240 Years After UK Abolished Slavery, Anti-Slavery Teams are Set Up in Airports


The great perversity of the left’s obsession with promoting Third World migration to Western nations is how that migration undoes all the achievements of civilization.

240 years after Britain outlawed slavery, it’s forced to deploy Anti-Slavery units at airports.

Specialist anti-slavery teams are being deployed at Heathrow and other major UK airports to combat people-trafficking gangs.

The Border Force-led teams will work at identifying potential victims of trafficking, disrupting crime gangs and collecting intelligence on trafficked adults and children.

The squads will take on the work of the Met’s specialist Operation Paladin team which investigated the trafficking of children through Heathrow airport.

Meanwhile in the United States, Shyima Hall, an Egyptian girl who was sold into slavery at the age of 8, and lived as a slave in the United States until she was freed by law enforcement, has a book out, Hidden Girl.

A decade ago, Shyima Hall was smuggled into the United States as a 10-year-old slave, forced to cook and clean inside the home of a wealthy Irvine family and, at night, sleep on a squalid mattress in a windowless garage.

Hall’s Egyptian parents sold her into slavery when she was 8 for $30 a month, according to authorities. The Cairo couple who bought her moved to Irvine two years later, smuggling Hall into the U.S. where she toiled for them and their five children until she was 13.

Hall said she worked 16 hour days, scrubbing floors, cooking meals and cleaning house, and was rarely allowed outside the spacious home. She was forced to wash her own clothes in a bucket and was forbidden from going to school. She never visited a doctor or dentist and didn’t speak a word of English.

Her captors, Abdel Nasser Eid Youssef Ibrahim and his former wife, Amal Ahmed Ewis-abd Motelib, berated her and occasionally slapped her around, authorities said.

Stories like these remind us that it’s not all in the past. It’s happening right now. While the left denounces the West for the slave trade of a century ago, it celebrates an Islamic ideology which was built on enslaving men and women and which continues the traffic in slaves even today.

Looking back to Egypt, slavery there was only shut down by Western colonialism.

For a while the British agents of the Slave Trade Bureau roamed Egypt hunting for Egyptian slavers transporting African slaves from the Sudan. One such famous case in 1894 involved Ali Pasha Sharif, the head of Egypt’s Legislative Assembly, who was charged with purchasing a smuggled Sudanese slavewoman. A few weeks earlier Ali Pasha Sharif had called for shutting down the Slave Trade Bureau on the grounds that slavery no longer existed in Egypt.

Despite such British attempts at cracking down on the slave trade, it never went away.

Count Della Sella, the former head of the Slave Trade Bureau, said that all the laws against slavery proved useless. “Now there is a constant current of thousands of these petty dealers, each of whom brings three or four women slaves with him under the name of wives and servants. They sell their slaves in Egypt and as the price has now risen, three or four, are quite enough to allow of a profitable journey. The large caravans of former days are mostly stopped, but a constant stream of small lots of slaves sets into Egypt from the Sudan.”

There’s nothing new here. The Slave Trade Bureau is reborn again, but the slaves are now being smuggled by their Muslim masters into the UK itself. And the United States.

  • A Z

    We need more Muslim immigration, because Muslims believe in minimum wage.

    /sarc off

    $30 a month or a dollar a day going to a 3rd party for one’s labor is very minimal.

    I don’t remember a headline or story since WW2 about another group of people practicing slavery openly or illegally to the same degree.

    • Larry Larkin

      The most open and blatant slavery of the 20thC is arguably that of Liberia.

      • A Z

        Nothing like the slavery shown in movie “The Rundown” could happen in Latin America. Why did they not choose to set the story in Africa? Sure Hollywierd made the film Blood diamonds in 2006, 3 years later, but it was after “The Rundown” lost money.

        Yet Hollywood had to set in Latin America and not elsewhere. It cost $85 million to make and grossed $80 million. Judging from its’ receipts the Brasilians must have panned it as well.

        Someone posted that Mauretania had 750,000 slaves. the CNN story seems to bear that out. National Geographic has reported on slavery in Mauretania, so it must be bad.

        “Mauritania’s endless sea of sand dunes hides an open secret: An estimated 10% to 20% of the population lives in slavery. ”


        • Seek

          You’re a wee factually challenged about that film. “Blood Diamond,” directed by Edward Zwick (e.g., “Glory,” “The Last Samurai”) accurately portrayed the brutality of black Africans in Sierra Leone killing each other competing for “conflict diamonds.” Blacks engaging in mass murder. Gee, that’s a novelty.

          The term “Hollyweird,” by the way, ought to be mothballed. It isn’t exactly Bloomsbury-level wit.

          • A Z

            What is challenged is your reading comprehension.

            The implication of my post was that Hollywierd does not want to make Africa look bad. It is a 3rd rail for them.

