Al Qaeda on the Run, Seizes Third Largest City in Iraq


Obama says Al Qaeda is on the run. News reports say Al Qaeda seized most of Mosul, Iraq’s third largest city.

It’s hard to know whom to believe. Obama or our own lying eyes.

Al-Qaeda seized control of Iraq’s third biggest city on Tuesday, freeing thousands of imprisoned fellow fighters in a series of jailbreaks and sparking a mass exodus of refugees.

The assault on the city of Mosul, 225 miles north west of Baghdad, saw the Iraqi army retreat to the outskirts after a sustained assault by men armed with heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

As well as seizing the main governorate building – forcing the city’s governor to flee – the gunmen were also reported to have gained control of three different jails, numerous police stations and an airport, where several military planes and helicopters were based.

The loss of the city, home to around one million people, is potentially a huge challenge to the Iraqi government, which has been struggling to quell a regalvanised al-Qaeda insurgency for more than two years.

The militants are believed to be from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the joint Iraqi-Syrian al-Qaida affiliate that is also fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in neighbouring Syria. Seizing control of Mosul, which lies on a stretch of the Tigris less than 100 miles from the Syrian border, would help the group in its aim of carving out a swathe of uncontested territory straddling the two borders.

Where is ISIL getting so much firepower from? We could ask Obama’s buddy Erdogan in Turkey whose regime has been caught smuggling weapons to terrorists by its own police. Or Qatar, which just helped Obama make the traitor-for-Taliban trade.

And we can look to Obama’s disastrous Libyan war which freed up so many weapons that they have been used by Al Qaeda to try and take over three countries.

Now Obama might send emergency military supplies to Iraq after ignoring Al Qaeda’s rise there since his withdrawal.

The US government is considering sending emergency military supplies to Iraq after rebel fighters took control of Mosul, according to senior Western security sources. Supplies including Hellfire missiles and ScanEagle unmanned Drones are expected to be airlifted to the country very soon and more weaponry such as artillery may follow.

But don’t worry, Detroit is doing fine and Al Qaeda is on the run. Sorry, news update. Detroit is bankrupt and Al Qaeda is taking over the Middle East.

But as Hillary likes to say, “What difference does it make anyway?”

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Yea, apparently not all that much

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    Baghdad Bob has a rival.

  • Kruton

    Surrender infidel dogs!

  • Jason P

    Some reports put Mosul as #2 in size. It sits right on the Sunni-Arab Kurd border. Perhaps this is why Turkey is supporting the jihadi, i.e. to put pressure on the Kurds. I figured the Gulf Arabs as more interested in fighting the Shi-ites.

  • Moshe

    Ask our resident G2, Heirnonymous, where the fire power is coming from

    He willI give an answer if he can stop nitpicking people’s logic, spelling and grammar.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      trolls don’t give answers, they poke away at people

      • .

        I know what metro-region he lives. I know with in a few place of businesses he works. I know his profession. I know his hobbies. I know his age +/- a few years. I know his alma mater. I know his previous job titles. With a directory (or without) I could narrow it down. He has made this all public in a forum.

        I do not know if the material he has provided is a legend or the truth. I suspect it is the truth from very early posts. Still considering the metro area he lives in I wonder. Lots of Imans and activists have been convicted form there. But it is a metro area and you have a lot of everything in a metro area. Still all metro areas are not equal but they seem to be trending that way even if we have to import refugees and change them.

        Do not know if he is married or married and divorced. The latter would actually explain a lot. I would be willing to bet if he remarried his second wife is a Muslimah.

        Woodrow Wilson had the “4 minute men”. Obama had something similar and is continuing. Is he part of it? I don’t know. He could be doing it gratis.

        Reagan said that if a person agreed with you on 7 of 10 things then they were on your side. Myself I have had disagreements with several people. Some I know that we will agree to disagree or ignore them on a particular topic. But I know we agree on many points. there is more than one atheist who is a regular poster. People myself included do not go out of our way to antagonize them. Heirnonymous on the other hand all we know is where we fall short according to his yardstick. We do to know where we agree with him. He has said that he basically agreed with Obama on foreign policy (and maybe other stuff) as of a year ago. I have yet to see him take his road show to a site like the HuffPo. Their posters must be closer to perfection and not need correcting or so far gone and that he cannot help them. I suspect it is the former.

        Yes I went through Heirnonymous Disqus posts. It is all public. He came on real strong with his nay saying. Just want to know if it was done gratis or if he is part of some 4 Minutemen (disinformation / public opinion shaping) campaign. With a little more honest and lawful work I could find out and prove or disprove on of those points. I almost feel I could walk through the ivy halls of 1 to 3 institutions of the right departments and it would lead to more information. That or a directory, yearbook, or a news letter.

