America’s Red Guard

Bill-AyersAs the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution approaches some of the former students who participated in its Red Guard terror have been trying to make amends to their victims. If China’s former leftist fanatics feel some remorse for the atrocities they participated in, the same can’t be said of their American counterparts.

Even as the Cultural Revolution was dying down in China, it flared up in the United States. The Weather Underground drew inspiration from China’s Red Terror. Their founding manifesto cited the Red Guard as a model for a “mass revolutionary movement.”

Bill Ayers, among others, had signed a letter, “Long live People’s China. Love live Comrade Mao.”

The American counterparts of China’s Red Guard remain largely unrepentant because here the Cultural Revolution never ended. Instead it went mainstream. Its members were never disavowed and their acts of terror continue to be celebrated and whitewashed by a left that finds them alternately embarrassing and thrilling.

The terrorists became celebrities and the radicals became part of the system and set the rules. There was less violence, but more authoritarianism. Instead of carrying on a futile campaign of bombings and bank robberies, the radicals used the vast wealth and power of the system to train the next generation of the Red Guard. And that next generation did the same thing.

Each wave of the Cultural Revolution in the United States has eroded civil rights and illiberally undermined a liberal society. Though the Red Guards chose to work within the system, they are animated by an unmistakable contempt and hatred for the country and its institutions.

Their endgame has not changed. Only their tactics have.

Barack Obama, a child of the Cultural Revolution, is the very model of a modern Red Guard. The Weathermen engaged in extreme rhetoric and actions. Obama dispenses with the extreme rhetoric and gets right down to the extreme actions. He is calculating enough to avoid the verbal vindictiveness of an Ayers or a Wright, but he still chose them as his mentors.

The Red Guard, whether it’s the Occupiers or Barack Obama, abide by no rules except those of their own ideology. The United States Constitution and the rule of law mean nothing to them. The rules of their ideology are expressed formally in private, but publicly as outrage or empathy.

America under the Red Guards is run by liberals without liberalism. Locke’s “No one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions” is as alien a sentiment to them as if it were expressed in binary code. Its grounding in a Natural Law whose equality eliminates power relationship is utterly incompatible with the Red Guard’s obsession with power relationships.

Under the rule of the Red Guard, rights do not transcend the ruling ideology. The Constitution is not an absolute. There are no absolutes except social justice. Freedom of speech and thought are only provided to those who say and think the right things. A right either serves the cause of social justice or obstructs it.

The right to speak your mind or donate to a political cause is valid only if it serves that mandate.

Justice is not blind. She’s a community organizer coming out against the greedy and ignorant majority. The entire system, political, cultural and legal, is a means of enforcing the mandate.

Political outrage is the supreme virtue of both the American and Chinese Red Guard. Their outraged denunciations show off their revolutionary commitment. Its members mistake the thrill of abusing others for the rightness of a moral crusade. They celebrate the elimination of all restrictions that prevent them from punishing their victims as a revolutionary act.

This form of crowdsourced political terror by elites and their pet mobs isn’t new. It’s only new to the United States.

The lines of scapegoats paraded through the media for some petty crime against political correctness are a modern digital version of the Red Guard’s denunciations and humiliations. The politics and the poisonous motives are the same. The only difference is that the Red Guard lacks the license to commit real violence, as of now, and must instead settle for economic and social violence.

The virtue of outrage leads to a state of authoritarian lawlessness. Legislatures and laws are replaced with an alliance between the executive authority of Barack Obama and the Red Guard activists. The activists demand, the media manufactures outrage and Obama uses executive orders to deliver. These totalitarian antics of a new Cultural Revolution are celebrated as populist, when they are really the Machiavellian show that the leftist elite puts on for the people.

When outrage displaces the process of the law, what remains is authoritarianism or anarchy. And despite the occasional Circle-A embroidered on a pricey jacket, the progressive Red Guard are not anarchists. What they are after is not less authority, but more of it. Their rhetoric about banks and corporations disguises what they intend for the rest of us.

They are not fighting against power. They are fighting for power.

The Red Guard is a perverse parody of mob rule. Our Red Guard, like many in China’s Red Guard, are the sons and daughters of the elites. They manufacture an elitist populism in order to call for despotism.

In New York City, the sons and daughters of the elite stopped shaving, set up camping tents opposite Wall Street and clamored for the radical change that their parents were already busy implementing. Their 99% sloganeering, a group that few of their parents belonged to, was a massive distraction from an alliance between political and commercial elites to ration health care and displace an authentic populist movement, which like all authentic populist movements rejected the authoritarian rule of a chief executive, rather than defending and endorsing it.

Occupy Wall Street, like every modern manifestation of the Red Guard in the United States, and like the original Red Guard, was a cynical power move by a ruling elite. The fake populism of 1 percenter brats shrieking about income inequality while campaigning to destroy the middle class and what’s left of the working class was true despotism.

The 50th anniversary of China’s Cultural Revolution will coincide with a national election in the United States that will serve in part as a final referendum on the Red Guard reign of the previous eight years. Like the Chinese, Americans will be forced to confront the ruin of their institutions, the polarization of their society and the victims of the Red Guard’s political inquisitions.

