60 Minutes’ Kroft Says Iran Isn’t Building a Bomb, Praises its Welfare System


60 Minutes continues its consistent track record of praising the Iranian regime and lying about its intentions. Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes interviewed Steve Kroft, also of 60 Minutes, about his 60 Minutes story on Iran.

If this sounds like a conflict of interest, welcome to CBS News. It’s where journalism goes to die.

Steve Kroft made it clear that his story was going to be straight Iranian nuclear propaganda without even a hint of truth creeping into it.

In 2007, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley – then a 60 Minutes correspondent – sat down for an interview with Rouhani’s predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and hailed the dictator as “incorruptible” and “modest.”

And 60 Minutes doesn’t change. It’s the same charade of fake journalism as ever.

ROSE: This sounds like a fascinating trip. Sum up for us what you found in terms of the mood, attitude, feeling of the Iranian people.

KROFT: Well, I think the tone has changed, that’s the biggest thing. When you look back just a little over a year ago and you had Ahmadinejad, and now you’ve got Rouhani and the people around him who are much different, they’re – they’re sort of pragmatists. And you get the sense that, “Let’s stop all the bad talk. Let’s just see if we can get a few things accomplished here.”

Wait… but wasn’t Ahmadinejad modest and incorruptible? Kroft acts like he doesn’t know that Rouhani is just a puppet for Iran’s religious leadership, just like Ahmadinejad was, until he began going off script.

But that’s 60 Minutes. Sixty minutes of lies.

Co-host Charlie Rose asked: “Attitude towards America?”

Kroft said: Attitudes toward westerners, I think they have – they’re very friendly towards them. I think that they have a – they like them. If you’re talking about the foreign policy of the United States, they’ll tell you, “Then we have big problems with it. But we have nothing against Americans. We want to see westerners.” I think that they’re sick and tired of the isolation and they really do not want a war.

Iranians may not want a war, but what they want doesn’t matter. Iran is a totalitarian regime with rigged elections.

They don’t believe – we didn’t talk to anybody who believes they’re building a bomb. That the supreme leader has dictated that it’s against their religion, you know, and that a fatwa was issued. It’s on his website. “Why don’t they believe us?”

That must be why Iran insists on building rockets to carry the bombs that don’t exist.

And the Fatwa is a scam. Even the Washington Post’s fact checker was unconvinced. Not to mention that there are tons of Fatwas against terrorism that also mean nothing. Islamic leaders are expert at violating the spirit of their own laws while keeping to the text.

Iran’s religious law bans executing virgins. So they just rape the girls and then they execute them.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran it is illegal to execute a woman if she is a virgin, the former guard said.

So the Government arranges “wedding” ceremonies to be conducted the night before executions, and prisoners are forced to have sexual intercourse with a guard.

Raped by her new “husband,” a female prisoner is now fit to be put to death.

Some of the prisoners in his care were drugged with sleeping pills to make them docile, as the girls in their custody always fought back, he said, fearing the night of the rape more deeply than their executions the following day.

“I remember hearing them cry and scream after (the rape) was over,” he told the paper.

That’s what any Iranian religious law is worth. There’s always a brutal workaround. Maybe Steve Kroft should have talked to some of the female survivors of Iran’s prisons.

“So it’s – they feel like they’ve already made the concessions, and I think that they’re – what they want – I think the sanctions have hurt, but they’re prepared to sacrifice a lot more if they have to, to keep the nuclear program, the peaceful – what they call peaceful nuclear program – because they don’t want it dictated to them.”

Iran doesn’t have a peaceful nuclear program. It’s an oil rich country. It doesn’t need a civilian nuclear program.

 GAYLE KING: I would like to know what it was like there because I think for most Americans, what we know about Iran is what we see on TV. Even the word “regime” is a scary word to a lot of people. You think terrorism, you think frightening. Were you afraid? Did you ever feel in danger?

