Threatening for Peace

kerry-300x203Secretary of State John Kerry has been repeatedly warning Israel of dire consequences if the current talks with the Palestinians do not lead to a negotiated peace. In November he warned of a third intifada on Israeli TV.

And on Sunday at the Munich Security Conference, Kerry had this to say:

Today’s status quo, absolutely to a certainty, I promise you 100 percent, cannot be maintained. It is not sustainable. It is illusionary. You see, for Israel there is an increasing delegitimization campaign that has been building up. People are very sensitive to it. There is talk of boycott and other kinds of things. Are we all going to be better with all of that?

Many Israelis reacted angrily. Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz called Kerry’s words “offensive, unreasonable and unacceptable. It is impossible to expect Israel to negotiate with a gun to its head.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki came to Kerry’s defense, saying:

Secretary Kerry has a proud record of over three decades of steadfast support for Israel’s security and well-being, including staunch opposition to boycotts…. [He] expects all parties to accurately portray his record and statements.

It is an accurate portrayal to say that to most Israelis, these statements sound like threats. “Make peace, or really bad things will happen to you” is perceived as a threat. Resentment is only intensified by the fact that—at least in public—Kerry makes no comparable threats to the Palestinian side.

But aside from the propriety of what Kerry said in Munich, is it true? Will Israel be an increasingly delegitimized, boycotted country if the current talks end without an agreement?

On the one hand, in moves regarded by many as alarming, in recent days two major European banks have taken action against Israeli banks. Sweden’s Nordea Bank—Scandinavia’s largest—asked for “clarifications” from two Israeli banks involved in building in the West Bank. Denmark’s Danske Bank—largest in that country—announced on its website that it was boycotting Israel’s Bank Hapoalim for that same alleged sin of building in places Europe thinks should be Jew-free.

On the other hand, as an Israeli official observed to the Jerusalem Post, “The success of the so-called boycotters has been limited in the extreme.” The official pointed out that

[Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu returned last week from the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he met both with leaders of countries—such as Mexico, Panama, Nigeria and China—and international companies who were very eager to do business with Israel, “not because they are Zionists, but because they understand there is so much to gain from doing business with us.”

Meanwhile antisemitic rock star Roger Waters has been lashing out angrily at the likes of rock star Neil Young and actress Scarlett Johansson for refusing to ostracize Israel.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Kerry and others who bludgeon Israel with warnings about terrible outcomes if peace talks fail—a binational state, a boycotted state, an intifada—are right.

Even if that were the case, there would still be problems.

For one thing, imagine being on the Palestinian side and hearing that Israel is essentially desperate; that for Israel the talks are do-or-die. You would react, of course, by driving as hard a bargain as possible—or just letting the talks drift into failure and watching Israel meet its bitter fate.

But there is an even more fundamental problem. What if, despite Israel’s best efforts, the other side is not interested in peace?

Evidence for that supposition is not exactly lacking; it’s abundant. Israel has had to free dozens of Palestinian terrorists just to have the talks at all; they were received as heroes and got big boosts in their stipends. Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has said that the Palestinian side would never relinquish the right of return, a formula for Israel’s demographic doom, and never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Meanwhile the Palestinians—as “peace talks” continue—keep naming their schools after terrorists and raising another generation with terrorists as role models. One can easily go on in this vein. What one cannot do is convince a hard-core peace processor like John Kerry that it matters.

Instead the onus is put on Israel, while the entity that celebrates and cultivates terror gets a free pass. It’s a disgrace.

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  • Shein Ariely

    Yes- I am an Israeli and cannot disregard the boycott treats.

    Kerry speaks on behalf of Obama.
    President Obama policy in ME helped Islamists and annihilated USA allays.

    * Putin shows in Syria that Russia supports their allies in the most difficult days.
    Obama shows that under his administration USA allies cannot predict USA
    behavior almost on any event.
    Putting acts a lot and don’t talk much.
    Obama talks a lot and don’t act much.

    *USA is not trusted by allies.

    *Muslim brotherhood got legitimacy by Obama.
    USA court revealed Muslim brotherhood mission:
    “The work in America is a Jihad, eliminating and destroying the western
    civilization from within”
    Obama cut aid to the Egyptians opposing Muslim brotherhood Islamist dictatorship ideology.
    Obama forgot that Democracy without boundaries may resultin power taking by
    totalitarian ideologies.(remember German Nazi party get power following
    democratic elections)

    *Islamism is stronger in all the ME–Africa-Turkey-Afghanistan-Pakistan, Europe,China.