50 years from now, will the students eagerly tearing down a liberal society and replacing it with outraged denunciations and media purges also regret their role in the new Cultural Revolution?

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  • Steeloak

    The Red Guards in China ended when Mao realized that even he couldn’t control them any more, the crackdown on them that followed was bloody. Like the “Hundred Flowers ” movement or the “Great Leap Forward”, the Red Guards were created by Mao to be the tip of the political spear he would wield against his perceived enemies.
    I think America has had enough of our own “Great Helmsman” and can’t wait to put an end to the Obama “Cultural Revolution”. In hindsight, the Clinton and Obama years will be seen as the high water mark of the radical left.
    Americans are fed up with the left (as well as Rino Republicans) and the emerging Tea-Party/Libertarian movement is sending shockwaves throughout both parties.
    Freedom is the future.

    • erma652

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      • tagalog

        But does her power come out of the barrel of a gun?

        When she moves among the people in her Kia, is she like a fish swimming in the water?

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Flagged …


          and bagged.

    • truebearing

      We have our work cut out for us. The American Left has added to its arsenal of weapons. Mao didn’t have Global Warming as a reason to purge unbelievers. Global Warming gives the Left a perfect scare tactic that not only includes its own false morality, but includes the ultimate in divisiveness: the pitting of scared individuals against those who aren’t hoodwinked. They are using the threat of human extinction to facilitate the elimination of humans, on false moral grounds. A neat and evil trick.

      • Steeloak

        The number of people who don’t believe in the AGW lie is growing daily, currently over 2/3 of the population and rising. Obama’s push is the lefts’ last chance to implement their climate agenda. After he is gone, the movement will collapse and be de-funded, at least in the US.

        • truebearing

          I certainly hope so, but one can’t rule out their distinct advantages in terms of money and current control of the most powerful nations on earth. We still have a fight and they won’t let go of power willingly.

          It’s good to see you have a strong positive attitude. We need more of that.

      • cathnealon

        Global warming propaganda, like Obamacare, is a means to an end–the takeover of the energy industry by the State.

      • kikorikid

        The Left does go thru gimmick after gimmic
        but, as you suggest, Global Warming has
        that omnibus character. The left won’t run
        out of it and it can’t be fixed. You could be
        persecuted if you did not believe in
        “Global Warming”.
        You are right, lotta work ahead.

    • ricpic

      What makes you think the Obama “Cultural Revolution” won’t be followed and extended by the Hillary “Cultural Revolution?” Notice that the lying witch is already positioning herself as a reasonable keeper of the flame of liberty. Piece a’ cake to vilify her Republican opponent as a bully, hell as criminal, should he dare to speak plainly of her murderous past. And after she’s elected? Then we’ll get the real McCoy Communism: rivers of blood.


    bill ayers wrote a manifesto and dedicated it to many enemies of America.

    of the criminals ayers dedicated his manifesto to was the 1968 ASSASSIN of
    US Senator and US Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy.

    William Ayers’ forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      From Bill Ayers, his description of socialism:

      “Socialism is the total opposite of capitalism/imperialism. It is the rejection of empire and white supremacy. Socialism is the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the eradication of the social system based on profit. Socialism means control of the productive forces for the good of the whole community instead of the few who live on hilltops and in mansions. Socialism means priorities based on human need instead of corporate greed. Socialism creates the conditions for a decent and creative quality of life for all. “

      For anyone with a brain, it’s quite easy to see that Ayers’ definition of socialism is actually communism. And he created Chicago’s school system, through the Annenberg project …

      By the way, his modest little cottage is actually a multimillion dollar mansion next to Barack Obama’s home, in Chicago.


    Too bad this didn’t make comrade ayers head explode.

  • wileyvet

    In my fantasy world, I would have every leftist weirdo that has contributed to this destruction rounded up, their assets seized and redistributed, and all of them sent to a Gulag where they can bust rocks forever, and live off a thin watery soup. Then sit back and watch them turn from sophisticated intellectuals into rabid bug infested animals, killing each other for a potato scrap or a crust of bread.

    • Archibald_Bomwitz

      So, in fact you are bad as they are! You want a dictatorship and terror against those who don’t agree with opinions!

      • Gylippus

        I agree with your sentiment Archibald, though I share wileyvets’ urge to punish our domestic Red Guard. As you suggest, it is important not to become the thing you oppose. Such a tendency does exist. But it is worth asking “what is the best way to deal with an embedded revolutionary element, that is relentlessly seeking to gain power by abusing the liberties it provides?”

        Ideally we can push the Dems and their neo-communist / liberal power-play back into the shadows, but we may never eliminate them completely. These kinds of authoritarian power-cliques seem to predate Communism; though Communism gives them
        a range of rationales and organizing principals in the modern era. But to do so we will have to attach negative consequences to adhering to their beliefs. So yes, we will have to stand in judgment of them, confident in our understanding that while not perfect, a society based on the sovereignty of the individual is superior to one based on the whim of a ruler (especially one who is power hungry.)

