American Blood on Iranian Hands

iranian-mullahs“The worst part for me is that nobody remembers,” Mark Nevells said last year on the anniversary of the Hezbollah bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut.

A Marine had thrown his body in front of the truck to try stop the vehicle and afterward for five days, Nevells and other Marines had dug through the rubble for the bodies of the men they had served with.

One of the first Marines on the scene heard voices coming from underneath the rubble. “Get us out. Don’t leave us.”

The Marines lost more people that day than at any time since Iwo Jima and the number of Americans murdered that day by a terrorist group was a record that would stand until September 11.

In Washington, the murder of 220 Marines and the Iranian, Ismail Ascari, who drove the truck full of explosives that tore through their barracks, are inconvenient truths and lost memories. And it has always been that way.

Before the attack, the NSA intercepted a message from Iranian intelligence in Tehran to the Iranian ambassador in Damascus ordering “a spectacular action against the United States Marines.”

Mohsen Rafiqdoost, Khomeini’s bodyguard who helped found Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and served as Minister of Revolutionary Guards during the bombing, boasted, “both the TNT and the ideology, which in one blast sent to hell 400 officers, NCOs, and soldiers at the Marines headquarters, were provided by Iran.”

Today Mohsen is a millionaire and stands to make a huge profit from the flow of goods after Obama’s weakening of sanctions on Iran. He also boasts of being the “father of Iran’s missile program” though there are so many in Iran making that same claim that Iran’s missile program is undeniably a bastard.

The Marines who died in the bombing were lucky. Another Marine did not die as quickly.

Colonel William R. Higgins was captured by Hezbollah, the terrorist group acting as Iran’s hand in Lebanon, and tortured for months until his body was dumped near a mosque.

An autopsy report found that he had been starved and had suffered multiple lethal injuries that could have caused his death.  The skin on his face had been partially removed along with his tongue and he had also been castrated.

Fred Hof, a diplomat who had been a friend of the murdered man, said, “I am one of a small handful of Americans who knows the exact manner of Rich’s death. If I were to describe it to you now – which I will not – I can guarantee that a significant number of people in this room would become physically ill.”

“The State Department, not the Defense Department, had the lead. That meant diplomacy, not military might. It meant no retribution, no retaliation, no rescue,” Robin L. Higgins, his wife, wrote.

Colonel Higgins’ wife and daughter sued Iran for the murder and won a $355 million judgment from seized Iranian assets. The court found that, “Although an act of cruel savagery, the mutilation of the Colonel’s body was apparently consistent with the Islamic Guard’s fulfillment of Iranian foreign policy.”

Like Higgins, William Francis Buckley, the CIA station chief, was also captured and tortured for months. On video tapes released by his Hezbollah captors, he was incoherent and his mind had been broken by the horrors inflicted on his ravaged body and his soul.

“They had done more than ruin his body,” CIA Director William Casey said. “His eyes made it clear his mind had been played with. It was horrific, medieval and barbarous”

Imad Mughniyah was reportedly one of Buckley’s main interrogators and Iran passed along messages offering to trade Buckley in exchange for weapons sales.

Robert Stethem, a Navy diver, was brutally murdered when Hezbollah terrorists took over TWA flight 847. The Iranian-backed terrorists, one of whom was Imad Mughniyah, beat and kicked him to death.

“They were jumping in the air and landing full force on his body. He must have had all his ribs broken,” Uli Derickson, the stewardess, described. “I was sitting only 15 feet away. I couldn’t listen to it. I put my fingers in my ears. I will never forget. I could still hear. They put the mike up to his face so his screams could be heard by the outside world.”

Stethem’s screams, like those of the other American victims of Iran, have yet to be heard in Washington.

After the bombing of the American embassy in Beirut, the terrorist group that took credit for the attack warned, “This is part of the Iranian revolution’s campaign against imperialist targets throughout the world.”

It may be tempting to dismiss all this as ancient history, but the terror never stopped. In 1996, 19 Air Force airmen were killed in the bombing of the Khobar Towers with another truck bomb. “The Khobar Towers bombing was planned, funded, and sponsored by senior leadership in the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the judgment in yet another case by victims of terrorism against Iran found.

President Clinton responded to the Iranian act of terror with a conciliatory message to Mohammad Khatami, another newly elected phony reformer playing the part of the President of Iran

“The United States has no hostile intentions towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and seeks good relationships with your government,” Clinton wrote. “In order to lay a sound basis for better relations between our countries, we need a clear commitment from you that you will ensure an end to Iranian involvement in terrorist activity.”

The Iranians rejected the call for peace and Clinton, who had earlier told advisors, “I don’t want any pissant half-measures”, backed down, as he usually did when confronted with Islamic terror.

The 9/11 Commission found evidence that the majority of the “muscle” operatives who would terrorize the crews and passengers had “traveled into or out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001.” After September 11, top Al Qaeda officials fled to Iran as part of its policy of covertly allowing Al Qaeda terrorists to travel across its border without passport stamps. The key figure in the cooperation between Iran and Al Qaeda was once again Imad Mughniyah who met with and influenced Osama bin Laden.

The 1998 indictment of Al Qaeda stated that the terrorist group had “forged alliances with the National Islamic Front in the Sudan and with representatives of the government of Iran, and its associated terrorist group Hezbollah, for the purpose of working together against their perceived common enemies in the West, particularly the United States.”

After the Israelis finally took out Mughniyah with a bomb in his headrest, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei declared, “The pure blood of martyrs like Imad Mugniyah will grow hundreds like him.”

Last week, even while the pro-Iran leftist activists of MSNBC and the Huffington Post were furiously defending Obama’s Iran nuke sellout, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs placed a wreath on Mughniyah’s grave thereby pledging allegiance to everything that the terrorist mastermind stood for.

Even as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani boasted that the nuclear deal meant that the United States and other world powers had “surrendered before the great Iranian nation” and its true ruler, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, described the United States as “Satan” and declared it an enemy; the cloud of wishful thinking still lingers in Foggy Bottom breathed by the career diplomats of the State Department.

Jimmy Carter, whose empowerment of the Ayatollah Khomeini left his hands covered in the blood of Americans murdered by Iranian terror, has come out to praised Obama and Kerry for “doing the right thing” while warning that sanctions on Iran would be a “devastating blow”.

All these horrific acts of terror took place as a result of Jimmy Carter’s appeasement of Iran. What blood price will be exacted for Obama’s appeasement of Iran?


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  • Tom Girouard

    If history has taught us anything , it’s clearly shows that these people can’t be trusted . I know posting on here is not going to change anything but sometimes we need to vent our frustrations .

    • Edward smith

      Who the jews who are liars and thieves just like it says in john 8:44?

      • Notalibfool

        Aren’t you going to try and say it is all our fault because of Mossadegh?


        Nah. It’s the muslims who are liars and thieves.

        • BagLady

          Unfortunately, liars and thieves are liberally scattered in all societies. The sad thing is that the numbers are growing as corruption becomes more and more acceptable. Time to gird our loins.

    • BagLady

      Unless this site is just a twitter type place where one-liners are the norm. Sweeping statements should be a thumbs-down, “…… these people can’t be trusted.” You really should give pointers to your evidence that Iran represents a threat to anyone. When was there last dastardly act carried out? I can name a few carried out by the dastardly MOSAD on scientists….. etc. Let’s try to keep things in perspective.

