Anti-Israel Leftist Cited by Anti-Semitic Killer Mocked Idea that American Jews are At Risk

Leftist Anti-Israel journalist Max Blumenthal, who is affiliated with The Nation, ridiculed the idea that American Jews are an at risk population.

blumenthal kansas city

Blumenthal, whose attacks on Israel and Jews were described as anti-Semitic even by many on the left, and whose work was allegedly cited by the Kansas City killer and has been mentioned hundreds of times on Neo-Nazi forums such as Stormfront and VNN, found the idea that the Jews he was putting at risk would need special security to be ridiculous.

But in fact, despite the constant clamor of a mythical Islamophobia, American Jews are far more likely to be at risk than Muslims.

Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic demagogues like Max Blumenthal spread hate toward Jews around the world and then mock the idea that the people they target will be attacked by some of their readers and viewers.

It’s time to seriously examine the intersection between Neo-Nazi groups and the left’s New Anti-Semitism characterized by hatemongers like Max Blumenthal.

It’s time for The Nation and other outlets that publish hatemongers like Blumenthal to do some serious soul-searching about their role in the killings.

  • Steve

    Goliath featured a chapter promoting Max’s work with his friend David Sheen. David Sheen was busy promoting neo nazi screeds about the Talmud. The neonazi killer agreed with Sheen and wanted to promote the antisemitic message about the Talmud.

    Twitter / davidsheen: Everything you wanted to know … —

    Leads to this:

    Why is it so hard to grasp Max? You finally have the blood of innocents on your hands.

    And why not mention that Max worked for a newspaper affiliated with Hizballah, who actually did also attack a JCC in Argentina killing 82 innocent Jews.

  • JackSpratt

    Hard to tell who is more anti-Semitic, between Blumenthal and Karter.

  • CowboyUp

    Now that Blumenthal has incited murder he can be a serious contender for the dp presidential nomination and NBC will offer him a job hosting his own tv show, like al Sharpton.

    Jewish gathering places in America are being shot up on a pretty regular basis, and not by Jews. I don’t see that happening to any other religious group and I don’t see the support for the victims or the outrage and condemnation of the perps that I’d see if it was any other minority or group targeted. If it was another abortion clinic that got shot up, the msm/dp reaction would be much different.

    If I worked at a Jewish gathering place, I’d be packing iron. People like these tend to avoid places where it might be them that gets shot. When a few of these scumbags get blown right back through the door, these murderous attacks will become much less frequent.

    • UCSPanther

      In Europe, Synagogues and Jewish schools are built like fortresses to ward off attacks and vandalism.

      Other than a few incidences of petty vandalism, I have not heard of mosques being attacked like synagogues and other Jewish public gathering centers are.

  • truebearing

    Maybe it’s time for the Max Blumenthals of the world to be targeted by the people they target. When a person serves no other purpose on earth other than to spread hate and incite violence, they deserve the same measure they would mete.

  • Jason P

    I’m not familiar with this Blumenthal fellow. Any links to a particularly egregious article?


      Search Youtube for “mblumenthal”


        “mblumenthal” is dead. Looks like he got kicked off for his racism.


          Search Youtube “max blumenthal”.

          maxie is a legend in his own close together beady eyed mind.

          And his father sidney is an alcoholic DWI arrestee threat to society.

  • M2000

    Max Blumenthal is nothing more than a self-hating Jewish coward.

    • Hugo

      Sadly, Max Blumenthal is far from the only self-loathing Jew who goes around bashing Israel and other Jews. Michael Alan Weiner “Savage” clearly demonstrates that the self-hating Jew is not only a phenomenon of the left. I’ve frequently pointed out that he works very hard to conceal the fact that he’s Jewish. You know, change the last name, constantly blame and bash Israel, single out almost exclusively Hollywood & media personalities as well as politicians with Jewish names. I guess he figures that by employing these tactics, he’ll trick people into thinking he’s not Jewish. I have news for you, Mr. Weiner “Savage,” no one believes that you’re Italian.

      I just don’t understand why so many people worship him like a god. He really isn’t nearly as brilliant as he thinks he is. The sad truth is that what Michael Savage once may have been, he is no longer.

    • 12

      he is worse then that, he is a profiteer of the suffering of the
      Jews and the Israelis by his books and his speeches which I am sure he charges a fee towards, he is about as low of a human you can find, only those pieces of garbage who have the Mondoweiss website can compare with him

  • laura r

    this is a jewish disease. one of his parents did a job on him bigtime. still no matter how popular he may be on stormfront, he can only sign in as a guest. i wonder what david duke has to say about this?

  • Getplanted

    The murder at the EL AL check-in counter at LAX airport was not that many years ago.


