Anti-Fracking Protesters Glue Themselves to Wrong Gas Station

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fracking morons

The science is settled. These people are idiots.

Ant-fracking protesters who glued and chained themselves to petrol pumps in Great Lever over the weekend were at the wrong garage, it has emerged.

Four people were arrested on Saturday after anti-fracking protesters used glue and bike locks to attach themselves to fuel pumps at the petrol station in Rishton Lane.

The group had chosen to base the protest next to a Total petrol station after the French firm announced it would be investing more than £12 million in the UK’s shale gas industry.

However, it emerged later that the petrol station was no longer owned by Total – but the new owners had not got around to taking the signs down yet.

Petrol station manager Reezwan Patel said: “We had to close for six hours, so with the loss of custom and the damage to the pumps, it could be a couple of thousand pounds we have lost.

Campaign group Frack Free Greater Manchester had called for people to protest outside Total petrol stations across the country.

Group member Sophie Baxter said: “Every company that is going to invest in fracking needs to expect these kind of actions. We were very proud of the guys who locked themselves to the pumps”

What’s one mistake, when your entire protest movement and its underlying ideology is based on a long series of mistakes. Compared to the left’s false claims about Fracking and its false claims about Global Warming, gluing yourself to the wrong gas station is a minor error.


  • turk182

    I would have pumped a gallon of gas on the twit. No igniting it,but the gas itself would be very uncomfortable on the skin. I’d have told him not to use his cellphone,because that might ignite him.
    even funnier,authorities would have to strip him naked before they could cut off the lock,so no spark would ignite him.

    • tickletik

      Honestly that’s awful. It would be cleaner, simpler and more decent just to throw the bastard in prison for a year. No police beatings, no killings, no electric torture devices (tasters), no pepper spray, no chaos, no insanity. It’s simple. You locked yourself up and deprived someone of custom by violating their property? No problem, you go to jail for a year on the basis of trespassing and theft. Bye bye!

  • Veracious_one

    They should have closed the pump and left him there…a few feet away there would be a sign for all to see..”See the idiot—free admission”

    • truebearing

      Yes, Fracking geeks. It would a kind of self-imposed stock and pillory. It would be nice if local farmer would donate some rotting vegetables for the spectators to throw.

  • Drakken

    If you want to put a stop to this nonsense, it is quite easy, when these useless oxygen thieves come to your station, just wait until they are all nice and settled in in their “protest” then send a couple boys out there and club them like a baby seal, after a couple of dozen cases of liberal stupidity, they will stop because it is too painful. Simples!

  • Rusty Shakelford

    Set up a “Tazer the idiot $1.00″ booth. Donate the money to charity.

  • DogmaelJones1

    These people have earned the Darwin Award. Someone ought to glue “Kick Me, because I’m as thick as a rock” signs on their backs.

  • truebearing

    It would be even funnier if after the locks locked and the glue hardened, a nice blast of the “global warming” we are experiencing would blow in overnight. We’ll be 10 below tonight. Minneapolis and Northern Wisconsin will be minus 30.

    They’d be begging for some carbon-based fuel by daybreak, if they were still alive.

  • carltjohnson

    Looks to me that one could still use the pumps…now that would have made viral you tube video! hahahahahah…dummies!

  • ZZ

    The gas station owner should’ve hung toilet paper rolls from the pumps so that the public could’ve used the protester dweebs as outdoor toilets. I’d gladly pay 130. Pounds a gallon for such good service, and I wouldn’t mine pumping it myself.

  • CowboyUp

    I’m guessing they do this in nice neighborhoods where they won’t get robbed as soon as they incapacitate themselves.

  • Drakken

    Why waste perfectly good taxpayer money on a bunch of brain dead leftards? You can beat the stupid right out of them and it is taxpayer friendly.