Amnesty Ends the American Dream

amnestyImmigration is becoming unpopular everywhere else. In the UK, immigration has become so toxic that it may lead to a split from the European Union. In Australia, it helped elect a conservative government willing to tackle its migrant boat problem. Meanwhile in the United States, Republicans keep flirting with a Super-Amnesty that would be four times as big as the last disastrous amnesty.

Accepting amnesty as inevitable would be a mistake even if the economy were on track, but it’s an even worse idea when unemployment is so bad that a sizable percentage of the population has dropped out of the economy, national and local social services are overstrained and the country is deep in debt.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle promise that legalizing illegal aliens will jumpstart the economy, but the illegal alien population is already a floating economic disaster.

The states with the highest illegal alien populations also tend to have the highest unemployment rates and the highest poverty rates. That welfare triangle is dragging down formerly booming states into the economic gutter. Legalizing illegal aliens won’t change that. Instead it will push those states even closer to the drain as legalized illegal aliens lose their illegal jobs and are replaced with new illegal aliens.

Corporate lobbies insist that America lacks workers even as the country’s immigration rate and unemployment rate remain extremely high.

The United States has been taking in a million immigrants a year since 2004. Are a million immigrants a year really inadequate for the needs of businesses in a country with less than one hundred million private sector employees and over ninety million people out of the workforce?

Black and Latino unemployment rates are already far higher than white unemployment rates. The Mexican-American unemployment rate is between 10 and 12 percent. If American companies can’t employ the millions of Mexican-Americans already in this country, why do they insist on displacing minority workers born in this country, including Mexican-Americans, by legalizing 12 million more?

From 2000 to 2009, nearly 2 million Mexican immigrants obtained permanent legal status in the United States. Along with them came 200,000 Haitians, part of the more than one million Caribbean migrants, who have a higher unemployment rate than African-Americans. Those figures are unusually bad because immigrant minorities are more likely to hold jobs than domestic minorities.

Pro-amnesty politicians use that to prove that immigrants are more likely to “contribute” to the economy than the native population.

The dirty little secret however is in the details.

To quote the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “The unemployment rates for foreign-born blacks, Asians, and Hispanics were lower than for their native-born counterparts, while the rates for foreign-born and native-born whites were little different.”

Talk to anyone who employs illegal aliens and that discrepancy between foreign-born minorities and native-born minorities stops being a mystery. They prefer first generation minority immigrants to second generation immigrants because they consider them more obedient, docile and responsible.

Like a man who keeps divorcing and remarrying every few years, they constantly want fresh immigrants, but they don’t want to hire their American-born children. And so the social welfare system becomes a dumping ground for the children of cheap labor immigrants and the businesses head somewhere else to escape the taxes voted in by that second generation leaving behind bankruptcy, crime and despair.

Taking in millions of people whose children will be less likely to find work than their parents is a brutal reversal of the American Dream.

It’s unfair to them and it’s unfair to us.

We aren’t doing immigrants any favors by encouraging them to trade Mexico’s 4.25 unemployment rate for an unemployment rate that is more than double that for Mexican-Americans and has to be balanced out with a generous helping of subsidized everything from food to phones courtesy of the welfare state.

That’s not an investment in the future. It’s an investment in voting blocs while stealing the futures of second generation Mexican immigrants who would be more likely to find work at home and the future of the United States which cannot afford to keep investing social capital that will never be paid back.

The traditional forms of immigration that worked were undone and reversed with disastrous results. There was more legal immigration from Mexico (pop. 120 million) in ten years than from all of Europe (pop. 739 million). 156,000 immigrants came from Guatemala and 15,000 from Ireland, 28,000 from Italy and 251,000 from El Salvador. This reversal might have been defensible if it had worked. It didn’t.

These unbalanced numbers reflect very little concern for either immigration fairness or the future. Despite the statistics showing that white immigrants are less likely to be unemployed, our immigration system perversely favors bringing in immigrants who are more likely to be unemployed.