    *Unlike Egypt when millions of Iranians took to the streets in June of 2009 demanded freedom from a cruel regime that threatens the world the president
    Obama was silent
    However USA signed an agreement with Islamist Iran worse to the North Korea, buying time for the Islamist Iran to consolidated their NUK program and giving away the effective sanctions.

    Islamist Iran constitution:
    ” This century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government
    and the downfall of all others””

    *Following Obama Turkey visit- Erdogan started bulling, transforming Turkey in
    an Isalmist antidemocratic state:
    Freedom index downgraded Turkey form place 99 place 2002 to 154 in 2013.

    * Obama helped Palestinians to avoid meaning full negotiations.
    Palestinian refuses to end the conflict by:
    Recognize Israel as a Jewish state and declare end of conflict.
    However Obama coordinated with EU treated Israel with sanctions.
    Obama and EU provide the Palestinian with funds used to teach and preach hate of Jews and destruction of Israel.

    Obama policy day 1 policy was to undermine Israel moral legitimacy.
    -Demanding Israel to give up security and heritage values
    -Initiated the idea of settlement freezing.
    The Oslo agreement between the Palestinians and Israel the settlements
    were included in the list of open issues for future negotiations.( refer to
    Wikipedia wiki oslo)

  • Hassan

    “What if, despite Israel’s best efforts, the other side is not interested in peace?”

    What nonsense. The Zionists must first make the foundation for peace: As a first step withdraw to the 1967 borders.

    • Zaynab bint al Harith

      First a couple of goodwill gestures from yourselves, please. End your global jihad, apologize for the 300 million innocents you have murdered, pay compensation to every woman and child you’ve raped, nullify the principle of abrogation in your book and discard the Medinan verses. Then we’ll talk.

      • Norbert Haag

        Hmm, sometimes the truth hurts.
        Great argument Zaynab.

      • defcon 4

        To dream the impossible dream!

        • Zaynab bint al Harith

          If you will it…

    • Tomaz

      Muzz need to withdraw to 622 AD borders, or earlier.

    • UCSPanther

      That simply ain’t gonna happen. You have real nerve sticking your head in here and showing your hand…

      • Drakken

        I say let him, it shows everybody what they are dealing with.

    • Free Asia Bibi

      Why should anyone want peace with the religion of rape? It would be dishonorable. Do you know what honor is, creature of shame?

      • Hassan

        The punishment for rape is death. You are mistaken.

        • Julie

          So can we execute all the paedostanis in Britain then?

          • Avril111

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            working part time off a home computer… helpful hints B­u­z­z­3­4­.­ℂ­o­m

        • Vic

          Yeah, only with four male witnesses. Something to do with Aisha and your cuckold prophet, no?

        • jude newman

          Yes for the woman it is death, not for the men

        • Norbert Haag

          Sounds good unless you explain how rape is defined in the “peaceful religion”.

          Mind to explain it to the crowd?

        • StanleyT

          For the woman who has been raped.

          • defcon 4

            What’s strange though, is that it always seems as if women commit adultery alone in islamic states, because I’ve never heard of any male co-conspirators being charged w/adultery.


          The your prophet of Satan called Muhammed should have been executed for his rape of Aiesha.

        • iluvisrael

          Is that you tia taqiya?

        • Raymond_in_DC

          That’s theoretical, and assumes there are four witnesses to the rape. Otherwise, the woman is charged with adultery. Happens all the time in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

      • Norbert Haag

        Right, the punishment is death for the victim.

    • Norbert Haag

      You mean they have to withdraw from the ” territories formerly illegally occupied by Jordan”?

      So, the zionist attacked the Arab world in 1948 loosing territory on the west bank of the Jordan? Is that what you are trying to say?

      Do you mean that Jordan, a state that was created by Britain, in clear violation of the Palestine Mandate, that took all the land east of the Jordan, roughly 80% of the Mandate and attacked the Jewish state, occupied part of the Jewish state, must get its war bounty back from the legal owners?

      Do you mean an invented people, i.e. the Palestinians, that didn’t exist before 1968 at all, are entitled to get the booty that Jordan lost to its rightful owner?