            The film “The Rundown” was set in South America somewhere in the deepest, darkest part of the Amazonian basin. The film is set in Brasil. Brasil has a huge movie going audience. They did not like the film judging from the movie receipts. Of course they have a better concept of the socio-economic status of their country than some unwashed and uncouth Hollywierd types.

            Of course this is typical of the miseducated Left. Former President Carter got slammed by the Left and the Right when he started his preacherman visit to Brasil. Believe it or not they can take care of themselves.

            In fact you had better take care our yourself. You are ignorant. I know of a major manufacturing company that bases one out of 6 of their product lines exclusively out of Brasil. A few years back they were considering another line as well. that would make 1/3 by product line. It would be more than that in volume. Keep voting Democrat if you wan to kill union jobs. Also visit Brasil and do something beside dropping latex on the ground in Rio.

            Not to mention many of the puddle jumpers that many Americans are passengers use are built by Embraer. If you lose the lower rungs of an industry, chances are good you are going to lose the whole industry. What say you?

            I never said the movie “Blood Diamonds” was not set in Africa, about Africa or was not true in the general sense. What I said was Hollywierd trotted out make believe trashed a country ins o doing and then after a box office loss decided to tell a real story.


            Hollywierd is the name given to Hollywood by a certain pundit. I dislike Hollywood enough that I think it is a fitting epithet. Deal with it.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Islam is such a “liberating” ideology, I don’t see why more infidels don’t submit to it. They, too, could become slaves and not have to worry about “freedom.” All it could cost is a few lashes and face-slaps, and if you’re a blonde, blue-eyed infidel, a few hours of “private” time with the master (or mistress). Islam is sooooo…rewarding!

    • Robin-Frans Winkel

      When blonde, blue-eyed infidel Normans conquered Sicily, they did put Moorish women in harems.

      • Jonathan

        Sure, after the Moors invaded Sicily and put the natives in Harems?

        • Robin-Frans Winkel

          Yes. So you understand tit-for-tat?

          • Jonathan

            I disagree with tit for tat. We ought to do right no matter what anyone else does. I agree with defending our homes, families etc. Not with revenge.

          • Robin-Frans Winkel

            “Oddly”, as a part North-African, I am tempted to prefer Odinism over Christianity.

          • Jonathan

            why’s that?

          • Robin-Frans Winkel

            Mainly not having to turn the other cheek, although polygamy is appealing too.

  • Robin-Frans Winkel

    When the Pagan Vikings reintroduced slavery in Christian Ireland, the Christian Irish reintroduced slavery specifically for Pagan Vikings only…

    • Ricardo

      And? This is before or after the modern era. Heck is before or after the 1400? or 1500?

      • Robin-Frans Winkel

        Vikings raided Ireland in the early Middle-Ages.

    • Jonathan

      Most Vikings were devils in those days.

      • Robin-Frans Winkel

        Like Muslims are now.

  • kilfincelt

    Slavery was quite common centuries ago in various parts of the world. However, Europeans were the first to realize it was a violation of human rights. Not so, Muslims. Muslims enslaved Africans for more than 13 centuries. They even participated in bringing slaves to the Americas. Actually, slavery continues to exist in the Muslim world because the Qur’an and its prophet condoned it.

  • Michael Copeland

    “the master has the right to have sexual intercourse with the daughters of his maid-slave because they are his property”
    (Ibn Timiyya, Vol. 35, p. 54).

    • Robin-Frans Winkel

      But aren’t the daughter of his maidslave likely to be HIS daughters as well?

      • Jonathan

        definitely tend to be related to him in some way

  • laura r

    are we next? or will customs just let the cargo thru? how does di blasio feel about this in NY? we have enough chinese slaves. they got in. just asking. the issue is worth looking into.

  • Jonathan

    Why is it only white countries are forcibly integrated? Why not force let’s say Japan or something to take millions from Africa or the middle East? Is it some kind of weird thinking that the white race must end? Just asking.

    • laura r

      because japan will not allow it. no ones forcing the US to do this, they govt has given on ongoing invitation.

      • Jonathan

        My point is how many of the people want it besides know-it-all bureaucrats? I don’t know exactly because I don’t live in Britain. But, what’s wrong with Britain for the Britons? The governments are insane and it’s just going to cause problems/division. I feel sorry for these minorities; if people get angry and decide to take it out on them. It’s not about race, but cultures. Cultures clash. That’s a fact of history. It’s irresponsible what they’re doing, bringing in great numbers of other cultures without giving time for assimilation. They don’t seem to care very much about assimilation anyway. They just keep harping on “tolerance”. Maybe, if they play everyone off against each other they can pose as the rational, peace maker in the room and get everyone to follow them. Also, they gain loyal voter blocks by pretending to care for these minorities and pretending to protect them against the “mean” populace.

        What do you think? Am I right?