      • Drakken

        It really is a simple, your either on their side, or with the west, sorry, there is no neutral territory to be had. Choose wisely Hunyuk.

  • truebearing

    Hopefully no one will confuse this brutally honest history of Iran’s vicious attacks on Americans as merely an indictment of Iran and its insane theocracy. It is certainly that, but more importantly, it is an indictment of decades of American leadership. In incident after incident, Iran has either facilitated, or was directly responsible for, depraved and deadly acts of war against the United States and its citizens. Greenfield’s succinct, and infuriating, history is an incontovertible polemic against the abject insanity* of Obama’s policy toward Iran.

    Iran hates us, intends to destroy us, has repeatedly attacked us, and the evidence is irrefutable, so now Obama is going to help them acquire a way to finally achieve their goal of wreaking death and destruction on America on a grand scale. There is no reason to doubt Iran’s threats to the U.S. or Israel. Their past actions have more than adequately established their sincerity. Reflected in these awful truths is the face of Obama’s treachery.

    * when the common good of not only the nation but the world is disregarded in a foreign policy decision that allows nuclear weapons to get into the hands of a deranged death cult, perhaps evil is the only appropriate term.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      …and the U.S. isn’t even prepared for an EMP attack! The Shield Act, H.R. 668, is “caught up in committee!”

    • Myrtle Linder

      It is amazing that these things happen over and over again. What will it take to convince people, that this is real, we need to see it for what it is, and stop making the same mistakes repeatedly. We are like sheep, the blind following the blind leader, until we are all over the cliff. We are insane, as we continually make the same mistakes, that are leading us to complete takeover by the enemy, right here in our own country.

      • truebearing

        It is beyond frustrating.

      • BagLady

        “A complete takeover by the enemy”

        My dear, you are being taken over by the enemy for sure. However, you are looking in the wrong direction. A little subterfuge is in play here (see Tsun Tzu). Sure you are shocked at the level of cruelty taking place in the MIddle East. Try dealing with a bunch of desert kids. They will be giggling — as kids do everywhere — while they drag you to the ground and rip off all your jewelery, money and anything else of interest. The harsher the climate, the harsher the system.

        I think we can safely say that both sides are committing atrocities. You are speaking of (poor) Iran whilst I think of Syria. Sorry.

        Oh yes, being taken over by the enemy……………..?

        • defcon 4

          Poor Iran. Yes poor, islam0fascist Iran that persecutes everyone non-muslim unfortunate to live in their islamic “republic” and finances Hezbollah, an islam0fascist terrorist organisation. Islamic apostate Pastor Saeed certainly is enjoying his incarceration and torture at the hands of the islam0nazis in Iranistan.

          • BagLady

            Don’t let’s talk of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. They have long been in American ‘sights’. It is a gradual, slowly-slowly-catchy-monkey plan. A blob slithering around the world, gobbling up whole countries for either financial or strategic advantage. Iran is in an unfortunate position and I don’t reckon much to its chances. Shame. Netanyahu acts like a bull in a china shop with about as much sophistication. His rush to see the fulfillment of the Zionist ‘dream’ in his lifetime is causing him to act impulsively.

          • defcon 4

            Yeah his desire to defend his country and people against muslimes who constantly rant and rave about killing Jews and destroying Israel is nothing more than a “Zionist” dream eh sunshine?

          • BagLady

            Sticks and stones………

          • BagLady

            We clearly see countries differently. I see an innocent people living under an harsh regime, whilst you lump the whole population together and call them terrorists. Should I judge you by your President?

        • Wolfy Ghalkhani


      • BagLady

        and what is it, Myrtle, this big repeated mistake? What is that is “real”? I know Vietnam was a big mistake, as was Iraq. Not doing to well in Afghanistan are we? Are these the mistakes we continue to make? Some would like to add Iran to this repetitive self-destruction. Would you?

        • Notalibfool

          Laugh all you want, sweetheart. You too will suffer if Sharia is imposed worldwide.

          Vietnam went badly because we had a self-righteous Dem in the White House. The situations in Iraq and Afghanistan were better prior to Obama.

          • BagLady

            Who’s laughing? I here the echo of American history and it makes me quite sad: “The East must be stopped lest they turn us all into communists.”

            Indoctrination is inevitable when you remain too long in one place I suspect.

            Vietnam went wrong because a) you were out of your depth and b) you had no business being there in the first place. Iraq and Afghanistan were better prior to Bush.

    • BagLady

      Calm down. You are far too emotional and this tends to lead to exaggeration and inevitably, the indulgence in a touch of calumny.

  • camp7

    The enemy is truly within. We live with a generation of moral and ethical cowards who identify with the violence of selfish generational dynamics to circumvent the long process of religious acumen, philosophy and science. That’s how Lucifer fell. He thought it was all about him. Islam/Iran is Lucifer’s family, they will continue his agenda.

  • Rachel Levy

    These Islamists are the most cruel,evil people since the Nazis.

    • oldtimer

      actually, they have been the most cruel even before the Nazis came into existence.

      • iluvisrael

        and as vicious and evil as the nazis were, they at least valued their own rotten lives – these crazed moslems don’t.

      • defcon 4

        I’ve read a story in which muhahahahamad, the most holey and perfect man in islam, tortured to death one of the Jewish leaders in Khaybar, because he suspected he was holding out on him. He had a fire kindled on the man’s chest, right in front of his wife and then had him murdered, possibly by beheading.

  • shinny_head

    We know the enemy and refuse to act.
    We do not know ourselves.

    • Bamaguje

      Reagan should have attacked Iran and blasted out the tyrannical Mullahs after Hezbollah bombed US Marine barracks in Beirut.

      • Notalibfool

        Carter should never have let Khomeini seize power to begin with. There never would have been the bombing in Beirut, the bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires, etc.


          dhimmi carter, WORST US PRESIDENT E-V-E-R.

          • Notalibfool

            Obummer wis competing for that title.


            dhimmi carter, WUSPE, laid the groundwork for Nobama and Nobamas support of radical Islam.

          • Truth Bearer

            That is up until Obama succeeded in unseating Carter from his well-earned title!

      • ronin

        Why didn’t he? Because both parties work for the same masters! If average person understands this basic fact, half of the problem is solved!!

  • Omar

    It is time to end Iranian imperialism in the Middle East and around the world.

    • Notalibfool

      Agreed! If I’m not mistaken one of Khomeini’s goals was to spread his “revolution” throughout the ME and beyond, essentially creating an empire.

  • kasandra

    As readers here may know, I firmly believe that the bombing of Pan Am 103 was contracted out to the Libyans by Iran in retaliation for the shootdown of Iran Air 655. I once posited my theory to a member of the intelligence community who replied “I won’t argue with you.” I think our government should make whatever information it has on this score public. More dead Americans courtesy of the country that our Dear Leader has been pursuing good relations with since Day One?


      Fascist iran needs to be wiped off the map.

      • Bamaguje

        I wouldn’t go so far… Most Iranians are not hostile to USA.
        America should instead endeavour to remove the tyrannical Mullahs by any means necessary.

        • Drakken

          Muslims are muslims and islam is islam and where ever islam goes the blood always flows, without exception. If they can’t get the mullahs out, I don’t feel one goddamn bit sorry if they get killed in the process.

