LA Mayor Exemplifies America’s Decline

6852c48c12ce71fff70b3ac158468d4e7c737b53Last week, during the official celebration of the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup, the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, told a jammed Staples Center that “there are two long-standing rules for politicians . … They say never, ever be pictured with a drink in your hand and never swear. But this is a big f——-g day,” he said, holding up a bottle of Bud Light.

You read that right. In front of 18,000 people at Staples and hundreds of thousands of others watching on television — many of them, of course, children — the mayor of the second-largest city in America held up a beer bottle and used the F-word.

This was not a whisper overheard by reporters. This was not an accidental loss of self-control. This was a planned use of obscene language in a public forum.

The question is: Does it matter?

According to the Los Angeles Times report, to the vast majority of people who heard it, it didn’t.

“The audience roared. Players stood up to applaud.

“Outside Staples Center and L.A. Live, the remarks were a hit. Lake Forest resident Jeff Ottinger, who attended Monday’s rally, said … ‘I think a lot of times politicians are uppity and stuffy and for him to actually be a fan is cool.'”

“It makes me have much more respect for him,” said Jason Werntz, 45, of Burbank.

Not only was the mayor not apologetic, he repeated his comment on Facebook and Twitter.

“Soon afterward,” the Times reported, “Garcetti had similar, PG-rated messages on Facebook and his official Twitter feed. ‘There are a few rules in politics, one is never swear, but this is a BFD. @ericgarcetti welcomes the #StanleyCup to LA.”

There are those of us who believe that this is an example of a civilization in decline (or even in free fall). And there are those who think that this is either no “BFD” (as Garcetti and his admirers might say) or actually a good thing. Here are two typical comments on the Los Angeles Times website:

Bruuuce: “I love him even more!”

MarkRomero: “I thought the comment was very humorous!! I laughed out loud when I heard it. You no sense of humor haters will never get it. That’s exactly why you are the way you are — humorless and republican, most likely. Go KINGS!”

(He is right about “Republican” — which tells you a lot about both the Republican and Democratic Parties.)

Nor was support confined to anonymous commenters and thousands of fans.

Not one member of the Los Angeles City Council condemned the mayor. At least one, Councilman Mike Bonin, “said he agreed with the mayor’s vivid description of the day.”

Support for the mayor must have overwhelmed objection. As reported by the Times, “A day after using the F-word in televised remarks at an L.A. Kings victory party,” Garcetti told those who found it offensive to “lighten up.”

“‘I think I was just being myself for a moment there,’ Garcetti told reporters . …

“‘Look, I think people should be kind of light about this,’ Garcetti said. ‘It’s something that plenty of people have heard in their lives for sure.’

“KNBC-TV reporter Conan Nolan asked the mayor if his cussing contributed to the coarsening of society.

“‘We micro-analyze everything,’ he added. ‘We ought to let people be people. I was just being a person yesterday.'”

So, who are those who think this reflects serious social decay?

They probably fall into two categories: those over, let’s say, 55 years of age and religious individuals of all ages.

Older Americans grew up in a religious America, and religions draw a strong distinction between the holy and the profane. That explains why even some non-religious older Americans will find this objectionable.

But the secular and left-wing tsunami of the last half century has all but extinguished the concept of the holy, and thereby extinguished the concept of the profane. If nothing is holy, nothing is profane.

Teachers tell us how common it has become for students to curse in class — including cursing teachers. Fifty years ago students were allowed to mention God in class prayer. But in 1962, Supreme Court justices considered it progressive to outlaw all school prayer. And school prayer was shortly thereafter replaced by school cursing.

To appreciate just how perverse our moral standards have become, imagine if Garcetti, instead of celebrating with a bottle of beer and the f-word, had lit up a cigar. He would have been excoriated by every liberal medium in the country. And many millions of Americans would have expressed horror at what a poor model he was for America’s children.

A society that is horrified by a mayor publically smoking a cigar, and either apathetic or enthusiastic about that mayor publically holding up a beer bottle and cursing, is in deep trouble.

