34-Year-Old Clinton Spawn Who Has Never Worked for a Living: “I Will Just Always Work Harder.”


Chelsea Clinton is not beholden to her parents or her royal dynastic last name. She’s a self-starter and a go-getter.

As with every new job during these years, Chelsea had to make people forget her heritage.

“I will just always work harder [than anybody else] and hopefully perform better. And hopefully, over time, I pre-empt and erase whatever expectations people have of me not having a good work ethic, or not being smart, or not being motivated.”

Chelsea Clinton’s current job?

She works for the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. The Clinton Foundation has been renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation so good luck getting her job if your name isn’t Chelsea Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton also got $600K as correspondent for NBC News where she awkwardly and infrequently talked to celebrities about their charities.

And let’s not forget about her role as MULTI-FAITH LEADER where she runs the Of the Many Institute. I have no idea what she does there. No one else does either.

But it requires a lot of help.

Striding across the lobby of Chicago’s Sheraton Hotel, where the summit took place, hand outstretched in greeting, a gaggle of assistants in tow, the articulate 33-year-old bore little resemblance to the gawky teenager who was rarely caught on camera during her father’s presidency in the mid-90s.

She attributes her emergence as a multi-tasking power player to forces beyond her famous parents.

Yeah. Sure. Anyway she’s transcended all that.

“It is frustrating, because who wants to grow up and follow their parents?” admits Chelsea. “I’ve tried really hard to care about things that were very different from my parents. I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t. That wasn’t the metric of success I wanted in my life. I’ve talked about this to my friends who are doctors and whose parents are doctors, or who are lawyers and their parents are lawyers. It’s a funny thing to realise I feel called to this work both as a daughter and also as someone who believes I have contributions to make.”

If you can sort through all that gibberish, it means that Chelsea Clinton, the coal miner’s daughter of broke and not truly well off millionaires who have more mansions than you have chairs, that she has transcended money and will focus on her role as a daughter.

In other news, Prince Charles will give up on his promising career in plumbing to be the Prince of Wales.

On a February morning, earlier this year, Chelsea takes the stage of a packed NYU auditorium. Melinda Gates and Hillary Clinton – along with Chelsea – are there to announce No Ceilings, a collaboration between the Clinton Foundation and the Gates Foundation that will analyse the progress of women and girls globally

What do Melinda Gates, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have in common? They are where they are because of their last names.


  • Judahlevi

    Chelsea Clinton is just one more leftist who has a disconnect with reality. Her mother is the same way.

    They see themselves as they want to be seen, not as they truly are. Unfortunately, the see the world this way as well. Don’t confuse them with reality.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They spend too much time living in a world in which everyone fawns on them to have any notion of reality

      • Dutch Renitent

        That’s true but don’t you feel a little bit sad for Chelsea Clinton? She was raised this way and it’s child abuse when you come to think of it.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          it’s sad, but she could have made a break and become someone

          instead she puttered around at universities and went back to being the First Daughter

          • Johnny Palestine

            Chelsea was subjected to numerous facial sculpting procedures, mainly her protuberance that houses her nostril and her labium inferius oris ( her nose and lower lip ) to not only propel her for a life time senator/mooch/parasite in DC but also to conceal the fact that she is the love child of Hitalry and Webb Hubbell.

            Her surgeries serve as a physical metaphor to proffer the impression that the Clintons are a real family.

        • Christopher Riddle

          In my next lifetime,put me down for some”Child-Abuse”!

          • Dutch Renitent

            I don’t know if all the money of the world is gonna make up for the fact of having Hillary & Bill as your parents. ;)

          • Christopher Riddle

            Just a”Bad Joke”!

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    And one of the reasons behind the American Revolution was to be free of dynastic rule? Am I wrong on this?

    Thirty-four years old, eh? One more year and she can run for the awesome responsibility of the presidency …

    God help us all.

    • Hard Little Machine

      She can and should run on her mommy’s ticket as VP. We may as well admit there’s an aristocracy.

  • tagalog

    It’s always good not to have to worry about anything so crass as actually having to produce something and -gag me!- actually working to actually have to make money. OMG!

    That’s why it’s always so good to have people around who will pay you $600,000 a year. Imagine there’s no money, it’s easy when you’re rich…

    And if they disappear, there’s always the basement of that Chappaqua house…

  • fiona

    very unimportant but I don’t know what it is about her she reminds me, looks wise, of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

  • darnellecheri

    Chelsea Clinton is articulate? Just like everyone stated that Obama was articulate. I just don’t see it or hear it.


    The Clintons are going to be around for a long, long time.

    • Johnny Palestine

      Bush>Clinton>Bush>Obama> Hitlary Clinton> Jeb Bush>Chelsea Clinton>Hunter Biden

      But we know that our betters want the best for us

  • Dutch Renitent

    Don’t you feel a little bit sad for Chelsea Clinton? She was raised this way and it’s child abuse when you come to think of it.

