Anti-War Protesters in Israel Forced to Flee Hamas Rocket Fire

morons in tel aviv

(Yes that is the Communist Party)

Lefties in Tel Aviv keep staging pathetic anti-war protests and anti-war events and keep having to run away as Hamas opens fire.

And if that doesn’t happen, the locals beat them up, and then Haaretz, The Guardian and 972 Mag (their usual outlets) write whiny stories about Israeli intolerance.

This time, the highest profile anti-war rally collapsed when the sirens began.

Thousands of Arabs and Israeli leftists showed their solidarity against Israel Saturday night in a protest rally against the IDF war on Hamas terror, but a funny thing happened on the way to the soap box when Hamas rocket fire threatened the area.

Slogans chanted by the protesters included “Stop the war,” “Bring the soldiers back home” and “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies,” Channel 2 reported.

Several hundred right-wing activists held a counter-rally at the scene, and police were spread out in the area to prevent altercations between the two sides.

The demonstrations were cut short when Hamas unilaterally ended a humanitarian truce with Israel and resumed rocket-fire from Gaza.

Police ordered them to flee the area as sirens wailed south of metropolitan Gush Dan.

However, when Israel agreed to extend the truce until midnight, police allowed the rally to go forward, but Hamas resumed rocket attacks after 8 p.m., claiming it had never agreed to the 4-hour extension

Ahead of the event, the rally’s organizers said on its Facebook page: “In the face of the war which is taking a heavy, bloody toll of dead and injured on both sides, of destruction and terror, of bombings and rockets, we will stand and demand: End the war now!

Maybe they should go protest in Gaza then.

I’m reminded of how some right-wing counter-protesters have trolled these Communist (Hadash) anti-war rallies in Israel before.



But this time Hamas trolled Hadash.

  • Johnny Walker

    Do the leftys get any more pathetic than this?? So amazingly stupid and ignorant.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of clueless jerks. What did I do in the war, son? Why, I did my bit and….protested. I didn’t carry a gun. I carried…a sign.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      Too bad a Hamas rocket did not land in the middle of their demonstration for peace.

      SIx signs in red background and white font:

      “” Yehudim ve Aravim misorvim liyoat aoyivim”: Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies. Written in Hebrew. NOT IN ARABIC

      Deport these Ashkenazi; ash-kan-nazis to Yarmouk to be with their Arab friends.

      Verry often these “Jews” have very light skin and have German names. I believe they descend from non Jew Germans or Russians whose hatred for Jews was so intense they left their families, falsely became one to inject a mental poison to the tribe of Jews. Possibly before that. Maybe Egyptians who left with the Jews and Moses, in 1190 Britain,UK,England or whatever those freaks call themselves, 1492 Spain, etc..These are the survivors.

      A part of my Jewish family, I believe is of this group. Verrrrry light skin, very Obama,Hillary and Kerry-are-so-great, Lieberman-is-over-the-top, Give-the-Arabs-East-Jerusalem, etc..

      • kertitor

        The Austro-Hungarian Jews were forced to take German family names at the time of emperor Joseph II (son of Maria Theresia). For taxation . The same happened to the Slavic sounded names in the Russian empire. Don’t accept this Khazar theory unconditionally. If patriotic Jewish and other citizens of Israel want to save their country, they have to make a good house cleaning, and kick out this idiotic protesters. To hell with the international law, and this twisted human rights movement. This is not sport, this is war. In sport, teams or individuals play against each other, but by the same rules. In wars the teams want to eliminate each other by every possible way. Wit, sarcasm, logic or reason not belong to the arsenal. Effective weapons and strong will do the trick.

      • U Nderwater Glockenspiel

        Unfortunately we have our share of bad eggs, from the court Jews through Karl Marx to Tsipi Livni, some evil, some stupid, some both.
        These people should not be allowed to live in Israel let alone become decision-makers.

      • Eleazar

        Wow. So you are arguing that the ethnic background of this group of jews is unpure, and that they are willfully corrupting their host nations. And you have the audacity to frame this as a pro-Jewish argument?

        Political disagreements are a fact of life, and state violence should never be accepted without argument. That said your racially tinged, paranoid fantasies have no place in the Jewish community. You shame yourself and your family. .

        • Johnny Pallyswine

          Pointing 1 finger towards me mans pointing 3 fingers towards you!!!