        Hiernonymous is smug, ignorant and wrong. He changed his mind on stuff like gay marriage. PJMedia reported yesterday that it will be mandatory to marry gays in all churches in Denmark. Liberals always love to point out the Europeans are more advanced. The ice shelf in Antarctica is collapsing. The Warmist will blame AGW.

        Major West Antarctic glacier melting from geothermal sources

        They say in the story that the melting sheet will start a chain reaction. the question is did the CO2 cause the geothermal? I would say know. I am sure that the 4th estate will try to scare the heck out of people.

        Hiernonymous recent education has been in language and history of a specific region. He is nowhere as smart or knowledgeable as he thinks he is. He is however like a pit bull.

        On the plus side he could be surviving a fair amount of traffic. the number of posts increases and it makes the site look more interesting. You are know by your enemies. I wonder if he gets the beneficial role he is playing in regards to FPM?

  • Moshe

    Really I cannot form a contraction between the words “He” and ‘will” without the soup N-ZI like people from DISQUS or somewhere flagging it?

    What utter fracking morons!

    • SoCalMike

      Dass Whum Sayn.
      I couldn’t have said it more artfully.

  • wileyvet

    It has been nothing short of heartbreaking to see the hard fought gains evaporate in Iraq. I really wanted to see the Iraqi people freed from the repressive yolk of Saddam and his evil progeny, and begin the process of healing after decades of terror. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the faces of those beautiful little Iraqi children, innocent and scared, being taken care of by American and coaltion forces. Standing in line to receive the gifts of toys and candies and school supplies so that they might have something, anything that they didn’t have. Alas, eleven years on, their parents and leaders have squandered the sacrifices, of coalition and Iraqis, and the aid and goodwill of the world to perpetuate their sectarian internecine warfare. A Shia dominated, Iranian aligned government, either retaliating against former Sunni masters, or incapable of stopping the violence and establishing security for its citizens is the result. The constitution of Iraq was Sharia based, so democracy as we know it, and equality for its people was illusory. The Christian population has been decimated, since Saddam’s ouster, so that the same Iraqis that were freed and given a chance to start fresh, turned on their Christian neighbours in hatred and persecution. A truly despicable act that characterizes the barbarous nature of Islam. It was a noble belief that people wish to be free of oppression and have a stake in their future, free of fear and want. We take it for granted, and I believed the same. I thought I was bigoted for thinking that Arabs could only accept a strong man as leader, and if given a chance they would embrace their hard won liberty, but I realize now that their entire belief system is based on just that, in the religion they practice. The sickening part of all of it is, how many little Muslim children have been or will be cheated of a childhood and a future because of the ignorance, intolerance, indolence and indigence created by Islam? I wish I had an answer, but I do not.

    • Drakken

      We should have left Saddams Generals in charge and they would have put the shiittes in their place and arm the Kurds in the north to be a really nice wonderful pain in the azz to the rest of them. You will never have a stable democracy in this region, always better to have the Generals in charge than the mullahs.

      • scooter

        That’s what HWB did.

        Then we had the Boy King I, who dodged the draft back when and launch Gulf War II, destabilizing the region. Now we have Boy King II, who fails by intent rather than by stupidity, enabling a kind of Gulf War III which will be won by Iran and the jihadis.

  • Drakken

    What a great opportunity for the Russians, arm the Kurds up in the north with shiny new toys and send them South to take and keep Mosul.

  • SoCalMike

    This is right our of Mad Max or Road Warrior compliments of Obama.
    Nice work, big eared boy devoid of any real knowledge or tangible real world experience.
    Special thanks to the voters who pulled the lever for him twice.

    • David

      Hey, Bush was the one who invaded Iraq. We should not have gone in without a clear exit strategy and multiple contingency plans.

  • SoCalMike

    A pox on all your houses.

  • Jakareh

    We should have left Saddam in power. Arab Muslims can’t do any better than an iron-fisted dictator, and they neither deserve nor are able to handle freedom. Obama is a shoo-in for worst president ever, but other than Jimmy Carter George W. Bush has no competition for second place.

    • phoebeintheforest

      Amen! Amen! Amen!

  • David

    We should start a pool on how long The Kingdom of Jordan lasts. It is not in a enviable geographical position. Although, out of all the regimes that started out in the late 40’s it is pretty surprising that the Hashemite Regime is the only one not to have been toppled.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Thanks Daniel! This is apparently very important from a strategic point of view, according to military experts on strategy.

  • Ron Handy

    ” our Gov. Sucks. ” 12 Years ,& wasted all of the money over there ,– for what.?? Over 4,000 young people killed, & hundreds more injured,& disabled. !!!! We should demand Obama,& the rest of the gov. People be sent over there permantly..– & never come back. !!!!!