+1 Million Children Stopped Eating School Lunches Because of Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama’s school lunches are about as popular as poison ivy.

The First Lady has turned more young people against Democrats than any GOP politician in history. I discovered this last year when my daughter stormed home from school shouting, “Michelle Obama ruined our lunches!”

But don’t worry, this isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. Like ObamaCare and every government social program, ObamaLunch is doing what it’s supposed to.

Nationwide, student participation in the National School Lunch Program declined by 1.2 million students after having increased steadily for many years.

This decrease was driven primarily by a decline of 1.6 million students eating school lunch who pay full price for meals, despite increases in students eating school lunch who receive free meals.

State and local officials reported that the changes to lunch content and nutrition requirements , as well as other factors, influenced student participation.

This is why Team Obama doesn’t care about the student lunch revolts. Just like ObamaCare, this isn’t about those who pay, but those who don’t. The goal is to increase free rider participation and then eventually mandate paying participation.

The targets of the program are free riders and their social problems. The rest don’t matter except when it comes to eventually forcing them to pay into the system. And even that doesn’t matter. The ObamaCare mandate was a sop to insurance companies. It wasn’t in Obama’s original plan.

Big gov planners don’t worry too much about admission fees, they just raise taxes wholesale.

The entire fitness obsession was not about American students overall, but about supposed vulnerable groups whose parents don’t parent and who need the nanny state to do it for them.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Oh, the hypocrisy of it all! There’s Michelle Obama, imposing her dietary preferences on the nation’s schoolchildren (eat your bland lunches or I’ll box your ears!), and there’s Michelle Obama, at a White House banquet, scarffing down exotic and very expensive cuisine but looking too much like a no-class welfare mother hunched over her McDonald’s special.

    • CaoMoo

      Yeah but her obesity is due to racism. Studies prove it lol

      • BagLady

        …her obesity…?

        • CaoMoo

          joke based on another article

    • BagLady

      OK, so it’s a new system. Perhaps time and a few tweaks will find a happy medium and the kids will start looking more like kids and less like blobs….. although I doubt it. The damage has been done. Open access to an ever choc-a-bloc fridge has ensured generations of obese people, unable to pass an hour without stuffing themselves and the effects passing into their genes.

      I giver her credit for having good intentions and she isn’t doing a bad job raising her own two… both of them beautiful girls.

      Aside: Why are the Dutch so tall?

      • DogmaelJones1

        She’s a hypocrite, and her kids are living on your dime and mine, attending a pricy private school, and will have secret service protection for the rest of their lives, again on our dime. She isn’t even a member of government, but has the power to tell other people what to do. The government should stay out of not only the economy and education, but out of our stomachs. My life is not the government’s to run and it certainly isn’t the government’s to claim. All they can go is use force and extortion.

  • GSR

    What is even more pathetic is that fact so many kids get free lunch & breakfast. Why is this? Where are their parent’s? That is the bigger issue.
    Why? Mainly because schools want the “free money” from Washington and they also want to hire more cafeteria employees (more dues paying union members). It’s all corrupt.

    • CaoMoo

      In my experience their parents are busy living like teenage wilderbeast and don’t care. Children are just a bye product of a goodtime.

  • BagLady

    When I was a primary school kid a big van would turn up with vats of food. The smell of lunch would permeate our classrooms and we would drool with anticipation of the meat/fish and 2 veg followed by pudding. There was no choice and we all (apart from the spoiled brats) cleaned our plates and had seconds. We would then go out into the playground, regardless of weather conditions, and run off our calories. I honestly don’t recall one single obese child (they would have been bullied) and the cost was negligible.

    Both sides of the pond are guilty of fixing something that wasn’t broken.

    • Rebecca O’Reilly Boyle

      So true Baglady. I grew up in CA other side of the pond. We did not eat fast food. No one did. There was not a lot of fast food places for one; and no kid I knew had $. We ate packed lunches of fruit and veggies with a tuna sandwich then we bicycled home. Played until dark running, skating and street stick ball. Everyone I know was very skinney….plus less trash from less fast food drive ins.

  • Ron Handy

    If you or me have good common seance – just forget about getting through to the brain dead, dumb asses who think government is the answer. It’s a waist of time,you know it & I know it.!!!!!

  • BagLady

    Those that seek the power of political office are always the least qualified to fulfill the role and the most likely to submit to corruption. Statistics show that they are six times more likely to break the law than Mr Average.

    Do we change the man or the system?