One is tempted to dismiss Eric Garcetti as either a fool or a bad guy. Based on what he did, and his continuing defense of it, he may well be the former. But he is not the latter. Above all, he is a man of the left, a Democrat, and a product of a secularized culture.

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  • Bobby Pataki

    Never Ever Vote for a Jew.

    Jews are a Filthy and Vile group of Animals.

    Whether its the Jew Mayor of Los Angeles cussing in front of kids, or the Jew Mayor of San Diego sexually harassing women, or the Jew Mayor of New York banning soda.


    • Pete

      Have you found evidence of a Jewish conspiracy or confirmation bias?

      Truth be told I think the conspiracy is a leftist one. It is not so much a conspiracy as it is out in the open.

      Wikipedia gives his religion as Progressive Judaism. If Progressive Judaism was not different than other forms of Judaism, there would not be a need for the adjective progressive in front of it.

      If you saw the word progressive in front of the name for a Christian denomination what would you expect the ethos of its’ congregants to be? Would you expect progressive Christians to have more in common with progressive Jews or with conservative Christians?

    • Damaris Tighe

      It is people like you with your absurd fantasies that bring the Right into disrepute.

      • Martel

        The right deserves to be in disrepute. They ensured that America no longer enjoys a European majority, which inevitably means the end of the USA as we know it.


          Mortel, Socialists of the left and right are the cause of problems. Eurabia is what it is due to regressive progressive socialism. The flood of Islamists into Europe is the work of socialists who side with…..


          • Martel

            American conservatives also believe that ”all men are created equal” and though ”conservative elites” support Amnesty and immigration reforms detrimental to the European-American people, all conservatives support more non-European immigration. For those who comprehend the consequences of demographic changes, it is clear that no nation survives such a transformation. The fact that conservatives today actually hope they will one day get the black and Hispanic vote shows they are also incapable of pushing through the changes needed in both the US and Europe.

          • Debbie G

            “…ALL conservatives support more non-European immigration…” ?? You are blaming conservatives for immigration problems? Been to Mexican border lately?
            True, all men are created equal. After that, it’s anyone’s game.

          • Martel

            I am. What is the basis for the little protest against immigration amongst conservatives?

            Its the fact that immigrants broke a few meaningless laws. But according to conservative doctrine, all those Africans and Mestizo’s will be just as American as you are in say, twenty years.There is nothing which truly prevents them from doing so, right?

            “True, all men are created equal”
            So all men are equally prone to commit crimes, all men have the same IQ and the same capability to succeed in a Eurocentric society?
            This is exactly what liberals believe, and its this foolishness which ensures that conservatives are unable to pose a serious argument against immigration and amnesty, We are all the same, so why fear mestizo’s crawling over your borders?

            What do you prefer, non-European immigration or European immigration, and why?

          • Habbgun

            What do you prefer, non-European immigration or European immigration, and why? Living in Brooklyn where the Europeans are flocking to I’ll take non-Leftist non-European immigration any day. How many white European leftists came out in droves for Obama when he went to Europe during his campaign. We are getting German and Dutch far leftists and not only do they not contribute anything, they immediately get involved in Leftist politics and support slobs like our Mayor De Blasio. A lot of them look like a young Elizabeth Warren on a really, really bad day. Europe has got some real problems pal. In the present. Not in your little history books. A lot easier to knock on the Jews in a comment section then face up to reality. I’m soooo unimpressed with you.

          • Martel

            I don’t “knock on the Jews”, i’m giving valid criticism and would do so regardless of the ethnicity of an ethnocentric movement. The fact that you as a Jew have no interest in protecting European-Americans, which means all Americans of European descent, may not because you as early Jews did not identify as European, but it is common amongst Jews both on the left and the right. Any country can recover from poor economic policy, look at many Eastern-European countries right now, but no country has survived the foolishness in which you and your leftist collegeaus engage in, that is, changing the fundamental factors which enable a safe and harmonious society, and turning into a low-trust society where ethnic conflict is the norm.