        Personally I think that criminal prosecutions against the leadership will be necessary, if only to provide a means to expose what they have done. This would go a long way towards stigmatizing leftist thought, weakening their grip and providing us with an opportunity to buttress our freedoms. For instance I support a state convention to amend the Constitution by applying more checks and balances.

        We also, crucially, need to liberate the education system from the lefts’ totalitarian grip.

        Of course idealized solutions seldom apply in the real world. These leftists are playing with fire. They risk unleashing some of humanity’s deepest and darkest passions. In my view they have miscalculated with their decision to acceleratethings under Obama. He is not as persuasive as they had hoped and he
        has triggered a hitherto semi-dormant resistance movement that has only grown in strength year after year since 2008. There is a mid to fair probability that things will devolve into violence, and then who can say how that will turn out. Many of them may indeed meet the kind of fate that Archibald describes. Remember that many Jacobins wound up in their own beloved guillotine! Sometimes passions have to play themselves out. We can strive towards a peaceful and humane resolution to this crisis, but the odds on that are long. Just remember, the left brought this on themselves. Our task is not only to roll-back the leftist-crony capitalist advance, but to do so while striving to stay true to our core beliefs.

        • Terry

          Something like Heinlein’s Coventry?

          We wall off a few hundred or few thousand square miles of land and they can create their socialist utopia with their perfect revolutionary guard.

          What will happen is that they will set up a feudal system where only the name will be socialists to fool them again.


            It already exists. It’s called Eurabia.

          • E Plobnista

            It’s called California

          • Gylippus

            I’m a Heinlein fan, but I think that fate is too good for them. Rounding up and prosecuting a few hundred of their top national elected leaders, appointed technocrats, media figures, union bosses, crony capitalists, and assorted riff-raff like Ayers for grand-larceny, treason, racketeering, aiding and abetting the enemy, sedition, graft, lying under oath etc. etc. Then locking ‘em up in among the general population in high security federal pens would be more appropriate.

          • Seek

            Great. So you want to use totalitarian means to achieve libertarian ends. How are you any different, then, from the Maoists you profess to despise?

          • Drakken

            Ole Heinlein had an idea back in the day, that only those who had served in the military should be allowed to be citizens, with the way the public keeps getting dumbed down, I am starting to warm up to the idea.

        • Bubba

          This is why the country was founded on individual and states rights, not top down federal control. At the top, everything below looks like something to be “managed”. A city level gov type would NEVER try this crap because his own neighbors would ridicule him, or worse, until he dropped the subject forever. In the rarified air of dc, they self reinforce how good their ideas are to manage the masses, whom they think are too stupid to understand the proposed solutions to the complex problems they created previously. I bet if secret service and other protection was pulled from these asswipes, their tune would change significantly. They currently suffer no consequences for their actions, so they think it is all good.


        Confusion to the left.

      • wileyvet

        I prefaced my comment with ” in my FANTASY world”. You have a hard time comprehending English and apparently have no sense of humour.

        • Archibald_Bomwitz

          It still describes what you wish would happen if you had the power to make it happen! Don’t try that old it-was-only-a-joke -trick!

      • Steeloak

        Communists (and Islamists) are relentless fanatics. They work tirelessly to destroy everything freedom loving peoples hold dear.
        Neither is interested in polite debate or settling differences through democratic political processes.
        I contend that both are a form of cancer in political life. Sometimes the only way to deal with fanatics is to kill them, because they won’t stop otherwise.

      • CDM

        I don’t agree with your evaluation. I believe that the enemy is the one who writes the rules. They shouldn’t have a problem if their own rules are applied to them.

        That you can feel good about yourself for being morally superior to your enemies won’t help when they’re shoveling dirt on top of your coffin.

      • Rob Hobart

        Pathetic troll is pathetic.

      • Drakken

        I am always reminded by history, that those who take the high moral ground while fighting their enemies, are always buried in it.

        • Archibald_Bomwitz

          So those that take low moral ground win? Like Japan and Germany in WWII?

    • Anon

      I think I’d rather give them exactly what they want, caveat being they can’t be in charge. I suspect they would turn away from that path rather abruptly.

  • American1969

    If these people are so hot for communism, then why don’t they put their money where their mouths are, give up their wealth and privilege, and go move to a communist country and go live the dream? Notice they never do?
    Leftists are the biggest hypocrites around. They don’t mind imposing that garbage onto everyone else, but don’t have the guts to live by the courage of their convictions. These people have nothing to say to anyone. They need to shut up and either go live the communist dream or shut up and stop with their nonsense here.

    • The March Hare

      They don’t move to another country because they don’t think communism has been implemented correctly anywhere yet and intend to “do it right” here.


        I’ve heard the very same thing from the mouth of leftards when I’ve asked the same question.

        “no place does it right”. Awwwww.