      Is that what you mean to be a precondition for peace?

      If so, you could as well require voluntary suicide by the Jews, which is basically what you want anyway.

      Even if Israel, as in the past, goes as far as to humiliate herself to achieve peace with a foe not interested in peace but in conquest, there is no chance for peace.

      Well, one chance there is for peace however. Israel must make sure that any attack of her enemies will harm them bad.

      • Bklyn Farmer

        Great Post/ Thanks


        Norbert Haag AKBAR!!!

      • bigjulie

        There was once a race of people who believed in the doctrine of “No Surrender”…fight to the death!” They made up horror stories about unspeakable cruelties to be visited upon them by US Marines, forcing hundreds, if not thousands to commit suicide by jumping off ocean cliffs! Entreaties for surrender were made but were rebuffed. Finally, in order to halt further allied deaths, two devices, one called “Fat Man” and the other called “Little Boy” were loosed on the “No Surrender” people.
        They very quickly changed their minds, despite the existence of their doctrine, which they called “Bushido”, for hundreds of years! Ultimately they went on to become one of the richest and most peaceful countries on the planet!
        Many Muslim leaders have continually bragged about how Muslims are not afraid of death and will reap rich rewards for dying in the service of Allah, said service to include the complete conversion of ALL non-Muslims, by any means necessary!
        It appears that the time is rapidly drawing nigh when peaceful peoples of the Earth who do not want to convert to Islam, should, at least, render them every assistance toward their alternative goals, ASAP!

    • J Simson

      Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2006 thinking it would bring peace. Right?

      Well it didn’t.

      The minute IDF withdraws from Judea and Samaria Hamas will take over and start firing rockets into the heart of Israel.

      Fool me once shame on you.

      Fool me twice shame on me.

    • Raymond_in_DC

      Ah, so you admit that getting territory to the pre-1967 lines is only the first step! And what’s the second step, and the third? You seem to have adopted Arafat’s strategy of “stages”, and we know what the ultimate goal of that strategy is.

    • Omar

      Hey, s**thead, your beloved Islamist jihadists keep trying to destroy Israel and commit a second holocaust. Learn from fact, you monkey-f**k.

  • Shein Ariely

    Arabs sponsored Boycott Israel movement should blame Israel for the
    followings and demand international support for the innocent terrorists:

    1:Al-Jazeera praises IDF.
    “”why the Syrian army,Hezbollah and other Islamic military groups cannot be more humane like the Israeli. “”

    2:Arab press publicizes Israeli heart treatment.
    Israeli doctors fixed the reversed ventricles of Hamoudi – a 4-year-old boy – his father said,
    “We always heard in the Arab media how children from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank were receiving medical treatment in Israel.”

    Palestinians and Hisbula are firing rockets targeting Israel hospitals.

    3: Israel has provided medical treatment in Israeli hospitals to 700 Syrians.
    Israel has provided food and winter closes to Syrian villages nearby Israeli border>
    What the so called human rights organization has done- Provided many words without any helpin Geneva talks?
    However they are busy calling to boycott Israel.

    4: Palestinians build tunnels to attack Israeli citizens>
    Israel provides cement used on building tunnels.

    5:The Palestinians have money to smuggle arms but not to care about vaccines
    for their population.
    Israel provides vaccines to Gaza.

    6:The Palestinians are manufacturing rockets to be fired indiscriminately on Israel civilians.:
    Israel provides the electricity to the manufacturing shops.

    7: Palestinians have fired rockets toward the pumps supplying water to Gaza
    Israel is supplying free of charge water to Gaza.

    8: Palestinians are using Ambulances for terror activities.
    Israel transfers of ambulances to Gaza

    –“”The best ethics papers and debates on terror issues are in Israel””
    Ref: BBC ethics program, Beyond belief


    Israel symbolizes humanity in conflict.

    EU and USA are funding the hate teaching, preaching, terror training schools in
    Palestinian ruled areas>
    Palestinians refuse to put an end to the conflict>

    The so called human right organizations don’t blame terrorist firing from schools, hospitals, sport facilities civilian dressed and using civilian’s as shield protectors>

    However the world hypocrites threaten Israel and don’t stop funding the Palestinian that invest all the received help in conflict continuation and not building a fife for their people.
    US and EU deserve the famous sentence:

    “”True friends stab you in the front.” -Oscar Wilde

    • Drakken

      Where has all that niceness and pleasantries gotten Israel? The muslim looks upon the Israelis as weak and vulnerable and are licking their chops in anticipation that the US will do their dirty work for them. It is time Israel gives war its due, make Gaza a living example of what a modern day Carthage looks like and killem all and let allah sortem out, for if you give the muslim and inch, they will take your arm, if they fear you, they respect you so get on with it. While your at it, blow up that abomination on the Temple Mount as you should have done 30 years ago.

