A Muslim Terrorist Enclave Grows in Mahmoudberg, Texas


Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project brings us the story of a little terrorist town named Mahmoudberg in Texas.

A Clarion Project investigation has discovered a jihadist enclave in Texas where a deadly shooting took place in 2002… The enclave belongs to the network of Muslims of the Americas, a radical group linked to a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat ul-Fuqra. Its members are devoted followers of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, an extremist cleric in Pakistan.

The organization says it has a network of 22 “villages” around the U.S., with Islamberg as its main headquarters in New York. The Clarion Project obtained secret MOA footage showing female members receiving paramilitary training at Islamberg…  A second MOA tape released by Clarion shows its spokesman declaring the U.S. to be a Muslim-majority country.

A 2007 FBI record states that MOA members have been involved in at least 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, one attempted firebombing, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing.

The MOA compound in Texas, described by the FBI as an “enclave” and “communal living site,” is in Brazoria county along County Road 3 near Sweeny. The MOA referred to its Texas commune as “Mahmoudberg” in online instructions for a parade in New York in 2010.

Locals told the ACT members that they have heard gunfire coming from the commune. Interviewed residents all agreed that the MOA members are private, yet when the ACT members were spotted in the area, they were immediately and repeatedly approached. At one point, a commune resident gave them a final warning to leave, despite the fact that they were not trespassing or harassing MOA members.

“It was definitely very threatening and menacing,” an ACT member told me.

Locals told the ACT members that government investigators had visited the area a few times and the commune residents refused to talk to them. According to one local, two ambulances were denied entry earlier this year until the police intervened.

So why is MOA/JUF allowed to operate in the country?

The answer is that the State Department has not designated MOA/Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The group is thus permitted to organize in the U.S. until that happens.

That’s only a small part of the larger article and it’s also a reminder that No Go Zones already exist in America and that they can form even more easily in rural areas than in cities. These are base communities meant to serve as an expansion point for future Emirates as Islamic settlements in the United States grow and Jihadist activity rises.

The violence begins with terrorism, moves on to guerrilla warfare and then to a conventional war when they have the population numbers.

  • SoCalMike

    The State Dept could solve this right now bit senior officials including top Democrats have treason, betrayal and sell out flowing through their veins.

    • Logic be damned

      Or maybe, just maybe, its all a creation of your delusional minds? Did you even try to look up Mahmoudberg, Texas on Google maps or Mapquest? You people disgust me. Hate has blinded you to real life. You live in a made up – paranoid world dominated by fanatic Muslims. I feel sorry for you.

      • asdfa

        Really? Delusional? This happened in Dearborn,Michigan:


      • Skyflyer69
      • Learn to read

        Reading not required in your public school? The article says the Muslim terrorists call it Mahmoudberg and it’s in Texas. The compound is in Brazoria county along County Road 3 near Sweeny. Liberals can’t seem but help to show what fools they are.

      • 0hiojoe

        here’s something to think about logic boy. I work in the middle east, and every single time that I fly home to see my family, the plane has at least 50 muzzies on it coming to the USA, care to guess how many are on the plane when I go back to work? Let me ease your pain, there are none, these animals are moving to the USA permanently, Now multiply the 50 from my flight by the number of flights going to the USA each day and maybe you may be able to see how it is possible these havens are springing up. Dearborne is overrun and more towns will follow. muzzies are nothing but trouble just look at what the one in the White House has done so far.

      • Chemman01

        Google maps and Mapquest are not the be all to end all you seem to think they are. I live in a rural area and neither can show where I live in that rural area.

      • Bartthedog

        We drove out there last weekend. It’s real, pal.

      • Bear1909

        LBD… thank you for your irrelevant opinion. Get off your butt and visit the area. Do you think the jihadists have submitted articles of incorporation as “Mahmoudberg” in Texas so the propeller heads at Google can spy on them?

        Now let’s look at the world you live in…. oh never mind. Go back to sleep and teach your kids that they needn’t worry about a thing. They will be among the last to be eaten.