The Irish are coming. One Irish person emigrates every six minutes. 300,000 have left in the past four years. But they aren’t coming to America; not legally, though there are 10,000 Irish illegal immigrants in Boston alone.  1,371 Irish immigrants became permanent legal residents in 2011 compared to 19,662 Jamaicans, 22,111 Haitians, 46,109 Dominicans, 10,166 Nepalese, 15,546 Pakistanis, 21,133 Iraqis and 143,446 Mexicans. 60,000 Italians emigrate each year, but only 2,443 became US residents in 2011.

American immigration has been ingeniously designed to bring in immigrants who are less likely to be employed than the white native population in either the first generation or the second generation so that the first generation provides cheap labor while the second generation provides cheap votes.

Pro-amnesty politicians and business lobbies talk about investing in our future with an illegal alien amnesty, but what they really want is a first generation of cheap labor for disposable service and manufacturing industries whose employees will be so poorly paid that they will contribute little if anything in taxes and whose children will be more likely to be unemployed than their parents.

Europeans have grown weary of the economic and social consequences of these policies. Americans however have been slower to link their economic problems to their government’s immigration policies. But Democrats and Republicans who are jumping on the amnesty express might want to pay attention to the dramatic reversal in the UK where the parties and outlets mouthing empty migration boosterism are being forced to reverse course after an explosion of public outrage.

Cameron and the Tories face an insurgent UKIP which has cut off the ‘conservative’ party at the knees over immigration and globalization. Democrats who are selling out minority voters and Republicans who are selling out small businesses might easily find themselves in the same sinking boat in the Rio Grande.

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  • Gamal

    Don’t talk about the unemployment rate, talk about the employment rate. The unemployment rate is a very fudged figure that makes it look like over 90% of Americans are employed. I believe the correct figure for the number of Americans employed is 40%

    • veeper

      americans love to be lied to…..

      that’s why they continue to elect LIARS……

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I mention that in the 6th para

  • awakenmedia

    34) עברית קלסית

    12. מוני Sutta.


    207 עם אינטימיות מתעוררים פחד ובבית להתעורר מזהמים,

    לכן חכם רצונות לא משק בית ואין אינטימיות.

    208. אם אחד עוקר נולד, לא לטפח ולתמוך בborn1

    כי הוא חכם משוטט לבד, הוא ראה את המדינה לפייסו של חכם

    209. הערכת עושר כזרעים של רשלנות, לא גדל קבצים מצורפים עבורם

    מרווה שראתה את ההרס של לידה, חשיבה לוגית הפיגו, אין לו ספקות.

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    221. המהירות של הטווס לעולם לא תשיג את זה

 כמו כן, בעל הבית לא יכול להגיע עד bhikkhu, הוא

    משיג תאנה ביער.

    • sundance69

      English please……………………

      • Guest

        The poster, I think, has taken saying from Mina Sutta, a Buddhist sage (?), and translated them into Hebrew. This is post #5 of 6. They are all over the map in posting to different journals.

        The sayings do not make much more sense in English than in Hebrew.

        I think the poster is 1/2 gone.

  • davarino

    “No Compromise”, now the illegals are demanding something from us? Wow, thats gutsy. I say shipem back home.

    • veeper

      it would take some balls and leadership to do that……

      and Putin has said he’s not giving america any balls or leadership…..

      he already saved america’s butt in Syria……

      • HettyT

        That’s because he’s a statesman and a patriot. We have so few.

    • Drakken

      I say start shooting, shoveling and shutting up. Enough is enough, tell them to get out, or its open season.

  • ralphie44

    google barbara lerner spector sweden

    “I think there’s a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we’re gonne be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

    google stephan steinlight mexican holocaust immigration

    one exact document from him is googled by the phrase;
    “The jeuish Stake in America’s Changing Demography”

    listen to him fret about the possibility of the jewish led open immigration policies backfiring because mexicans havent had enough holocrock drilled into their heads to ensure they are easy to rule.

    open immigration policies being a long time concerted push by “organized jewish power”?