          • defcon 4

            He has a point, under the Shah, Iran was civilised.

          • WhiteHunter

            I’m reminded of a remark the Shah once made while he was still in power. A naive Western journalist asked him why he didn’t rule his people with the same gentle hand that, say, the King of Sweden used in ruling his.
            Pahlavi’s reply: “When my people are as gentle and civilized as the Swedes are, I will rule them with the same gentle hand that the King of Sweden uses in ruling Sweden.”

          • defcon 4

            Wow, amazing quote. I wonder if the Shah still enforced aspects of Sharia law though. I can’t imagine an islamic state, even his, allowing any criticism of islam or its holey prophet.

        • WhiteHunter

          If “most” Iranians wanted the ayatollahs out, we’d be seeing an ongoing campaign of the same sort of mass riots and violence in the streets that brought down the Shah–who by today’s standards was a gentle, merciful, kindly, civilized, Western-style monarch.

          Since we don’t see any such widespread, regime-toppling upheaval (of course, the Obama/Kerry regime would help the mullahs snuff it out, if we did), the only reasonable assumption is that the Iranians are more or less satisfied with the hellish nightmare they brought down on themselves in 1979 and are still living under. If you can call it “living.”

          • Drakken

            1 death is a tragedy, a couple million or so deaths of muslims are a statistic.

          • defcon 4

            I used to know an Iranian Jewish woman. Her entire family left the “republic” of Iran shortly after the islam0nazi revolution. She said it was bad back then for Iran’s Jews, but that it’s worse today.

          • BagLady

            Saddam didn’t have too much trouble keeping his people quiet either.

          • Truth Bearer

            Please do some serious research on this subject because there was a huge protest movement that was going on within Iran during the early years of Obama’s administration. The protestors were by and large young people, professionals and college students who were marching in the streets and who were suffering with being shot and murdered for their revolt against the Ayatollah Koehemeni’s (sp?) Government. The Iranian president then in power in Iran was a true madman that did not hesitate to take all measures available to him to violently put down their rebellious uprising. He cut off all contact from these protestors with the outside world by blocking all communication channels coming out of Iran because they were appealing their just cause to the world’s nations and in particular to our own nation and the Obama Administration–who chose to simply totally ignore their efforts seeking freedom from their government’s massive oppression and violent forms of retaliation against all who dared to protest in the streets–many paid with their very life’s blood and yet there was a deafening silence emitting from our own Whitehouse as they lay dying for their freedom in the streets of Iran’s capital city. So do not harshly judge many of the Iranian people because they have done their best to stand against the tyranny that today rules their nation!

        • BagLady

          Thank goodness, a voice of reason. Iranians would very much welcome a free society. They love to escape and throw off their veils. The mullahs do not represent the masses and the suggestion that these innocent people should be obliterated because of some political game makes the proponents of war no better than the hardliners in the Muslim world.

          • defcon 4

            Duh, then why did the islamic Revolution happen at all Fatima Al Baghead?

      • BagLady

        Spoken like a true fascist.

        • defcon 4

          Islam = fascism.

          • Notalibfool

            Yes, but certain “enlightened” people can’t understand that.

        • Drakken

          Coming from a red commi like you, that is hilarious!

    • WhiteHunter

      The Iran Air plane flew into the middle of an ongoing aerial battle, ignoring warnings to steer safely clear. The U.S. guided missile cruiser had every reason to believe that the wog plane was probably a kamikaze, and justifiably launched and brought it down.
      This was absolutely a justifiable case of needing to “shoot first and ask questions later.” It was an accident (unlike like Pan Am 103), but 100% the fault of the Iranians. Not a single American tear should have been shed over it, and no apology issued. Too bad 10,000 Iranians weren’t blown out of the sky that day, instead of only a hundred or so.
      BTW, doesn’t anybody remember that the U.S. captain’s wife’s SUV was later blown up by a terrorist’s bomb? I think she and the kids escaped alive, but no filthy Iranian was ever caught and killed for the assassination attempt, as far as I recall. What a pity.

      • Drakken

        Soon my friend, soon, there won’t be a muslim of whatever stripe in the west that won’t be a hunted endangered species, and they will have brought this upon themselves, and God won’t even help the leftist that protests.

      • defcon 4

        I wonder if the Iranian airliner that was shot down by a US guided missile cruiser/frigate/destroyer happened after the incident in which an Iraqi jet successfully fired an exocet missile at a US warship in the Persian Gulf?

  • margstar

    Although an act of cruel savagery, the mutilation of the Colonel’s body was apparently consistent with the Islamic Guard’s fulfillment of Iranian foreign policy.”

    Why can’t our leaders understand this? Mind boggling.

    • Leland64

      “Why can’t our leaders understand this? Mind boggling.” They do understand but some hope the Iranian regime will magically transform itself into a western style democracy if we make nice. Our leaders seem unable to understand that making nice is perceived as weakness which stimulates the blood lust of Islamic fundamentalists. Economic and military combat power and the will to use them is the only thing that can instill fear of the consequences of their hostile actions. Sure, swift retribution is the answer. Survivors on their knees in smoking ruins will see the light or at least fear us.

      • Drakken

        As they say, you can wish in one hand and sh*t in the other, which one are you going to fill first? Our feckless leaders are going to learn the hard way, as they always do, for they refuse to believe what is right in front of them.

        • pfdr

          Yes, but unfortunately once again many others are paying and will continue to pay the price for their nonexistant hindsight and fuzzy foresight.

          • Drakken

            History repeats and always with dire consequences to the following generations and lessons ignored.

        • BagLady

          You tell ‘em Drakken. Oh ye of blinkered vision.

          • defcon 4

            Considering your immense respect for the islam0nazi “republic” of Iran why aren’t you living there?

          • Notalibfool

            Why doesn’t she live there? Because she is an over-privileged hypocrite who can’t possibly comprehend what is happening in the world.

            Watch her make some “clever” remark in response……

          • Drakken

            Silly commi, still siding with the 3rd world in a fit of self hatred and self loathing, get bent you bloody hunyuk.

          • Notalibfool

            Wonder how much her neighbors in that third-world country really appreciate having a wealthy, know-it-all westerner in their midst. She may think she is somehow doing them a favor but in reality she is a modern-day colonist.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Daniel ,I am approaching 77 . I see no good news . You expose the Left for their bad news spin bandwagons. Is there hope for our Nation? He has 3 more years to pound the final nails in America’s coffin. “God Damn America” is the mantra of this administration.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There’s hope. Just because the left has climbed on top, doesn’t mean that they can’t be pushed down again.

      • MLCBLOG

        I am taking heart from Canada. Isn’t this a beacon of light? I mean, so gone a few years ago, and now seemingly very conservative!!!

      • Bamaguje

        With the lamestream media on their side and pro-Democrat demographics (increasing Hispanics and other ethnic minorities), I’d say your optimism is wishful thinking.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The demogs are the real issue. But they aren’t irreversible yet.

          • paxton

            Are you speaking of the US or Israel?



      As Mr. Spock says:

      Live Long and Prosper.

  • JVictor

    With all of these well documented facts circulating about the means and modes of radical Islamic terrorists, why can’t Progressive Liberals put the pieces together to see that there is nothing civilized nor redeemable about their behavior? One has to conclude that they either a) have a “mental blind spot” that is truly troubling and remarkable at the same time or, b) agree with the barbaric tactics to achieve some sort of an end result.

