Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera for Fraud

al gore

What happens when one fraud sues another fraud for fraud?

Al Gore is a fake environmentalist who leveraged his Green cred to get special access that enabled him to set up a liberal news network that he then sold off to Qatar’s Al Jazeera, a tyrant’s propaganda outlet that pretends to be a news network.

Now Al Gore is suing because he loves the green trees money.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore sued Al Jazeera, claiming the satellite news provider owned by the Qatari royal family owes him and a partner $65 million from a deal to buy his network, Current TV.

Gore, 66, and Joel Hyatt, another former Current TV owner, accused Al Jazeera American Holdings I Inc. of fraud and breach of contract and are seeking undisclosed damages in a sealed complaint filed today in Chancery Court in Wilmington, Delaware. The men alleged that Al Jazeera illegally tried to seize $65 million in escrow funds tied to the $500 million buyout.

This isn’t the first lawsuit involving the sale. Plenty of people involved have already been outraged over being ripped off by Gore.

Current failed to make much of an impact at all while Gore was paying himself $1.2 million a year in salary and bonuses…

The sale to Al Jazeera drew a lawsuit from media consultant John Terenzio, who said putting the two networks in touch was his idea. The transaction also raised eyebrows because Gore, who has for years inveighed against fossil fuels and their role in climate change, sold the network to a company funded in part by oil-rich Qatar.

So it’s all about the money. It’s always been all about the money for Al.

Following the January 2013 sale of the channel, $85 million of the agreed-upon purchase price was placed in an escrow account until Gore and his partners could satisfy some indemnification obligations, according to a public court filing in Delaware.

Gore and his partner received $20 million of that amount — but $65 million remained in the escrow account.

In late June, Al Jazeera America submitted five claims against the $65 million. Gore’s attorneys said Al Jazeera was attempting to “manufacture several ways to retain all of the escrow balance for itself in express violation of the merger agreement,” according to a statement by one of Gore’s lawyers filed in conjunction with the lawsuit.

The escrow period ended July 2, at which time Al Jazeera was supposed to turn over the funds.

Al Gore thought he was cashing in, but the oil tyrants proved cannier and are trying to cheat him.


  • Fritz Kohlhaas


  • Gee

    Hope they spend $500 million on Jewish lawyers to settle the law suits

    • truebearing

      It wouldn’t work. The UN would step in and accuse the Jewish lawyers of war crimes, Islamophobia, and over-charging.

    • Now I Get It

      Al Jazeera, you mean. Yes! That is happening.

  • Lassiefaire

    The Al’s deserve each other… it takes one, liar-cheater-theif, to know one.

  • Jack Schitt

    Al should’ve been sued for fraud years ago

  • Armed_Infidel

    Al Gorzeera!

    • Andy_Lewis

      I prefer “Al Jazerkoff” myself. I’m sure others will have even better names for him.

      • Brian_R_Allen

        Al-Fredo Gore-leone.


        Second-generation traitor.

  • truebearing

    Imagine that…suing someone for being just like yourself. “Your honor, I know he is a greedy, despicable liar…he’s just like me!”

    Does this mean that the oil tyrants are “crazed s ex poodles” just like Al?

  • roccolore

    The enviro-hypocrite sold his network to a country whose main cash crop is oil.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Gee, what ever happened to honor among thieves?

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      That only applies to fellow members of the ummah. I guess Al hasn’t received his membership card yet and all the membership benefits thereof.

    • Douglas Moose

      Al Jazeera assumed Al Gore was a brother Arab (the name confused them). Once they realized he wasn’t, they decided to try and renege on their agreement. That, after all, is how you are supposed to treat infidels.

  • Armaros

    And this fistula almost was presiding over 911

  • Bob

    I hope gore loses big time and by the time it is over, gore is dead broke.


    Gore was paying himself $1.2 million a year in salary and bonuses…

    Is that ALL?? Meanwhile US corporate fat pigs draw 20-30 times as much, then demand bailouts from you mug taxpayers!
    Get your priorities straight!

    • pupsncats

      Big difference. Current TV wasn’t producing anything remotely worthwhile to humanity which makes Gore’s $1.2 million a much better deal. I’m sure if Gore thought he could get Obama to make the taxpayer’s pay, he wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    This puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day. A pox on both their houses.

  • Christopher Riddle

    When do WE sue AlGore for”FRAUD”??Does he still think that”e Pluribus Unum”means”Out Of One;Many”???What a T*RD he TRULY IS!!!!!!!!!I hope the”Towel-Heads”have taken him to”The Cleaners”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RufusChoate

    I have always assumed that all Environmentalists were fakes. Is Al Gore more fake than most?

  • Dee Dunbar

    the world should sue his ass for FRAUD on Global Warming SCAM!