    JCUA advocates for the rights of immigrants
    Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the United States urj
    “American Jews know too well the impact of restrictive immigration policies.”
    Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform
    AJC promotes a fair and just immigration policy consistent
    Both Jews and Latinos cannot afford any longer to lead separate lives

    It goes on and on. The fact of the matter is that the people who run this website and who write for it know all of this, know that this is the situation, that by their own hand this nation has been brought to this point, and that I am correct. They know that open immigration is only here in front of us because of a century long push by organized jewish power, of which they are a part.

  • Lanna

    Amnesty is the ticket to the Left’s rule, they will destroy America’s sovereignty!

    • truebearing

      The Left’s goal is an illiterate, dependent majority voting block that ensures permanent power. John Boehner, and a fair number of Republicans are too stupid to see the danger and are sealing the fate of the nation by supporting the George Soros open border strategy.

      Notice that the Left encourages brown skinned people. That enables them to keep their racial hate pump working.

    • WarriorClass III

      Eventually, Americans will realize that we haven’t had a representative government since 1860, when big business got Lincoln into office and then declared war on the States. Free market capitalism died at the same time, we just didn’t realize it until 1913 when the Bankster cartel formally took over the Federal monopoly on power and money. We’ve had a fascist dictatorship since then and your vote has meant exactly squat. The only way to return to a Jeffersonian Representative Republic is the way our Founders did it in 1775.

      Eventually, when Americans find that every person in the world is entitled to a job in the USA, except for them – all in the name of diversity. When they find themselves a dirt poor minority in the country their fathers founded. When they find out that diversity is not THEIR strength, but the strength of their enemies.

      Eventually, but not today. Today many Americans will go to work at their corporate jobs chanting the mantra, “Diversity is our strength;” until it isn’t.

      And it’s too late.

      Supply and Demand
      The law of supply and demand dictates that an increase in supply results in a lower price.

      An increase in the supply of labor, results in lower wages.

      If you want to cut wages in half, double the workforce.

      Almost half of the US population is here due to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 and its subsequent iterations. Add to that the massive amount of work visas, student visas, and refugee visas, and you have doubled the labor market.Comprende?

      • danfan

        and of course, it doesn’t hurt to ‘cook the books’ in forecasting the vast numbers of housing units (as they’re refered to, until the unit is put up for sale) which creates the faux over-demand of ‘carpenters’ to build the housing units
        [ it’s almost like there is an association of builders working with the politicians who wanted to buy more democrat votes (with OPM) by creating an unsustainable Community Re-Investment Act ]
        sometimes, it just seems too hard to figure out (*cough* cloward-piven)

      • MLCBLOG


    • BS77

      Yes indeed. Illegal immigration has been a disaster for the past 25 years….while people have yelled and rung the alarm bells, our government has done basically NOTHING to stop the flood, to deport the millions or to deny them the endless welfare benefits and freebies that even US citizens cannot obtain. What a mess.Will we soon ll be another third world dump like Venezuela or Mexico???….What a catastrophe.

      • John Kohm

        How do these illegals get valid social security numbers to get benefits? You have to have one to get ANYTHING from the government. So how do they do it? They run the numbers through the Soc Sec computers to check validity. It’s a felony to submit a phony SSN. So how about it? How do they get these magic benefits?

  • oldtimer

    How dare they “demand” anything!

    • veeper

      how dare americans complain while doing nothing…..!!!

      • BeautifulAmerica

        HAHAHAHAHHa. What do you know? Another ostrich-dem.
        Just go on over to East L.A. and see millions of your tax dollars at work—for ILLEGALS and their Anchor Babies.
        Deport Illegals Now!

    • Tim N

      No compromise- deportation now!

      • veeper

        “A” border jumper should be deported…..

        11 million (dems number) is an invasion by foreigners…..

        you kill the invading force…..

      • BeautifulAmerica

        I wish I had a bumper sticker of that. And a front yard sign.

  • cheechakos

    IL is a good example.It has the 4th highest population of illegals,more people on entitlements than employed and rampant crime, mostly related to illegal drugs

    Too bad guns are practically illegal there or citizens could form their own army for self defense ,like in Mexico.