    • WhiteHunter

      What you’re missing is that “Progressives” know very well what the radical Islamic terrorists are doing. The problem is that they largely agree with it, because it accelerates the destruction of Western civilization, which is their (insane) ultimate goal.
      They have no problem with the terrorists’ objective, strategy, or tactics, because they would not hesitate to use the same ones here, against us. Just think about the lies, threats, and slanders snarled against American conservatives and the Tea Party people. Any doubt that these America-hating Leftwing fanatics would be happy to prod us into cattle cars at gunpoint? I have none. None at all.

      • defcon 4

        But even if the leftards and their islam0nazi allies win, the leftards will still lose, because islam0nazis don’t share power w/anyone non-muslim.


    DEATH to fascist iran!

    HANG the ayatoolahs!


    • defcon 4

      Long live the inheritors of Persian civilisation: the Parsi.

  • Karma

    How many more lives will be lost to another weak administration in an inept attempt at conciliation with a country who has sworn to annihilate the infidels?

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • paxton

    A few corrections to this piece of historical fiction:

    1. Though the author castigates presidents Clinton,
    Carter and Obama (“Clinton … backed down, as he usually did when confronted with Islamic terror.” “Jimmy Carter, whose empowerment of the Ayatollah Khomeini left his hands covered in the blood of Americans murdered by Iranian terror, has come out to praised Obama and Kerry for “doing the right thing” while warning that sanctions on Iran would be a “devastating blow”. All these horrific acts of terror took place as a result of Jimmy Carter’s appeasement of Iran. What blood price will be exacted for Obama’s appeasement of Iran?) the author conveniently forgets to mention that the blood of the 222 Marines was actually on Ronald Reagan’s hands. Reagan sent them there to assist the Israelis after their 1982 invasion of Lebanon, in which the Israelis cooperated with the Lebanese Christians in massacring hundreds of Palestinian and Lebanese Shiite civilians. US naval ships shelled Shiites, who had long been dominated by Lebanese Sunnis and Christians. The attack on the US marines was in retaliation for that.

    2. While the author accuses Carter and Obama of appeasement of Iran and Clinton of backing down, there is no mention of the fact that Reagan “cut and ran”, withdrawing the US force after the bombing. The author also conveniently
    fails to mention that over the next several years Reagan, with the support of
    Israel, supplied Iran with arms (Iran contra) including:

    August 20, 1985 – 96 TOW anti-tank missiles
    September 14, 1985 – 408 more TOWs
    November 24, 1985 – 18 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles
    February 17, 1986 – 500 TOWs
    February 27, 1986 – 500 TOWs
    May 24, 1986 – 508 TOWs, 240 Hawk spare parts
    August 4, 1986 – More Hawk spares
    October 28, 1986 – 500 TOWs (Wikipedia)

    3. There is no evidence that Iran was aware of or assisted in the 9/11 attacks. 15 of the 19 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, which is now cooperating with Israel to get the US to attack Iran. Iran cooperated with the US in the invasion
    of Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. Saudi Arabia, beloved by all neo-cons as our close ally is one of the most repressive countries in the world. Why should we do Saudi Arabia’s dirty work for them?

    4. Daniel Greenfield, the author of this execrable piece, is an Israeli-born, Israel first, neocon, who is working with AIPAC and other Israel-firsters to promote a US attack on Iran, or at least a binding assurance that we will support Israel if Israel attacks Iran. This insane commitment to support another country if it attacks a third country has considerable support in the US senate. Greenfield
    is part of the same neo-con cabal that brought us the disastrous Iraq war. They apparently forgot to notice that in taking out Saddam Hussain, we were taking out Iran’s worst enemy, installing a Shiite government that would naturally support Iran, and giving Iran direct land access to Syria and Lebanon. Now the same neo-con Israel-firsters want us to correct that error by attacking Iran.

    5. The readers/commenters on this page are astoundingly lazy and ignorant. Instead of just moaning about how the US is going to pot, while being duped into another disatrous mid-east war in support of Israel, why don’t you inform yourselves about what Israel-firsters like Greenfield are up to?
    about what is really going on?

    • Napoleon

      Moaning, provoking and war-mongering…the Jewish specialties.

      • Notalibfool

        Whining, lying, and blaming innocents….the antisemitic specialty.


        Moaning, provoking, hijacking, enslaving, beheading, bombing, stabbing, poison gassing, cannibalising, stoning and war-mongering…the Islamofascist specialty.

      • truebearing

        I’ll bet you’re a very, very small man…with no interest in truth.


          A perfect Paulbot.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      1. The Marines weren’t there to assist Israel. They were there to assist Lebanon.

      2. Reagan made some mistakes with Iran, but it was Carter who helped make Iran what it is.

      3. The evidence is listed in the article. It’s unknown whether Iran was directly aware, but its collaboration and harboring of Al Qaeda, including the hijackers is mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report.

      4.a I have no use for AIPAC. It’s a mutual admiration society for useless politicians.

      4b. The Iraq War was the long term result of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and his threat to Saudi Arabia.

      • Erudite Mavin

        Thanks Daniel for the recent decades of history re Iran’s terrorist background and the facts re the war in Iraq.
        Too many don’t have a clue about this background and need to re read and drill down more on this and stop the libertarian – left wing talking points to excuse Iran.

      • kasandra

        Not to mention Saddam Hussein’s violation of something like 17 UN Security Council resolutions and the terms of the cease fire under which we ceased hostilities against Hussein in 1991 including by, e.g., firing at U.S. aircraft (which, itself, is an act of war against us).


        Sadaam Hussein was a counter balance to Fascist Iran.

        The ayatollahs of Fascist Iran need to go – one way or another.

      • defcon 4

        So much for the islam0nazi apologist’s lies, all debunked, point by point, lie by lie.

      • paxton

        1. Ostensibly they went there as peacekeepers, but acted as partisans for Israel, with US ships shelling Syrian and druze forces.

        2. How did Carter make Iran what it is? Maybe Eisenhower made ran what it is by unleashing the CIA to overthrow the elected Prime Minister Mossedegh and install the Shah. Someone mentioned that the Iranians were ok under the Shah. Well yes, he was our puppet.

        3.You’re grasping at straws. In 4b you justify the Iraq war to protect Saudi Arabia, the country that spreads its hateful Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam in madrassas all over the sunni world. Most hijackers were Saudis, as was Osama bin Laden. The Saudis have an excellent intelligence system. Tell me they had no info? Pakistan was/is an enabler of the Taliban and harbored OBL. Why focus on Iran (or Iraq) when the Saudis and Pakis were far more deeply implicated?

        4. Why don’t you educate your readers on the difference between a sunni and a shia, and the complexities of their relationship? Did you support the Iraq invasion? Did you not see how that would enable Iran? You say it was the result of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait? How? That had been repelled a decade ago. Iraq was a threat to Saudi Arabia? Evidence. And why should we go to war for Saudi Arabia (see above).?

        4a. You think AIPAC is not effective enough in stirring up support for bombing Iraq?

        5. What is your citizenship? To what country are you primarily loyal. The Iranians have committed atrocities, but so have a lot of other countries, including the US and Israel. Why single out Iran? Why did we single out Iraq for invasion? Neither are a credible threat to the US, We should be more worried about China, Russia, Pakistan. What’s your goal with sensationalist war-mongering articles like this/

        • Daniel Greenfield

          1. They went there to stabilize the area and relations with the Israeli forces were not good. They only began shelling Syrian and Druze forces after repeated sniper attacks and shelling of US forces.

