$15 Million Socialist Elizabeth Warren Vows to Fight for Little People Like Her

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I’m all for wealth redistribution. I don’t think anyone produces anything on their own. There is no “I”. Only a collective. Government ought to control absolutely everything. But why do people think I’m a Socialist?

BOB SCHIEFFER: You know, your fans say you’re a populist, but your critics say you’re just basically a socialist.

SEN. WARREN: (LAUGHS) I just don’t know where they get that.

Me either.

You become famous for a “You didn’t build that” rant and suddenly people call you a Socialist.

You’re a slimy lawyer running as a class warrior even though your real clients are the 1 percent and people think you’re a Socialist.

You’re a political parasite who lies twelve times before breakfast, who would rather jump off a bridge than work for a living, all the while living off the money forcibly redistributed from those who do work… and crazy people decide you’re a Socialist.

Strange how that happens. Ted Bundy didn’t know why people called him a serial killer either. He didn’t know where they got that either.

Warren recently released a book, “A Fighting Chance,” that is critical of the status quo in Washington.

“Washington works for anyone who can hire an army of lobbyists and lawyers. It just doesn’t work for regular families,” she said. “They’ve got the concentration of money and power that makes sure that every rule works for those who are rich. What we have on the other side, is we’ve only got two things. We’ve got our voices and we’ve got our votes. And we’ve got to make sure we get heard. That’s the only way we ever get a level playing field.”

Who exactly is this “We” and “Our”?

Elizabeth Warren is Washington. She embodies Washington. She’s an academic and a lawyer and a politician and a regulator.

And then she starts talking about all the “little people” like her who have to make do with a $740,000 condo and her pitiful $15 million net worth.

Who’s going to stand up for the little lawyer\regulator\politicians with only 1.5 billion pennies to scratch together?

Elizabeth Warren will!

  • antioli

    What ever the flaws of Warren almost every one realizes that the Business lobby
    has controlled congress recently . Previously in the 1960s the liberals controlled congress and used the power to regulate to try to destroy business. They wiped
    out several rail roads and weakened steel mills. The businesses fought back and reestablished business as a force in congress. How ever they now have too much control. The results of that over control has taken the liberal caused damage to the economy and increased it.
    Warren like many progressives is not progressive. Like Barney Frank she will sound good but will not deliver much. Distribution of O P M will not restore America.

    • Jack

      “Previously in the 1960s the liberals controlled congress and used the power to regulate to try to destroy business. They wiped
      out several rail roads and weakened steel mills.

      The businesses fought back and reestablished business as a force in congress.”

      That is a very interesting thesis.
      It seems plausible and makes sense. However, I would like some links, if you would be so kind.

  • Ban Liberals

    She is actually a FAKE INDIAN PRINCESS socialist.

    And happily, Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.

    • JDinSTL

      Free Fauxcahontas!

  • http://www.stubbornthings.org NAHALKIDES

    Shame on Bob Schieffer, who perhaps once long ago was a journalist. “People say you’re a socialist” is a sympathetic opening to a self-serving speech. Pointing out that when you say “You moved your goods along public roads” with the implication that the government is therefore entitled to take as much of your profits as it wishes is a socialist statement and taxing her on it would have been journalism.

    • alericKong

      Schieffer is never objective.

  • Gee

    I have noticed of late that the leftists in America are ranting about how they need to level the salaries in America. The Soviet tried that and we all saw how well that works out.
    Since she has millions – Washington should start with her and the President

    • john

      The little India should lead by examle.

    • PStarr

      What “president”?

      • Gee

        There only one American President at a time.

        • Brucew56

          @Gee..Right now, we don’t have a President, we have an empty suit playing the Liar in Chief! He will go down as one of the most despised, narcissistic, criminal politicians in American history. Send, he deserves it!

          • PStarr

            That’s also what I meant. That pig is no president, at least not mine. I didn’t waste my vote on him.

    • Notalibfool

      I agree, Gee. Why do these lefties talk about income and wealth inequality while living extravagant lifestyles?

  • JJ

    Elizabeth Warren Vows to Fight for “Little People” Like Her.
    To clarify: She’ll fight for Marxist, Faux Indian, Affirmative Action Abusing, Dimwitted, Millionaires like herself!

  • ArentIpretty

    For some reason I feel nauseous. I think I’m violently allergic to progressives (socialists/communists).

  • Hard Little Machine

    the people who say power to the people are the people they want the people to give the power to.

  • PDK

    I followed the Elizabeth Warren run for the Senate at long range via the Boston Harold.

    It was unbelievable and very disheartening that she won the race.

    She has a incredible amount of nutball baggage, such as being 1/32 Amerindian and her part of the Pow Wow Chow Cookbook was recipes lifted from a different Cookbook, but it is all liberal ideology nutball baggage.

    I believe she will run for the POTUS. She and Hillary just might have a real dogfight for the nomination.

    Liz is such a liberal ideology nutball she is genuinely dangerous.

    America is no more, America has been transmogrified.

    From the Sanctuary, @ http://the-pdk.blogspot.com/
    I’m PDK: Thank you.

  • Notalibfool

    Does this Socialist crybaby understand that she is insulting all of us who struggle to survive?

    Has she ever had to worry about where her next meal is coming from? How to make the next house payment? How to pay for gas to get to a low-paying job? This is all s h i t that’s on my mind as I type this. Yet I don’t want or need some lefty pretending to care. I am smart enough to know that this “for the people” bs is exactly that… BS!

    Those left-wing politicians, celebrities, and professors who support wealth redistribution should experience what they demand: Take away their money, their mansions, their expensive toys, and forbid them to earn a decent living.

  • Guest

    Hypocrisy was always a prerequisite to Washington politics.

  • Abberline

    The fact that “Fauzcahontas” won despite being an unashamed liar is reason enough to think we are living in the end of days. Warren, de Blasio, Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi – ouch!

  • Patrick778

    Wingers toss around “Socialist!” like Horowitz used to toss around “Fascist!” when he was a lefty-nut.

  • Chris Code

    One does not have to be poor or middle class in order to fight for the rights of poor and middle class people any more than one has to be gay or a woman to fight for gay rights or women’s rights. And Elizabeth Warren never claimed to be one of us “little people.” So your argument is moot.