        • American1969

          That’s because there’s no way to do it “right”! Leftists are either incredibly naïve, or incredibly stupid. Or most likely both.
          Next time you hear a leftist complain they didn’t do communism right, remind them to move their butts to a communist country like North Korea so that they can show them how to do it “right”. Lol!
          You just can’t make this stuff up!

          • popseal

            Greed and power, not social ‘justice’ is at the heart of leftist motivation. Men are created to live under lawful liberty, not a top down dictatorship, which the Ayers ilk strives for.

        • Anono

          It’s because they think they should be in charge. Then, since only they are smart enough to do it right, things will be perfect….for them, being at the top of the pyramid and all. Communism is a great idea to the retards because they think they will be the ones running the show, while the rabble will be left to wait in lines for bowls of gruel when not working for the glorious revolution. Seriously, these people need a cranial enema.

      • American1969

        Thank you! Note how they show their foolishness and stupidity by opening their mouths? “Not done right”? How in the world do you “do” totalitarianism “right”?
        Liberalism is a psychotic mental disorder.

        • The March Hare

          I watched as Sean Hannity, on his TV show, kept saying to Ed Asner, “You’re a Communist, aren’t you?” about three times until Asner finally replied with a statement about it not being “tried right yet”.

          • truebearing

            Asner still thinks the square wheel should be given another chance.

          • popseal

            His breed doesn’t realize that human nature will not suffer for long under a dictatorship, once it has tasted freedom. The Second Amendment was intended against the Ed Asners of the word.

      • Drakken

        No matter how many times the communist try to implement their form of communism, it always ends up with a stack of dead bodies.

        • The March Hare

          By the millions. Many millions. Larry Grathwohl, who joined the Weather Underground for the FBI reported in his book “Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer with the Weathermen” that Bill Ayers stated it would probably be necessary to kill about 25 million that wouldn’t be convinced.

    • Larry

      Bill Ayers is worse than a SS N-A-Z-I. He admires Che Geuvara. Che never got sick of killing … of putting people up against a wall and murdering them.

      Gassing was invented because the troops in the filed had a hard time killing people one after another. It tore at their conscious like it should have. So they came up with gas.

      Che did not have that consciousness and Bill Ayers admires him.

    • Larry

      Bill Ayers is worse than a S S N- A-Z-I. He admires Che Geuvara. Che never got sick of kiIIing … of putting people up against a wall and murd_ring them.

      Gassing was invented because the troops in the filed had a hard time kiIIing people one after another. It tore at their conscious like it should have. So they came up with gas.

      Che did not have that consciousness and Bill Ayers admires him.

      • Nabukuduriuzhur

        Another reason gas was done was because the dirty work was done by a relatively small number of people, partly because the government didn’t want to let it generally be known. Most regular army German troops didn’t know what was going on in the areas after they’d conquered— they moved from battle to battle as the lines moved, month after month, year after year. Strange as it sounds, most Wa-f fen S. S troops didn’t know, being used as shock troops in a multitude of battles. Even most generals didn’t know until late in the war and believing generals General Paulus would have revolted against the head schm.uck had he known. (At Stali n gr ad he ordered his officers not to commit su ici de.) Indeed, when it became known a large number of attempts were made on the head sch.muck’s life.

        People today have a hard time believing that most Germans didn’t know what was going on, but with a controlled media, plus censoring of communications, it was easily possible.

        • Anon

          And a healthy dose of head-in-sand syndrome. They didn’t WANT to know, because then a decision about which side they would ultimately be on would have to be made. You know, that feeling when you have to decide to do what is right, or do what profits you. Sadly, most in politics choose themselves over what is right. I think most do. Heck, I’ve done it to, and felt like crap afterwards. I think a lot of pols have managed to suppress or maybe they just don’t feel shame after the crap all over we the people, whilst telling how much good they are doing.


      leftists are IMPERIALISTS – trying to impose their failed culture on other nations.

    • Myrtle Linder

      Communists are a dime a dozen and there are millions of them in the world and they are all wrong anti-GOD, anti-CREATOR lost souls, with no ideas of how to save themselves, REPENT.

      Still they seem to be doing it right here, since it started the bottom has dropped out of the economy and morals, in the last 20 years, alone. It rapidly escalated five years ago.

    • laura r

      they make a good living here selling books & talking to 20 somethings.

    • LindaRivera

      Communists give up their wealth? Communism GIVES the commies at the top great wealth and power! Communists at the top LOVE communism! It gives commies enormous wealth and total power over the populace they despise, who are rendered powerless; devoid of rights and forced to live their lives in fear and in grinding poverty BECAUSE of COMMUNISM!

  • Edward Cline

    An excellent précis of how the “radical” Left graduated from bomb-planting and battling riot police to taking over academia and producing “radical” billionaires who support the overthrow of the U.S. government (that is, the one the Founders intended to survive). What’s missing is why it seems to have so much potency, why it Progresses (capital letter intentional) without much opposition. That is because it is moving forward in a moral and political vacuum. It is a measure of the success of the Marxists, who escaped Nazi Germany (a totalitarianism that targeted them for extermination) to propound another kind of totalitarianism (Marxism) in this country, in infecting the minds of even those who oppose Marxism. The GOP shares the same moral and political premises of the Democrats. That’s why they’re so ineffective (I’m referring to the Frankfurt School, although the U.S. had its own home-grown leftist movement that antedated the German Marxist immigration here). When was the last time you heard a leading Republican championing individual rights and the sanctity of property rights? I mean, specifically naming them and accusing the Democrats and their allies in the news media and academia of whittling them
    away, shaving by shaving, until we elected a brazen, out-and-out socialist
    puppet in 2008?