            The only problem Europa has is mass-immigration and the displacement of Europeans from their own countries, all other minor issues are short-term problems, which work out once leftist economic programs turn out to be inefficient. Do you think you will get your country back once Europeans are a minority?

            in 2040, young European Americans(whites) will have you to thank for, for the situation they are in. If you think ethnic tensions are high today, it has not even started.

            Can you give me a single example of a multiracial society where all races lives harmoniously side by side, and enjoy similar success in life?

          • Debbie G

            Still trying to figure out what you are driving at, even after reading your conversation with Habbgun. Yes, there are those Republicans in Congress who are pro-amnesty. I am not, and I don’t know many conservatives who are.
            As I said before, all men are created equal. What they do with their life is their job, not mine. IQ, “proneness” and capabilities are not guaranteed. Not everyone is destined to be a rock star. So what.
            Being here illegally is a crime. I have no “fear” of mestizos; I just don’t want to support them and their brood. As far as immigration goes, I believe the southern border should be closed. Regarding European & non-European, you will need to be more specific, since Europe has become so “blended.” (Do you consider a Saudi Arabian who has emigrated to Great Britain a European?)
            Leftists come in all sizes, shapes, colors and from different countries. In my perfect world, their feet would not touch American soil regardless of where they come from.

          • Habbgun

            He’s afraid of the Moslems. Says nary a word but will accuse a Jew of anything. Israel has been fighting the Moslems for how long now. He’s been humping a library card. Give up on Martel. Everyone else has.

    • objectivefactsmatter


      You’re a nut. Go back to the 1930s.

    • Webb

      REV 2:9
      I know the blasphemy of those which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    • Sharps Rifle

      Garcetti is an Italian name, genius.

      • Pete

        Yes, but check Wikipedia. He is Jewish. Well, he is Jewish in name only it would seem.

        • sdva

          Is his mother Jewish? If not, he’s not. But what he is is a BFD-Big F—ing Douche!

    • mackykam

      This is the opinion of a guy whose every breathe enjoys the benefits Jews have given to civilization and society. And in every scientific endeavor, and I mean every! Jews gave him his 7 day week and hell, even his god.

      But one can’t expect much from someone who never learned the difference between its and it’s. Maybe he needed a Jewish teacher to teach his hungarian peasant brain.

      • Martel

        “Maybe he needed a Jewish teacher to teach his hungarian peasant brain.”

        The Hungarians were ruled by a Jewish government in 1919, the ethnocentrism and bigotry the native Hungarians encountered from Hungarian Jews has not been forgotten.

    • sdva

      Hey Shegetz-lots of people do lots of things, bad and good. Judge based on words and deeds. His alleged Jewishness DID NOT inform his actions. His Ideology did. You’re like those anti-semitic momzers who blame the Great Terror in Russia on Jews just because some of those scumbags were born Jewish. I’m Jewish and as far as I’m concerned, one CANNOT be secular and Jewish. One must make a choice between serving G-d or mammon!

      • Martel

        Many Jewish leaders disagree, and DNA analysis confirms this view, Jews can be considered a separate ethnic group. Naturally, Jewish identity did influence the political views of many Jews, just like most blacks and hispanics today decide who to vote for based on their ethnic interests.

  • Lazlo

    This is what you get for your money nowadays.
    Slacking sons of Hippies with no reverence for anything.


      Except regressive islam.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s so funny that you can’t bring your kids to sporting events these days until they’re old enough to shave.

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    A prude if you call him out and a fool if you don’t… I choose prude.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      Me too Johnny.

  • Juan Motie

    Why would anyone be surprised by this display of vulgarity and immorality by an extremely radical fascist left-wing democrat party of death politician! This mayor demonstrates exactly what and who the extreme radical left is 24/7, but because the moral climate of America has decayed so badly since the coronation of our islamofascist king b. hussein 0bama, these politicians now feel free to express and display their profanities and immorality anytime they please and in front of any audience.

  • DaCoachK

    As with any problem these days, the blame can be placed at the feet of the Left. In particular, that God-awful decade of the 1960s is responsible for the destruction of the nation. No 1960s, and America is still a decent nation. To be more specific, no smelly hippies–who thought they’d change the world by listening to the Stones and smoking dope–and America is still great.