  • wileyvet

    “In other news, Prince Charles will give up on his promising career in plumbing to be the Prince of Wales.” Man, you are on a roll today. One zinger after another.

  • kat

    No, she does not care about money. She had a wedding that cost a million dollars but she really wanted a good old Arkansas barbeque.

    • truebearing

      She’s like her poor, broke, furniture stealing parents. She’s just in it to mouth platitudes, lie, and earn huge sums of money due to the worship of collectivists that somehow reconcile worshipping personalities while seeing individuals as expendable.

      • Now I Get It

        Earn“? Ah, well, maybe “earn” with a small “e,” like her Ma and Obama have a lower case of “friendship.”

  • liz

    Iove that line “the coal miners daughter of broke and not truly well off millionaires..” Sounds like the makings of a great song!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      the chorus is, “They’re gonna put y’all in chains”

      • liz

        And “ah ain’t no way tard”!

        • truebearing

          “though ahm workin’ real hard.”

  • Bryan Schmick

    Keep in mind that after getting a history degree, her first job was a high position in a hedge fund company. How hard did she have to work to get that position over people with actual degrees in things like economics and business management?

  • joba

    this article is beneath you…she sounds like she’s community minded, a fine young person…trying to help the world…

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Define “community”, before you ask us to accept her as a “fine young person”. Also, what does it mean to “help the world”? Rather, what do you mean by it?

    • Judahlevi

      How does she “help the world” by accepting $50,000 a month in salary from NBC? She knows she doesn’t deserve it.

      It sounds just like plain old greed to me.

    • truebearing

      Does “community minded” mean her mind is a composite of an entire community? What if all communities aren’t of the same mind? Then she is anti-community minded to at least some people. What if her community is wrong-minded, as it most certainly is. Then she is hurting the world.

      Try using your mind for something more than recycling deceptive propaganda.

    • Drakken

      Oh look! Another progressive who wishes upon unicorns and rainbows to magically appear. I can’t wait until you progressive dolts get a cold harsh taste of brutal reality.

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    Another Progressive elitist who will tell the rest of us how to live and what to think.
    Can her entry into politics be far behind?
    Of course we all know, that Chelsea Clinton got her job on her own merit, Ma and Pa Clinton had NOTHING at all to do with getting her these high paying “jobs.”
    Just like John Kennedy (and Bobby Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and all of the rest of the Kennedy clan) achieved their positions on “their own merit.”
    Why do people keep voting these people into office?
    These political dynasties have to end.
    Why would anyone trust Chelsea Clinton?

  • WarOnMugs

    This is some fine reporting Daniel Greenfield. The daughter of a wealthy politically-connected family has advantages in life? Shocker. What happened to you growing up to make you write drivel like this on a hate-filled fascist site? Are your parents proud of you? I mean it’s none of my business really, but I can’t help but wonder what went wrong in your life.

    • UCSPanther

      How dare us “peasants” offend our “betters” by questioning their wisdom…

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I’ve commented on this site, and read the articles here, for years. The only “hate” I find comes from the outside.

    • Judahlevi

      Fascism is a leftwing ideology, not rightwing.

      I think we all know what went “wrong” with your life.

    • truebearing

      You have more in that mug than between your ears.

    • Bryan Schmick

      You may have missed the news story about her mother complaining about being poor when they left the white house at just about the time that they bought two houses for over 4 million. One in NY so she could run for Senate there and one in WaDC so she could have a place to live. How many poor people do you know that could afford the same? What this article was about is that a wealthy daughter of a wealthy person given everything in life like high paying jobs without actually having to earn them does not actually have to work harder to live in her 10 million apartment (I assume that’s 10 million for the complex and not 10 million in rental fees per month or year), The fact is that her mother is big news in the next presidential election and claims to be poor so that she can claim to be in touch with the average Joe/Jane. This article is just another example of how out of touch the Clintons are.

  • kazzer66

    It’s easy to not care about money when you have plenty of it. BTW what does she work ‘hard’ at, talking around the foot in her mouth like her mother?

  • truebearing

    “If you can sort through all that gibberish, it means that Chelsea Clinton, the coal miner’s daughter of broke and not truly well off millionaires who have more mansions than you have chairs, that she has transcended money and will focus on her role as a daughter.”

    Huge sexist grin.

  • notme123

    what does Chelsea get paid for her hard work at the Clinton Foundation, and that Of the Many Institute(never heard of it, what is it?)
    She’s a chip off the old(clinton) block. Sounds like her mother. Maybe she’ll run for pres.(heaven help us)

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  • Christopher Riddle

    The”Metric of Success”?I’ve never heard”Money”described that way??Can she make change for a $100.00 bill??

  • Christopher Riddle

    Something just came to mind!Do you remember how”They”tripped up G.H.W in the 1992 election?They accused him of being “out-of-touch”with”Ordinary People”.He was asked what the cost was of a half-gallon of milk???How Times CHANGE???????????