      • Luis Llorens

        Absolutely right! If you can’t Google it or Mapquest it then it can’t be true! Stupid knuckle dragging, mouth breathing, neo con, tea party, bible thumping, redneck, inbred, right wing morons! If you really want to know the truth, go look up White House.Gov. Obama will never lie to you! He loves you!

  • http://ironburka.blogspot.com/ Mullah Lodabullah

    … 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings …

    And CAIR & Friends never mentioned the uptick in Kuffarphobia?

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Wahhabists connected to convicted Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist, Ali Asad Chandia have plans for a training enclave just outside DC. The sharia supremacists have expressed (*ahem*) “acrimony” with locals as they pressure Howard County folks to rezone rural land for a mega-mosque complex (complete with medieval moat) at a former Catholic school (Woodmont Academy)– naturally, they’re (*ahem*) “feeling besieged by overzealous prosecution.” Not coincidentally, the planned mega-mosque will be the only mosque in the world designed in the shape of our Pentagon– surrounded by victory minarets.


      Ban this islamofascist wahabii Trojan Horse.

      The islamofascist savages are using our Freedom of Religion as a figleaf to invade and pervert this country to their apartheid “religion”..


      Ban this islamofascist wahabii Trojan Horse.

      The islamofascist savages are using our Freedom of Religion as a figleaf to invade and pervert this country to their apartheid “religion”..


      The conecptual drawing even LOOKS like the head and shoulders of a horse!

      A Trojan Horse.

  • wileyvet

    Time to round up a posse and flush them out.

    • laura r

      the federal govt wants this. it is out of the local & state hands.

      • TexasMom2012

        Don’t believe that at all. If it comes to battle, they will wish they never took on Texans. We are nearly all armed really well. Someone needs to remind them that there is a reason the “Don’t mess with Texas” campaign was so successful!

  • laura r

    good artical. please follow up w/this.

  • MJUdall

    This is how we will eventually have another Civil War in this country. With radical Muslims who have overpopulated in America. I don’t know how long it will take until they get to that point. But like you said in a previous post either here or on Sultan Knish, the only sensible remedy against violent jihad in America is to stop letting them into the country and deport those who have displayed radical behavior in the past.

    • sadf

      It won’t be just a civil war involving Muslims. There are Hispanics trying to make the Southwest part of Mexico again. There’s black areas that are essentially ‘no go zones’ for whites and anyone else who’s not black. The Hispanics and blacks fight when they live by each other. The Asians are attacked when in black communities and blacks resent seeing nonblacks own businesses in their communities. Whites in the Midwest are rural, conservative and don’t want multiculturalism. This country will fracture apart into seperate religious, ethnic, racial and social nations; just like the USSR did when it broke apart.

    • Bruiser in Houston

      Muslims would need a few centuries to outbreed us. On the other hand, Mexicans wouldn’t.

      • Bear1909

        Not when the US president is enabling the passage of nearly 200,000 Fakestinians into the country before he leaves office…They breed like rats. At least with Americans of Mexican descent we frown on illegal Mexican nationals from coming here…and we have assimilated into the culture because we are here legally like everybody else. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that if Mexico wants to take back the southwest they’d be fighting Americans of Mexican descent face to face more than they’d care to admit. As for the Muslim threat….there are 700,000 US gun owners around the country…that is significant firepower the Muslims cannot overrun…. they will be forced to use asymmetrical warfare tactics for 20 years or so and wear us down…but, methinks they don’t have 20 years before we begin to deport enemies within…..Barack Obama has been the wake up call the country’s needed since Jimmy Carter shit in the bed back in the late 70s.