  • Servo1969

    Every time I see Bill Ayers’ picture I wonder, why is he still alive?

    • BS77

      He’s a pile of garbage

    • laura r

      he debated dsouza several mths ago 2 dartmouth.

  • Tim

    My wife lived thought the “Cultural Devolution” ( It is what I call it). By the mid to late 1970s, the communists leaders (i.e. the OLIgarchs) realized they had no more academic capital left in the country due to the Cultural Revolution and other calamities including the Great Leap BACKward. So they decided to send hundreds of thousands of students abroad. Maybe a 1/3rd did not come back. It was worth it. China was able to recapitalize its’ knowledge base.
    Getting a degree even a PhD does not make you intelligent or knowledgeable. Bill Ayers is proof. He could talk your ear off but can he do anything useful? He has a degree so what. You are better off talking to a plumber.
    If I could convince my wife to get in a cage fight with Bill Ayers, it would be worth it. I wanna see him get his azz beat.

  • PhilByler

    So called “liberals” today are authoritarian socialists. They should not be called liberals lest what they espouse be confused with classical liberalism, which is what is conservative today.


      The current term is “progressive” – to mask their corrupt socialism.

      • PhilByler

        I don’t like the word “progressive” either. It suggest that they represent “progress,” which they don’t. They represent the road to serfdom (to use Hayek’s phrase) and the road to hell (to be Biblical about it).

      • kikorikid

        social-justice progressive

  • Christopher Riddle

    Hey,You DemonRats!Listen Up And Pay Attention!!!William Ayers(and co.)Are Obongo’s BEST BUDS!!!Does That Tell You Anything????????????????

    • Sharps Rifle

      Yes, it does, and they fully approve of what it tells them.

  • DaCoachK

    How long before we see radical Left-Wing-Kooks trashing the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and pulling down the Statue of Liberty, much like the Muslim nuts did with Saddam’s statue in 2003?

    • laura r

      look@ adam koresh & his group, see the vid. dancing @ jefferson mem. no arrests. they let them do it free expression.

  • Jason P

    A good full-blown exposition of what we talk about yesterday in the comments section. I didn’t realize you had the full treatment in the pipeline.

    The article states the principle in the abstract but I doubt it will be understood by the uninitiated. Of course, one can read the steady stream of daily articles and blog articles for the examples. It’s a good introductory essay to the “book” … you are writing the “book?”

  • logdon

    And the weapon of choice is a politically correct narrative.

    It is becoming particularly rampant here in Britain and Obama’s America is catching on fast.

    Disagree with the dismantling of your country or the importation of vast swathes of unproductive economic migrants who come to take from what the indigenous have earned and utter these thoughts publically in what used to be a free society and you feel the long arm of the law.

    The whole cabal, whether msm, especially the holier than thou BBC, or our politicised police and education services, or MP’s willing to sacrifice our culture for that of the pitchfork mobs of Islam is infected and are only too willing to spread this plague until it wipes us all out.

    A nation state stands for nationalism therefore it must be eradicated. Here it’s the EU which is doing its dirty business, in the US it’s the wooly abandonment of American exceptionalism which powered the nation to undoubted greatness.

    They’re both cut from the same cloth and far from an insidious movement, they blare their credentials to a credible public which via the landslide have been engulfed in the faux piety and like lemming just cant wait to pour over the edge.

    Fortunately for us these people are blessed with a hubris which would make Barnum Bailey shrink into wilting wallflowerdom and the odd steps too far have become a tsunami of edict and orders.

    Particularly irksome is the capture of genuine goodwill, harnessing it by egregious law and the balance which stabilises and provides harmony is tipped into a one way street of petty yet grinding officialdom and ridiculous power play.

    Here’s a prime example and watch the tricks both the loathsome hypocrite, Kirsty Wark and equally squalid Laura Kuensberg utilise in trying to demolish Marin Le Pen.

    Pitting her against UKIP’s Nigel Farage is particularly deceptive because whilst no doubt he is on the same ideological wagon as Le Pen, he for now has to remain schtum such is the power of this narrative which has captured our establishment.

    All he has to do is to keep his head above the swamp of racist accusation and he holds traction. The unseemly ducking and diving achieves that aim and right now he’s head and shoulders above the rest in polls for our EU election which is happening this month.

    So you can see the predicament.

    It looks like a partial selling out but it’s not that really, more survival mechanism which will then incrementally enable the next phase.

    How has it come to this? The classic Alinsky, Frankfurt Marxism tactic which has captured the institutions and all but penetrated the culture.