          2. Backing the Ayatollah was the issue along with the entire Green Belt strategy.

          3. I’m not justifying the war. I’m pointing out why the US got entangled into a conflict with Iraq. It happened because of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and threats to the Saudis.

          The Saudis might well have known about 9/11. That has been covered elsewhere.

          • defcon 4

            I hope the Saudis knew about it, after all every consumer has the right to know about the service/product he’s purchasing. Why should islam0nazi terrorism be any different?

          • A Z

            I am disappointed by not surprised.

            1. The Marines weren’t there to assist Israel. They were there to assist Lebanon. Greenfield

            1. Ostensibly they went there as peacekeepers, but acted as partisans for Israel, with US ships shelling Syrian and druze forces – Paxton

            1. They went there to stabilize the area and relations with the Israeli forces were not good. They only began shelling Syrian and Druze forces after repeated sniper attacks and shelling of US forces. -Greenfield

            DDSS. If one is really wants to argue we get down to timelines and looking at individual attacks. I mean really getting into the weeds. It is like chess or checkers game with deadly intent. The goal is to change opinion over time. After your last checkmate then it is “look over there” and they are off on a tangent.

            Still the exercise is useful from their standpoint . If they find someone who knows history less well than they do they can attempt to shift attitudes in a forum based on incomplete facts.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            And that’s their real goal.

        • ZZ


          The only country you would like to see America attack is Israel, so drop the nonsense about China, Russia and Pakistan.

          Too bad for you that Netanyahu will likely attack the Iranian nuclear weapon manufacturing and missile sites before he leaves office. And don’t be surprised if he takes out the mullahs too.

          • defcon 4

            Taking out the mullahs and ayatollahs is irrelevant. As with Al Qaida, there are plenty of other islam0nazis waiting to take their place.

          • ZZ

            Taking out the mullahs and as many of their goons as possible would give Iranians the chance to try to take their country back.

          • paxton

            ZZ, I think it’s going to be more difficult than you think and Bibi knows it. Will it take nukes? Does Israel have “bunker buster” nukes. I understand the sites are disbursed and subterranean. It won’t be like Iraq or Syria. That’s why there is such a push to get American commitments.

            To say “taking out the mullahs” is just ignorant. You may as well say taking out the priests. How do you do that? They are distributed all over.

            What makes you think I want to attack Israel? As an American who wants to defend Israel, I think that includes defending it from its own overreach.

        • Notalibfool

          Paxton, you seem to think you are very knowledgeable in the topic of Iran. If so, how did you miss the FACT that the CIA did NOT install the Shah; he was already Iran’s leader.

          I’ve said this before and have been called names for it, but Mohammad Reza Pahlavi became the Shah of Iran in 1941 after British and Soviet troops invaded his country and forced his father to abdicate. This occurred roughly twelve years before the “evil” CIA deposed Mossadegh.

          • Omar

            Wow. So the Soviets helped to install the last Shah of Iran, even though they became Cold War foes because twelve years after forcing his father to abdicate, the Soviets tried to get rid of the Shah by using Mossadegh as their puppet. The Soviet told Mossadegh to dissolve parliament, suspend civil liberties and to eliminate all opposition. I wish more people would understand what really happened in Iran during the early 1950s. Mossadegh was no hero.

          • Notalibfool

            Well, I doubt they really wanted to see him installed. Perhaps the Soviets were looking at expanding their influence into that region, similar to how they gained control of most of eastern Europe after WWII.

        • Omar

          You are so wrong about Eisenhower, the CIA, Mossadegh and the 1953 coup in Iran. First of all, Mossadegh was not elected prime minister of Iran. He was appointed to that position by the Iranian parliament and the Shah, who was already in power as head of state, approved and ratified the choice. The coup came into motion, not when Mossadegh centralized the oil companies, but when he got into a power struggle with the Shah and the Iranian parliament that made him prime minister, dissolved parliament without the Shah’s permission, suspended civil liberties and attempted to eliminate all opposition in a clear attempt to establish a Communist regime in Iran. You see, Mossadegh was a Stalinist/Maoist and a puppet of both the Soviet Union and Communist China who wanted to turn Iran into a Communist totalitarian country and a puppet state of both the Soviet Union and Communist China. In addition, the CIA did not plan the coup that ousted Mossadegh. The coup was planned by the British intelligence organization, the M16; the Shah; and the Iranian opposition. The CIA didn’t join the anti-Mossadegh coup plotters until the M16, the Shah and the Iranian opposition proved to the CIA and the Eisenhower administration that Mossadegh was a Communist totalitarian with connections to the Soviet Union and Communist China and who was attempting to turn Iran into a Communist totalitarian dictatorship and a puppet state of both Communist regimes (Mossadegh was even quoted in a Time Magazine article on Iran from 1952 as saying “Call me dictator”). At that point, the CIA agreed to participate in the coup to oust Mossadegh from power. The Ayatollah and other Islamists actually supported and welcomed Mossadegh’s removal from power. The Islamists viewed Mossadegh as secular “infidel”. The Shah was not a puppet. He was an ally. And the U.S. government betrayed the Shah when Carter decided to force him out of power in Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979. The Ayatollah and his cronies hated the Shah, not because he was autocratic, but because he was secular, pro-Western and he respected women’s rights, including the right to not wear a veil if the women choose not to. Today, Iran is still being ruled by an Islamist theocracy. Quit repeating leftist propaganda and learn from facts.

          • Notalibfool

            Omar, what you wrote should be required reading for anyone studying Iran.

          • paxton

            Thanks. I’m glad to see that someone on this page cares about facts. I don’t see that anything you have said invalidates my point that our interference in Iran far antedates Carter. Imagine if we had minded our own business, Iran might be a “godless” communist state now instead of vicious “islamofascists”. Pick your poison. Either way we should have minded our own business then and should mind our own business now. You call Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan leftists? They agree with me.

          • Omar

            There were ways to avoid having the threats of establishing either a Communist totalitarian dictatorship or an Islamist theocracy in Iran. First of all, the Iranian parliament shouldn’t had appointed Mossadegh to be prime minister in the first place and the Shah shouldn’t had approved the parliament’s choice, knowing that Mossadegh was a Communist agent with ties to the Soviet Union and Communist China and who was going to cause problems in the Iranian government and society later on. Second, Jimmy Carter was responsible for deposing the Shah and bringing in the Ayatollahs to power in Iran. What the U.S. government should have done was to encourage negotiations or some kind of dialogue between the Shah and the Iranian opposition into reestablishing a constitutional monarchy and an effective parliamentary democracy that was destroyed when Mossadegh dissolved parliament and wanted to become the Maximum Leader in Iran, thus making the Shah fearful and paranoid about power struggles. Iran could have easily avoided taking either the Communist or Islamist poisons if the government had chosen right.

          • defcon 4

            At least Communists are led by reason, rather than the insane rantings of a Jew hating, child molesting psychopath.

          • hiernonymous

            You continue to repeat your misconceptions of parliamentary democracy. Mossadegh very much was elected.