    But politicians have no interest in safety,security,employment and protection of American citizens
    Buying more votes and having a drugged up,malleable citizenry is preferable to them.

  • Hassan

    Amnesty is fair, and Obama has understood it. I am glad you voted for him.

    • sundance69

      AMNESTY IS NOT FAIR, who in the heck do these people think they are? Try going to Mexico illegally and you’ll go old in one of their prisons. Let them wait in line for citizenship just like everyone else that attempts to enter this country or any other country legally.

  • DaCoachK

    America is dead, killed by the Left and its seditious ways and ridiculously communist policies.

    • veeper

      and americans smugly laughed at Nikita Khrushchev said……”We will bury you”….

      Khrushcev knew more about what was going on in America than americans did…..

    • WW4

      Someone’s paying those illegal immigrants and it’s not “The Left.”

      “If you pay them, they will come.”

  • markinalpine

    Dear Speaker Boehner,
    Just DON’T call it Amnesty, or even “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Call it what ir really is, “The Chamber of Commerce Protection and Affordable Lawn Care Act of 2014,” AKA BoehnerCare.

    • truebearing

      Boehner should be tarred and feathered for supporting Amnesty. He is supporting the end of the republic and the beginning of Communist America. The fool thinks he’s helping Republicans get Hispanic votes.

  • Myrtle Linder

    This is a deliberate plan to bring America to he knees, by America’s greatest enemy, the Kenyan. He is a very brilliant, evil man dedicated to turn America into an enslaved nation. Only GOD can stop him. Millions have turned against HIM, and I have no doubts that HE will save HIS people, but will HE save us, as a nation?

    • veeper

      Mexico is about to finally win the Mexican-American war…..

      with the help of america’s leadership…..

      their battle cry……SCREW THE ALAMO…….


      Yes, we are still the light of the world.

  • John Davidson

    By making things legal just undermines our justice system which already is so convoluted nothing is solved appropriately.

  • veeper

    No compromise!!!!!!

    the USA must give us law breakers what we want and clear us of all wrong doing….

    Listen up american cowards………the criminals have spoken……

  • Clare Spark

    And beware those Latino activists who want to take back the Southwest from the evil conquerers. Some television viewers are already exposed to their arguments. See “GLEE goes La Raza”.

    • Steve Bryant

      The elephant in the room is the fact that it isn’t the land that is the difference in the US society and Mexican society. It’s the people in the land. Mexicans moving north won’t do anything but create the same kind of toilet existence they have in Mexico in their new home.

  • hrwolfe

    I get very tired of pundits and politicians telling me they are here to be Americans. Most care nothing for the title and display a keen desire to get theirs. This attitude is grossly unfair to Americans and those that come here wanting to be Americans in the legal manner. Use the guide of history not hysteria.

    • veeper

      everyone in america should be tired of political BULLSHEITE…..

      politicians and the media has flooded america with this sheite…..

  • Kevin V.

    “Talk to anyone who employs illegal aliens and that discrepancy between foreign-born minorities and native-born minorities stops being a mystery. They prefer first generation minority immigrants to second generation immigrants because they consider them more obedient, docile and responsible.”
    Finally someone speaks the truth. It’s not universal of course but it is widespread. 1st gen black and brown immigrants typically want to work, native born blacks and 2nd or later gen browns have internalized the victim narrative and want a handout. They walk around with giant chips on their shoulders and are useless as employees.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That’s the power of community organizing.

  • Randy Townsend

    We should remind the readers that once the illegals become “legal”, they are entitled to the full range of government benefits, in addition to being able to “sponsor” their relatives when they decide to immigrate to the US. The financial cost will be unbelievable, but nobody is even mentioning it. Congress and Reagan did amnesty in 1986, and promised “Never again”….

