AP Tweets Incredibly Biased Anti-Israel Headline


This is the official AP Twitter account. It’s not a parody.

Despite the backlash, the AP has yet to delete this. Instead it adds another Tweet with a more neutral headline.

The Tweet misrepresents the story. It inserts its own editorializing into it. And it reads like something you expect to see from Al Jazeera.

  • Gee

    Wow supporting an ally while they are being attacked by genocidal fascists is somehow evil. What a world the racists at AP have constructed for themselves.

    Maybe they are the ones with a problem instead of Congress

  • Hard Little Machine

    Truck bomb AP offices everywhere.

    • runner232


      • Hard Little Machine

        Simply use the methods they themselves endorse. I have no problem with the existence of Jew hating genocidal Nazis as long as they stand up with the courage of their own convictions and not only admit it but freely accept that what they try to do to me is done to them in return. If that includes you too, I’m fine with that.

  • runner232

    It’s not biased when its true

    • Hard Little Machine

      Ein Volk Ein Fuhrer.

    • liz

      You wouldn’t know biased if it hit you in the face. Truth, either.

    • gleion

      While it may be true that many U.S. representatives are strongly backing Israel against Hamas, the use of the phrase “fall over each other” is outrageously inappropriate in a hard news story–made even worse by AP’s use of the phrase in a headline.

  • tagalog

    As gay marriage gains traction in the cultural debate in the U.S., the mainstream media falls all over itself to climb on the bandwagon.

    As Russian responsibility for the missile attack that brought down the Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine becomes clearer and clearer, the U.S. mainstream media falls all over itself to cast doubt on Ukraine.

    As Sec. of State Kerry continues in vain to get Hamas to accept a cease-fire, the mainstream media and Democrat political figures fall all over themselves to laud his efforts as statesmanlike.