Alec Baldwin Calls Rachel Maddow “Phony”, Blames Her for Firing


MSNBC got rid of Keith Olbermann with some difficulty and then they went and hired a guy who makes Keith look well adjusted and then they fired him.

And surprise, surprise

Alec Baldwin thinks his former MSNBC colleague Rachel Maddow is “a phony.”

“She’s a phony who doesn’t have the same passion for the truth off-camera that she seems to have on the air,” Baldwin told New York Magazine’s Joe Hagan in an extensive tell-all published late Sunday night.

Baldwin’s short-lived MSNBC program ended late last year after he made homophobic threats to a photographer. In December, The New York Post insinuated that Maddow had been responsible for his termination.

In this week’s tell-all, Baldwin says the Page Six report was part of an effort by MSNBC president Phil Griffin to discredit him, but went on to endorse the suggestion that Maddow had played a role in his departure.

“Once they fired me, a former MSNBC employee I knew emailed me. He said, ‘You watch now, Phil is going to start leaking left and right to bury you.’ When I left, ‘Page Six’ was flooded with lies about me,” Baldwin says.

“Another source told me, ‘You know who’s going to get you fired, don’t you? Rachel. Phil will do whatever Rachel tells him to do,'” Baldwin said. “I think Rachel Maddow is quite good at what she does. I also think she’s a phony who doesn’t have the same passion for the truth off-camera that she seems to have on the air.”

Alec Baldwin is notorious for nothing if not for a passion for the truth. That and screaming things at photographers.

Also possibly his lack of ratings and total public disinterest might have contributed to his firing.

Baldwin sounds like a man who waded into a company that he really didn’t understand which is in the middle of its own internal civil war and the Anti-Maddow side got to him first. But between Ronan Farrow and Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow’s attempt at turning MSNBC into an even lamer Air America complete with an army of clones will probably tank it even sooner.

MaddowSNBC doesn’t have much room for the drunken liberal Alpha male and wannabe Alphas, it goes right to the Betas. So Ed Schultz and Alec Baldwin had to go.

But Maddow and Baldwin didn’t get along even before Alec Baldwin got his MSNBC gig with Baldwin making critical comments about her. Maddow may not have forgotten… or forgiven.

  • Terry

    Rachel Maddow. Gawd I can’t stand him!


      Google Images “rachel maddow”.

      WHAT HAPPENED?????

      • Drakken

        The only question I have is, WTF happened? ;)

        • 12banjo

          Look at that neck. Did somebody put her on steroids that young?

        • A Z

          She was outed her freshman year at Stanford.

          She described herself as jock and an antisocial girl.
          she participated in volleyball, basketball, and swimming. I don’t know how one can be a jock and antisocial. In many places that would get you kicked off the team. Was she antisocial because she got a cold shoulder? Is she not being factual about being antisocial? She goes through cycles of depression. I do not think she is very mentally all there.

          There are to things to like about her. She is into national defense and the NRA. And she was not all in for Obama (at least according to wiki).

        • blert

          Yikes, what a man-jaw.

          Check his digits, high T pre-natal existence.

          • A Z

            Then you are saying hormones has something to do with being gay? If she had a lot of testosterone you could look a the digits on the hands. High T would have a longer ring finger than index finger.

            Look at the Scottish Red Deer study.

            “Why Aren’t All People Beautiful?
            Maybe the genes that make hot males make distinctly un-hot females.”
            By Kathryn Garfield|Tuesday, November 27, 2007

            So everyone with a long face, who is female, is gay?

          • blert

            Yes, check the digits.
            The same T that hits the fingers morphs the jaw — and much else. It certainly affects the way the brain is wired.

          • .

            Did you read the Scottish Red Deer study?

            My spouse a barely perceptible longer ring finger than index and they have a long jaw. They are stubborn & a risk taker. My father told me they had bigger balls than most guys. They are a great parent. They come from a very traditional society. For all that my spouse still wanted me to intimidate or beat up some guy over sleeper car arrangements. So go figure

            Maddow was just brought up wrong and possibly due to no fault of her parents or anyone else.

  • A Z

    He who has the gold makes the rules. Rachel Maddow brings in viewers. Baldwin does not.

    Rush Limbaugh or one of his cohosts, who now have their own show had a 5 minute excerpt of Baldwin’s radio show. It was 5 minutes of dead air and Alex bemoaning the lack of callers.

    Alex Baldwin is not a moron. He is intelligent and he has or had some talent. But he refuses to learn.

    About 3 years ago Rush had a horrible Friday call in show. At the end of the show he turned to Snerdly and said that show was terrible or something to that effect. Oliver North cohosted rush” Show. He was horrible. He had stage fright and spoke in a monotone. His Fox News show was done much better. He was more engaging. Michael Medved was not as good several years ago. He was nervous. He is now much more self assured and and a much better host.

    I’ll assume that Alex learned nothing for his radio experience and did not adequately prepare for his show.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Baldwin coasted. He assumed that being an actor prepared him for doing radio and he didn’t have to learn anything else. He was wrong. Baldwin wanted to do a “serious” show and didn’t understand that you have to engage and entertain the audience, instead of doing whatever you want.

      • blert

        Actually, like all Progressives, he thought that his every word was profound.
        He certainly found his own voice enrapturing, and figured that the proles would too.

        Thus, the folly of arrogance over substance.

    • Zach Smith

      I never watched Baldwin’s show, since I canceled my cable subscription several years ago, but being less engaging than Rachael Maddow would be quite a feat by itself.

      • A Z

        Baldwin is going to figure things out in his last few years.

        I suppose being the way I am that “go and say no more” would be appropriate.

        I would not watch Baldwin because I have a better education than he does. He would literally make no sense. My view on thespians has taken a nose dive in the last 2 years. I feel about thespians the way the Romans did.

        People in entertainment did a wonderful job in WW2. Alas we no longer have that calibre of thespian. Saving the Suez canal and the shipping in Alexandria, Egypt come to mind.

    • 12banjo

      Rachel Maddow does *not* bring in the viewers. Her ratings are pitiful, but she makes $8 million a year.

      It’s my theory that types like Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow, who really deliver small audiences to the advertisers, are really paid by Obama donors who use Comedy Central and MSNBC to try to deliver the stoner and slacker and perv vote for the Democrats. Wish someone would find a way to look at how these networks manage to pay these big salaries when there really isn’t a significant consumer audience for the advertisers.

      Something like an audit would tell us who really pays the salaries.

      • A Z

        Rachel has a lower rating than Fox News show at the same time. She has an audience about 41% the size of the competing Fox show

        It is the 2nd largest news show. As some 20 to 30% of the public is liberal/progressive it cannot get much lower.

        • 12banjo

          Thanks. Numbers are what we need, but until we know who is really paying these pied pipers of progressive poop….and that is something that one of the researchers at Brietbart and FrontPageMag could start digging for.

          What is the actual REVENUE that Maddow produces? Does anyone know that? I’ll bet it does not justify her salary.

          So who would be subsidizing these losers, hm?

  • tompro97

    PMSNBC will soon shut down for good – they and CNN are running a close race to the bottom of the pits of “journalism”. There has never been a sorrier whining bunch of lie-berals except, of course, for the main stream media which is just as bad or worse.

  • john spielman

    MSNBC needs to merge with the SHOPPING CHANNEL! Rachel would be more believable selling cosmetics.

    • BS77

      MSNBC has the lowest rating of all the cable news and talking head networks.

  • Crassus

    Maddow v. Baldwin is a battle of wits between unarmed opponents.


    alex baldwin needs to see a mental health professional to treat his anger management.

  • Dar

    Another militant lesbian. Annoying!