    • Tim N

      They don’t even have to be legal.
      I worked as an RN at our county hospital and, along with our own home-grown derelicts and homeless, we had a fair number of illegals. I remember one that I had who must have gotten at least a million dollars worth of care in the form of months long stay, CT and MRI, surgery etc..
      In my maternity rotation I saw a good percentage of illegals delivering (essentially we ponied up $25000 apiece for each anchor baby). What was also sad was to see so many latino girls in their teens with teenage boyfriends undercutting their futures with babies they were in no way able to provide for.
      Don’t get me wrong- a majority of my patients were working class Americans of varying ethnicities who were good enough folks, just not real wealthy.
      Still it galled to see much taxpayer money going to people who weren’t even supposed to be here. Corporate America bears a good share of the blame with their ‘wink and nod’ outsourcing of jobs to contractors who hire illegals at cut rate prices and therefore profit by dumping their healthcare costs on the taxpayers.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Unfortunately this kind of thing is common place and the very CEOs who complain about taxes often push the pump and dump immigration that makes it happen.

    • laura r

      the familes can be huge. there are dozens of cousins etc. their children, etc.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Years ago Lee iacoca predicted if we stay the present course , we will become a Nation selling fast food to one another. Talk about insight !

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Maybe not even that much at the rate we’re going.

      • LolKatzen

        They call it the “service sector.” But what does it produce that can be exported for trade? Nothing.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It produces excuses for why the imported products from China are broken/poisonous. And computers will soon be doing that.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Any Nation accepting non assimilation as politically correct will eventually no longer be its own Nation.

    • laura r

      get this PC out of your head. as the artical states, this is a business decision, not ideology. PC is for dumb masses to rationalize the changing culture.

      • laura r

        to add to my comment: as you know the brain washing starts early. by the time an american graduates college, they want & support ammesty.

  • Habbgun

    Its not about immigrants doing the jobs that Americans won;t do , it’s about creating an economy without jobs Americans should have. We’ve got bipartisan agreement in Congress that it makes sense to have millions of instant immigrants in a shrinking economy, a staggering debt and a labor force that won’t bring any kind of real gains in capital (exactly what know how are we getting?). Is the whole country now supposed to be Las Vegas casino hotels with big money coming just for the fun of spending it and minimum wage labor everywhere?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The whole country is supposed to spend its future to sustain the bubble of the present.

      That’s the whole horrible model.

      Mortgage the country up to its eyeballs, get as much debt as possible, trade human capital in for political capital and wait for it all to burn.

      • veeper

        americans and the nation must be broken in order to usher in a one world government….

        america is the biggest block to this plan……and must be broken….

        that is happening now…..

        america will soon have it’s Sovereignty removed……

        • Drakken

          That is when the Law of unintended Consequences comes into play. The powers think that the American people will go like sheep to whatever type of govt they want, they could not be more wrong.

  • Dana Garcia

    Unless the Boehner gang snaps out of their billionaire-funded revery, the GOP is finished and a Tea Party Party will rise from the ashes.

  • popseal

    11,000,000+ new Democrats from Mexico will seal the deal against America ever recovering from the clear and present danger now extant in our national and in many cases local government ‘leadership’. Added to the massive #s now on welfare, honest workers will be completely overwhelmed.

  • Bobby and Peg 1976

    The magic words “votes” and control. The American public have been a ritual sacrifice for the continuation of Socialism of the United Socialists States of America; new meaning to the old USSR now the new USSA.

  • Shelter Somerset

    Perhaps the second generation will move back to their ancestral homelands in search of greener pastures, especially if Mexico has 5% unemployment, and thereby loosen up the labor market in the U.S. and in the end balance everything out???

    • Drakken

      Well you can wish in one hand and sh*t in the other, which one will you fill first? If amnesty is granted, AGAIN, this country as we know it is over. By importing the 3rd world, we will become the 3rd world. If you thought the economy is bad now? Wait until this abomination is passed with along with getting more 3rd world tech folks here on H1-b visa’s. We are now experiencing the beginning of our very own Balkans, and the libtards welcomed it with wishful thinking and good intentions.

      • Shelter Somerset

        You have to wonder why Mexican and South American leaders are so keen on the U.S. taking these people. Shouldn’t they be embarrassed so many of their citizens are fleeing their countries? But they aren’t. They are relieved.

