Palestinian ‘Unity’ in Action: Israeli Teens Kidnapped

1976708560On Thursday night three Israeli teenage boys were kidnapped in Judea (part of the West Bank) and have not been seen since. Although Israel has been riveted on the story, it hasn’t gotten much play in the international media, overshadowed by the events in Iraq and by the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil.

Also tending to diminish interest is the fact that the three kidnap victims are identified as “settlers,” a heavily stigmatized group that much of the West does not regard as having human rights in any case. Actually, only one of the three lived in a community over the 1949 armistice lines. All three, however, were religious Jews and were attending a yeshiva in Judea, which, unfortunately, is not the way to gain world sympathy.

Israelis are also well aware that a headline such as “Settlers Kidnap 3 Palestinians” would kick up much more of a storm.

Israel is also having trouble getting world governments interested in the fact that the kidnapping, as confirmed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, was carried out by Hamas. It was just two weeks ago that the new Fatah-Hamas unity government was sworn in. Jerusalem was dismayed when the Obama administration announced it was ready to “work with” the new government. The European Union and the United Nations, of course, fell all over themselves in welcoming it.

Jerusalem warned at the time that the new “unity,” however tenuous, would likely give terror a boost. With Hamas already ruling Gaza, “unity” would give it greater inroads in the West Bank. The new arrangement would also make Hamas anxious to show the Palestinian masses that it had not gone soft and not given up “resistance” to Israel.

Last Wednesday 88 senators informed President Obama that they shared Israel’s view, expressing “grave concern” over Hamas’s inclusion in the government, noting that it “has openly called for Israel’s destruction,” and warning that “these troubling developments…have undermined congressional support for U.S. assistance to the Palestinians.”

The upshot was that the U.S. could find itself funding an explicitly terrorist government.

It did not take long for the worries to materialize. The kidnapping on Thursday was followed on Saturday by seemingly celebratory rocket fire at Israel from Gaza, which was renewed on Sunday. Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza, in any case, were explicitly celebrating the kidnapping.

As of Sunday evening, the Israeli public, three days after the kidnapping, still had no word as to whether the young men were alive or dead or where they had been taken. Earlier on Sunday Israeli security forces had arrested 80 Hamas leaders and operatives including at least one major figure, Hassan Yousef. There were also persistent reports of Israeli forces imposing a dragnet on Hebron, a known Hamas stronghold on the West Bank.

As for the allegedly “moderate” faction, Fatah, most reports said or implied it was not cooperating with Israel in the search. Its leader Mahmoud Abbas, though his wife was being treated in an Israeli hospital, had made no condemnation of the kidnapping. Fatah, however, had lauded the kidnapping with a Nazi-style caricature on its Facebook page, depicting the three young men as rats caught on a fishing rod.

Israel, in any case, is deeply averse to another prisoner deal if it turns out the three are still alive, and will be cracking down on Hamas. Convincing the world that terrorists who attack Israelis are just as heinous as other terrorists, and gaining international support—instead of condemnation—for its antiterror measures, will be an uphill climb as always.

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  • Shalom Freedman

    This is an accurate report. It too implies that there is a bias in the slow or no- reporting of the event. The NYTimes which ordinarily covers is alert to every minor development in Israel did not report on this for over twenty- four hours. This of course adds to their long record of tilting against Israel.

    I believe this article rightly points out that the Israeli public is reluctant to engage in another unbalanced exchange.


    Israel needs to hold Pal-e-SWINIAN hostages – the sons of hamass and fatah leaders.

    And Israel should announce that whatever happens to the three Israeli teens will also happen to the spawn of hamass/fatah.

    • Johnny Palestine

      Thanks to Bibi and the Israeli Left it is now safer for a Jew to be in Austria.

      The Israeli government has revealed that there were dozens of failed attempts by Palestinian terrorists to kidnap Jews in the past three years. After each of these, the Israeli government did absolutely nothing. It preferred to keep betting on luck, and ignore the law of large numbers in statistics. That law says that it is only a matter of time until one such attempt will succeed. And the government was completely unprepared for one such success.

