Anti-Israel Figures in US Justify Murder of Israeli Teens

There’s nothing surprising here. Stanley Cohen is having the expected field day. Dead Jewish kids, or American kids, are his idea of a party. Rhania Khalek is Max Blumenthal’s mini-me. Nadine Aly is a Students for Justice in Palestine member who has gotten in trouble before over her harassment of Israelis.

Stanley L. Cohen, Esq., is defender of terrorists and possibly one of the most hated lawyers in New York City.

Remi Kanazi is a poet, writer, and activist based in New York City. He has taught poetry workshops from Oklahoma to the West Bank, given talks from New York City to London.

Jamal Dajani was the Vice President of International News at Link TV and co-creator and series producer of Mosaic: World News from the Middle East, winner of a Peabody Award.

He has also worked as a consultant on PBS Frontline World War of Ideas.

Dajani served on the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Commission (2005–2009), and served on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission (2009–2011).

Ali Hasan Abunimah is an Arab-American journalist who has been described as “the leading American proponent of a one-state solution.

Rania Khalek describes herself as “an independent journalist,” and while she apparently prefers not to disclose her professional qualifications. She collaborates regularly with Max Blumenthal.

Nadine Aly is a junior at FAU majoring in Political Science A member of SJP at Florida Atlantic University. She is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, a former FAU Boca Raton House Representative and Senator as well as former President of Students for Justice in Palestine at FAU and Vice President of Dream Defenders at FAU.

  • Judahlevi

    The leftists make the moral equivalency argument that murdering Israelis boys is the same as Israel’s self defense.

    Just to remind them – self defense is morally justifiable – murder is never morally justifiable. These are black and white moral distinctions.

    This is one of the problems with leftists, they have no understanding of true morality. They think it is whatever fits their agenda. They are wrong.

    • pfbonney

      “…they have no understanding of true morality.”
      They never gave Muslims (or any Religious) the time of day until the Muslims killed 3,000 of their fellow innocent Americans in cold blood. Now the Left rallies around the Muslims, and run interference for them.
      Because the Muslims hate the United States as much as they do. And it fits into their agenda, as you say.
      The Left is complete trash.

      • DennisMets

        obummer is a Muslim and would do anything to help Muslims take over the United States and kill off the devil privileged whites that is why obannana goes to his reverend wrights side to listen to his racist preaching about the devil whites

        • pfbonney

          Yeah, and in a “Christian” church. “They can tell we are Christians by our love, by our love! They can tell we are Christians by our love.”

          Or so the song goes. Neither Wright nor Obama have ever heard it, so it seems.

      • David

        You must do a lot of drugs.

        • pfbonney

          Ahh, yes, religion…the opiate of the masses. You know Lenin well.

          But for you Democrats, actual drug abuse is part of your identity, since the days of the hippies, like John Kerry and Jane Fonda. The prisons are full of your type, even today.

    • David

      The problem is asshats like you who look at this as a left/right war. If conservatives are too stupid to evaluate the situation properly, there will be a difference of opinion between them and Liberals. Eye for an eye is not self defense, and neither is your stupidity.

      • Judahlevi

        From people like you, I expect this kind of childish, vacuous response full of name-calling and insults about ‘intelligence.’

        Such an original and creative response – something I have seen from your kind about a million times.

        Try again – without the drugs.


    I have no tears for self hating jews.

    DROP DEAD stanley cohen, INSHALLAH!

    • JackSpratt

      How do these b*a*s*t*a*r*d*s go on breathing good oxygen.

  • JackSpratt

    What Israel needs to do is turn that whole Palestinian (a made-up name) region into GLASS!!!!!!! If it was up to me, at the end of this day there wouldn’t be one of those murdering stinking ragheads left alive!!!!! Not one. No I’m not Jewish. Occupied territory my ass! When the ragheads attacked Israel the very first time (what was it, the day after they were *created (given back some of their homeland)), they should have annihilated the bastards to the last neanderthal.

    • David

      Are you so stupid to recognize that if Israel “turned the Palestinian region to glass” they would do the same to themselves? Thats right, the region is slightly larger than the state of New Jersey. A nuke would kill them all. Keep sleeping with your sister, redneck.

  • JackSpratt

    Oh Myyyyyyyyyy…another comment being moderated. How nice.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Round up the whole lot of them and saw their heads off on YouTube.

    • alericKong

      It’s never good to make a spectacle of it. I would do something useful, like put them in penal brigades and shoot them if they don’t fight in the West Bank.

      • eadtuff

        What branch of the military did you serve in?

  • liz

    What deluded, pompous @$$holes.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    All those Muslim stealth jihadists should be sent packing from whence they came from, and Stanley Cohen should be exiled to Afghanistan or to the new caliphate emerging in parts of Syrian and Iraq.

  • eadtuff

    lol these aren’t even offensive. can’t you find some actual anti semites? check the southern poverty law center (just skip the entry on david horowitz haha)

  • drako

    No wonder the israelis are the most hated bastards in the world

    • Andy_Lewis

      Yes, because of scum like you.

    • Ancient Aryan Hindu Warrior.

      India supports Israel.

  • jwmiller

    This tragic story will go the way of another tragedy…Bring Back our Girls. These morons shrugging off abductions & murders as inevitable will someday eat their words & choke on them.

  • DennisMets

    I am reading a lot of hate for occupiers, wow how about the illegal occupiers her in the United States that keep coming in here by the millions, maybe it is time to go to war on them to

  • pfbonney

    “Jamal Dajani جمال @JamalDajaniFollow
    The cycle of violence could be curbed. For starters, illegal Israeli settlers need to vacate from the West Bank
    4:13 PM – 30 Jun 2014 San Francisco, CA, United States”

    I’m impressed!!! Finally!!! A whacked-out liberal concerned about illegal settlers!

    Now, if only I could contact him to get his signature for a petition for Obama to send illegal settlers that have been arriving here in the United States. Maybe some good could come out of this after all!

  • Calvin Sanders

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