          Nobody is pure and I support what I wrote. Ash-can-nazi is witty yes? Not paranoid I but every time I see a left wing Jew, they verrrrry often have verrrry pale skin and have a German last name.

  • liz

    Couldn’t have worked out better. But I’m sure the irony was lost on them. They’ll be right back out there the next chance they get, feeling self righteous as ever.

  • Eldarus

    Pathetic chickens.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    I’m a Tel Aviv Jew, these people are beyond mad. If we were serious, we would take the Jews among them and put them in insane asylums, and perhaps keep them heavily medicated for their own good. Coming to think of it, we do just leave the mad and the schizophrenic to fend for themselves on our streets (or so it seems), which is disgraceful really, but that’s another thing.

    I feel they should be deported to Gaza or Qatar even, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the like.

    I can tell you multiple stories about hardcore self-hatred from TA Jews that beggars belief, that I have personally encountered. Not uncommon in this city of so many zombie idiot so-called Jews.

    • mollysdad

      Do these stories include self-hatred that goes so far as to say “Hitler was right” and “Khaybar, Khaybar ya Yahud . . . .”?

      • steelraptor from Saturn

        No not that far! But in reality, just as bad. Worse if you think about it, because Jews have less excuse for being dupes of Hamas and other jihadists, their ‘Jewish’ propagandists in other words, whereas Muslim Arabs are just being true to a large part of their Muslim cultural heritage, hating Jews and other infidels.

        For example, at one night protest in central Tel Aviv (maybe a year ago or more), on King George Street, I saw a horrible skit making fun of our soldiers. Basically this young self-hating Jew (possibly, probably a student) was making fun of our soldiers as just mindless zombies and incompetents who don’t know what they are doing or why, not even knowing how to hold their rifles properly. You had to see the skit, I can’t really describe it. I wish I had captured it on a cellphone camera, and then uploaded it on the net, but I didn’t.

        At this same protest, a lot of the Leftists were wearing keffiyehs. And I remember one woman had brought her little daughter along, she was maybe about 7 and she had her carry a sign. I felt sorry for the kid, being used and indoctrinated like that. It was a fairly small protest, but a lot of regular TA people just happened to be walking past and we all screamed abuse at these traitors, telling them to go to Gaza. I myself just lost it, I screamed at them (in Hebrew of course) that they were morons, self-hating Jews and they should move to Gaza, fast. I’m not a big guy by any means, in fact I’m a small guy, but there were quite a few of us disgruntled and angry Jews walking past. I wasn’t alone. Plus these self-hating Leftists tend to be timid cowards in so many ways (more than tend), and if you are angry and outraged enough, they back off. The only time they seriously threaten violence is when they outnumber you ten to one, and even then, they are still unsure.

        It angers me so much, our young soldiers are fighting and dying to protect them! Thankfully most Israeli Jews are not like these people, not even most Leftists (although there are blurred lines), but it still leaves me filled with deep bitterness.

        I can tell so many other stories, so many liberals in this city literally and actually think Bibi and Likud are a bigger threat to Israel and peace than Iran and Hamas. They really believe this, I have heard it from their own mouths (often university students). So yes they are clinically insane. If they are not clinically insane, then to all intents and purposes, neither is anybody else really. Then the very word insanity is bereft of any real meaning.

        • PAthena

          These people are not “liberal,” for they do not support liberty. Hamas and iran are not supporters of liberty.

        • Moa

          Thanks for sharing, that is very interesting.

          Stay strong. Many in the rest of the World know that Magen David protects us too.

          Warmest wishes from New Zealand.

        • mollysdad

          I bet that a lot of these Lefties would convert to Islam to save their lives if they saw Hamas coming over the hill.

        • ruth rosenstock

          we have the same thing in the US, of course. but somehow the “anti-war” people are only anti-war when it comes to the US or Israel. but America or Israel standing up for themselves, well…that’s simply too much.

          as others have said: stay strong! America stands with Israel, even if our president doesn’t.

        • Frau Katze

          Leftists are idiots everywhere, no exceptions.

        • uleaveuswithnoalternative

          Steelraptor, Thank you so much for your comments!
          The United States also has many Leftist idiots, usually college or high school kids who have never traveled outside of the U.S. and have no idea what they’re talking about.
          These Leftists are COWARDS and good for nothings.
          Their jobs are protesting and living off of government handouts.
          As you said in an earlier comment, they should be sent to Saudi Arabia (Iraq sounds even better) to learn what oppression and evil really is.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Although to be honest, this headline is not accurate, it’s an exaggeration. There was no rocket attack on TA last night, at the time of the rally, just the ceasefire was violated by Hamas, so in theory Hamas could have fired rockets on TA, so it was dangerous to have open rallies of any kind (this includes things like concerts and the like), and so it could no longer continue.