KROFT: No, it’s not like that. It’s like going to – you know, it’s just a big international capital. We saw no – we saw two military people.

This isn’t anything new. Lefty reporters have been doing these propaganda broadcasts for ages, for Nazi Germany, for the USSR, for Cuba and even the Viet Cong.

Nothing changes. Certainly not on 60 Minutes.

  • Ban Liberals

    60 minutes of DELUSION.

  • T800

    60 Minutes has had NO credibility for a long time. Especially after the Dan Rather Bush memo forgery and CBS failure to immediately fire those responsible,including Rather.
    Every smart person interviewed by them brings along their own videographer to record the -entire- interview,so that 60 Minutes cannot selectively edit it to make the person look bad.

  • T800

    if Iran was not seeking nuclear weapons,they would not have run computer simulations for increasing the yield of a nuclear bomb,or tested neutron initiators and implosions of dummy pits at Parchin. (all violations of the NPT)
    If Iran only wanted a peaceful nuclear industry,they would not have constructed centrifuges and sites in secret,in violation of the NPT. They would have done it openly,with full knowledge and consent of the IAEA and UN,and avoided sanctions from the beginning.
    If Iran didn’t intend on attacking the US,they would not be building a missile base in Venezuela,or testing SCUD launches from container ships.
    I’d think Iran has better things to do with their money and resources.

    • T800

      Note that the TWO massive clean-ups at Parchin observed by US satellites were not necessary for testing explosive bridge-wire detonators,commonly used to set off nuclear weapons. But if they were used to implode dummy uranium pits,then cleanup would be necessary.
      Iran had to haul away huge amounts of dirt from Parchin,so that the residues could not be detected if IAEA or Westerners got in there to inspect,or if a dissident took samples and smuggled them to Western authorities.
      Fact is,there is no explanation for the Parchin cleanups other than nuclear tests that are outlawed by the NPT. the cleanups were also a costly,large use of resources.

    • gupta

      have you visited parchin? or you depend on the garb disseminated and propagated by Israeli and pro war lyres. stop considering others as fools. everything nuclear yes for Israel who is free to violate every accepted human code of conduct!!!!! but even the peaceful nuclear technology is forbidden for a country of thousands of years of civilization namely iran. and this being despite the fact that iran is a party to NPT. isn’t it a big mistake to let a non npt member to do whatever it wants and at the same time to try to put as much pressure as possible on an npt member to deprive it of its inalienable rights under the very same npt? aren’t we sending a wrong signal to the world? I don’t think anybody buy Israeli and pro Israeli rubbish any more

      • Drakken

        Iran hasn’t been a civilization since the arabs bred the Persian out of them when they conquered them, to let you muzzies of your bent have a nuke is like giving a monkey a loaded weapon, sooner or later it is going to go off.

        • gupta

          your lack of historical knowledge about civilizations is virtually of no importance and value what so ever. and as far as I know I don’t think and I have not read or seen that Iranians are in a mood to ask anybody’s permission to go ahead with their nuclear program which they have proved to be for peaceful purposes and very much their right to have it under the npt. real animals and lunatics are those who have used and still don’t hesitate to use their weapons against defenseless people of Palestine and dropped their A bombs on cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    • richard anderson

      You’re making this stuff up. Besides the NPT was not signed by Israel. Inspectors have found nothing like a bomb in Iran. But Israel has them. Where is the concern about this?

  • T800

    I’ve noticed a trend in the pro-Iran posters;
    first they assert that Iran is only pursuing “peaceful nuclear power” and is in compliance with the NPT.
    Then they go from that disproven position to claiming the “negotiations” are going to insure that Iran can’t develop nuclear weapons.[lol]
    After that fails,they then claim that Iran has a “right” to enrichment and nuclear weapons,and that Iran only needs them for “self-defense” against the US-Israel.[more lol]
    Then they claim that Iran would never(and has never) attack the US.
    After that fails,they return to claim #1. then repeat the cycle over and over.

