Anti-Semitic Elmo Reinvents Self as Anti-Zionist Elmo


Anti-Semitism is frowned on in today’s society… unless it’s done by MSNBC hosts like Al Sharpton and Chis Hayes. Or unless it’s passed off as Anti-Zionism.

So Anti-Semitic Elmo, a mentally ill man with a disturbing past who screamed slurs at people in New York, has now reinvented his act as an Anti-Zionist.

A man with a history of shouting anti-Semitic rants while dressed as Elmo at popular tourist destinations was arrested in his red costume in Times Square on Tuesday.

He said then that he was homeless and camping out in Forest Park, Queens, but on Tuesday he told the police that he lived in a house on 90th Avenue in Queens.

Local resident Brendan Hahn tweeted that Elmo was screaming about “filthy Jews” in front of the Toys ‘R’ Us in the heart of Times Square.

Mr. Sandler said he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon, which the university confirmed. He later traveled to Cambodia and started a pornographic Web site called Welcome to the Rape Camp.

The Cambodian police arrested Mr. Sandler that year and quickly deported him, according to news media accounts and Mr. Sandler. He insisted that the women on the site were not harmed and were paid $20 per performance.

Then he was sent to jail for trying to shake down the Girl Scouts. So Sandler cleaned up his act and went to the West Coast to become an Anti-Zionist Anti-Semite instead.

“As the car pulled out of the station, he started in a loud voice, getting everybody’s attention, saying that he’s boycotting Israeli businesses on Fisherman’s Wharf,” Meyers said. “He went on to talk about the Zionists and the Jews taking over Fisherman’s Wharf and that we should boycott them.”

“He started talking about Fisherman’s Wharf as Jew Town, and the Jews this and the Jews that, in a derogatory, racist fashion,” he said. “I was getting upset. There were kids in the cars, young girls listening.”

In an e-mail, Sandler said his comments were not anti-Semitic, but anti-Zionist.

“I believe that apartheid in Palestine is wrong and that all businesses that are connected to Israel should be disclosed to the public and boycotted,” he said. “Certain Zionist interests are causing problems for me with the city and directly on the Wharf. I counter it with negative information on Israel.”

So now Adam Sandler is just like Max Blumental. Except without the famous and well-connected Clinton dad.

We were at Rossi Park yesterday and we had a bad run-in with a guy who dresses up as Elmo and tries to hug kids.

Something was off about him from the start and so we called the police.

As he passed all of us to leave he started yelling obscenities and anti-Semitic slurs. He just went nuts.

Someone call Muzzlewatch and Mondoweiss. The Israel lobby is trying to silence another critic.

Adam Sandler is just another public spirited progressive trying to get the word out about Zionist Apartheid and raping women.

He’s a saint.

He said he launched the Rape Camp website in Cambodia as a way to help women, he said – who “only knew how to make money through prostitution.”

He said the “extreme” theme of sexual assault was necessary because he “felt like the women I had weren’t attractive enough” for regular pornography.

“I was just trying to help these women,” he said. “Calling me a child molester for running a porn site is like calling a gay person a pedophile for being gay.”

Sadly Zionist Homophobes (Rapeophobes?) keep shutting Sandler down.

“Kids are, you know, just lured in and tricked,” explained Longaway. “And the parents follow their children and there’s the onslaught of the obscenities, which I think is terrible.”

  • DogmaelJones1

    Another chapter to include in Loon Watch’s forthcoming book, “The World’s Whackiest Woonies.” Maybe “Adam Sandler” has a secret obsession with another Adam Sandler, a not-so-funny comedian with a broader audience. And, I have news for Sandler-aka-Elmo, the kids’ socialist puppet on Poppy Seed Street: many gays ARE pedophiles. If I were running Children’s Television Theater, I’d sue “Elmo” Sandler for brand and trademark infringement. But then, CTT or PBs doesn’t believe in intellectual property or any kind of property, unless it has subsidiary rights deals for its junk to sell in McDonald’s or Burger King, to so don’t hold your breath. Now that antisemitism is coming out of the closet like an army of gay Huns, we should be seeing more of Sandler’s ilk boycotting businesses that seem to be run by Protocol Elders and Bugs Bunny, who, as everyone knows, was a secret Zionist and a real person. Along with Daffy Duck.

  • Tagg Heurer

    If Gyorgy Schwartz, Cass Sunstein, Ezekiel Emanuel, and Bill Maher are any indication, he kind of has a point.

  • laura r

    he’s a NY tradition. another twisted jewish piece of work. boy, i hate to think of the insanity of those parents of his. i wonder if he’s from NY? when self hating jews go nuts, they go off the rails. there are degrees of this oviously. like finklestain, & the jazz musican, but those people can write & behave normal, even make a some $. then you have the coptic christian guy from boston who has a the youtube station, dresses like a priest. a favorite on stormfront. i would rather see more elmos & priests than professors & journalists.

  • Adam

    Mr Sandler is crazy like a fox.
    1. He knows he gets more sympathy form the left by saying anti-Zionist remarks instead of anti-semitic remarks
    2. He know pornography sells and he was looking to make a lot of money. He devised a plan and executed it.
    If people like him were given hard time and he read about it in the paper that several people went to jail, you know he would give his little act up.
    He is not crazy.

  • UCSPanther

    I wonder if it is the Elmo suit that puts this moron into national news.

    If he was wearing rags and yelling the same thing, I suspect that he would be just regarded as another mentally unhinged vagrant and ignored.

    • Demetrius Minneapolis

      ,,,or a high ranking State dept. strategist from the Obama admin.

    • Daniel Greenfield



    El mo hammed.

  • Daniel Greenfield

    very true