30% of Pakistanis say Honor Killings of Women Often Justified


Pakistani migrants are the second fastest growing group in the US. 15,000 of them arrived in 2012.

30 to 40 percent of them believe that fathers and husbands have the right to kill and even obligation to kill their daughters and wives.

What are the consequences of that going to be?

Honor killings claim the lives of more than 1,000 Pakistani women every year…

The Pew Research survey did not ask about children marrying without the consent of their parents, but did ask about ending a woman’s life if she engages in premarital sex or adultery.  Four-in-ten respondents said that the practice was justified, including three-in-ten (30%) who said it was often justified and 9% who said it was sometimes justified. About half said that ending a woman’s life to protect family honor was rarely (5%) or never (46%) justified.

The term for adultery however can encompass any ‘immorality’. It’s not clear what term the poll used.

Furthermore, women who marry without permission, especially if they are avoiding an arranged marriage, are considered to be committing adultery.

We need to have a serious conversation about the consequences of importing thousands of people a year who believe that women may be killed.


  • mackykam

    Let’s do the math: 15,000 per anum minus 30% = 10,500.
    STILL TOO MANY. Any other ideas on how to whittle down the rest? Anyone?

    • onecornpone

      Declare open season?!?

      • ndacboss

        A Fatwa? Yes, good idea! So declared.

    • Drakken

      No more muslims, no more problems.

  • liz

    But don’t you see how this “enriches the fabric of our society”? (According to Obama).
    Yes, we should also release all the gorillas and baboons from our zoos and grant them citizenship.

    • SusieBartlettedo

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  • wileyvet

    Muslims, the most dishonourable people on the planet, kill their own wives and daughters and call that honourable. The inverted logic of Islam proudly on display everyday, everywhere by barbarians and savages inculcated in the immoral teachings of the vilest human being ever to call himself a prophet, continue to show the world the true nature of Muhammadism. How can a disease such as this possibly be good for any society? Like cancer in its host, it will ravage the body until it takes its last breath, unless a radical treatment is implemented. We know what that treatment needs to be. Do we have the will? Or do we merely hold a bedside vigil in silence as the candles burn down leaving us in darkness?