    The headline may be amusing, but really it’s not true. To repeat there was no rocket attacks in TA at the time of the rally. Just the risk of one was there, because of Hamas’s violation of the ceasefire, and so it was unsafe for that rally and any other outdoor event, to continue.

    • Moa

      You know what the worst thing is? if they had been hit by rockets they would still blame Israel rather than Hamas.

      Perhaps you should hand out the Hamas Charter for these losers. And point out hadith Sahaih Muslim 6985 for them, because that is what Muslims MUST believe (or become apostates).

      • DogmaelJones1

        Actually, many Hamas rockets have misfired and landed in Gaza town and killed hundreds.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They were fleeing the resumption of rocket fire, regardless of whether or not there was any at them.

      I didn’t state at any point that Hamas had fired at TA

      • Douglas J. Bender

        I love precise wording and logic. It makes things, well, simple and clear. (Although, the title might have been clearer had it been worded, “Anti-War Protesters in Israel Forced to Flee When Hamas Resumed Rocket-Fire”.)

  • Frank Tran

    I wish, just wishes one of the debri came down and hit one on the head. I wonder would that turned him around and realize he aint got any brain

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why force them to flee? Corral them into the rocket zone and force them to stay.

    • Johnny Paleswine

      throw them into the tunnels and have a good lefty/Muslim love -in

  • Lea

    They really should go and tell this to the muslims in Syria and Iraq, even Libya and Nigeria, Somalia………….etc

  • Pete

    Thus the most appropriate appellation of LEFTARDS

  • Phdinsecuritystudies

    Wow. Most of you sound like uneducated warmonger’s who have been (seemingly easily) brainwashed. Why is there “treachery” in speaking out against injustice? Why is nonviolence weak and foolish? srael has been persecuting the people of the occupied territories for too long. Enough.

    • UCSPanther

      Nonviolence? Hah!

      Just look at the rhetoric and antics that have been going on in “Pro-Palestinian” riots in Europe lately.

      • ruth rosenstock

        no no–they only want the Joos to be nonviolent! everybody else can be as violent as they want. after all, the Evil Joos are the ones who are oppressing the noble victimized peoples.

    • Webb

      Would you like some cheese to go with your whine? I love the sound of Jew haters whining in the morning!

    • retired22

      Hey PHDwhatever,
      I have a terrific idea,we can set up a Tel-Aviv Peace Brigade made up of leftwing peace protesters.We can transport this Peace Brigade to Gaza & let them deal with Hamas,it would be a win-win situation!
      If the Peace Brigade talks Hamas into a peace treaty it would be a great win for everyone.If Hamas refuses to end the war & hangs all of the Peace Brigade protesters,………well,that could also be considered a win!

    • ruth rosenstock

      “Why is nonviolence weak and foolish?” because if Israel stopped fighting, Hamas would destroy it. and if you don’t know that, you really haven’t been paying attention.

      btw, if you’re going to call other people uneducated, you should learn how to use punctuation, and take out that comma in “warmongers.” maybe run a spell check too. “srael”?

      which online university did you get your “PhD” from?

      • Iwazaru

        Undiversities are chock full of pc half wits.

    • Iwazaru

      Veritable idiot speech, congrats.

    • Atikva


  • hooneybee

    These is a G-D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iwazaru

    Should have locked the thugs outside. No shelter anywhere. Useless thuggish pos’.

  • dgala

    I just wish Israel, after all the back-stabbing have been getting would just say OKAY – we get it!!! Then really start unleashing a load of munitions of every sort and wipe the entire Gaza Strip off the map. Then reload and do it again just to make sure. The people who claim to be the oppressed are NOT being oppressed by Israel, but all the radical moos lims and other Arab countries. Wake the h-e-l-l up peeps!

  • Johnny Pallyswine

    Let’s begin with Shimon Peres. Manachum Begin and SHamir both believed that Peres descended from the “pale not so Jewish theory”. Then Berg, Oppenheimer of Peace Now and lots more. Their US Germanic lefty cousins should be interrogated when entering Israel.