  • mtnhikerdude

    If “F” Bombs were the greatest threat to our Nation , we would be crapping in tall cotton. Get a clue America is expiring !

    • daisypony

      It is indeed. We are a nation in decline and the saddest part about it, is that many are happy about it. Many Americans at that.


        Socialist hate America and its allies. That’s why Socialists side with regressive Islamism.

        Socialists and Islamists are natural enemies – but are willing to set aside their differences to fight a common enemy – America and its allies.

  • Habbgun

    You have to wonder if he got paid under the table to publicly hold up a Bud Light and use an expletive to get media attention. Guerrilla advertising for Budweiser. It wouldn’t shock me, especially in LA.

  • Martel

    This tells us that Americans expect less and less from their representatives. It requires less personal discipline to maintain a public image and be at least somehow reliable as a politician. I don’t see how America can survive the demographic changes, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter. I wonder how many decades it will take conservatives to find out that the majority of Hispanics and Blacks will never be on their side(or why).

  • trickyblain

    Yes, we’ve declined so much from those moral times when politicians owned/raped slaves, fought in duels with each other and didn’t allow women to vote or work in most fields.

    • daisypony

      Oh come on. You know what he means.

    • Martel

      Raping of black slaves was extremely rare in those days, understandably.African Americans probably rape more white women a year in modern times. I agree that African and Arab slave traders shouldn’t have persuaded Europeans that purchasing expensive black slaves wasn’t a good idea.

  • daisypony

    You love him even more because he is profane?

    • Jeff Ludwig

      Daisypony…right on! Clinton was disgusting. But the Supreme Court decisions removing prayer from the schools I think made an even bigger impact. Bless you for telling the truth.

  • mhr

    When Obama signed the ACA, the Vice-President stage- whispered into his ear, “This is a BF Deal.” Cameras and microphones recorded the moment for posterity.

  • 2thegates

    As a school teacher, I can tell you first hand how bad profanity has gotten in the schools. I have had students use the f-word in class and after I call them on it they merely laugh and don’t even apologize. If you write them up, they merely make them come up to your room to apologize or they give them some joke of a lunch detention. Neither of which has any affect. The end result it I rarely even take action on it any more as it is a complete waste of time. My advice to all parents is to remove your children from public schools (as I did) and find a good private Christian school that is both strong on biblical teaching and education. Trust me. At every turn public schools are undermining your values in the name of “tolerance”. The end result is we now tolerate almost everything. As a parent, you need to decide if your child’s soul is more important than a new wide-screen television. Choose.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      I have retired after years of teaching in the public high schools. My experience was the same as yours. I hope people will listen to you and take heed. Foul mouth is the tip of the iceberg of the tendency towards degraded living. In my new book, coming out later this year, entitled The Catastrophic Decline and Impending Doom of America’s High Schools, there is a section entitled “Pray for Prayer.” This maladaptive and egregious verbal misbehavior along with violent and overtly sexual misbehaviors is a direct result of the removal of prayer and faith as central to the life of the people. No doubt in my mind about it.

  • timpottorff

    This casual, ‘be-real’ type of approach to life is epidemic. It has made massive inroads into even our churches and skews our understanding of right and wrong and definitely allows us to ‘make God into our own image’.

    The idea of holiness and what is sacred are thrown out as outmoded…after all, if there is no Holy God, then we aren’t really that bad and we definitely don’t need any of His rules of life to follow.
    Thank you for a well-written article. (This will never become a party platform anytime soon).

    • Jeff Ludwig

      I was hired to work for a team of industrial engineers at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in the early 1990’s. I was surprised and embarrassed to find that those men would be using the F- word in the office. This is 20+ years later. The gutter mentality must be even more advanced in all offices.

  • Debbie G

    So the mayor wants us to “lighten up” and not “microanalyze everything.” I guess he’s against the political correctness that’s been shoved down our throats by liberal do-gooders. Perhaps he could tell this to the US Patent and Trademark Office and let Washington call its team the Redskins..

