Arizona Muslim Chokes, Rapes Wife Because of Islamic Law





Muslims say that Mohammed was the original feminist. And by feminist, they mean he told his followers to beat and rape women.

An Arizona Muhammad has followed in his prophet’s footsteps, as so many Mohammeds, Muhammads and Mahmouds have before him.

Police say a valley man threatened to kill his wife, telling his victim “Islamic Law” gave him the right to kill her.

Ansar Muhammad sexually assaulted the victim, held her against her will while threatening to kill her, punched and strangulated her, causing physical injuries at their home.

His wife told police the incidents were sparked after Muhammad had accused her of having an affair, court paperwork said.

At one point, Muhammad picked her up and put her in their vehicle, police said. He then drove to and parked behind an Avondale Walgreens store, where the he punched her multiple times in the face, neck, back, chest and legs, officers said.

A court document stated Muhammad “used his hands during the assault to strangulate and impede the breathing of the victim.”

His wife said she continued to try to get away. Muhammad told her he was going to kill her because he had the right due to his “Islamic belief,” according to the probable cause statement.

He told her to be quiet and not wake their three children before taking her phone and telling her to go to the master bedroom, where he sexually assaulted her, the court document said.

Islamic law does allow men to beat and rape their wives. So Muhammad was on reasonably safe ground. Some Islamic authorities would take issue with the choking, but an Islamic figure in Egypt just put out a Fatwa saying that you can kill your wife if she’s committing adultery.

So it’s not as if this is coming out of nowhere. Ansar Muhammad may be a nasty thug, but he’s a nasty thug following a religion that provides license for him to act this way.







  • Veracious_one

    these are the people that Obama want to allow mass immigration into the US.

    • Fred Pressel

      Stop the hate. He has never said or done any such thing.

      • Veracious_one

        President Barrack Hussein Obama is allowing 80,000 Muslims to immigrate next year to the United States. He is doing this by executive order.

        • laura r

          so come on america, remember 1776?

      • Veracious_one

        The Obama Regime has issued new exemptions to a law that bars certain asylum-seekers and refugees who are known to have provided ‘limited material support’ to foreign Islamic terrorists, but who are believed to pose no immediate threat to the U.S.

      • truebearing

        Stop the lying…as if you can. He is letting Muslims into this country at a record rate, including Muslims associated with terrorist groups who were previously banned. He has made it extremely difficult for young Israelis to come here — who have NO RECORD of terrorist activities in the US — while allowing Saudis to bypass the TSA screenings.

        Try coming up with something more intelligent than your mindless parroting — “stop the hate — of lying leftist sloganeering. You’re out of your league here. Crawl back to the idiot echo chamber.

        • haveittodayray

          You are correct another 500,000 Somalia refugees will be coming to a town or city near you , under the refugee resettlement act. that is a fact. Read more here:

          • kittysocks

            We live in western Kentucky and the town over from us (Mayfield) has had an influx of Somalies and the town is overrun with Muslims. Murray (our town) is a university town and we are covered up. So much for retiring back home to a quiet American town.

        • Softly Bob

          It could have been worse he could have called you a racist or a climate-change denier. These are the usual Leftist parrot squawks. “Stop the hate” is breath of fresh air. I haven’t heard that line in at least ooh… six months?

        • Fred Pressel


      • Atikva

        Why don’t you stop using this hackneyed catch phrase to try and silence anyone who doesn’t bow before the democrats’ messiah? It doesn’t impress anyone anymore.

        Hate is a feeling, a reflex, not a capital offense. Like love, disgust, attraction, etc.. it cannot be repressed, it happens – period. Only the harm caused by the damaging ACTION of someone unable to control himself is reprehensible – not his feelings, only his actions.

        So far, Veracious one’s comment hasn’t caused any harm to anyone. Whatever his feelings toward Mr. Obama or anyone else on this earth is his problem, not yours.

    • rupesh

      Obama allowing aggressive Muslims and allowing limited number of peaceful people like Thai, Malaysian, Indian etc., makes me think that there has to be some conspiratorial reasons behind it. When these aggressive people are allowed in a country they start violence against local population and try to suppress locals, which is Universally known fact. So, may be your Obama wants to create a Pro-War feeling among Americans so that they support him when he plans to Attack and Loot another Oil-rich country like Iran.

  • De Doc

    Don’t worry. Eric Holder and the DOJ may be able to help this poor, persecuted Black Muslim.

    • Lisa

      You are as mentally ill as the ones you admire. You know nothing of truth. This poor persecuted black Muslim, if you only knew him you would not say such a thing. Shame on you. God forgive him he knows not what he says.

      • De Doc

        Psst! It was sarcasm. Gees!

  • Hard Little Machine

    At least this isn’t Manchester England. It’s barely even against the law there.

  • Roy Mears

    Islam is about to set domestic violence that we have worked so hard to bring down back 1400 years. We can not tolerate this kind of thing in a free society. It is time to tell Muslims this is not acceptable behavior and if you think it is you do not belong in the free world.

    • haveittodayray

      You are so right.

    • Atikva

      Sorry, this kind of domestic violence was NEVER condoned, even less prescribed or encouraged in the Christian world – not 14 centuries ago, not 20 centuries ago – never.

