Al Jazeera Senior Political Analyst Demands Reporter Show “Jewish Humility”


Bishara, surly and to the right

In some media outlets you get fired for being anti-Semitic. At Al Jazeera you get hired for being anti-Semitic.

According to his bio, “Marwan Bishara is Al Jazeera English’s senior political analyst and the editor and host of Empire, which examines global powers and their agendas.”

That’s funny because Al Jazeera is run by Qatar which just got accused of bribing its way to the World Cup. He’s also the brother of Azmi Bishara, a fugitive for his repeated trips in support of Assad while serving in the Israeli legislature.

These days he hangs out in… Qatar. There he runs an organization of the Qatari regime which wants to use it to launch another Al Jazeera clone channel.

So the Bishara boys are wholly owned properties of the Emir of Qatar. And they don’t like Jews very much.

It’s not clear what touched off the original exchange, but it’s clear that Marwan Bishara made it ethnic and racial.

marwan bishara

That concludes that little drama. Eventually Qatar will launch its Al Jazeera clone and Bishara 2 will join Bishara 1 in going there to rant about Israel and the Jews.

Also all the oligarchs except for his boss, the Emir of Qatar.


    Marwan Bishara?


  • Americana

    Sorry, but it’s pretty clear that the full discussion thread between the two of them — Goldberg and Bishwara — should be posted in order for the full context to be clear. One cannot simply begin by reading the tweet to Goldberg about “giving Jews a bad name” and have that be the starting point. That already indicates that the conversation has gone downhill. What’s the STARTING POINT? Off to find out.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      that’s all I saw

      in any case, Bishara’s comments were racist

    • liz

      Sorry, but it’s pretty clear (to anyone with a scrap of basic intelligence) that what the guy said was anti-semitic. One cannot simply be more purposely obtuse, can one?

  • Abberline

    I am glad that RCN my cable provider will be dropping Al JIzzera soon. Mia Farrow is a complete ass.

  • Chezwick

    Is Mia Farrow being sarcastic?

    • DogmaelJones1

      Mia Farrow is a dim bulb, and in every movie I’ve ever seen her in, she plays a very credible dim bulb. It comes naturally to her and no acting skills are required of her. Yes, I think she was being sarcastic. Which is the only response dim bulbs can have to their intellectual superiors.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      sadly no

  • Johnny Palestine

    PressTV is far worse. As are many precious metal websites and others financed with Muslim money such as and If run by a scumbag named Gordon Duff, really cared about the veterans, we would have known about their lack of care at VA hospitals.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      they’re all terrible

      it’s like debating the merits of ebola and cholera

  • Yadja

    Al Jazeera attempted to come to America under Bush. He told them to pound sand. Under Obama they have been welcomed. So this display of arrogance is no surprise to anyone who knows about Islam.

    However the only humility they get from Jews are those in America who continue to be Democrats, otherwise the Israeli Jews and those with a brain will never humiliate themselves by humbling themselves to a Islamic Loon.

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  • Bklyn Farmer

    The same Al Jazeera that Al Gore sold his cable station to.

  • liz

    How about some Muslim humility for Mr. Bashira? He could obviously use some. But wait, I forgot. There is no such thing.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Put them in a room with RTtv and let them fight it out.