    The left keeps blaming other people for inspiring Anders Brevik for going on his shooting rampage.

    Now we can blame slapsie socialist maxie blumenthal for inspiring Glenn Cross for his shooting rampage.

    • walt kovacs

      maxxie was one of those. yet refuses to take responsibility for his own hate speech


    maxie blumenthal should go to Syria and interview the FSA/Assad army.

    One of those guys will take maxie out.

  • herb benty

    Don’t worry people, all this anti-semitism, anti-Christianity, all the killing of innocents is ALL RECORDED by the ALMIGHTY GOD. Evil’s time is short, and it knows it very well. Endure to the end, and you will be saved. Rejoice, for your name is written in the book of Life! Eternity beckons.

  • laura r

    theres no such thing as “inspiring” to kill. we are all exposed to the same information. its a choice. dont blame a jew, blame the killer. when they is blame there is an excuse.

  • laura r

    for show biz you need a catchy name. (savage nation is a cool name). he wrote books prior so he changed it. he dosn’t ever hide the fact he is jewish. he talks about the friday night dinners he has w/the orthodox jews. he talks about the bad image of jewish ehnic humor, charactures like woody allen & larry david. you are 100% wrong. (he does get on my nerves @ times. he can be very brilliant or very mean & manipulate).

    • Hugo

      I am a keen observer and I’ve listened to Savage on and off for a long time. In terms of the Michael Savage of a few years ago, I’ll agree with you. The more recent Savage, however, seems to be going after the fringe, Ron Paul, Alex Jones conspiracy-obsessed listener. That is an audience that is not too friendly to Jews and/or Israel as they see the world through the lens of everything being some sort of Zionist conspiracy.

      Savage has on numerous occasions made absurd and fallacious statements like we carry Israel on our backs and that our troops come home in body bags fighting Israel’s wars. Savage, for example, stated that Gulf War 1 was about Israel. The truth is that Muslim Saddam invaded Muslim Kuwait and would have gone into Muslim Saudi Arabia had it not been for us. Nothing to do with Israel. Furthermore, contrary to the commonly held beliefs, we really don’t carry Israel on our backs. We do provide an aid package, 75% of which comes back here through required purchases, and we do stand with Israel at the U.N. That’s it and it’s a lot less than we do for many other nations.

      Savage also said that Israel was trying to drag us into a war with Syria, something that was widely echoed by the Jew haters and anti-Israel crowd. He never mentioned Turkey, Qatar, other Arab states, France and The U.K. calling for action in Syria, just Israel. Ironically, most in Israel take the view that Assad is better than the alternative.

      Additionally, Savage’s new favorite word as of late is neocon. He loves throwing that one around all the time now. The definition of the word can be debated, but most who use it understand well the connotation.

      Savage has changed, and while he’s not Max Blumenthal, Alex Jones or Ron Paul, he seems to be trying to cash in on the Jew/Israel-bashing trend.

      • laura r

        was this change since he changed stations & has a better time slot? i listened to him for yrs as well. i kind of listen now on & off, not much, not even the whole show. what he does do is change his side to be provocative. about 2 yrs ago or so he talked about how important is was to help isreal. he also talked about the knockout game against jews in bklyn, several months ago. he talked about anti semitism. i have a feeling he will be pro isreal again. he zigzags.

        • Hugo

          It is something that has been increasing with frequency and intensity over the past couple of years. When I hear him act this way, I quit listening. When he switches to a new station and/or time, I figure I’ll give him another chance, but it doesn’t take long for me to have to stop listening. Zizgag perhaps, but to me it might be more schizophrenic.

          • laura r

            agree there is something bothersome & phoney about him. jeff kuhner is more sincere, approachable. savage has made some terrible faux pas’s, he should have called one caller back to apoligize. he switched to her side over night!! bigtime. the night before he insulted this smart older lady. (he knew she was jewish btw). also its obnoxious to think that only a “successful” person can have insight. that in itself is a jewish twisted way of thinking. saw your site, you are proberly correct. he is right about the jewish bankers george soros etc. i will tune into the show to hear the rest.

  • Chris Herbst

    We Jews have been kicked out of over 100 place’s world over, we came here to America with Spanish Jew Christopher Columbus, after being kick out of Spain for our Religious freedom, and I’m sick of not being able to do nothing when our country is going to hell in a hand bag , wake up brothers, my love, the Messiah is here, Yeshua is his name and he is the sacrificed lamb lamb provided by our God just like he did for Abraham. Let’s do something here, strength in numbers. I’m a Jew, and of course Yeshua is. It would not hurt to read the new covenant. The Messiah did not do away with our Torah, the new covenant is Jewish. Read my beloved Isreal, my beloved Jewish American brothers.