  • fpm

    Why build a bomb when they can build multiple warheads which can reach anywhere around the glob? Taqiyya talent show on 60 minutes.

  • Nightowl

    So, how much have these clowns been paid to shill for Iran?

  • Truth

    Let me guess! this is another “pro Israeli/Pro War” outlet!! I see a growing desperation in the side of AIPAC and associates. But people are waking up and are not buying the nonsense made in Israel to push US to another devastating war. War for what? remove another Israel competitor in the middle east?

  • richard anderson

    Nothing has been found by inspectors. Nothing. All this huff and puff is about Israel and it’s paranoia. Unending shameless lies to support those nut cases running what could be a normal country.

  • Paul Kangas

    If the US wants to bans nukes, it should first start by passing a solar payment policy ( FiT ) that requires Utilities to pay homeowners $0.49 kwh for solar.
    That would make US nukes unnecessary. We could power every city with 100% solar. Then, from such a moral high ground, we could ask Iran to build solar homes, so they would not need nukes.
    Germany just broke the world record for generation of solar, for one day, when it produced 22 GW of solar last week. Cloudy, foggy, rainy Germany is now the world leader in solar.

  • http://www.algoreisabidfatidiot.com/ Rev Jim Jones

    hmm, a country the routinely advocates the destruction of Israel, condones unprovoked religious war and violence, rapes and tortures women, imposes harsh censorship on citizens and as made no secret about it’s hate for America?

    Yeah, i place my trust in their good intentions and 60 Minutes credibility.

  • http://www.twitter.com/changeirannow ChangeIranNow

    It doesn’t matter that ever-smiling “moderate” Rouhani over the weekend said that Iran is being asked to accept “nuclear apartheid.” Or that a defiant Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered his Revolutionary Guard to “mass produce” nuclear-capable missiles as “a main duty of fall military officials.”

    The UN report complained that Iran’s missile program “is opaque and not subject to the same level of transparency that Iran’s nuclear activities are” under the UN’s IAEA.

    As Iran seeks metals, fuel and guidance-system components for missiles, similarities between Iran’s ballistic missiles and space programs can make it difficult for states to distinguish the end-uses of procured items,” according to the UN expert group.

    In February, Tehran test-launched a new generation of long-range missiles with multiple-re-entry warhead capability. If that doesn’t sound like nuclear-weapons preparation, it’s hard to know what would.

    Their deal will “alter,” not close, the Arak heavy-water plant, which could be used for a plutonium bomb. And it won’t require inspections of plants where work on missiles or a nuclear detonator could be taking place.

    When the Free World gets up from this high-stakes poker table, it won’t just leave penniless. We will find ourselves with a nuclear six-gun at our heads.

  • Doug Richardson

    Hey Daniel…. it’s really too bad you let your own prejudice completely blind you to what CBS is up to… unless you’re just another bought and paid for mouthpiece … CBS used this piece to bash Obama – isn’t that more of a right wing goal? Is Norah O’Donnell a racist? Or is she such a right wing ideologue that she just can’t control herself? She certainly has no business holding herself out as a journalist …here is a lie quoted from her outburst on Friday; {NORAH O’DONNELL: “And that’s so key because the point that the Obama administration has made repeatedly is that these are crippling, unprecedented sanctions. That the street will rise up, that the regime will be forced to negotiate an end to this because it’s hurt them so much economically, but you didn’t really see too much of that, did you?”}

    This is completely untrue on many levels, 30% inflation is unsustainable (Norah just goes “MMM Hmm” in her most knowing way) and devastating to any economy. President Obama never said anything about the Iranian Street rising up, the Iranians elected a entirely new government to respond to the sanctions… their GDP fell by almost 5%, their currency is crumbling and yet Steve Croft and Norah O’Donnell praise Iranian leaders while bashing President Obama by citing untruths? What is going on?