    However human nature and the deep instinct of thousands of years isn’t giving up as easily as they thought and the battle royal commences.

    We’re all in the same boat and we’re watching the grassroots of resistance grow.

    There are two outcomes and one will destroy us.

    If the islamo/marxists win, prepare for the new dark ages, that’s how high the stakes are.

    • The March Hare

      Very good analysis.

      • logdon


        I’m no spring chicken and have watched this creeping takeover inching its way for quite awhile now.

        It is irksome because although I’m no rabid racist that’s the accusation if one steps outside the box of officially mandated groupthink.

        In case you didn’t follow the BNI link, Here’s my comment on the attempted character assassination of Le Pen….

        They may speak with Scottish accents but they are firmly embedded within a corrupt English run BBC.

        The first one is Kirsty Wark, as left as it gets but mysteriously (or not so if you dig) extremely wealthy from the cronyism which infests the BBC and Scottish parliament.

        The second is Laura Kuensberg, chippy and full of that overwheening liberal attitude towards immigration and Islam mainly because she lives a million miles from the estates they turn into ghettos of Sharia.

        They are both vile women and Le Pen despatches them with great aplomb.

        As for Farage they just can’t wait to twist the knife of racism.

        He is soaring on an anti-immigration, out of the EU platform and these cretins are wetting themselves because if he does gain power the BBC, hothouse of progressivism and anti democratic top down socialism will be no more.

        The edifice is tottering as their champagne socialist lifestyle is exposed and people take affront at these conflicting values.

        Questions are being asked and the BBC is either screaming like a stuck pig or hurling the canards of, yep, racism, that old accusation which keeps on giving.

        So Farage treads a wary path. Any excuse and the vast power of the msm and political establishment will come down like a ton of bricks and UKIP will be forever tainted. (Look what they did to Tommy Robinson)

        It’s started all ready and the most innocuous of comment is blown out of all proportion and remember, we in Britain have never clutched at the political extremities which blighted mainland Europe for a whole century.

        Having said that, I like Le Pen. She appears to be straightforward and it looks like she’s ditched what could be called a xenophobic platform and is focusing on the genuine scourge of Islam and massive immigration.

        Once both she and Farage are established will be the time for mutual outreach, right now, as you saw from those two harridans who do occupy positions of power in the BBC, he has to operate in a slowly, slowly catchee monkey manner.

        The Front National has a dodgy past, hence Farage’s caginess, and Marin Le Pen’s father Marie was indeed an open anti-Semite with the old right wing values of true racism as opposed to anti-islamisation.

        She is moving from that and rather than the old across the board xenophobia she espouses anti-islamism which is a whole different ball game.

        This is just the beginning.

    • truebearing

      Well said.

      The Marxists are paving the road, and the Muslims are marching in on it. Since Islam is a self-avowed cult of conquest, this makes the native Marxist in any country automatically guilty on two counts of treason. One for being a Marxist, which by definition means actively participating in an ongoing revolution against the government and culture. The second count for enabling Islam, an even more insidious invader, that can march in on a population that is not only disarmed, but brainwashed into thinking that it is wrong to defend oneself or resist evil.

      The Left’s road to ruin is paved with the psycho-linguistic tricks of political correctness that inactivate the survival instincts of those most suggestible. It is a false moral infrastructure that creates a freeway for hostile invaders. It is the equivalent of traitorous Romans purposely building roads to Rome for the express purpose of expiditing the advance of the barbarians. It is like disabling the immune system of the human body, and then exposing it to virulent pathogens. Political correctness is premeditated mass murder/suicide…premeditated by the Left, suicide by all who succumb to the lies, murder by the Muslims.

      The penalties for treason have never been more appropriate, nor has the exigency of their application been greater.

      • logdon


        And remember, following the sack of Rome which was just as much down to internal capitulation as external aggressive force, we entered the Dark Ages when a rampant Islam, sensing weakness reached Vienna.

        It was a case of ‘resistance is futile’ as hordes worked their way up from Spain, killing, enslaving and destroying in an almost unstoppable jihad.

        Had it not been for a Pole, Jan III Sobiesk in 1683 who halted the rot in 1683 we’d be speaking Turkish now.

        A great book on this dark episode in our history is Ephraim Karsh’s Islamic Imperialism which deliniate’s the whole sorry tale.

        It is free of the cloying lies of political correctness and any false cultural relativity is abandoned in the face of facts.

        Forget Obama and Cameron’s ugly lies, Islam is on the move again and enabled by internal forces (just like Rome’s) is yet again beating a path of jihad into our heartlands.

        In a real political world inhabited by real politicians it could easily be defeated and that’s the problem.

        We are living in what I’d term the Age of Deceit where they know they’re lying, we know they’re lying and yet up to now no one is doing a damned thing about it.

        Unless stopped, welcome to the Dark Ages MkII.

        • truebearing

          Very well said, indeed! “The Age of Deceit” is a perfect way to brand this unholy mess.

