Throwing Off the Veil

vlWomen in Iran are throwing off their veils, otherwise known as hijabs. Women in Iran have been forced by law to wear the hijab (headscarf) ever since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Indeed, going without the hijab is punishable by 70 lashes or 60 days in prison. Yet, led by a Facebook campaign titled “My Stealthy Freedom”, some Iranian women are daring to post public photographs of themselves veil-less with hair showing, in violation of Iran’s laws and in protest against Sharia law.

How are Muslim “feminists” in the West going to cope with this? They have worked so darn hard to fight for the right of Muslim women to be covered in America and Europe – and not just with hijabs, but with the full abaya and niqab as well, revealing only their eyes. After all, it’s “liberating” not to have men look at you with lust in their eyes, not to be objectified into a sexual object. True, one could refrain from romping the city streets in Madonna-like bra-shirts and mini-skirts that show too much, but why stop there? Muslim men are particularly alpha in nature and simply cannot control themselves around women who seduce them by merely exposing their hair. Nor should they have to. And for westerners to fail to understand this is just plain culturally insensitive.

In Islamic countries, the hijab is a political as well as religious statement. It is forced upon Muslim women by men, in order to let everyone know that, well, they are Muslim. Its significance is that under Sharia law, Muslims are superior to the rest of us infidels. That’s why even Jews and Christians are required to adhere to Islamic Sharia law. It’s the reason it’s forbidden to repair an old church or synagogue and the reason Christian and Jewish prayer is disallowed in public yet, Muslims can build as many mosques as they desire and ring Minaret bells 5 times a day in a call to Islamic prayer. It’s the reason that an infidel’s testimony is not permitted in Sharia courts, and the reason that acts of murder against infidels are not punishable by the Hudud criminal code. It’s the reason that infidels must walk on the side of the street, and strip naked to provide a Muslim his clothes if he is in need, free of charge, of course. And it’s the reason that Muslims are forbidden to befriend “people of the book”, those evil Jews and Christians who keep insisting on loving their neighbors and turning the other cheek. Dammit, don’t they understand that Allah wants martyrs who are willing to blow themselves up in the holy war to kill as many kuffar as they can?? How stupid can they be? Such is the fate of the infidel.

Islamic supremacism is the reason that it’s A-Ok for Muslims to loot the property of infidels and rape their women and children. Yup, it’s a grand old time for Islamists, especially if they are of the male variety. There’s just one problem. How are Muslim men to know whom to rape and whom not to rape? Enter the hijab and therein lies the answer. As the the Koran 33:59 states, “Oh Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks all over their bodies that they may thus be distinguished and not molested.“ Thus, the hijab is a political statement, letting men know who is and isn’t Muslim, so they know that the hijabbed women are off limits for raping purposes. What a bummer! Still, they usually have plenty of kaffir females to choose from and they’re probably not all that picky.

Now that Muslim women in Iran are throwing off the veil, it’s likely Muslim men could get confused. And if a non-hijabbed Muslim woman gets raped, well, obviously it’ll be her own fault for enticing her perpetrator with her long flowing hair. And that’s true even if her hair is short.

Besides, hijabs are cool. Oh, I don’t mean physically cool. In that case they are hot. Like in Saudi Arabia where the hijabs and abayas must be black and walking in the summers is sweltering hot underneath all that covering. But I mean that they look cool, and that’s what’s important. After all, in the US, women can buy hijabs that are red, orange, and all the colors of the rainbow. They can even put jewels on their hijabs and pretend that they are stylish.

After all the work that Muslim “feminists” in the west have endured to ensure that Muslim women have the choice to stay in tune with their Islamist supremacist misogynistic culture that treats men as superior to women in matters of inheritance, child-custody, court testimony and almost every other aspect of life, it’s pretty darn insensitive of those women in Iran to throw off their veils, seeking the freedom not to wear this political symbol in favor of being equal.

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  • Ivan Ewan

    Up with Persia! Down with Iran!

    • Drakken

      There hasn’t been a Persia or Persians for over 800 years, the arab invaders bred the Persian out of them.

      • Ivan Ewan

        I don’t think so. There is a very strong Persian identity that remains; although it seems hopeless, I think the 1979 revolution has had one positive effect; it distilled and separated the Islamic and Persian cultures, like oil in water, such that each works starkly against the other. Nigel Farage was right when he said that “love-bombing” the Persians would have been more effective than the current sanctions.

  • joshuasweet

    that is not going to last very long at all

    • guest

      It would if the leaders of the free world got behind it. Those leaders prefer the mullahs of Iran to the legitimate freedom of the Iranian people.

      • joshuasweet

        who Obama?

      • PatnTrucks

        Change begins within their own neighborhood, within their own society, on their own streets. These Iranian women (and others of the same) need the courage to fight for themselves and get their own men to fight right alongside them. Seems muslims are great at beating the crap out of superior adversaries – their own women – who are the terrible transgressors of a wisp of hair that may blow out of a nijab. If 50% of their own populace won’t defend themselves then they are truly doomed to subjugation and brutality from their own menfolk. Saddest thing ever. I cannot imagine a society that ALLOWS “religious police” i.e. people to ride around in the back of a little truck and get out and actually whip women on the street who aren’t “properly” attired. Arming oneself with one’s own big stick under their burkas, nijabs and other oppressive garments would be a good start. If they have no courage to fight, then all the free leaders in the world and all of our soldiers spilled blood can’t make them free.

  • Allah is Dead

    time for women to leave the cult of islam

    • Damaris Tighe

      If they could & stay alive, I’m sure they would.

