Al Qaeda Denounces “Satanic Dances” of Olympics, Prays for Earthquake


Muslim terrorists haven’t had that much luck disrupting the Olympics yet and you can tell because they have resorted to sending earthquake prayers to Allah.

A militant Islamist group has urged followers to pray for an earthquake in Sochi during the Winter Olympics to avenge Muslims who died there fighting “Russian infidels”.

The appeal was made by a local branch of the Caucasus Emirate, a group which is waging an insurgency for an Islamist state in Russia’s North Caucasus and called on supporters last year to attack the Games.

Reuters doesn’t bother to mention that the Caucasus Emirate is affiliated with Al Qaeda. Doku Umarov declared war on the United States and has been described as Russia’s Bin Laden.

“All who are able to read this letter can supplicate that Allah destroys the land in Sochi with an earthquake, and makes the infidels ‘drunk of water’ before Hell and drown in a flood!,” said the appeal posted online on Monday.

“The Games of the atheists and pagans! The pigs are so arrogant that they decided to host the Games on the ground where our ancestors shed their blood to defend Islam and Muslims. Even the blind can see it!”

Their ancestors were murderers and thieves who specialized in banditry and kidnappings. Not a whole lot has changed.

Islamist leaders say this amounts to performing “Satanic dances” on the graves of Muslims killed fighting Russian forces and one, Caucasus Emirate leader Doku Umarov, urged followers last year to prevent the Games going ahead.

“We know how the Russian infidels – those who we have been fighting for centuries in the Caucasus – have become arrogant and decided to hold the Satanic Games on the ground of the companions who brought Islam,” said the new appeal, issued by the Ingushetia media branch of the Caucasus Emirate.

“May Allah give the infidels in Sochi the last earthquake of their lives,” it said.

Sochi is earthquake-prone so it’s not an unreasonable request and if an earthquake does happen, the Emirate can always take credit for it since their planned terror attacks haven’t gone all that well.

  • Softly Bob

    It will soon become the case that every Olympic Games will be a dance on Muslim graves, no matter where in the World the games are held.
    This is because we will soon have had enough and will wipe out every single Muslim scumbag on the Planet!

    • Simon Timothy

      But Obama is planning to help these terrorists to conquer USA, Israel and other countries!

  • DogmaelJones1

    Shall we dub the prayer for an earthquake “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”? But that would invite “Satanic” dancing! Poor Muslims! Just can win for losing!

  • Veracious_one

    What a pathetic bunch of losers these Muslims are….

    • BS77

      I missed the Satanic Dances…was this a conga line or a group doing the Boogaloo? Perhaps it was a minor case of exuberant twerking….maybe it was Dancing with the Stars that caused the confusion…..OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truebearing

    It looks like they’re still upset over the Olympic committee’s rejection of their demand that women pole vaulters wear burkas.

  • motheroftheBeave

    Don’t they ever get tired of bringing death and destruction everywhere they plant themselves?

  • rottendirtyscum

    what a miserable depressing bunch of brain twisted dipsticks,when its worldwide abortion of babies they should be praying against