A Liberal and Someone Else’s Money are Swiftly Parted


Do you feel like global problems are too big and hard to solve? Don’t be. They just require small amounts of money (trillions) to make them completely unsolvable. Just ask Amanda Scherker who is chock full of ideas for changing the world.

1. For $26 billion more a year, we could provide a basic education to every child in the world by 2015.

26 billion dollars is roughly the education budget for New York City alone. New York has 8 million people. The world has 7 billion people.

Even accounting for teachers’ unions, which are actually even worse in places like Mexico, you’re not going to educate the world for $26 billion. You can’t even educate New York for that amount considering graduate literacy rates and admissions at City College.

If a country is capable of educating its children, it’s capable of doing it without our money. If it can’t provide a basic education without our money, it won’t be able to do it with our money either. It holds true for the Third World and for Detroit.

That might seem like a lot, but let’s consider that… the U.S. drops an annual $25 billion on golf.

By the US, Amanda means that 30 million Americans together spend that much, which comes out to less than $1,000 per individual. And people spend that money because they like their leisure time. It doesn’t mean that they should forgo it so the UN can pocket it instead.,

For $990, a farmer can get training in dairy production and four milk-producing animals.

A Heifer International “Cheeses of the World” basket provides a goat, a sheep, a water buffalo and a heifer so that a family living in poverty can produce and sell dairy products.

No, you can’t and no they won’t. The individual family scam was old when Sally Struthers was young.

Heifer International raises tens of millions of dollars a year by sending out millions of catalogs that are every bit as sophisticated as the LL Bean or J Crew catalogs, only instead of buying rugby shirts you buy a chicken or a cow for a family in the developing world.  But you’re not really buying that chicken or that cow.  On the bottom of every page for every cow or chicken or trio of rabbits you “give” to someone, there’s a small-print disclaimer:

Gifts made through this catalog represent a gift to the entire mission. To help the most number of families move toward self-reliance, Heifer does not use its limited resources to track gift animals from donation to distribution. We use your gifts where they can do the most good by pooling them with the gifts of others to help transform entire communities. And, because you are helping Heifer fight hunger and poverty, your gift is tax deductible.

Charity rating group Givewell gave Heifer International zero out of a possible three stars since the organization met none of its criteria for accountability or project priorities.

Oh and

Animals are expensive; they require food, copious amounts of water, and veterinary care.

If the families can’t afford the cow, can they afford to care for the cow?

And also…

In most parts of the world where these animals are sent, between 50 and 95 percent of the population can’t drink milk due to lactose intolerance.

That certainly isn’t chump-change, but in the U.S… Families spend an average of $1,139 on prom.

Don’t spend that money on your prom. Send diarrhea to the Third World instead.

For $44 billion a year, we could end world hunger completely.

Really? Only $44 billion? For Obama, that’s tooth flossing money. The USAID budget is over $20 billion. The UN’s World Food Programme is another couple of billion. Total development aid for Africa was $150 billion. There was another $25 billion in food aid.

So why is world hunger still around?

  • cxt

    I fully understand that Lefties have certain “issues” but seriously do they EVER listen to themselves or read what they write???
    How can roughly the same amount of money that is spent in a failing education system like New York possibly fund education for billions of children?
    Question “26 billion” dollars sounds like a lot even for New York City–sure that is not a mistype?

  • veeper

    utopia never arrives ……

    it just takes more and more tax money for the trip…..

  • ebonystone

    “For $44 billion a year, we could end world hunger completely.”

    What a laugh! We spend over $80 billion/year on food stamps just in the U.S., and the Libs constantly tell us we haven’t ended hunger here.

  • truebearing

    “Don’t spend that money on your prom. Send diarrhea to the Third World instead.” Perfect.

    Maybe Scherker — great name for a liberal — is basing her estimated amount of money needed to educate the world on an unspoken admission that it wouldn’t take much money to educate the world’s children to New York’s standards. If she would have used Chicago for comparison, the funds necessary to achieve their level of education could be measured in the hundreds of dollars.

    Maybe we should figure out how our children compare to the children of other nations, then provide the same amount of money to our educators that those countries spend. If we have similar levels of achievement to Bolivian students, we only spend what Bolivia spends per student. At least we’d finally be getting what we’re paying for.

  • v

    Why is it that the campaign to solve the world hunger always portrays blacks, and from the photo of the kid on the billboard, he looks fat and not at all suffering from malnutrition. The problem is not solved by feeding them it is solved by showing them how to feed themselves so they would continue doing it on their own.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You should watch that video

  • nomoretraitors

    “Pillars of the liberal faith”
    What about abortion and gay marriage?

  • glpage

    Ms. Scherker graduated from Northwestern this past June with a BS in Radio, Television, Film, Creative Writing for the Media. I don’t think she really has a clue about how the world works. Maybe if the planets were aligned just right, all the singing of kumbaya around campfires got all the bad guys to play nice, got all the dictators who steal money intended for the poor to behave, and we could make sure the UN had no part in distributing the funds, then, maybe a small percentage of what she claims could be done.

  • Hard Little Machine

    For 20-30 billion a year the EU and the US could construct an entire Potemkim Village ‘palestinian state’ replete with 100% of all jobs and civic services done by other people for free for all the Arabs there. They could create the most perfect Arab Disneyworld in history where Arabs are paid to stay home, watch TV and make more Arabs. They wouldn’t need to work, vote, go to school, anything. Someone else could run the post office, collect the trash, keep the lights on. I don’t think it’s an entirely bad idea.