Saudi Arabia Forces Couples to Divorce over “Racial Inferiority”


Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962 after pressure from President Kennedy. JFK wanted the Saudis to hold elections. The Saudis, who weren’t as influential in American policy as they are now, gave him slavery, at least officially. Unofficially, Saudis continue to own and sell slaves, sometimes even over the internet.

Islamic Saudi clerics insist that slavery is a part of Islam and Saudi Arabia is an Apartheid state that discriminates against Afro-Saudis who make up 10% of the population.

Blacks, who make up around 10 percent of the population, are banned from judgeships — as are women and Muslims who observe a different version of the faith — because the monarchy’s religious tradition still views blacks as slaves, other Muslims as heretics, and women as half human.

There is only one word to describe such a system: apartheid.

There has been some opposition to Saudi Arabia’s racist Apartheid state.

The Saudi opposition has been lobbying in the United States to oppose racism in the Gulf Arab kingdom.

The opposition institute said its target was Deputy Saudi Foreign Minister Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah, son of the king and deemed an architect of Riyad’s policy against the estimated three million blacks.

“The Saudi monarchy bans blacks from many jobs including diplomats, judges, security officers, ministers, mayors, senior clerics, and heads of government departments,” the institute said on Sept. 16. “The Saudi Foreign Ministry bans blacks from all diplomatic positions. That’s why none of you have met a Saudi black diplomat before.”

“The monarchy bans black women from appearing on television or working as on camera reporters, and from many low-level jobs such including school principal,” the institute said. “There is not one single black school
principal in Saudi Arabia.”

And now there is this troubling story about racial inferiority in marriages in Saudi Arabia.

In three months, 14 lawsuits have been filed calling for breaking of marriages by relatives who thought the husband and the wife are not socially equal. Some judges and lawyers do believe there are merits to these claims. Many legally married couples were divorced, as an afterthought, because somebody discovered that one or the other was not good enough based on his or her bloodline.

Before these cases reach the courts, pressure is used against both parties to divorce voluntarily. Threats of economic and social boycott is typically used. In some cases, violent acts are committed. If, however, both are resisting and insisting on staying together, then any family or tribe member has the right to take them to court.

The judges will then call on the “less equal” party to bring his/her proofs of equality — family trees, tribal historians, documents, witnesses and others. If these evidence were not satisfactory, then it is up to the judge to order the forced separation of husband and wife.

Custody of the children is usually given to the “racially superior” parent.

The Saudis probably shouldn’t value their racially superior bloodline that much. It doesn’t seem to be too healthy.

In some parts of Saudi Arabia, particularly in the south, where Mrs. Hefthi was raised, the rate of marriage among blood relatives ranges from 55 to 70 percent, among the highest rates in the world, according to the Saudi government.

The health results are everything that you would expect.

  • truebearing

    Yeah, those Saudis must keep inferior races, and species, out of their bloodline. It looks like the foxes, camels, and pigs are out of luck when it comes to custody of any progeny with Saudi men. But this is all a diversion from the horrific apartheid in israel, where the so-called Palestinians have more rights, better jobs, and higher quality of life than those scrounging for food under the benevolent tent of Hamas.

    Perhaps hiernonymous and upsidedownsteve can now explain how this is the fault of white Americans, or just deny it as the propaganda of space lizards.

    • A Z

      Hiernonymous is alright. I don’t agree with everything he writes, but you could learn much from his posts & you would probably like him. If you debate him and you need to footnote everything. That just is not the typical style on the internet.

      Myself, I copied about 9,000 articles. Now I have to go back and reread (or read of the 1st time one that I skimmed). After I have probably indexed and them and put hem in folders I should be able to back up everything I say without a hazy memory. But if you do something like that you should be able to go toe to toe with just about anyone.

      uptownsteve actually posted 1 comment that had substance to it. But mostly he comes here to rant as the black racists that he is.