      The “moderate” “peace partners” of the Fatah have published a cartoon mocking the three kidnapped children, representing them as mice. The “peace partners” throughout the areas under the control of the “Palestinians” are celebrating the kidnappings, passing out sweets and candies. Israel has not responded by passing out napalm. I have no doubt that many on the Israeli Radical Left, starting with “Peace Now,” are also passing out sweets in celebration of this blow against “occupation.” Leftist professor Moshe Zimmerman from the Hebrew University has long claimed that “settler” children are Nazis, and Prof. Zeev Sternhell from the Hebrew University has urged the terrorists to attack and murder “settlers.” They have not been fired.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        The mysteries that immediately come to mind are:
        Just what manner of feckless weakling is Netanyahu and his government?
        How long will the Jewish people in Israel allow their children to be terrorized, kidnapped, and murdered?
        How long will the Israelis continue to provide electrical power and medical supplies to Hamas in Gaza – while rockets are launched into southern Israel?
        How long will the Israelis ensure that the Fatah kleptocrats are remunerated?

        • Johnny Palestine

          The question is why is Bibi such a spineless coward as was Olmert as was Sharon? I do not know. He is good in front of the Rockefeller UN, but is a sham as a leader. How do the Israelis allow their babies to be terrorized? I suppose they like it in a sick way. Those who do not are emigrating to Germany. I refuse to take my family to Israel for this reason.

  • BagLady

    I disagree about international coverage. I have read this news in any number of outlets. However, in none have I seen them described as ‘settlers’.

    I read that they were last seen hitchhiking back to school after a night out. Until there is news of them, everything else is pure conjecture.

    If they have been kidnapped them for political ends we will soon find out when the demands are made. Otherwise it could as just as easily be some crazy pervert.

    What a shame a Palestinian had to die in the house to house search for these boys. This event has received little publicity and the chance of ever discovering the ‘truth’ is low.

    • Drakken

      It’s too bad the Israeli’s didn’t bloody shoot them and be done with it.

      • Johnny Palestine

        Swift deportation program is the only means to protect the people of Israel. Within two weeks it can be done under a media blackout.

        In 1976, Israel was safer until Mr Peanut.

        In 1992, Israel was safer until Mr Cliton.

        In both states, Georgia and Arkansas, the Jewish population is small and insignificant. What pushed the Dems to force such myopic deals on Israel above all other conflicts in the world? Was it Rothschild? Who?

  • StanleyT

    The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation – an ideological clone of the BBC) reported last night that three youths had “disappeared” and were suspected kidnapped. As if there isn’t enough evidence! The media is sick.

  • Johnny Palestine

    I blame Bibi, the Knesset and the owners of the private Bank of Israel: ROTHSHCILD & Co, for failing to remove a threat to Israel but forcing Israel to exist with it knowing that Israelis and visitors are surrounded in danger.

    It is these criminals which hold Israel in a constant war mode. A war mode that was forced on her in the 19th century but is fixed in cement, especially since Pres. Clinton revived it ( on orders from above ) with Oslo.

    Deportation now. Deportation forever. Muslims are a threat to the West and this planet. Our media is run by equally corrupt criminals controlled by the owners of the Central Banks.

    Ariel, a town in J&S, has better plumbing than many cities in the world, especially places where bacteria is in old hang outs such as Paris, Athens, Detroit and Caracas.

  • Atikva

    Jews living in Judea, the province they funded thousand years ago and that bears their name, this is insufferable indeed! The despicable Western mainstream media can’t deny the fact that Jews are home in Judea Samaria, so they try to hide it by calling them by any other name they can invent. Which doesn’t fool anyone aware of the history of this part of the world.

    Neither can they hide the disgusting behavior of the “palestinian” terrorists they support, when they rejoice and distribute candy in the streets to celebrate any attack on Christians or Jews as they have been doing since 9/11. This time, it is to celebrate the kidnapping of 3 Jewish teenagers.

    Frankly, you leftists scum, aren’t you just a little nauseated by yet another example of the baseness of those you have chosen for your allies? I know I would be.

  • Metatrona

    It is time to stop treating Muslims in Israeli hospitals. It is time to prohibit Muslims from being educated in Israeli schools and colleges. It is time to realize that Muslims ARE THE ENEMY.

  • Jakareh

    This is exactly why Israel should have shelled the Gaza Strip until Gilad Shalit was returned instead of trading over 1,000 terrorists for him.

  • Jhonnie Walker

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