America’s Future Under the Left: Socialist Venezuela has No Coffins to Bury the Dead


Hugo Chavez and his seance bus driving buddy Maduro have managed to top Lenin and Castro. At least neither of those geniuses of command economies were working with a country in which money came out of the ground.

Maduro has managed to bring Venezuela to the point where it can’t manage to stock toilet paper, milk and now even coffins.

Now, even in death, Venezuelans are afflicted by shortages. Coffin production has dropped between 20% and 30% this year for lack of materials, forcing funeral and burial delays and boosting cask prices, industry officials say.

Pedro Navarro, former president of Venezuela’s funeral parlor association, has blamed lagging production at the state-run foundry Sidor. In short supply especially was the metal leaf used in the construction of coffins. “Some factories are paralysed. Others are buying thicker leaf,” he said.

The country, which has a population of 30 million, has about 50 coffin factories. The president of one of Caracas’ biggest coffin companies, Ataudes Venezuela, said that glue, varnish, paint and fabric for the interiors, was scarce.

Demand for coffins has grown in recent years. Venezuela has one of the world’s highest murder rates. People have been coping with shortages since 2006, long before the death from cancer last year of the pro-socialist president, Hugo Chávez.

I’m sure Maduro is even now issuing a press release blaming the CIA and ordering his thugs to find coffin hoarders and expropriate their coffins to give to the people.

Giving coffins to the people is a timeless Socialist hobby.

Fortunately the good people at Democratic Underground have seen through this filthy scam.

rickyhall  – The rich punishing the socialists? Just another day in paradise. . .

Spouting Horn  – Shortages are good for the environment. Blackouts? No CO2 released. No toilet paper? Trees not being cut down. No meat? No cows flatulating into the atmosphere changing the climate.

  • American Patriot

    The opposition, notably Capriles, Lopez and Corina Machado should out counter Maduro’s insane rants by blaming the DI (Communist Cuba’s intelligence) for everything that is wrong with Venezuela. I believe that the opposition has blamed Havana for the mess Venezuela is in, to a significant extent. But the opposition must go further. They must blame Communist Cuba for everything that is wrong with not only Venezuela, but Latin America as a whole.

    • Johnny Palestine

      … and they must out the Rockefellers and their pet project the CIA for having armed Castro with weapons, radios and communication devices in their ” armed struggle” against Bettista. Rockefeller and Co. did their best to ruin, confuse and plunder the Americas in order to ensure America to be the number one economy in the Western Hemisphere ( Rothschild & Co. ruined Argentina by supporting Irigoyan to mandate compulsory health insurance, the ” Obamacare” of his day).

      I will always blame the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and their fellow Anglo elite sycophants as well as the Muslims for the world’s problems.

      JD Rockefeller – competition is a sin.

  • cxt

    The worst part–arguably–is that no matter how bad it gets the Left will never admit that they and their policies are to blame.

    So they keep hurting people over and over and over again. Each time they are SURE that their utopia is just around the corner.

  • De Doc

    Well then, Venezuela can resort to the old, time honored tradition used by Socialist regimes to dispose of the dead – mass grave ditches. Or, if they go the environmentally friendly route, they can process the corpses into Soylent Green. The latter solution quashes any need for caskets and provides much needed nutrition for the Venezuelan people.

  • Pete

    Is Spouting Horn a true believer, a troll mimicking & mocking the left, or is he some cruel dude making sure they sink deeper into their psychotic delusions?

  • Libslayer

    We’ll have toilet paper shortages here too.
    There’s no end to obama’s sh__.

  • UCSPanther

    I wager that Venezuela will try this:

    Until fuel and cremation supplies run out…

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Hillary regime will burn the dead for fuel. And then the living.

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