            In most parliamentary democracies, voters do not vote directly for the prime minister; they vote for members of parliament. The party that receives the plurality of the votes is then charged with forming a government, which largely consists of deciding who will take the various ministerial positions. If the party with the plurality is able to form a government that meets with the approval of a majority of the elected MPs, then that slate is submitted to the head of state for approval.

            To state that Mossadegh was appointed, not elected, is to imply that his accession to the premiership was undemocratic, and that is simply not the case Mossadegh stood for election, won, and as an elected member of the parliament, was elected by that parliament to fill the position of prime minister; the Shah’s role was to approve the results.

            You also gloss over the fact that the political struggle you cite as the real cause of Mossadegh’s downfall was the result of the British blockade imposed when Britain lost its case in the Hague against Iran for – nationalizing the oil company! It’s disingenuous to try to divorce the fallout from the political struggle with Britain from its cause.

            You are also incorrect in portraying Mossadegh as a “Stalinist/Maoist.” Early in Mossadegh’s premiership, he allied himself with the Islamist Fedaiyan, because he needed their support to consolidate his power. He did not thereby become an Islamist himself, and, in fact, his alliance with the Fedaiyan collapsed when it became clear that he was using them, not the other way around, and that he had no intention of turning Iran into an Islamist state. Similarly, Mossadegh allied with the Tudeh, the Iranian communists. He did not thereby suddenly become communist, and there is no indication that he had any intention of even introducing a communist government to Iran. Britain, however, still stinging from the nationalization of the oil industry, and still waging economic war against Iran, saw the Communist angle as a way of bringing the U.S. into the struggle, so British intelligence informed Dulles that Mossadegh was a “communist.” That was enough to sell the U.S. Mossadegh was never a “Stalinist.”

            And it’s not M16, it’s MI6 – M.I.6.

            You’ll find that it’s easier to learn from facts if you’re not so blinded by a left-right filter that your brain disengages as soon as the word ‘communist’ enters the conversation.

      • Veracious_one

        there you go again…trying to confuse Paxton with the presentation of facts…

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      You might want to know that not only weren’t the Marines supposed to assist Israel, but Reagan allowed Yasser Arafat to escape from Beirut, in 1982. The Israelis had him cornered in Beirut, and were about to take him, but Reagan stepped in and gave him safe passage to North Africa. As for #2, Reagan may have supplied Iran with arms, but U.S. companies had been in Iran since the 1950’s. Your point #4 is total baloney. Not only is AIPAC NOT working to promote an American attack on Iran(What are your sources for THIS assertion, anyway?); they’ve actually done exactly what Obama wants in that regard–they’ve stood down and stopped their Iran efforts. You’ve also forgotten that Iran is America’s enemy as well. What are you going to say when Iran launches an EMP attack on the U.S.?

      • WhiteHunter

        I was about to point out the troll’s baldfaced, Jew-hating lie about the Marines’ mission in Beirut, but you’ve already done that: they were sent (idiotically, in my opinion–one of Reagan’s very few mistakes) to serve essentially as bodyguards for Arafat and his fellow mass murderers as they fled the city in the face of certain extermination by the victorious Israeli forces.
        Instead of protecting the syphilitic Palestinian Pustule and his fellow chancres, Reagan should have positioned a U.S. submarine a few miles offshore, with orders to torpedo the fleeing terrorists’ ships, leave any swimming survivors to the sharks, and then resume regular patrol.
        One last thing needs to be remembered. Until the dark day when Arafat and his murderous gang arrived, Beirut was famous as “The Paris of the Middle East,” with its wide, palm-lined boulevards, sidewalk cafes, robust banking industry, and every other civilized amenity. Arafat put an end to that, and the city has never recovered.

        • ZZ

          All of Lebanon has never recovered. No place the islamopithecines infest ever does until they are thrown out.

    • Drakken

      Here is a little known secret from those fun days of giving TOWS and Hawk parts to the bearded ones, they had a very nasty habit of coming right back to where they were fired from, I wonder how that happened? We weren’t as incompetent as they are now.

  • Edward smith

    You dirty filthy christian sacrificing jews will not get America into a war with Iran. You fail every time!

    • Notalibfool

      Have you been reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

      These “filthy christian sacrificing jews” fail every time but are somehow responsible for all the world’s problems? Go away, Jew hater!

    • Erudite Mavin

      The history of your posts looks like you have the Neo Nazi Ron Paul’s talking points down to the minute.
      You can’t face the reality that Iran is a terrorist nation that kills and tortures
      100s of thousands of innocent people and enables the count to far more
      in just the recent years.
      Your residency on the Rainbow Unicorn Ranch must keep you snug and safe from the real world.

    • Drakken

      You can deny it until your blue in the face, war is coming and you effing ragheads will have brought it upon yourselves. Burn motherfu**er burn!


      national SOCIALIST filth,

      This newsreel is for you and the rest of your klan.

      Fascist Iran will also surrender, unconditionally, to Infidels.

    • truebearing

      Nice try, moron. No one is buying your pathetic attempt at pretending to care about Christians.

    • defcon 4

      “Christian sacrificing jews”, ya gotta love the reference to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it must be another bestseller in the islam0nazi world, right behind Mein Kampf and Mein Koranmpf.

  • paxton

    Amazing!! I never even used the word jew in my previous comment. If you want to disagree with my opinions say where I went wrong. Most readers here probably disagree with me about what our Iran policy should be, but I hope that most will agree that to say that the US should prioritize our own interests over those of Israel is not an anti-jewish or anti-semitic statement. We can support Israel’s right to exist, without allowing it to dictate our policies.


      Socialist, still upset that your side lost WW2?

      Good. And there is more defeat in your future.;

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      You don’t have to use the word “Jew;” you’re busy shooting Greenfield with the appellation “Israel-firster.” And “prioritizing our own interests over those of Israel” doesn’t equal America forcing Israel to do things that aren’t in ISRAEL’s best interests.(Such as forbidding Israel to build housing in its own Capital city-Jerusalem; refusing to recognize that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital; and forcing Israel to apologize to Turkey, for IDF soldiers defending themselves against the murderous Jihadis of the Mavi Marmara. Remember?)

    • ZZ

      Amazing! Another anti-Semitic toad hiding behind words like Israel, neocon and Israel firster. You forgot to call the author a Zionist, though. Tsk tsk. Zionism is the belief that Jews should have their homeland back. Israel is that homeland. If you hate Israel, then you hate Jews. MLK Jr made that observation about fifty years ago, and he was right.

      Attacking Israel with your smarmy lies and excusing the terrorism factory of Iran shows where your priorities are — in the sewer in opposition to America.

    • truebearing

      Maybe you aren’t as clever at hiding your biases as you think you are. Try not being wrong so much and next time you may enjoy the replies a little more.

      Suggesting that Israel is dictating our policies is absurd, and you’ve provided nothing to establish that claim.

      Have you considered that Israel is culturally and ideologically close to the US, and always has been? What do we have in common with the teachings of Islam? Islam is the antithesis to our constitution, Judeo-Christian morality, and our culture in general. Of course we’re close to Israel, and as a result of that mutual respect and common values, we defend each other like any good allies would. Do you have a problem with loyalty to one’s allies?