      • truebearing

        I don’t disagree with everything he writes, just the vast majority of his underlying premises. Naturally I don’t appreciate being called a racist by anyone, simply because I won’t bow to political correctness. I find it especially irritating when the person accusing me of racism is essentially arguing that blacks can’t function without endless help from paternalistic white liberals and an endless flow of our money. By definition, that argument is racist, and by experience, his theory has failed miserably.

        Don’t worry about hiernonymous. He’s a big boy. I was just having some fun with he and upsidedownsteve’s monotonous blaming of whites and Jews.

        • A Z

          Actually, since uptownsteve wants to mix it up at this site since he has found it in the last week, I expect him to checkout each story.

          I do not see him posting here.

          Maybe he has not got around to it yet or maybe the story is causing him a great deal of pain and cognitive dissonance.

    • Robin-Frans Winkel

      Saudis need some outbreeding. As Saudis are a tough, cunning stock, I think Saudi women would make good broodmares for Dutch children.

  • A Z

    The Saudi birth defect situation reminds me of Babylon 5 episode “Secrets of the Soul” (Season 5 episode #7.). The Hyach race had some rather embarrassing problems.

    Maybe a Trekkie could find the appropriate Star Trek episode?

  • Ethan

    I’m uncertain as to whether I should be concerned with the rate of Saudi birth defects etcetera. Idiots vaporize as quickly as “normal” people in case any “normal” people actually live SA. Because that is what will eventually happen. Actions have consequences – and sometimes consequences accumulate over decades, as is the case with SA. If the shoe fits…bomb the living DAYLIGHTS out of it. Which someone will. Likely a western state with balls.

  • edlancey

    I’m sure it is a gender thing as well. No abid is going to be marrying a light-skinned Arab woman.

    I mean, look at “Bandar Bush” – if it isn’t his mother he takes after I’d be astonished

    • Robin-Frans Winkel

      Remarkably light-skinned Arabs likely have slave ancestors as well. Odd is that, given that Arab society counts along the father, (maternal) slave ancestry matters at all.

      • edlancey

        Sure, but I would lay money it’s always one-way traffic so to speak.

        ie always a lighter-skinned male and a darker-skinned female: never the other way round, in spite of what the assorted half-wits in the NoI and their “brothers” would have you believe about the universality and lack of “racism” in I-slam.

        • Robin-Frans Winkel

          You mean, Europeans, who are lighter-skinned than the average Arab, were never enslaved? That is why I said REMARKABLY light-skinned.

    • VegasNevada

      His mom was very dark. Clearly, he is mixed. And he wasn’t shut out of the fold either.

      • edlancey

        My entire point. It is inconceivable that he is the product of a very dark-skinned father and a light-skinned mother.

  • PAthena

    First-cousin marriages are common in mainly Muslim countries in the Mideast and lead to clans. (

    • Jean Robertson

      …. and to genetic problems. There are articles out there on that.

    • edlancey

      Coming your way soon – they are so greedy and dumb they marry their cousins so they don’t have to pay dowries – and now they scam passports for their extended families in just the same way – what do they care if little Mo is retarded – the kuffars are picking up the tab.

  • mackykam

    And that is why Arabs are nuts, have a built in blood lust, enjoy honor killing their females and cover their cretin offspring in burkas. Now it all makes perfect sense.

  • UCSPanther

    Saudi Arabia: Experience the medieval times. For real….

  • blert

    The WHO has admitted that KSA has the HIGHEST birth defect tempo in the entirel world.

    Figures as high as 25% have been leaked.

    Diplomatic repression soon follows. Truth is taboo in KSA.

  • magpie

    I recently read that in the olden days when slavery was in full swing they used to castrate black slaves so they couldn’t reproduce. If you’re interested in bible prophecy, here’s some interesting viewing. It fits Saudi Arabia like a glove:

    • kilfincelt

      I have read the same thing. See “The Veiled Genocide” by Tidiane N’Diaye, a Senegalese Muslim. He discusses African slavery and castration. Unfortunately, the book is in French but needs to be translated into English as well as other languages.

