American Power Under Obama in 1 Photo

Samantha Power screams at Russian ambassador

In a word. Pathetic.

As bad as the Carter years were, they didn’t feature the complete and total collapse of American power. And if Hillary manages to crawl into the White House, it will be another 4 to 8 years of this.

Whatever your views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, watching the United States be disgraced and humiliated by a bunch of leftist academics is the nadir of this administration.

The media, true to form, is captioning this as “Samantha Power chats…”. That’s not a chat.



  • Webb

    Wild old whoor!

    • A Z

      I do not know what you mean. She is not that old, unless 43 is old.

      I do however empathize with your visceral dislike of Samantha Power.

      IMO she is a moron. She wrote the book “Realizing Human Rights: Moving from Inspiration to Impact”. Her sentiment about not wanting to live in a world where genocide does not happen is all very nice and proper. You cannot disagree with it. The problem is with implementing it. How is Samantha Power going to stop genocide.We must ask “Her and what army?”

      She curries favor with the Left. She votes Left. She defends the Left. The Left continually puts the U.S. military on a shoe string budget, if on a budget at all (Department of Peace anyone?). And yet she wants to stop Putin in Crimea and stop Genocide. She is a moron. Again we must ask “Her and what Army?”


        KGB Putin doesn’t give a crap about what the Obama administration wants.

        Putin does what Putin wants.

      • truebearing

        She doesn’t want genocide but supports the Muslims and works to increase Israel’s vulnerability. She is an utter fool and an embarrassment to the nation.

        • A Z

          I did not say she wants genocide. I am saying that will be the result of her endeavors. On second thought, you probably were saying the same thing specifically in regards Mrs. Power’s & Israel.

          • Boogies Daddy

            “Her sentiment about not wanting to live in a world where genocide does not happen is all very nice and proper.”
            That might confuse someone.

  • Dufus McCoy

    Samantha Power is like an infant in the Russian’s hands. School marm meets KGB official.

    • Habbgun

      Does this useless tirade make me look bossy?



        • A Z

          I’d have more respect for Samantha Power if she would lead from the front. That is if she had been in combat and had some “skin in the game” as Obama is so fond of saying.

          Some Celtic women of old were known to fight. Some were even known to fight in the nude like some of the men. I’d have more respect for her if she did.

          Instead she harangues and scribbles and pushed other people’s sons and daughters to the front.

          She is shrill in speaking but she is no Morrigan.

          • truebearing

            Let’s not encourage Samantha to do anything in the nude. I still haven’t regained full vision after accidentally looking at Lena Dunham.

          • A Z

            I tend to like tall Irish or Scottish women. Unfortunately there is a tendency to have a dried out look to their complexion, which seems to be the case in Mrs’ Power’s case.

            Lena Dunham is not ugly; she looks matronly. She will not be foxy. She did take a good picture at the start of ‘Girls’, but she soon grew out of that into matronly.

            My problem with both of these women is that they are liberals. Samantha Power is likely to get Americans killed. Lena Dunham can also get a lot of Americans killed indirectly. Some Iman will talk about all her antics and will say America is cultural bankrupt and a blight upon the planet. Aside from that Lena Dunham is debauched. But at least Lena has an excuse. Her parents are complete loons.

          • Douglas J. Bender

            Good Lord, I suddenly got an image of Hillary Clinton pretending to be a warrior-princess, battling in the nude, but trying not to be “bossy”. Thanks a lot.

      • A Z

        I like it.

        The 2nd picture could be titled “Samantha Power looking Bossy!”


    Honestly I don’t believe that Hillary would be as bad as Obama.

    I believe that she thinks like Bill Clinton.

    But I’d prefer a good Republican over a “good” Democrat as President – and I’m a registered Democrat.

    • A Z

      Just because they are married and may have slept together does not mean they think similarly.

    • Sally

      how can anyone defend Hillary knowing what happened in Benghazi. The woman should be in prison.

  • edlancey

    I’m surprised she didn’t dig out the old Che tee-shirt she undoubtedly wore when she was an undergrad.

  • truebearing

    I am reminded of the scene in “Braveheart” where Longshanks agonizes over who he should send to parlay with William Wallace. Not wanting to risk his own neck, he considers sending his effeminate, gay son. He summarily rejects the idea with the observation: “Whom do I send? Not my gentle son. The mere sight of him would only encourage an enemy to take over the whole country.”

    Imagine Russia’s uncontrollable ambition at the mere sight of an idiot like Power.

    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Except that Obama doesn’t agonize.

  • Grigory

    In a word. Pathetic.

  • v

    Putin is a brilliant chess player strategist regardless of how misplaced his startegies are. He is running circles around Obama and his losers, and making them look like fools purposefully in order to further diminish America’s standing in the world, particularly among our allies. Show me one ally now who will trust Obama and the U.S. in defending them. Alliances will shift around those who have the power and leadership, and that is not going to be this president or this country. We are in the final phase of diminishing this country in making it irrelevant in all aspects, including militarily. Putin is doing this because he knows even in the unlikely event of a military confrontation with Russia, we don’t stand a chance. The ignorance of the American public has created a disaster for this country. It is a sad day indeed.

    • X

      This is partly true. As a result, the United States have paid a revolution in Ukraine created a condition for joining Crimea to Russia.

      To Russia looked at the United States as an ally . Your country needs to stop trying to impose their point of view all the world. And to pursue a policy of double standards. Like Crimea ( 97 % of citizens want to join , and it is not a military coercion that indicate your media) and a stronghold of democracy, the United States does not support the civilian population , they support the bandits came to power by force of arms . People adhering to nationalist ideologies using Nazi symbols against which we fought in World War II

      P.S. Sorry for my English, the omission of my Russian education.