Anti-Semitism Survey Shows Muslims More Anti-Semitic than Buddhists

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The ADL global survey of anti-Semitism overall holds few surprises. Traditionally anti-Semitic parts of Eastern Europe rank surprisingly lower than expected especially when you compare them to the South Caucasus where the numbers are out of sight.

Muslim anti-Semitism is concentrated most heavily in the Arab world. Again this is not surprising. For example Iran comes in somewhere in the 50s, which is still pretty bigoted, but Iraq scores 92% and Kuwait clocks in at 82%.

Iraq is the most anti-Semitic country in the world, not counting PLO controlled areas which score even higher. Yemen comes in at 88% and Qatar at 80% suggesting that this is not about border wars with Israel. Egypt which has an extensive war history with Israel scores at 75%. It’s more about the domestic power of Islam.

Laos, which is almost entirely Buddhist, has less anti-Semitism than any other place at 0.2%. India comes in at 20% and, predictably, Muslim rates of anti-Semitism are higher than those for Hindus.

Looking at countries where rates of anti-Semitism are broken down by religion, the same pattern recurs in countries like Cote D’Ivoire where Muslim rates of anti-Semitism are higher than those of non-Muslims.

The sharpest gap may in Malaysia which scores at 61%. But Muslim anti-Semitism rates in Malaysia are at 83% while Buddhist anti-Semitism rates are at 34%.

It’s one country and yet the difference in a particular strain of bigotry between Muslims and Buddhists is stunning.

Overall Buddhist Asian countries tend to rank much lower than Asian Muslim countries in anti-Semitism.

It’s hard to look at these numbers and deny the fact that anti-Semitism is spread by Islam.

  • Veracious_one

    I don’t recall any Buddhist inspired anti-Semitic riots, attacks, or protests lately…

  • Jason P

    I looked at the ADL data and you’re right. The correlation is extremely high, but not perfect.

    Greece and Turkey are both high at 69%. From personal experience I’ve notice the high degree of antisemitism among Greek immigrants (disclosure: my grandparents are from Greece). I never understood why Greece exceeds the rest of Europe.

    Iran is high (56%) but not Arab sky-high (80-92%). During the Shah, Iran had good relations with Israel. Perhaps some of that remains and can be a source of a new relationship if (when?) the theocracy is overturned.

    Catholic countries are high (around 30-40% in Latin America and 20-30% in Europe with an Islamic boost in France and a horrid 45% in Poland) and Catholics still retain evidence of that sad tradition. Protestants do much better.

    Islam is still the single best predictor of antisemitism. With Arabs far worse that most. It must be something they read … which leads me what Wafa Sultan says. She says Arabs are more damaged by the hate. They understand the meaning of the words they recite.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The breakdown of the answers in Greece reveals a tendency toward global conspiracy theories over a more personal hatred.

      82 percent believe Jews run the banks, but only 42 percent believe Jews only care about themselves. There aren’t many Jews left in Greece and there is a regional tendency toward conspiracy theories that transcends Islam. But there’s also a long history of mutual enmity going back thousands of years.

      With Iran, it just shows much of the population is not on board the express train. Persians are good people, unfortunately they’re stuck under a bad regime.

    • UCSPanther

      I’ve noticed Eastern Europeans tend to be very antisemitic, and I understand the Romanians and Croatians are especially bad.

      Croatia and Romania are no surprise, considering that those two were very eager supporters of Nazi Germany during WWII, they went after their Jewish subjects with a most unholy fury, and they were so enthusiastic about their slaughter that they even grossed out the Nazis.

      In Croatia, the Ustasha is still highly celebrated, and a lot of Romanians venerate Cornelieu Codreanu (The Founder of the Romanian Fascists) like some saint.

      As for the Greeks, they are a bizarre bunch who tend towards extremes. I’ve have seen a lot of fanatical communist and fascist supporters who hail from Greece, and their political history throughout the 20th century and up until the present has been rife with instability.

  • liz

    Maybe we should invent a new word for it like “Jewphobia”. This would be an actual thing, unlike the imaginary thing called “Islamophobia”.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Judeophobia. I’ve used it on occasion

    • Norbert Haag

      The term “antisemit” was invented by a german, jew hating journalist in the late 19th century to make the phrase sound more scientific and give it the blessings of academia.

      It is and always was Jew hatred. So why not call it exactly this? Jew hatred that is.

      • UCSPanther

        It was fashionable to mask hatred with pseudo-science in the earlier part of the 20th century.

        • Norbert Haag

          is still today,no? :-)


          pseudo-sciences like phrenology and head shape.

      • liz

        That’s interesting.
        I suggested the other just to emphasise the phonyness of “Islamophobia”. A phobia is the fear of an imaginary threat, but there is nothing imaginary about the threat of Jew-hating Islam.

  • Patrick Alcheim

    שָׁלוֹם. Please don’t write Buddhists are anti-Semitics.I have not come across a Buddhist who is anti_Semitic.As a Jew myself, Buddhists are tolerant people.Blessed them.They were wiped out in the Hindu Kush (Hindu Massacre) in the now Afghanistan,Pakistan, and India by the Muslim invaders.

    Instead, I always heard on Friday prayers that blared loudly on megaphones telling Muslims that Jews are their natural enemy from birth and it’s their duty to destroy the Jewish people.My God!. What did I do wrong to attract Muslims to kill us all?

    • liz

      Well, apparently you are part of a vast, sinister conspiracy to rule the world ( BWAHAHAHA!!!!).
      Meanwhile, the ones making this bogus claim, Muslims, actually ARE working toward that goal by their own admission, in the name of Allah.

  • monostor

    IMHO. Very “scientific” and futile exercise. The 57 muslim countries, or proportionally MENA countries should be ab ovo and ex offo excluded because their creed and way of life is primarily based on hatred towards the jews followed by hatred towards all other non-muslims. The rest of the countries should be also grouped according to the percentage of their muslim population and the extent to which those minorities have created civic societies in parallel with the existing traditional socio-political establishments. ADL should have known better than spend money on a survey that only reflects the advanced level of moral relativism already poisoning the world. Not all religions are simply religions. Only one religion, and we all know which, is trying hard to superimpose itself on all other.
    One may ask what about neo-nazis? What about them indeed?. They seem to be taking cue from the same muslims who live next door.
    And last but not least what about the communists who’s hatred is covert and masked by slogans of equality?

  • Gee

    I also noticed that a vast majority of the Judeophobes have never even met a single Jew

  • wileyvet

    Islam is most certainly responsible. It is enshrined in the Koran. Verse after verse vilifies and denigrates Jews. Muhammad has inspired all of it in his dealings with the Jews of Medina. He claimed to be their Messiah, and that if they looked hard enough in their Book, they would find it was so. The Jews, however, being learned and fully versed in Scripture told him that was impossible since the Messiah would be from the line of David, and therefore could not be an Arab. Soon after, Muhammad, the false prophet, turned on the Jews, rejecting the very same scriptures that he said were reliable in fabricating his own revelations, and denounced the Torah as having been corrupted by the Jews, and by an amazing feat of revisionism, expunged all mention of Muhammad, Islam, and Mecca out of the Hebrew Bible to discredit the prophet. Pretext after pretext were used to inspire hatred against the Jews. When all was said and done ALL the Jews were expelled from Medina, leaving their property behind to be expropriated by Muslims. You see, to a Muslim, the Jews got what they deserved because they rejected and mocked Muhammad and Islam. This account is from the Muslim sources and has been taught for 14 centuries. It is part of the “proud” history of the prophet, Islam and the Arab expansion.