          The lynch pin to the caravan of muslims invading our nations is the cowardly, corrupt media. They are supposed to function as an early warning system. A broadcaster of truths. They are our culture’s first line of immunity to hostile takeover from within or without. First they failed on the takeover from within, now they are failing on warning against the takeover from without.

          The first strategic goal of a counter-revolution is to take out the foul media and replace it with true journalists.

        • wileyvet

          I’ve read Mr. Karsh’s book, and you are spot on. Funny how Arab or Islamic imperialism is the basis for a proud past exhalted as a Golden Age, but European imperialism and colonialism is the supposed basis for Islamic jihad and not just the continuation of earlier jihadi conquests post Muhammad implemented by Abu Bakr, Umar ant Uthman and the rise of the Umayyids.

        • kikorikid

          It appears as though a storm of Taqiyya is
          approaching the coast.

      • kikorikid

        “not only disarmed, but brainwashed…”
        Donde es? Where is this?
        Glad you were able to let this all out.
        We are not disarmed nor are we brainwashed.
        In fact, I’ve been suggesting to all the Progressives
        that they really should Volunteer to
        help round up all the firearms. The DHS absolutely
        could use their help. Just come to the door with outstretched
        arms and we’ll load em up for you.

    • kikorikid

      logdon, Recently I read a post wherein the writer
      stated clearly he was “working class”. He made statements
      that left me with no doubt as to his utter alienation from
      the Liberal Leadership and their noticeable lack
      of any Nationalist sentiment in the face of Islamist.
      His final point was that the “Working Class” is not going to wait
      for the Left to wake up and that they, the WC, would
      take care of it themselves.
      I read this as a ray of hope.

      • logdon

        There are a few things going on here.

        The working classes traditionally toiled in industry, building, factories, car manufacture and repair, plumbing, electrical work and so on.

        Much of the work they did was in factories, making stuff and an apprenticeship on leaving school was the key to a lifetimes employment, steady if slow promotion and security.

        They earned decent money and with overtime often did very well.

        That’s gone now, outsourced to China and Eastern Europe and whats left for these people is either to learn a trade involving either home or car maintenance, working for the state in local governance and hospitals or a call centre.

        They now earn comparitively less than they did because with Blair’s massive immigration wave there is more competition for fewer jobs.

        That’s the nutshell. The indigenous workers have been abandoned to multiculturalism whereby the focus on diversity was seen as the left’s prime mover.

        It’s all a corrupt mish-mash of Saudi money, Gramski politics, a Europe intent on creating its own empire and open borders.

        Racial preferencing is endemic with muslims the favoured group and via threat and the constant irritation of demand have set themselves up as untouchable.

        They are supported by a right on BBC and any goverment worker is indoctrinated into an almost self loathing attitude to race aspecially when Islam is in the frame.

        It is insane considering that half of their males and seventy five percent of the females do not work, prefering to leech off state benefits. They then complain of poverty and the circle is complete.

        A bit all over the place and apologies for that but that’s basically where we’re at here in Britain.

        Our post war history I’d say was evolving quite well. We were creative. There was a quite genuine joi de vivre. We once made very good products.

        Then Labour got in in 1997 and since then hell in a handcart became a reality for many British subjects.

        They’ve abandoned the old worker core in favour of a new voting bloc of Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants who as long as their blackmail is heeded will always vote Labour.

        Selling out? You bet and that’s where the anger starts.

        Ukip is our answer and for a taste try this as Nigel Farage takes on our most vested interest, lying and mendacious politician the system has thrown up for decades.

        It’s a masterclass of honesty versus the career politician and thank god, at last we’ve twigged.

        Post broadcast polls put Farage on around 65% approval to Clegg’s 35% so maybe Lincoln fooling people wisdom was right after all.

  • Clare Spark

    In the early 1940s, progressive American journalists did their bit to help the Maoists. See “Links to review essay on Hemingway spy mission to China.”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Speaking of US Commies in China, the letter was Anna Louise Strong

  • Habbgun

    I agree with everything except that the left doesn’t know binary code.Everything they do is expressed in binary code “I won, you zero”

  • Cappy1437

    Everyone should read Life and Death in Shanghai by Nien Cheng. Excellent book to give you an idea how evil and destroying the Cultural Revolution and Mao’s leadership was. Never should anyone ever admire Mao.

    • kikorikid

      or Pol Pot.

  • NYgal

    Daniel, you are insightful and brilliant in your analysis. It is such a shame that your writings do not reach more people, because it so crucial that that they understand what is happening to their country, just before their unseeing eyes.

    Thank you Daniel.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you, they reach whom they need to, I would hope

  • Walter Sieruk

    Just as a point of interest, that may apply to the above. Theodore Roosevelt in a speech stated “There are no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100 percent Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else.”

  • popseal

    The personal dignity of self reliance is the joker in the Communist deck that makes it fail where ever it’s dealt. Anybody who waits for a bureaucrat to make their lives better, is a disappointed fool. Those fools are also lazy and are afraid to accountably work for a living. Corrupt SOBs think they will be on the top of the ‘new communist man’ heap.