        • laura r

          the pres of mex said to america: dont deport our people, we cant afford to absorb them here.

          • laura r

            there is no safety net in mexico. just terrible free hospitals which you would die in. charities dont exist unless they are run by americans. i think the president meant, “we cant afford more crime here”

        • Drakken

          They are dumping their garbage on our shores, that is why they like the fact that the wetbacks don’t have to feed them.

        • Painted Horse

          They encourage it because they send back billions of dollars to their relatives thereby enriching the economy of their nations at our expense.

    • laura r

      why go back if you have section 8, food stamps, phone, etc?

      • LolKatzen

        Sooner or later, the money will run out for that. Maybe not our lifetime.

        • laura r

          then they will do what they do in mexico. breakins, muggings, home invasions. sometimes work also, even as police. there IS something to be siad for a safety net, but i dont think it should be for them! (not in the US i mean).

  • Erudite Mavin

    Obama’s Executive Orders are making Amnesty a fact,
    Obama’s 2012 Executive Order establishing the Dream Act
    and look for more of the Obama Executive Orders for Amnesty.

    As Obama has said, he does not need congress, he as a pen and a phone.
    Obama knows spending billions of dollars and decades to round up over 13 million illegals is not going to happen.

    The Democrats and their MSM won’t let that happen and the weak on border security libertarians such as when Ron Paul was in congress and voted against
    every bill that would fence the border and his son Rand who is against E verify.

    Sitting 15 miles north from the largest and busiest border crossing in the world,
    and seeing over 55,000 Mexicans some yrs. back marching here for Amnesty,
    this will not have a happy ending thanks to the Democrats and libertarians

    • veeper

      The United States government has failed totally in the main basic reason for having a federal national government….

      to protect the american people and the country from foreign invaders…..

      the most horrendous part of this massive failure is …..

      it has been done purposely……

      the american people have become the biggest group of FOOLS and willfully ignorant COWARDS on the planet…..

      present day americans deserve to lose their country and their freedom…..

      • laura r

        “purposely” is what i have have saying for yrs. quality of life declines when these people are here in great numbers. most are impossible to deal with. btw, there is a hostility between the legals & illegals. i have an older mexican friend who is a vietnam vet. he is so against the newer mexicans coming in. he said basically the new ones & the old ones cant stand each other. i also heard the younger men dont like to work as the older ones did. dont forget the 100s of anchor babies that are born each day. every poor girl in mex, CA. SA knows to come over right before birth. then her life is set. tell this to a typical american. if they are not affected by it, they dont believe it.

  • Gus

    Welfare immigration is an investment in the future of the Democrats.

  • Ghost Writer

    I too oppose the amnesty bill. I also know that the claim that the immigration system is broken and needs repair is false and fraudulent.
    You don’t have to convince me, Mr. Greenfield, you need to convince Mr. Boehner and other republicans who imagine that by supporting amnesty the Latin vote will magically turn away from the Democrats. Obviously a plain case of delusional thinking.

  • Northstar

    21,133 Iraqis and 1,371 Irish.
    The big bosses made their choice. They want Baghdad not Limerick.

  • Fed Up

    I think that sometime in the not-too-distant future historians, contemplating the fall of our once great civilization, will wonder and marvel that what our political class decided we really, really needed at the zenith of our power and wealth was a true peasant class. Our own dysfunctional poor simply will not do any more and so we need real pesantes.

    • laura r

      off topic somewhat but maybe worth saying. i have been to backwater towns in mexico. there are holidays most of the time. mostly gone are the days of nice religious fiestas. that dissapeared w/the industrialization, & walmarts. the holidays are usually accompanied by blasting music, drunkenness, piles of garbage, huge microphones on top of trucks, 24 to 48 hr raves (a trend, parties end @ 10am, music can be heard for miles). another trend is to have blasting fireworks thru the night, for weeks on end. if its not an “offical national” holiday week, then its neighborhood street fairs. if its not one thing its another. since “peasents” dont have careers, this is what they do. the men emulate the lowest of hiphop culture, you get the picture. i wonder of they bring these 10-12 day back to back holidays to the US? so much for the noble savage.