      • James Burke

        I love the Carthage example. The IDF will then dump the dead bodies of all Arab Muslims and any European that interferes, into the sea as fish food.

        Next stop: Gaza

  • Cloudy w a chance of Nuke Rain

    John Kerry is as petulant as Wilhelm II, German Emperor during WW1.

    John Kerry is going to get his war. Wilhelm could have avoided WW1, but he could not help himself. Wilhelm II had a much harder row to hoe; he had issues.

    I bring this up because what type of psychological issues does John Kerry have. He has many issues it seems and the world will pay for his demons.

    • veeper

      kerry’s biggest demon is he knows he is a coward ….

      always has been …always will be….

      he has always believed that he could hide it with big shot bully talk…..

      but, he KNOWS he’s a COWARD and a LIAR….

      • defcon 4

        Putin outed him. Maybe Putin is the only hope for the free world at this point, because it sure as hell isn’t the United States of 0bamastan.

    • New Yorker

      Chamberlain would be a more apt comparison to Obama – a delusional, incompetent, destructive and ultimately cowardly fool blinded to the reality and consequences of his destructive actions by his megalomaniac ideology. John Kerry on the other hand, is a political nobody, a pygmy who has out-lied his welcome everywhere he has shown his face, but whose mind-numbing stupidity is more apparent now than ever.

  • JVictor

    Irrational hatred for Israel is ingrained into the minds of Muslims from the time they are children. If the reports about the 4 year-old Jihadist in Syria turn out to be factual, how many international children’s welfare organizations ought to be up in arms crying child abuse? There is no doubt that he is not the only preschooler who desires the destruction of Israel–“Vacation Jihadist Schools” targeting children abound worldwide–he is just the latest, most visible pawn used in this horrible war against Israel. Even so, the global community remains unmoved by the maniacal raping of these children.

    Mr. Kerry, global banks, musicians and other ignoramuses, where is your outrage for the fact that these tactics breed a never-ending supply of willing killers who relish the opportunity to have Jewish blood on their hands? And you expect Israel to kowtow to your misguided positions?

  • kilfincelt

    Let’s see. Kerry told the Nigerian government to go easy on the Muslims who were killing Christians there but didn’t tell the Muslims to stop. He made a deal with Iran that lifts sanctions without getting anything concrete in return. Now he is demanding that Israel make a peace deal with a people who want to kill all Jews and really don’t want any deal. Sounds like the Muslims in our government as well as the Muslim apologists at the State Department, many of whom were educated at Georgetown University where John Esposito, a Muslim apologist professor, teaches, are trying to get their way by making Christians and Israel out to be the bad guys and Muslims and the Palestinians, the victims. Kerry and his cohorts at State along with our Muslim Prez need to go. They are aiding and abetting the enemy.

    • Dyer’s Eve

      You’ve omited nothing. Well said!

      • Jon

        Off the top of my head, the Muslim Occupied Government has also acted against the Kenyans, Ivorians, Burmese, Indians and the Copts, out of loyalty to their repellent faith.

  • The Facts

    Does David Hornik think the average modern westerner is going to choose Jewish Fundamentalism over Pink Floyd? I mean, seriously? All this hubbub over the fact that John Kerry visited them? Heck. We have to LIVE with him. Stop complaining. It’s antisemitic now when a bank gets audited? Get real.

    • Glad

      Terrible comment! False opposition, bombast, misrepresentation, mild profanity, disingenuousness, imperiousness, absurdity, puerility.

      And for the record, the average modern westerner, as opposed to the sub-average, post-modern occidentalist which you have demonstrated yourself to be, will indeed choose Jewish fundamentalism over the internazis of this degraded world. It’s in his interests to defeat the red-green-brown axis, you see. You do see that, don’t you?