    • Bear1909

      5% of the US population will be the tipping point where the Muslim population willl have sufficient soft and hard representation in US cities. In the meantime, they will covertly arm their mosques in cities, train paramilitarily in the countrysides, and foment unrest on city councils and inside school districts wherever they reside. On a side note, President Obama via executive order guaranteed passage of 20,000 Fakestinian “immigrants” into the US at the taxpayer’s expense. The order included safe passage at some future date for their entire families before he leaves office…that is an influx of 100,000 Muslims from Gaza, a conservative estimate of five family members per family (HA!).


    They should call their enclave


  • WhiteHunter

    The BATF and FBI didn’t have the slightest hesitation shooting, besieging, gassing, and incinerating 80 men, women, and children at Waco — people who had never even been accused of committing any of these crimes.

    Why the hesitation now? Oh, I almost forgot. Jihadists don’t have to play by, or by judged by, the same rules as anybody else. It would be “islamophobic” to insist that they should.

    • adsf

      Because the system hates white people and doesn’t want any normal, racially conscious white people to have any power. Next question.

  • gardengranny

    This article is sighting stuff from 2007 so I’d like to know how CURRENT is this information or is it stuff that happened in 2007 and just now getting to the public, or what?

  • upyours

    Wonderful, brilliant. And they got into our country how?

    • Mari

      not infiltrated, they’re invited!

  • videosho

    We better get these Muslims out of here quick. Things are getting out of hand.

  • George Wentzel

    Not to worry, there is no confirmed association with the Tea Party. These are not the droids for which you search.

  • steelmagnolia

    You know those supposed Muslim Terrorist Training Camps that FOX News tries to scare people with? Sean Hannity is a liar. There is claim to be one in Marion, Alabama, and I FOUND OUT WHO OWNS IT. The Tuscaloosa Police and Tuscaloosa County Sheriff deputies trained there.

    There are many conspiracy theories floating around. Some hoaxsters say it is run by Jamaat ul-Fuqra from Pakistan, and has mostly black members. Another news story claimed it was the Muslim Brotherhood, which is from Egypt and not related at all to the first group. This made me think there isn’t any truth to the claim that there is a training camp in Marion, or if so it was a stretch. Come to find out, it was a long stretch.

    MORE HOAXES: My research uncovered something where the Marion Police Chief Tony Buford supposedly said he head rumors they have old police cars and a school bus that were used for training of private security guards. Tony Buford has not been police chief since February 17, 2010. That means these stories have been in circulation for at least 4 years.

    The actual camp is owned by the following person: MARK D YATES, a British security expert. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_D._Yates

    Here is a Tuscaloosa News article from 2002 that discusses Yates, and the assistance he gave in trying to make sure terrorist creeps no not train at his Marion facility. “About 500 people from 17 countries have trained at Ground Zero, and firearms instructors from 42 police agencies, mainly small-town department in Alabama, completed courses in the last year, Yates said.” http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=dNAdAAAAIBAJ… Yates opened the Marion training facility in the late 1990s. “The FBI informed me that none of the people who have been through my programs were on any terrorist watch lists.”

  • 0hiojoe



    America had better wake up soon or pay the price!!

  • http://thedeadeyemethod.simdif.com/ Steven Cline

    America is full of no-go zones… they are called private property. In these cases it appears that most instances are of people showing up to the edge of private property demanding to be let in and to video-tape. You’d not like the reaction you get from me were you to attempt the same at my land.

  • Marrkedman

    Is there really any further proof needed that both Obama and Holder are traitors?

  • Conniption Fitz

    Magnolia, Neither of your links works.

  • OdinsAcolyte

    We are watching.

  • dixie68

    Why have they not been bombed out of existence. The State Department is one of our country’s most dangerous enemies.

  • BadWhisky

    War is coming and the POTUS has committed treason by allowing the whole sale invasion of our country. For those who thing the immigration argument is about poor Mexicans, surprise, its about allowing OTM’s into the country.

  • Rose

    The problem is Liberals who are all Islamofacsist sympathizers. Barack Obama benefits from this what better way to get rid of Americans and turn this country into a communist country than have these radicals as friends. They were used by Hitler, now Barry has found a use for them.