israel Slaughters Palestinian Civilians, Kerry to the Rescue”.

    • Drakken

      You should come join your pali friends, perfect target practice.

      • meanpeoplesuck

        Which is precisely why we need a gun ban, to get them out of the hands of hateful racist nutters like you.

        • UCSPanther

          It ain’t gonna happen.

    • Gee

      Stupidpeoplesuckeven more.

      I wonder why 81% of all the casualties have been adult males if there has been a slaughter of civilians.

      Something ponder – but only if you have any brains to ponder with

      • PatnTrucks

        Dear Mr. Gee: Oh for Supidpeoplesuckevenmore – (that is a really good new name!!) here she goes ONCE again with her babe in the woods insults, and general naiveté – must be a Jew Hater, Christian Hater, Apostate Hater, Republican Hater, Israel Hater, USA Hater, Constitution Hater, Hater of ALL COMMENTS from the intelligent and the educated, but the BIGGEST Koran/Muslim/islam/pali-ass-kisser. She attacks everyone with banal insults. So we are used to it from other postings of Pamela’s Atlas Shrugs, and we generally just think of her as a gnat. Ho-Hum. Click on “Mute” does a great service! haha,
        Best to you Mr. Gee.

        • UCSPanther

          Don’t forget: Also hates anyone who owns a firearm as well…

          • PatnTrucks

            Oh good thinking. Thanks for that! Thank God for the 2nd Amendment! And Permit to Carry, and OPEN CARRY STATES! Hooray!

          • meanpeoplesuck

            Yes, hooray for overpriveledged white people, aka TeaBangers, being able to shoot children of color at will! Did your imaginary friends god and jesus tell you to do that?

          • UCSPanther

            A prime example of White people-Bush-NRA-Christianity-Conservative Derangement syndrome right there.

          • PatnTrucks

            I think the GNAT is buzzing around again. Thought I muted that stupid wench out, but I’ll swat it out again. She got some really head issues. Best to ignore and go about our adult discussion. Must be jealous of white folks who own masses of rifles and pistols. Great defense against mohammadans and other ilk who think allah protects them from .357 lead. Have a great Second Amendment Day!

          • UCSPanther

            I’m personally a huge 9mm fan myself. One day though, I will upgrade to .45 ACP…

          • PatnTrucks

            Got that right! A 45 is just too much for me, hard to pull the slide back. I’ve fired them many times, and WOOOOWWW what a huge BANG! I do like the 9mm. Had great luck with a .357 Magnum.

      • meanpeoplesuck

        Read some other news sites, knucklehead, you’ll see incinerated babies and women. Must make you very proud.

        • iluvisrael

          ya know what’s really mean – savage islamists beheading their way around the globe, but a schmuck like you thinks the real danger in the world is those awful zionists

        • UCSPanther

          If this was WWII, you would be wailing about Dresden…

  • Marine_Patriot

    The most awesome thing that that Israel could do would be to deny Kerry entry into the country claiming that they are already dealing with hostiles and do not need another one right now.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    The 10,000th in its 66 year history-which it will survive like the rest.

  • sohnes

    Of course “the Obama administration undermines the Gaza war effort.” What do you expect?!

  • Raymond_in_DC

    I’ve long argued that this remains the “longest-running conflict” because the Israelis aren’t allowed to win and the Arabs aren’t allowed to lose.

    If Israel is getting pummeled – by the Egyptian and Syrian army surprise attack in ’73, by the suicide squads of the 2000s, or the rockets of today – the world stands on the side. But if Israel has the initiative and getting the better of its enemies, immediately there is a rush to a cease-fire, followed by demands for a return to the status-quo ante (thus leaving Arab aggression cost-free). These days, as the world’s favorite victims, Palestinians also benefit from post-conflict “donors conferences” to help them rebuild … in preparation for the next round.

    • Guest

      “Post-conflict”? In this and other FPM articles there currently appears a Google Ad with a link to Finance nice new ambulances for terrorist and weapons transports right now, rebuild homes …

  • steves5687

    Bibi should stop taking Obama’s / Kerry’s phone calls!

  • steve b


  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    How do you deal with an incompetent and ignorant US President and Secretary of State who time and again want to interfere in the conflict they understand nothing about? You expose what they should know and don’t. You let them take the Kerry Quiz!

    A mini 5 + 1 question quiz for Secretary Kerry

  • Lanna

    Kerry’s episode on an open mike really exposed his failings to be fair to Israel. Hamas and the PLO are doing this to their citizens. Pamphlets are distributed by the IDF and calls made to citizens to flee the areas that will be under attack. Then Hamas tells people to stay in place, so if they want to die, don’t say you weren’t warned. Israel sends humanitarian aid to Gaza on a daily basis and provides medical care to wounded and sick Palestinians. I myself have donated to all people in Israel, arabs as well as Jews to be helped…so the Jews and the Christians are NOT the is Islam that’s the enemy of all hope. Hamas is not gaining favor by its tactics.

  • Doc

    He’s a professional liar who can’t remember what lie he told who that’s why he makes things worse . Did I say professional ? I’m sorry