      • Pat Spayd

        We must fight for freedom – no one will stand there indefinately and hand it to them – we did that in Afghan and Iraq already with the lives of our soliders – men and women. Time for those folks to band together and FIGHT FOR THEIR OWN FREEDOMS instead of cowering in a burka.

        • reinertj

          Really! What planet are you living on? Neither the men or women of Afghanistan or Iraq are really free.

          • PatnTrucks

            You got a burr under your saddle blanket? Why are you attacking me? Are you a veteran? Why not show yourself?
            The French Revolution was fought for freedom, WE fought for freedom from the British….so the Afghan women and all others are totally immune from fighting for their own freedom? Might get a band aide on their knee? A bullet in their brain? They already had that Islam = slavery = hatred = killings = al Queda, ISIS, The Muslim Brotherhood, etc etc, etc. Good Grief.

          • reinertj

            PatnTrucks, so you fought for freedom from the British! Really? The British might lock you up for a few years, the Talibs and their like will not bother with that.

    • Pat Spayd

      I agree, there comes a time that these brutalized WOMEN need to show courage – band other women together and fight – at 50% of the population – and the gender who actually prepares the meals – take an example from Sahih el Buhkari (I think that is the right reference) when Mohaha was poisoned by the Jewish woman who offered him a dinner of poisoned mutton (Loaded with poison for Mohaha and his brutal henchemen) after Mohaha killed her father and husband – and they raped her – so time for some tonight’s dinner special is…..MUTTON!
      We in the USA fought for our freedoms – many died – its the price of free dom!! Otherwise, cower in the burkqa and go on being kicked.

      • reinertj

        You have just condemned these women to death. They do not live in a Western democratic state. They live in a theocratic state which denies all human rights to anyone who does not acknowledge Islam.

        • PatnTrucks

          Someone is being SO dramatic here. I didn’t “CONDEMN” anyone to death, sir, or ma’am. Good Grief!

          • reinertj

            Oh yes you did, any attempt at throwing off the oppressive regime of Islam leads to death. I am afraid PatnTrucks you live in a dream world in which everyone can behave as if they lived in a Western democracy. Most of the World does not. Should the Christian schoolgirls stolen by Bokal Harum in Nigeria have fought back? Yes if armed and given training, otherwise it would be a death sentence.

          • PatnTrucks

            Oh Honey, why are you so dramatic? Well, just point your accusing finger at ME! Which means nothing to me at all. “Oh yes you did!” Well stomp your foot too, Missy.
            What I’m going to write here is obviously well above your understanding, but I’m saying it anyway for those who already know these things.
            is freedom not worth dying for? Lean freedom versus fat slavery? Obviously you like fat slavery. Thank God there are more courageous people in this world.
            Afghan women revolted when the Taliban took over and when they protested against the harsh islamic rules these brave women protested then were attacked with water guns from tanker trucks. Many teachers, doctors and professional women were forced to beg on the streets as they had no male relatives.
            I admire these women because they FOUGHT. Many were hauled into that soccer stadium the UN built and were shot in the head. But those brave women fought and died for what they believed in. Freedom to be a teacher, freedom to teach girls, freedom to have an education, freedom from tyranny freedom to seek medical care, to practice as a doctor. To Freedom to READ BOOKS! They knew the stakes were high – their lives. These are NOT solely western ideals you know. Basic human rights? Ever heard of it?
            Freedom from barbarism? Fight, or die as a downtrodden slave.
            United we stand, divided we fall – ever heard of that?

  • Keith

    I wish I could say all that just as eloquently! Brilliantly said. Time for western feminists and the liberal left to wake up.

    • Habbgun

      If they woke up they wouldn’t be feminists or liberals. This is what they are. This is what they do. This is a protest for individual freedom. Feminists and Leftists are collectivists and will never support individualism.

  • El Cid

    From brown shirts to burkas in 75 years.

    Make no mistake. The hijab and the burka are fascist symbols, not signs of modesty or religious devotion. Their mothers did not wear it.

    Unfortunately, the only thing that unites the left and Muslims is hatred of Jews and Israel. No one will stand up for these brave Iranian women. The so-called feminist movement already purged their Jewish sisters from the leadership.

    Where is the Western leadership? Obama?

    100,000 can die in Syria, and you won’t see a demonstration in the London or Paris. 150 die in Gaza, and thousands protest. The actions speak for themselves.

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    • Gandalf_The_White

      “From brown shirts to burkas”. Well said. It reminds me of the excellent, though chilling, documentary “Women in Nazi Germany” (well worth the 48 minutes)

      As I watched this video I couldn’t help but be struck by the parallels between brainwashed Nazi women, and brainwashed Muslim women. Just as many millions Nazi women bought into (or at least went along with out of fear) Aryan supremacy propaganda and fidelity to the Nazi state, so too millions of today’s Muslim women actually embrace Islam and Shariah as good for them. As badly duped as Nazi women were by Nazi supremacist propaganda, I think it’s reasonable to state that Muslim women have it far worse under Islam/Shariah (genital mutilation, child rape and marriage, lawful beatings and ritual killings, etc., etc.)

      What I would love to see is a study done to determine how many Muslim women actually believe that their inferior place under Sharia is right and true and just, versus those that only go along out of fear. I think Deborah’s Weiss’ excellent article here points to the strong probability of the later. However, convincing western Feminists of this seems likely to be a difficult task indeed.

  • TNT

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  • reinertj

    Sadly the leaders of the Western wold don’t have a good track record of picking the winners in these sort of matters. How about the Iranians sort out their own problems, because, of course the minute anyone else gets involved it all goes pears shaped.