  • tickletik


  • Jeff Ludwig

    Great article. Dennis is right on target. As usual, he knows the difference between right and wrong. It is not just a generational gap as the generous-minded ones on the Left would like to portray it. “That’s just how old folks think,” many will say. This type of statement is meant to show how understanding and “forgiving” they are of those cranky complainers like Dennis (and me!). I am clinging to my God. The Holy Bible specifically skews profanity as a sinful activity.
    My former pastor told how, after he was converted to a born-again evangelical faith in Christ, he felt called to enroll in a Bible college. As a new believer, he used to curse when he felt frustrated about something. He was praying to stop cursing, but he would just blurt out the words. Then one day he was upset about something, and pounded on his desk. He was amazed to note that the expletives didn’t flow out of his mouth as they normally did. It still took a little more time for this tendency towards verbal pollution to disappear. But finally it did. He no longer had the urge to curse. Expletives were deleted from his behavior. It was an important step in learning to walk with a holy God every single day.

  • Danny

    The worst part of this is that people nowadays have no notion of the concepts of sacred and profane. All of society with very few exceptions are like this. It’s not just that the mayor cursed; it’s that he has no notion of how his office should project the idea of dignity. If the mayor is lost on this issue, why would it matter to an average guy, or worse, to children?

  • mathchopper

    He is a God damned fukking Democrap, isn’t he? So what’s the big deal?

  • cothamsaigon

    If you write them up, they merely make them come up to your room to apologize or they give them some joke of a lunch detention. Neither of which has any affect kem dưỡng da nào tốt
    I’m Jewish and as far as I’m concerned, one CANNOT be secular and Jewish dung dịch vệ sinh phụ nữ nào tốt


    Hungary sided with naz i Germany in WW2.

    People have not forgotten fascist Hungary’s treachery.

  • mackykam

    There never was a Jewish government in Hungary. That is an outright lie. Bela Kuhn may have been born Jewish but he certainly didn’t practice his religion. Calling the entire government Jewish speaks to your bigotry. And that is why Hungarians turned over 900,00 Jews to the Germans? Years under the communists were too few and too good for Hungarians.

  • Martel

    Understandably so. Its they who were betrayed by an internationally oriented Jewish community twenty years earlier, they had little interest in being subdued by the Soviet Union whom they rightly considered a source of such a conspiracy against Hungary natives. Should they have opted for a repeat of the Bela Kuhn government instead?

  • Martel

    The vast majority of the players in Bela Kuhn’s government where Jewish, in fact, nearly all of them. Its irrelevant whether Kuhn considered himself a religious or nonreligious Jew. Jewish leaders in those times, as many do today, considered themselve a seperate ethnic group or race. Many Jews considered the suffering of Hungarians under communist not harsh enough, the suffering under a Jewish government and the generalising and certainly immoral statements you make about all Hungarians, regardless of their personal beliefs, help us explain why Jews are not popular today.

    Imagine if I would have said that the time spend under the Nazi’s for Jews was too short and too good, wouldn’t you consider it vile?

    Yet you wish oppression and genocide upon Hungarians. It always amazes me how blind people can be to their own prejudices.

  • mackykam

    Tell the truth, if you can: When were Jews ever popular? When they were blamed for killing your god? When they competed against you in business? When everyone preferred a Jewish physician? When they wanted to attend university? When they lived outside the ghetto? Or when they converted and were still despised?
    Hungarians couldn’t wait for the Nazis to kill Jews so they started their pogroms against Jewish children and women in anticipation. They tossed them alive into the Danube by the hundreds. And helped the Nazis round them up.
    So there was no anti-Jewish sentiment by Hungarians prior to Bela Kuhn? Hell, they even rounded up Jewish converts to Catholicism.

  • Habbgun

    Ah figured you would deny the low European influx into America in the 21st century. That have the actual troll look that you as a webtroll are a symbol of. You are afraid of the Moslems and afraid what you really are. Look in the mirror. You know what is there. You can’t face can you.
    As for a multiracial society Israel is quite the success and among the Jews it is as multiracial as it gets. Sorry but that only proves we lead and you follow. You are just a frightened skank with moldy history books. You are clearly the past. Others the future. No please go away.