An ISIS Flag Flies in New Jersey


Marc Leibowitz, a former Israeli paratrooper spotted this one and posted it on Twitter. The enemy is right here. And despite the denials, the conflict will continue to expand far beyond Iraq.

The Turkish flag appears to be flying next to it suggesting that we’re looking at a Turkish Muslim settler in New Jersey. Turkey’s tyrant Erdogan who supports terrorists is even more popular with many Turkish settlers in Germany and abroad and they tend to be more supportive of terrorists than the general Turkish population.

Strangely enough on Google Maps, the house is flying an American flag.


But it seems as if the house or parts of it are being rented out. The flag of the United States is gone now and has been replaced by the flags of the enemy.

Before too long though follow ups by reporters, Tweeters and even law enforcement led to the ISIS flag being replaced by an NFL flag.

  • nomoretraitors

    Just saw in the twitter post: Garwood. (I thought it might be Paterson)

  • John Gerard

    Realise the flag is not ISIS’ flag per se, but the flag flown by Mohammed himself. And like good muslims, they’re doing it too.

  • Habbgun

    I saw a similar flag in Park Slope. It was the flag of the Union of Self-hating Leftists for Islamic Supremacy

    Also known as U-SLIS

  • Crassus

    I would say burn the ISIS flag but the burner would probably receive a life sentence. It is New Jersey, after all.

  • Pete

    The house of one of our resident trolls?

  • Pete

    I misread the caption. I read it as Norway and not New Jersey. I was like ” …and it is Norway, the ruling drooling Liberals could not give a flying F_ck!

    I can see the American government saying we are watching them and years later they will be watching them until they actually do something.

    If their bomb fails to go boom some LefTArd like our Napolitano probably would say the system succeeded in stopping the attack.

    She did with the underwear bomber attack.

  • kssturgis62

    People want Christie as POTUS. Better start researching him and how he just loves those muslims. Even appointed one as a judge and goes and has had several dinners.

  • George Clark

    Zio-pigs. Quite an original and intelligent insult. I imagine that you are projecting your own spiritual aversion to pork products onto others. Go ask your Imam how best you might express your repentance to your moon-god.

  • UCSPanther

    Why don’t you go down to a railroad mainline, down a bottle of 170 proof moonshine, and position yourself to pass out on the rails.

    That will cure you of your close-minded antisemitism, guaranteed…


    uncle gaydolf?


  • uncle adolf

    Why would an Aryan like me have an aversion to succulent pork?

  • uncle adolf

    Haha- do you think calling me an anti-semite is taken as an insult or a compliment?

  • UCSPanther

    I know you “Aryans” have an aversion to .303 British.

    A lot of them found that out during WWII…

  • Chou

    “I ate a lot. I shat a lot” – Mao

  • George Clark

    You’re a leftist troll. Go take a nap underneath your bridge.

  • Gerber

    What is this thing I hear about you and your niece, Geli Raubal?

  • George Clark

    Good lord, it’s obvious this guy is a troll from huffpo.

  • George Clark