      • The Facts

        It depends. Do you care to elaborate on “this degraded world?” Isn’t this the only world we have, and therefore must alter according to our self-interest? Isn’t there a greater self-interest than the Cold War that is playing out in miniature between two 2% diaspora populations of bearded Semites? Does the author think that his tribal self interest outweighs the contributions of Pink Floyd? I don’t. Mr. Hornik cannot even sing his hatred.

        • Rockabilly

          Pink Floyd hate Waters’ guts.

          • The Facts

            Maybe the Israelis can exploit the rift in the band. I am sure it would yield untold tactical advantage.

          • New Yorker

            The Israelis,as the Jews in general, could not give a damn about idiotic know-it-all pretensions of a stupid pop star.

          • The Facts

            That would be a first.

          • New Yorker

            Does not make it any less stupid

        • Sanj


        • reader

          The contributions of Pink Floyd, no less? Wow. I think I’m beginning to understand where Waters is coming from. If he’s surrounded by morons like this 24/7, he must be thinking about the Nobel Peace Prize. All he needs to do is to bash the Jews.

        • New Yorker

          The contributions of Pink Floyd? In 20-year time no one will be able to remember what this contribution was all about. But it appears that you don’t need no education.

        • defcon 4

          “the contributions of Pink Floyd”. Yeah what’s a second Holocaust to that?

          • The Facts

            What’s that to a meteor destroying the Earth? Are we establishing a dogmatic hierarchy of suffering with Jews at the top?


            The Facts are that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 national SOCIALIST infested Europe.

            Seems to irritate you. Good.

          • defcon 4

            “dogmatic hierarchy of suffering” sounds like a definition of islam to me.

    • reader

      If you’re stuck on Pink Floyd, you’re far from being modern, trolly. Your acid trip is so long that it perfectly explains why your brain is deep fried.

      • The Facts

        Yes. The Center for the Study of Popular Culture should have blacklisted them a long time ago.

        • reader

          As a marxist, you know everything there is about blacklisting and the centers of popular culture, I’m sure. I’m afraid, poor Scarlet is being blacklisted for being to nice to the Jews.

          • The Facts

            Yes. Overlooking the fact that Scarlett Johansson is also Jewish, what do you propose? A hostage exchange? Or do you want to trade a pound of her flesh for a pound of Roger Waters’ flesh?

          • reader

            I suppose I shouldn’t even try to make any sense out of what you post here – not enough drugs in my system. Keep on working on mastering Pink Floyd’s instrumentation – that’ll make you set for life. But just in case, you can find a soup kitchen near you by using the Google.

          • The Facts

            The Google.

          • reader

            Good. Now try to type in “soup kitchen.”

          • The Facts

            I’m out of practice. In my country we can afford the cottage cheese. And The Google.

          • defcon 4

            What about healthy, thirst quenching camel urine?

          • defcon 4

            “overlooking the fact” and then mentioning it, seems kinda hypocritical doesn’t it?

    • defcon 4

      Pink Floyd? They were irrelevant a decade ago.

      • The Facts

        Clearly you must have mastered all of their instrumentation.

        • defcon 4

          Who cares? Ask anyone under 30 who Pink Floyd is.

    • Habbgun

      I like you Facts boy. You are at least the most honest troll around. You don’t hide the fact that you’re all about seeing Eurotrash and American Eurotrash wannabes number one in all things. You are quite clear that you want every piece of meth addicted garbage at an Occupy rally to be considered superior to everyone else. I admire the honesty. If people understood the real debate it would be a better debate. I am glad you are happy to engage in the real debate.

      I say left wing white trash is still trash and you say no kidding but that’s me and I want to be in charge. Good for you. At least you know your own self-interest.

    • Drakken

      Here is a novel idea, if you sympathize with those poor abused palis so much? Why don’t you put your money where your leftist mouth is and go join the pali cause, I am sure your very presence will have a wonderful effect on the whole process. You will have to excuse me while I go get a good bourbon and a cigar and watch as nature takes its course. Or are you all talk and no action leftist boy?

    • Omar

      The Lies, you need to shut the f**k up and learn from facts instead of repeating left-wing propaganda.

  • veeper

    Thus saith the lord your god, kerry……..

    kerry’s ego has gotten bigger than his freakish head…..