      We can superficially affirm an ally’s right to exist, then do nothing when malignant totalitarian bullies threaten to destroy that ally. In a paroxysm of isolationism and nationalistic narcissism, we could make that our standard foreign policy. Pretty soon all of our friends would be gone, and we would be surrounded by our enemies. Is that your idea of wise foreign policy? Is that your idea of standing up for justice in international politics? Do you believe that in this increasingly small world, isolationism is even remotely possible?

      Try to remember: just because you have an ideology that you are excited about doesn’t mean the rest of the world will care about or respect your beliefs. They have their own ideologies and some of them believe in totalitarian manifest destiny, at any or all costs. That includes destroying you for having your beliefs. Iran is the perfect example of such a nation, ruled by a particularly violent and deranged belief system. Would you abandon your friends to the Iranians?

    • Drakken

      As one of those Marines who had the EXTREME pleasure of watching the New Jersey have fun with the muslims with those 16 inch guns, and I assure you we got a heck of lot more of those effing ragheads than they got of us. Our interests are very simple, we take care of our own, eff with the bull, you get the horns. I learned a very valuable lesson from that cesspool, when the Russians came in unannounced to take care of business when 4 of their diplomats were taken by Hezbollah, they snatched up shia mullahs and hezzbollah folks and left a mullah and his family in pieces in front of the main shia mosque with a note on the pile telling the ragheads, you have 4 hours to release our folks or more to follow, well what do you know, they released them in record time. It is a lesson I have never forgotten and apply to these effing ragheads where ever I go in the muslim world. Your approach of appeasement never works, and never will, and you know it.

      • defcon 4

        16″ cannon in action, that must’ve been something to see. 2000 lb. HE shells are a quick way to ruin someone’s jihad. I didn’t even know they used the New Jersey there, that must’ve been the last time a heavy battleship fired its main batteries in anger as well.

        • Drakken

          It had the wonderful effect of panicking the entire city of Beirut and surrounding areas, I saw an entire mountain top that contained a Syrian arty and radar battery taken completely off the map and lose elevation. Those effing ragheads were terrified as they should have been.

          • defcon 4

            Hearing those 16″ guns fired must have been some kind of loud.
            The Japanese had 18″ main batteries on their two big battlewagons: Yamato and Musashi.

  • johnlittle

    Informative and provocative, Mr Greenfield. Our pols in Washington will not rest until the Mideast is turned into one mammoth theocracy.
    Cordially, John Little, Sr.

  • Change Iran Now

    From the beginning, the Ayatollah regime has broken every international rule
    and flouted every norm. It has seized embassies, targeted diplomats and sent
    its own children through mine fields. It hangs gays and stones women. It has
    violated every Security Council resolution calling them to stop enrichment. It
    supports Assad’s brutal slaughter of the Syrian people. Iran is the world’s
    foremost sponsor of terror. It sponsors Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and
    terrorists throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Iran’s
    proxies have dispatched hundreds of suicide bombers, planted thousands of
    roadside bombs, and fired over twenty thousand missiles at civilians. Iranian
    terror tried to kill or actually killed innocent civilians in Buenos Aires, Beirut,
    Berlin, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Georgia, India, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Nepal,
    Azerbaijan, Kenya, Nigeria, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Canada and many
    others (at least 24 countries in five continents in the last three years
    alone). Through terror from the skies and terror on the ground, Iran is
    responsible for the murder of hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans. In
    1983, Iran’s proxy Hezbollah blew up the Marine barracks in Lebanon, killing
    240 American servicemen. In the last decade, it’s been responsible for
    murdering and maiming American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran accuses
    the American government of orchestrating 9/11, and it denies the Holocaust.
    Iran brazenly calls for Israel’s destruction, and they work for its destruction
    – each day, every day. They have ambitions for regional and global domination
    in order to expand the Islamic revolution, as their own constitution proclaims.
    This is how Iran behaves today, without nuclear weapons. Think of how they will
    behave tomorrow, with nuclear weapons. Iran will be even more reckless and far
    more dangerous. Responsible leaders should not bet the security of their
    countries on the belief that the world’s most dangerous regime won’t use the
    world’s most dangerous weapons. This theocratic dictatorial regime must not
    have nuclear weapons.

    • Yasha7

      Extremely well-said.

    • defcon 4

      So Hezbollah was behind the bombing of the Jewish centre in Buenos Aires?

  • SoCalMike

    there is a special place in he-l with the names Jimmy Carter, John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama.
    They epitomize and embody treason and selling out like so many American leftists.

  • Vernon

    Im fucking tired of these maniacs. I suggest an all out war on islam enough is enough. I will support religious tolerance when religion is tolerant, until then fuck that duplicitous garbage. They want rule? well lets beat them down like the filth they are and rule them.

    • Vernon

      DOWN WITH RELIGIONS up with true humanity. Stupid fucking morons.

      • defcon 4

        It’s not “RELIGIONS” that are the problem, it’s islam, the most genocidal, intolerant, violent theology to ever visit the planet earth. Don’t believe me, research what the islam0nazis did (and are doing) in the Indian sub-continent. In particular Tamerlane (Timurlane) the great muslime hero.

  • wileyvet

    Hi, I’m a long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to say how thoroughly I enjoy Front Page Magazine and all its contributors. I very much admire David Horowitz and all that he does. I do especially look forward everyday to reading Daniel Greenfield’s work. Amazing how prolific he is and always bang on. Thank you, and look forward to more posts and hope I may contribute something to these comments section.

  • defcon 4

    WRT TWA flight 847, I never realized the Chuck Norris movie was based on islam0nazi reality.

  • defcon 4

    WRT the fates of the USMC Col. and CIA station chief, words escape me. I feel sorry for their families. But it’s all just the typical savagery of the religion of peace.

    • Truth Bearer

      Please stop calling it “the religion of peace” it is an ideological political organization masquerading as a religion in order to covertly carry-out their plan of total world domination through their savagery and barbaric actions against any and all peoples on this planet who dare to NOT convert to their own Ideological system of slaughter and mayhem couched in terror and unimaginable forms of violence and flagrant murder and enslavement to accomplish their ultimate purpose which is to establish their second world Caliphate–total domination of all of the world’s non-Muslim populations and when (or if) they manage to succeed at their primary goal of world domination in some future time is when they proclaim to believe that “peace” will reign all over our world with their Mullahs and Imams reigning as lords and kings and murdering and enslaving any and all non-Muslims who dare to attempt to take a stand against their kind of ancient barbaric world government! They are NOT a religion in reality of any kind–much less–“one of peace” for that is the deceitful delusion and lie of Satan who is their ultimate true god and ruler as “The Prince Of This Earth” and ” The Father Of All Liars” who as God’s own Holy Word declares “Was a Liar from the beginning” and all who follow in His train are LIARS just like their false god and vicious Jehovah God hating ruler. The only true peace this world will ever know is when “Jesus Christ, The Prince Of Peace” returns to this world to rule, reign and in the end proclaim righteous JUDGMENT upon all those who have followed after the rule of Satan during their lives here on this planet and at the very same time totally rejected Almighty God’s unconditional love sent down to this Earth of sinful mankind in the form of His Only Begotten Son who taking on the form of sinful mankind lived a sinless life and then offered Himself as a perfect and HOLY SACRIFICE by shedding HIS OWN BLOOD upon the Cross Of Calvary in order to redeem all of sinful mankind from their bondage to live in the power of their own lustful flesh throughout their lifetimes. He came to deliver them and return them to fellowship again with their own Heavenly Father who created them for fellowship with Himself and whose desire is to as a shepherd care for and protects his flocks of sheep to bring them back into an eternally loving relationship with their Creator God for which they were originally created in HIS OWN IMAGE. Anyone who is willing to recognize and confess his own sin to Holy God and ask HIS Forgiveness through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ has God’s Free Gift Of Salvation available to them BUT they must by an act of their own freewill choose to repent of their disobedience of God’s Holy Laws meant to protect them from the many perils and diseases that exist within our world today. If, they seek Holy God with all of their hearts, minds and souls asking for and accepting HIS readily available forgiveness they can be eternally saved and not only saved but, also, become The Temple Of The Living God through His Holy Spirit who will come to live within them for all time as they make the decision to yield their own fleshly and selfish will to God’s own all consuming and unconditional love for them. After, they receive God’s Holy Spirit who witnesses with their own spirit, whereby, they will know and be assured of their own salvation and release from the curse of sin and death which they were born under when they entered this sinful world. Jehovah God is the only True God! He is, also, the only one who can bring “The peace that passes all understanding into mankind’s heart and soul” as HE has promised that once you believe in Christ Jesus as your Savior HIS Own Righteousness is imputed to you and your sins are washed away by HIS Righteousness and cast into the deepest sea as far as the East is from the West and their Heavenly Father remembers them no more against them. You become a new creation in Christ Jesus and you receive a new desire to love, serve and honor only Almighty God and to “Love your neighbor as you love your own self” and true love seeks only good for all of its fellowmen which is the fulfillment of all of God’s Righteous Laws! If, your truly want true peace in your life come to Jesus Christ the very source of all peace as The Prince Of Peace!