  • wileyvet

    Obama is so screwed up, his policies are at odds with one another. The Chamber of Commerce wants cheap labour, but Obama wants to push a higher minimum wage. He talks about income inequality and lack of mobility, yet Mr. Greenfield has ably pointed out this will bring about more inequality and disparity. He is destroying the middle class and killing jobs already, yet this will be a further hit to that segment of America. This is economic and cultural suicide. This is insane.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Obama wants to break the middle class and usher in total state power while displacing much of the native population with dependent voting blocs.

      It’s evil, but not inexplicable.

    • Well Done

      Well, 0bama has created higher unemployment, hobbled the agriculture industry, sacked any military official who isn’t “on side”, started the price of fuel on the rise… and now he’s planning on putting the cost of electricity through the roof. Yup. That’s his schedule. He’s not stupid. This is what his handlers wanted him to do. The people who vote for this douche are utterly devoid of intellectual capacity. He said he would change America. Yup. Like an earthquake “changed” San Francisco.

  • tanstaafl

    In the interest of equality, why don’t we adopt Mexican immigration protocols?

    • laura r

      the abuse is horrible. if they catch a migrant from panama, i feel sorry. it is a brutal culture. in general they are very much like ghetto blacks, even the middle class mexicans. its “give me”, “you owe me”, “ok, ill just take it” if we had their immigration policies, we would only have top professional specialists. mexico taxes its immigrants heavily, its “paypaypay to stay”. even if the expat pays, there is always some catch 22 to pay more. i know many people who lived there & left.

  • cxt

    Tell you one thing……..I’m a little put out at the relatively sudden shift from a REQUEST….such as “please help us.” To a DEMAND such as “Amnesty now!”
    Requests are very different things from demands. The former “might”…….”MIGHT” be reasonable……but demands are wholly different animal and making them bodes ill for the country.

  • Richard of Sydney

    Whenever I visit the beautiful country named America I am forced to stand in line for many hours at LAX, fingerprinted, and forced to justify my visit by an armed immigration officer. Return ticket and proof of available funds are required, along with a valid passport.
    Why don’t I simply stroll across the Mexican or Canadian borders and avoid this hassle? And then demand amnesty, of course.
    Bloody hell. If you enter a country illegally, piss off. End of discussion.

  • Extropico

    An excellent article. 30 years late. Still, a nice piece of writing.

  • Julian, NJ

    Two things should be added for more complete picture. There are two main reasons of immigration to America – to escape from persecution, i.e. political and other – simply economical. Absolute majority of illegal emigration – economical, they sent big chunk of earned money back to family in their country where they have homes and psychologically belong to them. That is why they never should become a citizen with voting rights.
    For most of later socialism with total government control is ideal and fair society. That is why politically their American citizenship is suicidal for America. Majority of them voting for Democrats. They do not understand that all what America achieved (and that’s why they came here) – is only thanks to capitalism which they wish to undermine.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I was wondering today what would happen at a local level if 12 million people could sign a legitimate lease or take on a mortgage and were suddenly hit with the realization that without any speeches or policies or Obama to rescue them they’d be hit with huge new property taxes on a per household basis to pay for all their now legal kids to go to school? What happened if Obama offered them total amnesty and few took him up on it. Everyone talks about ‘freedom’ and such until the tax man comes for them. Then the run for the border will look like the Great Oklahoma Land Grab.

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    This is so superb. So brilliant.

    I hope none googles me because I’m about to confirm the Sultan’s assertion regarding employer preference for first-generation immigrants.

    Not only am I paid less than other attorneys with similar experience and expertise, I have a higher billable hour quota. A prior employer (black, of course) told me, to my face, that I would be treated in this fashion because no one wants an immigrant and I should get down on my knees and thank him for whatever pittance he throws my way.

