2% of Italy is Muslim, 35% of Italian Prisoners are Muslim

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Muslims make up less than 2 percent of the population of Italy, but more than 35 percent of its prisoners since the 35 percent only counts Muslim immigrants, not Muslim settlers who were already born in Italy or Italians who defected to Islam.

At least 35% of Italian prison inmates come from Muslim-majority countries, and one in four prisons has a prayer area set aside for them, a government report obtained by ANSAmed showed Monday.

The joint report by Italy’s Justice ministry and department of corrections is titled ‘Mosques in Penal Institutions’ and is to be released Tuesday in Rome at a Niccolò Cusano University conference on ‘Muslims in Italy’. Of the 64,760 detainees as of September 30 (that number decreased to 62,500 people behind bars as of the end of 2013) approximately 23,000 were foreign, and 13,500 of these came from Muslim-majority countries, mostly Morocco and Tunisia.

Most were doing time for drug dealing, theft, falsifying documents and resisting arrest, the report showed. Of these, just under 9,000 were observant Muslims, including 181 imams or spiritual leaders, and 53 out of 202 prisons surveyed had mosques set up for them. In prisons lacking adequate space, people pray in their cells or in the yard.

181 Imams. That’s reasonably impressive. It also suggests that Imams may have a higher rate of criminality than the general population which is not surprising.

Meanwhile Italian lefties are still stewing over the US expropriation of Imam Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr while their government welcomes in Muslim settlers.


  • Raymond_in_DC

    One finds a similar pattern in the UK, France, and Scandinavian countries, except that the population percentages – of population and prisoners – are higher.

  • nopeacenow

    What the world does not need is more Muslim immigration. We should be helping Christians to leave Muslim countries to settle in the West, not Muslims. Let’s keep Muslims in Muslim countries. There are 56 of them and that is enough for this world.

  • blert

    If the Italian crowd understood Arabic, they’d understand that those prostrate are cursing the native Italians with every ‘service.’

    Their ‘call to prayer’ is, in fact, a call to curse and damn.

    It’s loaded with magical thinking: like yelling for rain at Woodstock, the faithful rail at Allah to destroy the neighborhood.

    • MarilynA

      You got that right. Mohammed must have taken his religious teaching right out of Arabian Nights. So he got off his flying carpet and got on a flying horse and they flew to the temple Mount where he rose into heaven. But what can you expect from people who make pilgrimages to worship a rock from a meteor that fell to earth and is encased in a black square building in Mecca.

      • Islamgottogo

        Actually it is encased in a sliver bezel that is shaped like a vagina ,and that is encased in the : Black square “

    • Drakken

      Those prostrated muslims in front of the Catholic Church is a call to arms and war, and those muslims look like a target rich environment to me.

  • reliapundit

    they should deport the 2%

    • Martin Ellacott

      …………….an so should we all.

    • laura r

      should is a usless word.

    • Giovanni

      deport where to? They are smart enough to throw away any documents. There exist camps in Libya though.

      • Drakken

        Anywhere in the muslim world works for me, if they resist, shoot them on the spot.

      • 1stworlder

        let them join their documents.

  • laura r

    its the plan. the NWO global plan. everyones in bed w/these islamists. when immigrants threaten i would assume it is treason. guess i was wrong.

  • john spielman

    Islam attracts the criminals and turns people into criminals because it sanctifies violence including rape murder lying stealing and pedophilia.
    There is no personal transformation of believers in Islam like there is in Christianity by God (His Holy Spirit) that will change the heart. Instead of murder hatred lying lust stealing that characterizes the behavior of Islamists, the followers of Jesus, by His Holy Spirit,show love, joy,peace patience,kindness, gentleness, and self control!

  • Napoleon

    the government doesn’t “welcome in Muslim settlers”. They are Albanians and Moroccans and they come illegally over the sea. They are the advance soldiers of the drug mafia from Morocco and Turkey. They dispose of their passports and hence cannot be sent back – no country takes them if Italy can’t provide proof of citizenship.

    • Drakken

      Just kick them off the ship when you get close to shore, if they can’t swim, I guess that is allahs will.

    • Islamgottogo

      There are ways to identify people ,by their speech ,one can tell pretty much exactly where they are coming from .
      To stop their welfare benefits could be a good start ..
      Stop helping countries that do not cooperate with repatriation ,and if they come by sea tow and dump them back where they are coming from ,
      Check who comes in and out borders …it was a nice idea to have open borders ,but that was only good with countries of equal status ,originally the EC was made of Belgium,France ,Holland and Luxemburg ,so that worked pretty well for everybody ,once they included underdeveloped countries,Greece,Spain ,Portugal the problems started to get even worse ,as they are close to severely underdeveloped countries with incompatible ideologies ,Morocco,Tunisia,Albania ,etc etc ..

  • vishnu

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  • Bacchus

    Islam is the religion of the devil. The Koran says so but muslims are so stupid that they cannot work it out in 1400 years. “Allah is the best of the deceivers” how can anyone trust a lying god????

    • Anti-Muslim

      I agree with you 100%. Islam is the religion of the devil. It is a very deadly and very dangerous CULT!!!! Even an ex-Muslim told me not to trust Muslims.

  • http://netdost.com/ NetDost Social Network

    the same can be said about most countries

  • Nielsen

    Doesn’t Italy remind you of USA?

  • Jean-Noël

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  • starwin sheikh

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    • Theresa Hall-Klos

      On what planet are you living? Muslims are slaughtering Christians all over the World. You are spouting Muslim LIES.

  • Sha Sha

    Islam really does not belong in CIVILATIONS IN OUTER SPACE OR PLANET EARTH ever ever ever