Anti-Israel Protesters: The Jews Control All the Oil and Obama

Michael Coren of SUN News (Canada’s equivalent of FOX News) went out to chat with a few anti-Israel protesters. And the results were filled with the usual doses of crazy.

The moment when the protester states that he would fake a death for his own country is quite revealing of the whole conspiracy mindset and the origins of Pallywood. He assumes that Israel would do anything that he would.

Coren, who has criticized Israel, was accused of working for the Jews by protesters who seemed to think that the Jews control all the oil and Obama. That’s like accusing Muslims of hogging all the Nobel prizes and neurotic comedy. There was lots of excitability and very little logic and at one point Coren suggests that without the police, they would have been in danger.

I saw a clip of him, that I can’t seem to find now, where he says that if he were a Jewish teenager, he would already be dead.

  • JackSpratt

    The stupidity is breathtaking.

  • Johnny Palestine


    You will find the clip you mentioned below:

    It is the first clip. Clearly Muslims do not seek to connect nor communicate especially the ”muslima”. They are programmed to hate, kill, denigrate, insult,,. And the West is full of these vermin and vermina. Especially lib Canada.

    Our children and grandchildren will hate us if we do not demand that these sick and vile and hateful creatures be deported at once, with no regard to legalities and citizenship.

    I doubt it will happen. I see it as part of the plan of politicians and central bank owners to use these rodents to soak us in so much turmoil that we cannot pay any attention to what our leaders are doing in the dark of night.

    Although I doubt the official version of 9/11, I have no doubt that Muslims are not full of hatred. And they are here.

  • Gee

    Mr. Coren sure has a lot more restraint than I. He did a good job of neutrality.

    Heck we do not ask anybody to support us, just stop trying to murder us nothing more.

  • UCSPanther

    It was just like the time their firebrand reporter, Ezra Levant went out and looked behind the OWS facades much to the chagrin of the OWS vagrants. Sun News Network is awesome.

    Anti-Israel/Antisemites everywhere are crazy nutters that back their hatred with delusion. That part, isn’t news.

  • jackdiamond

    This is how they argue. In a mob, demonstrating the power of the Big Lie repeated endlessly. Hate is like mother’s milk to those who only live and breathe propaganda. They gave up their reason long ago. Winning the argument is about who shouts loudest, who is angriest, and who has the biggest mob of whipped-up thugs behind them to intimidate with the threat of imminent violence. Hysteria, belief in hidden forces, magical thinking, projection (Israelis must be chanting “death to Arabs” somewhere). It’s all there. Not just the complete absence of empathy for murdered Israeli teenagers but absolving Muslims of blame by making that too another sinister Jewish conspiracy, you know like 9/11. Criticism is not responded to by rational discussion, criticism is discredited at the source. It can only emanate from an evil, conspiring enemy–someone to be attacked, vilified, sued, insulted, lied about, or even killed. You destroy criticism and contradiction by destroying the credibility (or life) of the critic. The Islamic MO.

  • Mark Spark

    Daniel Greenfield suggests Coren has criticized Israel. Maybe so. But hardly ever. I think the last time I heard him do that…was about 15 years ago on radio. Even then, it was a mild rebuke. Michael had 3 Jewish grand parents and a Jewish father. He himself is a staunch Roman Catholic who had flirted with Christian Evangelism. He also refers to himself as Jewish…I suppose ethnically speaking he is. He’s a great broadcaster and I try never to miss him.