  • Dyer’s Eve

    “From Persia, very near a million”.

  • CrossWinds

    …..Revelation 17:2……….

    with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”…….

  • Porkys2istan

    McCain’s and Romney’s defeat by Barack HUSSEIN Obama was a referendum on weather we should have war FOREVER.

    * Perhaps it’s the 10 years of war, thousands of lives lost, tens of thousands of wounded soldiers, and BILLIONS of dollars flushed down the toilet, that convinced people to vote Democrat?

    * Perhaps its because we attacked Iraq FOR NO GOOD REASON, instead of Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan?

    * Perhaps its because we ‘nation built’ in Afghanistan (while the people we trained shot us in the back), when we should have just nuked the whole country?

    The nation is tired and weary. We need to take at least 10 years off between wars to grow a whole new batch of soldiers who can go off and get concussed and handicapped. We haven’t even ‘processed’ (AKA denied treatment to and shuffled off into homelessness) the wounded soldiers we have now. On TV you can pay $19 a month for wounded American vets just like starving kids in Africa. Not a good sign for the endless war machine.

    Sorry Conservatives you used up your ‘one war per 20 years’ quota on Iraq and won’t get another until at least 2023. But hey, I’m sure no Democrat (even Hilary) will use up your ‘war voucher’ during that time.

    • defcon 4

      US tax dollars are going to support islam0fascist states like Pakistain, Iraq and Afghanistan. Shouldn’t that stop as well?

  • BagLady

    Don’t let’s get our knickers in a twist. I have no doubt it will all be resolved in the usual under the table manner and things will cool down for another few years:

    • ZZ

      It hasn’t been resolved since it began 34 years ago, you lying cretin.

      • BagLady

        “….and things will cool down for another few years:”

        That’s what I said CRETIN. Does that sound like a finale?

        • defcon 4

          Yeah Hezbollah and Iran will just pack up their jihadi aims and go home. Right.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It wouldn’t surprise if me Obama calls for war crimes trails against his own generals soon.

  • Joan Of Argghh!

    The acts described above are not those of humans. That’s not name-calling or agenda-setting, that’s merely definition by observance. If Iranian fanatics would like to be described as “human” they should put forth some effort to rise above their monstrous proclivities for perverse evil.

  • harbidoll

    shias have been abused by their sunnie brothers for close to 1400yrs, now the shia have an outlet to vent their pain onto; the kuffers.the abused child becomes the abuser!!

  • Amil Imani

    The title of this article is misleading. American and Iranian Blood on Mullahs’ Hands, should be stated. Being Iranian is defined by a state of mind, not by a place of residence. The barbaric Islamist mullahs and their mercenaries presently ruling Iran are not Iranians. They are Islamofascists who have betrayed their magnificent heritage and have enlisted themselves in the service of a most oppressive, discriminating, and demeaning ideology.

    Iranians are proud spiritual descendants of King Cyrus the Great, the author of the first charter of human rights.

    • Drakken

      You haven’t been Persian in over 800 years, the arab muslim conquests bred the Persian right out of you, decedents of Cyrus my azz, muslim is muslim so spare me trying to take credit for what is extinct.

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    Reagan should have declared war. The attack against marines who were in Lebanon merely to help maintain the peace was indeed an act of war but Reagan did nothing. He’s just as bad as carter. Our ignorance and our cowardice has empowered the koran kissing Arab loving iranian mullahs who have devastated their own people, but then that’s what happens when you have Islam “on the brain”.

  • ConservativeSurge

    And that’s what happens when you occupy other countries and interfere in tribal warfare.

    Don’t feign surprise.

  • Georgiaboy61

    The author’s summary of Iran’s terrorist acts and atrocities is accurate – but leaves out the other half of the story, namely the Sunni half. While it is inconvertibly true that Shi’ite Iran has attacked the United States on many occasions since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Greenfield’s analysis omits the fact that the Saudis, the Qataris, the Emiratis, and other Sunni Islamic gulf states have been attacking us with equal determination over a longer period of time.

    A substantial majority of the terrorist groups in the Middle East, including al-Qaeda, are Sunni – and receive financial, logistical and other support from Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states.

    Most of the members of the Muslim Brotherhood are Sunnis, and it was founded by a Sunni Muslim – Hassan al-Banna.

    Yasser Arafat, the now-deceased leader of the terrorist PLO/Fatah, was a Sunni – as were many PLO splinter groups, such as Black September.

    Most of the 9-11 operatives were Saudis, as was Osama Bin Laden. It has now come to light that the Saudi government had a direct hand in the September 11th attacks. Furthermore, the Saudis and their colleagues in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) have been exporting jihad around the world for decades – via a globe-spanning network of so-called charities, non-profits, Muslim-owned businesses, and madrasas (Islamic schools).

    If Iran qualifies as an enemy of the U.S., then – by any reasonable measure – the same must be true of the Saudis and their associates in the GCC.

    If the Israelis and NATO wish to ally themselves with the Saudis, that is their prerogative – but the U.S. needn’t make the same mistake. The Saudis are not our friends, and never have been. It is only because they are threatened by Tehran that they now have come running to their once-mortal enemies in Israel and the U.S. for help. This is one American who believes that they should be left to their fate. The Saudis and their kind are not worth one drop of American blood.

  • Dajjal

    America cowers in the presence of Iran. They are fleeing from the Middle East. Good news for Iran, as they will build up their empire.

  • NLB

    These things must be brought to the attention of the world again, beyond this online site. Orwell said that “he who controls the past controls the future, he who controls the present controls the past.” It is evident that the government controlled educational system is purposely wiping away the history of truth.

  • Paulus Magus

    CIA = subhuman trash, who cares?

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Obama is a sociopath!