  • LindaRivera

    Paul Weston, leader of counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB, is the great leader Britain desperately needs in our time of peril!

    Phony Farage, leader of UKIP is in FAVOUR of immigration. In December 2013 in the EU Parliament, Farage declared: “We are not against immigration. We welcome immigration. We want immigration”
    TINY Britain has already been CRIMINALLY overpopulated by ruthless UK
    ruling elites with muslims from HUGE countries. Population replacement
    is FORBIDDEN by international law but despicable traitors UKIP/Farage
    One of UKIP’s muslim candidates, Farooq, Ummer, advertises with a
    statement saying: ‘Stop Racism’. Telling you to vote UKIP and ‘Make a
    Real Difference’. The difference UKIP have in mind is to make Islam even
    more powerful!!!
    UKIP again reveal that they are phony – big FAKERS and not who they
    PRETEND to be! Phony Farage and UKIP are COWARDS and TRAITORS! They will do nothing to help Britain and our endangered Free World! Read: Tory and UKIP MEPs fail to condemn female genital mutilation. 11 December 2013
    Lynne Featherstone MP and Liberal Democrat European human rights
    spokeswoman Sarah Ludford MEP have strongly condemned Conservatives MEPs who voted against or abstained in a European Parliament vote today on
    condemning the disgraceful practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

    Four Conservative MEPs – Marta Andreasen, Nirj Deva, Sajjad Karim and
    Timothy Kirkhope – voted against the motion to condemn FGM, and several
    UKIP and Conservative MEPs including Nigel Farage abstained.

    Lynne Featherstone commented: “It is deeply shocking that so many
    Tory and UKIP MEPs today refused to condemn female genital mutilation.”…

    There is no way that Farage/UKIP will go against their big muslim donors and vote against FGM! FGM is an intensely painful female-destroying muslim attack that leaves their victims in physical agony. Some victims die. The victims suffer life-long health problems.
    God gave females as a special and wonderful gift to men. VIVA LA DIFFERENCE! Females are INTENSELY hated by muslim males.


      How do the UK ruling elites benefit from unrestricted immigration from the Muslim Middle East???

      • Freedom Call

        How do the american ruling elites benefit? Easiest vote ever: Just promise free stuff.

      • LindaRivera

        British and European leaders HATE God, the Bible, Christians and Jews. The plan: one Islamic super state. Eurabia. NWO goal: Western leaders power-sharing with hard line muslim leaders. Islam shares power with no one!!!

        Paul Weston: ‘Lebanon, which used to be a majority Christian country — But as the Islamic demographic grew, so did their demand for control, which in 1975 triggered a 15 year religious civil war taking the lives of close to 10% of the population and wounding 33% — half of whom suffered from lifetime disabilities. The entire Christian leadership was exiled, murdered or jailed. Is this our future?’

        Paul Weston: Preventing White Genocide

        The wicked betrayal of Europe! Watch and weep!

    • E Plobnista

      Weston is funded by Islamic interests to take votes away from Farage

      • LindaRivera

        Taqiyya! You disgusting muslim liar!

  • UCSPanther

    They don’t care about the common man. The common man is no more than a pawn in their game for domination.

  • rivkah f.

    The toxic legacy of the 1960s radicals lives on. In order to understand its lasting & continuous impact on academia & society, read the masterful book by Roger Kimball, The Long March (San Francisco, 2000). Kimball describes the radical application of Gramsci’s teachings in becoming mainstream via their “long march through the institutions.” If you study Gramsci & Alinsky & read Kimball’s book, you’ll see how the 1960s changed America (and therefore the rest of the West), almost beyond repair. Note that I wrote “almost.” We must never give up the struggle but we have to understand it first. Thanks for reminding us, Mr. Greenfield.

  • Davros11

    Hmm, wonder why no one has ever made this scum bag pay? I guess time will only tell, hopefully he gets his before he is to old to remember what a piece of $hit he is. Paybacks are a mother!

  • Harry Black

    “Barack Obama, a child of the Cultural Revolution, is the very model of a modern Red Guard.” Puhleeze! As so often, Greenfield, a specialist in rhetorical inflation, has no idea what he is talking about.

  • Magic Newton

    First and foremost, marxism is a primitive counter-Christian religion. It is systematically organized evil.

    This is a religious war.

  • Enzo

    eric holder was the armed punk who mugged the Columbia University administrators in 1970 because he wanted a lounge for his muslim buds. How come he’s not a convicted felon beats me.

    • E Plobnista

      Because idiots stick up for him and his persecution of patriots like Kokesh and Wedler and his brutal crushing of Occupy?

  • Bulan Sabriel

    Welcome to the permanent #culturalrevolution of America under #culturalmarxism
    . There is no detente with these revolutionaries. There is not slowing
    down. We allow them to own education and the media. The only saving
    grace is watching them eat their own.

  • Donna Mohler

    When Bill Ayers was caught for his TERRORISM My Mom said that he should be sent to Siberia withonly the AMERICAN FLAG to cover him! TOO BAD THAT DIDNT HAPPEN!