  • Diann

    hmm – let me see if I get this. Israel sits on about 15% of the land that was originally set aside for them. The Palestinians vow to kill every Jew they can find not only in the Middle East but globally. Jews have been cleansed from the Arab lands in the Middle East and the USA has said nothing about that. Now John Kerry threatens Israel with repercussions if they do not give up yet more land. There will be no peace there until/if every Jew is killed and at that time the Arabs will begin to cleanse Christians from the lands as well. Then what? Thoughtful people might stop that insanity right now rather then continue to capitulate. It didn’t work for Chamberlain in WWII – and it won’t work now.

    • defcon 4

      The muslimes aren’t waiting for any of that — they’re killing Christians now.

      • iluvisrael

        They will destroy anyone and anything they don’t like – including moslems that don’t adhere to the right kind of islam.

        • defcon 4

          I’d prefer the use of the concept brand of islam, rather than right kind of islam, because there is no “right kind of islam”, just like there is no right kind of nazism.


      Diann AKBAR!!!!

  • Lady Prudence

    Remember what Yehoveh said about Israel in Genesis 12:3: “I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you all the families of the earth will be blessed”.
    Believers forget the Messiah, the Prophet prophesized by Moses was a Jew.

  • Adheeb

    As a Christian, I believe in a sovereign God. I believe God controls everything and always has. He has worked through history and is working now according to His foreordained plan. Part of that plan includes ‘judicial blindness’. America has been stricken with leaders that are absolutely clueless about what is really going on. This is how God maintains the wicked for judgement.

  • JVictor

    Does Kerry really think that a potential intifada threatens Israel at all? Every time Israel has been provoked to engage the forces of intifada, it has been Israel that has exhibited the most humanitarian sensibilities when she has chosen to stop her advancement into “Muslim territory.” Otherwise, the borders of Israel would be much broader and closer to the descriptions in the Bible. Israel ought to be commended for her restraint instead of condemned for her existence.

    • defcon 4

      And after all, who is fond of blowing up buses and pizza parlors as well as firing rockets and mortar rounds into Israel for no real reason except rabid, delusional Jew hate.

    • Drakken

      Well maybe it is time to quit being humanitarian and start getting biblical, every time these efing ragheads go full jihad, Israel gets meek and afraid to kill and break things, it only invites further aggression against it by do so. Time to bring back that old time religion and make Gaza a modern example of Carthage, that will keep the savages at bay for a few years.

  • CurmudgyOne

    I’m becoming more and more glad that I’m near the end of my life. I can’t imagine living in the world as these f**king idiots are going to remake it, while so-called conservatives sit by and watch it happen as if it was just a political thing. If there ARE any REAL conservatives in our government — Senate or House — they had better wake up and start working AGAINST these radical leftist peaceniks, who are all like Chamberlain was in Britain. Kerry should go walking some night, alone, near the border of Israel.

    • defcon 4

      Or maybe he could walk alone through Benghazi, perhaps wearing a crucifix or kippah. After all, he would have nothing to fear from tolerant, fun loving muzzies would he?

      • Peter Ehrich

        …or he could just try walking in Dearborn, MI and at the same time profess his Christian faith. Even the police there would tell him it is not allowed. No need to go to Benghazi, right here in the good ol’ USSA we’re allowing more and more Muslim insurgency.

        Coeurmaeghan in Twentynine Palms

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Don’t forget that Dearborn’s district attorney is Muslim, also.

          • defcon 4

            So is their police chief and I’ll bet most all of their police officers.

  • defcon 4

    Is Roger Waters at all involved w/Cat Stevens, oops, Yusuf Islam?

  • defcon 4

    Nothing quite like threatening Israel w/violence in the interests of peace. It almost seems hypocritical.

  • Tradecraft46

    He bullies who he can, the rest he fears: what is there not to understand? Sadly a lot of Jews say roughly the same things so are in a sense vulnerable to this type of reasoning.

  • Silver Gonzales

    Mrs. Kerry ran for President and lost by over 5 million votes. Americans hate this auto dictated blue blood creep. How is it possible that he has so much apparent influence of power? Is the US Constitution silent on this? Do the People have any right to prevent this? Why bother even having an election if these seemingly unnecessary positions exist so these career politicians can circumvent being the POTUS and still be almost as imposing ( at least to foreign countries )?.