      • Martel

        Reading your first sentence I had hopes the book was finally translated in French -.-

  • Veracious_one

    Because love is Un-Islamic

  • kilfincelt

    Arabic has many words for slave but one word says it all about how Arabs really see blacks. That word is “abd”. It means both slave and black.

  • GHjo

    Why is not all this dirty business of the Saudis and other mosleems brought up
    in full daylight by the media,for the world to see?Does not the people of the world
    deserve to know the odious truth about Islam?

    • Jean Robertson

      You Tube. Bill Warner talks. “Fear”

    • Golam Dawood

      actually it is repeatedly. and often overstated. to justify the actions of the American war machine.

  • John Munro

    Divorce is bad for everyone here in the USA it is estimated 70% of the men in Prisons were raised with out Fathers. Not sure about in Muslims countries, but its hard not to notice the symptoms of sexual abuse they hold and spread. Everyone caught under that Regime are slaves. Here in America divorce ruins lives and costs billions. I wish the Antiabortion cause could also include Both Parents being the biggest factor children being raised to be adults.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    While Saudi racism is, of course, deplorable, if America had had it in 2008 we would not today have Obama in the White House and Holder running DOJ and the country in the mess we have today. Life and history is filled with irony.

    • Martel

      The murder-rate of the USA would be comparable to those of Western Europe if it actually was racist. Discrimination solves many puzzles.

    • Michael Sultana

      And to think that Abraham Lincoln did not want to abolish slavery when civil war broke out in 1861, only stop it spreading to new states. If the north did not want to weaken the south and require black solders to bolster their army, Lincoln was quite happy to resettle all the ex slaves to places like Haiti once the war was over. History is always a matter of popular perception.

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    So ….. BOTH Israel AND the (rumored to be Jewish, GOOGLE it), House of Saud are Apartheid States …. no wonder they are cooperating more openly then ever ….. Israel was Apartheid South Africa’s ONLY ally ….. It seems to gravitate to bigotry.

  • ThomasER916

    Israel is sterilizing Ethopian Jews. Front Page says nothing because David Horowitz is Jewish.

  • Michael Sultana

    The monarchy in Saudi Arabia only remains in power due to the support of the people who are predominantly Shiite Muslims who are Islamic fundamentalists and would not care less what western nations think about their traditional customs and adherence to middle ages theology. That said, if the west did not rely on Saudi oil it would be out of their in a flash. It is so ironic that what is a fundamentalist Islamic nation even has a King and royal family. If not for the love of money and western lifestyle, Saudi Arabia would be an Islamic Republic just like Shiite Iran.

    • freemenfarquar

      The Saudis are Sunni. They hate the Shiites almost as much as they hate us.

  • VegasNevada

    What about Prince Bandar? Clearly he was not banned.

  • Golam Dawood

    The Saudi’s have brought rot into the Muslim world. It’s inevitable that rot would eat away at their own society. Lawrence of Arabia was a catalyst for obscenity.

  • sick-to-the-bone

    It’s so sickening to associate Islam with these sick communities. I had lived in Saudi Arabia for quite some time and I had been close to Muslims from different parts of the world. The Saudies are a completely different kind of people who embraced Islam. Islam didn’t do much to polish their primitive behavior. I had seen how they treated non Saudies, other than white Europeans and Americans. The Saudies treat black people and the Sheits as animals that killing one of them wouldn’t subject them to prosecution. I personally heard one of Saudi saying that “killing a Shiet is equal to killing a dog” . The international community is turning the blind eye and the deaf ear to the Saudies behavior for the sake of “oil”

  • Pharaonic Warrior

    Saudis have their faults but at least they haven’t lost their manhood to feminists, LGBT communities, degenerate mainstream culture, victimhood specialists, and pit party organizations.

    God Bless Saudi Arabia.

  • Kwame Anthony

    the womamn above is a sudi female pilot her husband is american. maybe therefore the dispute