    American business is soul-less, like business everywhere. And, like every other western nation, over the last four generations, at least, it has been in charge of the nation, dictating policy. The results reflect typical businessman mentality: long-term disaster owing to preference for short term profit.

    As the Derb likes to say: we are doomed.

  • John Kohm

    Well, first President Obama cannot offer ‘amnesty’ because there are laws against giving anyone who entered the U.S. illegally, a path to citizenship. He simply does not have the power to grant amnesty. Every time some calls selective enforcement “amnesty” they are lying. These people can be booted out the minute the voters elect a Republican President. Simple as that. On that day, they can all be deported. All 5 million of them. But that will never happen because no hispanic voter will vote for a Republican for president. So that’s that. Next, is this garbage about jobs. Let me tell you, I could not find a person to cut my lawn, once my illegal gardener went back to Mexico. I called temp agencies, manual labor agencies, lawn care people, and guys on the corner looking for work, All they had to do was prove their citizenship and I would hire them. Could not find one. The ones that qualified told me I would have to pay them 20 bucks an hour and however long it took, that’s what it would cost. Well, my regular guy spent 3 hours on my lawn, with 2 people. That six man hours, so that’s 120 bucks. I paid him 60 bucks. So, if I want a ‘citizen’ to cut my lawn, it’s twice as much. No thank you. I’ll take the illegal and so will every other homeowner I know. How do you like it now?

  • cheechakos

    You are talking about a political ideology not a religion

  • Gabriel


    You are troll and terminally stupid. You are Darwin material. The Jews in Europe are leaving Europe. The multi-culturalism of the Left is literally killing them.

    Let me predict your near term future. You will troll. you will raise the hackles of the regular poster here. They will become inured to your tripe. Most of them will read more and dig deeper to refute your utter nonsense. They will become stringer. After 6 months to a year you will give up and troll someone where else reaming an ignorant bitter useless person the the end s of your days.

  • Guest

    “No – Israel is NOT an ally of anyone except Israel. Israel is a fraud, a ball and chain, and the nation within all nations which created that Parasite ARE the Problem.” – ralphie

    Rush Limbaugh says the LEFT always tells us who they fear.

    Ralphie comes here Jew bating and reading talking points f the LEFT, the KKK and Muslims. Which one is he? Read his history of posts.

    Ralphie feats FPM.

  • Gabriel

    “No – Israel is NOT an ally of anyone except Israel. Israel is a fraud, a ball and chain, and the nation within all nations which created that Parasite ARE the Problem.” – ralphie

    Rush Limbaugh says the LEFT always tells us who they fear.

    Ralphie comes here Jew bating and reading talking points f the LEFT, the KKK and Muslims. Which one is he? Read his history of posts.

    Ralphie feats FPM.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Google Ted Kennedy

  • UCSPanther

    When in doubt, blame the Jews. Pathetic.
    No wonder idiots like you are a laughingstock.

  • Ron Lewenberg

    It’s amazing how Nazis lie. It’s almost as if thety know that they are swine and must lie, but are unable to internalize what that means about their ideology.

    “google barbara lerner spector sweden”
    Barbara Spectre is an American leftist who moved to Israel and fled because Israelis wouldn’t put up with her cultural marxism. She was invited by the SWEDISH GOVERNMENT to set up a group, Paedea to evangelize cultural marxism and to SILENCE Jews. The text you use and fail to cite comes from an Israeli TV piece on Swedish Jews protesting against Socialist and Islamist antisemitism and violence in Malmo. This is a 27 minute piece, and Spectre is the GOVERNMENT response. She doesn’t speak for Jews, or Swedes, but for the anti-nationalist regime.

    I know Stephen Steinlight. He worked form the AJC before coming to CIS. He makes the case that immigration is not in the interest of America Jews. The official Jewish groups, ie the hoffjuden for the left, blackballed him from speaking. Nonetheless, a majority of American Jews oppose illegal immigration. We are just ignored by the official groups, who have few members and rely on a few corporate crony donors.

    You lose, Nazi untermensch. Now stop being a coward, and post using your name.