  • DontMessWithAmerica

    It would be gratifying if Israel would adopt Egypt’s attitude toward Obama and his puppets. Kerry’s words sound as if coming directly out of the Mulatto’s mouth. The saddest part of it all is the lack of public outrage by American media. Back when Obama seemingly warned the justices of the Supreme Court reminding them that they are appointees and not elected. Egypt today is the only nation one can respect. Shame on Israel for putting up with this farce and double shame on American mass media.

  • Lanna

    John Kerry, you and this administration have never been concerned about Israel’s welfare, and so your judgement will be very harsh when God deals with Israel’s enemies.

  • notme

    The best you can say about Kerry, here, is that he is an absolute moron. If he did not intend “put a gun” to Israel’s head, he sure as heck should at least know that any momentum those inclined to dislike Israel and Jews can seize upon to further their irrational hatred, they will seize. These statements coming from his mouth, and the sentiments he espouses certainly help further the momentum of the Israel/Jew hating crowd.

  • bigjulie

    John Kerry…unfit for command in Viet Nam…and STILL unfit for command at the State Department! He’s little more than one of Obama’s “useful idiots” and he is being used as such. What a clod!

  • wileyvet

    John Kerry to Netanyahu ” Nice country you got there. Be a shame if something were to happen to it “

  • Myrtle

    The egotistical ass, is a curse to Israel or to anyone who tries to advise about anything. It would be a big mistake to take anything to heart that Kerry says. What they need to do is “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING” to know where GOD is leading and follow through, anything that HE leads them to do. And perhaps send Kerry back to America.

  • Michael Millett

    Kerry better back off, or he will reap the wrath of the one true God, the God of Israel.

  • Sniper’s Ire

    What a snot bag of the wet kind. Kerry is worse yet.

  • sydchaden

    For centuries, Jews faced toward Jerusalem, and prayed, “Next year in Jerusalem.” Millions of Jews were killed before their dream could be realized. Further, many more Jews died in the fight to secure Israel, in the face of the concerted efforts of the Muslim World to destroy it. No one one warned the Muslim World that there would be consequences if peace wasn’t achieved. But, of course, that was, and remains, the Western World’s politically correct attitude toward the Muslim World. The survival of the Jews depended solely upon their ability to combat the Muslim World. As it does, today.
    The politically correct attitude of the Western World toward the Jews who survived the Holocaust and the battles for Israel’s survival is that they must compromise. They must compromise with those who denied them access to the Jewish Holy Sites in Jerusalem while they were in power. They must compromise with those who continue to war against them.
    They must compromise with those who follow the Islamic doctrine of “death to infidels. Obama and Kerry never mention the Islamic doctrine of “death to infidels”. According to the Fatwas of the leading Muslim clerics, “infidels” means “non-believers in Islam”. The reason that Obama and Kerry never mention the doctrine is that the great, great majority of US citizens are “infidels”, “non-believers in Islam”, and so, the doctrine applies to them, as well as to Israeli Jews.
    Is it credible that the Muslim World is dedicated to the death and destruction of the non-Muslim World? To illustrate how seriously the Muslim World takes the doctrine of “death to infidels”, the two major branches of Islam, the Sunnis and the Shia, each consider the other to be infidels, and have been killing each other for centuries, for that reason. The doctrine is the principal reason for the
    killings of Muslims by Muslims that continue to this day, in Pakistan, Yemen,
    Iraq, Egypt, Mali, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Lebanon and Syria. It is the reason for the killings of non-Muslims in Europe, Egypt and the USA.
    And, of course, it is the reason for the killing of Israeli Jews. Kerry warns, if Israel does not compromise, there may be boycotts of Israel, and attacks on Israel. The Muslim World already boycotts Israel, and it already mounts attacks on Israel, and threatens more. And so, the boycotts that Kerry refers to must be by Europe and North America.
    The compromise that Kerry proposes does not, in any respect, address the Islamic doctrine of “death to infidels”, and its promise of the destruction of Israel. But, the compromise that Kerry proposes would greatly enhance the ability of the Muslim World to mount attacks on Israel. It would result in the deaths of more Israelis. The choice that Kerry presents to Israel appears to be either to: retain the land, and be attacked and bury your dead, or, give up the land, and be attacked, and bury your dead.
    Neither of those is consistent with post-Holocaust declaration of Jews, “Never Again!” There can be no compromise with “Never Again!”
    Perhaps both Israel and America would be better served if Kerry would address the prospect of Americans being attacked and killed, in furtherance of the Islamic doctrine of “death to infidels”.