      As to the muslims… you obviously never saw them waiving the usual signs during manifestations all over the western countries that read “Freedom go to hell”, “No democracy, just islam”, or “We find talk of civilization very offensive”! The meaning of civilization cannot permeate their befuddled brains.

  • Guest

    I live in Bradistan England our country is fucked now with these parasites.

    • Veracious_one

      time for King Richard to return……

      • iluvisrael

        and Churchill

    • truebearing

      There is only one solution, and the window of opportunity closes a little more each day. Cut off their welfare, throw the leaders in jail, and kill any of the jihadists who react violently. Then begin to deport the rest. If the Left starts causing trouble, deport them. too.

      Deport them to where, you ask? Whereever a nation will take them that isn’t in the Americas or Europe.

  • Atikva

    What is remarkable in this series of pictures is the ugliness of all these.. OK, mohamedans. Gosh, how on earth do they manage it, could it be interbreeding?

    Of course, their words are outrageous, but there is nothing new about their barbaric way to treat women. What else to expect from the adepts of that totalitarian ideology that passes for a religion? After all I have seen and heard from them these last years, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that I would put passed them.

  • haveittodayray

    Probably recruited from Prison. Since Islam recruits many from there.Read further here:

  • glissando


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    • truebearing

      So the old man grabbed the snake and threw him into the eternal fire. The snake finally bit the wrong person.

  • wileyvet

    Muhammad, the prophet, was abandoned by his mother early in life, then she died. Going to live with uncles and other relatives, the females of the household mistreated him as well. He never got the love he needed from a mother, or developed normal relationships with women. He developed a severe personality disorder, and just used people all of his life. If they could help feed his needs great, if not he cast them aside or mistreated and humiliated them. There is no evidence that he ever loved anyone of his wives, except for Aisha perhaps. After his first wife Khadija died, he accumulated as many as 26 wives, slaves and concubines to satisfy his sexual desires including the 6 year old Aisha, daughter of Abu Bakr. The funny thing is that by the time he was a powerful warlord in Medina, he could no longer get it up, which is one of the reasons he took Aisha, because he couldn’t satisfy his adult wives or harem women. That is among many reasons why Muhammad had, and Islam today has such disdain for woman. They are now mistreated everywhere in the Islamic world because Muhammad tried to overcompensate for his loss of virility. Imagine a religion with an Omnipotent God and an impotent Prophet. It would be hilarious if not for the consequences today.

    • truebearing

      If he actually ever existed, which is still in doubt among the non-Muslims who study Islam.

      Notice the similarity to Mohammed’s childhood circumstances and Obama’s. Obama’s mother abandoned him. Obama doesn’t have a harem of women, but he’s sure had enough gay friends during his days in Chicago, and possibly before. The closest thing he could come up with for a girlfriend in his youth was that “composite” girlfriend, which was nothing more than another fabrication to fill out a fake past.

    • laura r

      i heard he will be a guest on oprah. healing the inner child. its never too late.

  • liz

    Must be great to have all your basest instincts and behavior condoned and legitimized by your religion. “Just murdered your wife? Well praise Allah you righteous man, she probably deserved it.”
    Probably lowers the crime rate quite a bit, too, when practically nothing you do from rape to murder is even considered a crime.

    • wileyvet

      You’re not far off the mark. From what I have learned so far, it seems that really the only thing Allah ( Muhammad ) considered sinful was disbelief in Him and him. Just about anything was OK. If you study the evolution of Muhammad’s “prophethood” and can decipher the chronology of the Koranic verses you will see how he was always able to pull another revelation out of his turban to justify whatever situation he needed it for at exactly the moment he needed it. Quite remarkable really. Kill the Jews, new verse. Have more than 4 wives, new verse. Loot caravans and steal other peoples stuff, new verse. It was uncanny. Almost like Allah and Muhammad were one and the same.

      • liz

        Just almost like, huh? Ha!
        Yes, amazing how conveniently all those “revelations” from”Allah” came to Mohammed, just when he needed them!
        Quite thoughtful and considerate of him, I’d say!

  • Skeptic7

    Who decides where they settle in the US?

    • laura r

      govt govt govt.

  • Robert Johnson

    It’s the brain dead leftist politicians who encourage and protect such behavior. Their sick and twisted “PC” world allows for no intelligent discrimination or moral judgement.

  • Alan J Fraize

    another winner for the death chamber

  • Michelle Marie Cammett

    I don’t give a crap about what Imam in Egypt has declared this is AMERICA they should have to follow the same freaking laws as everyone else, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I personally think there is no good Muslims unless they are DEAD! Muslim women need to smarten the F and smack the crap out of the men that abuse…If a man thinks he’s going to hit me I will certainly F his game up…..they have to sleep at some point, self defense

  • Susan Kirwan

    i think we should honor men by beating them and cutting off their penis head so they dont get tempted to rape any children…
    21 secs · Like

  • Ken Jay Schwartz

    Is there any other religion that has people practicing such barbarism (beating of women, rape, genitalia mutilation, etc) in such large numbers? Is there any other religion that murders and perpetuates terrorism in the name of god? And to think this religion is growing faster then any other. Man as a whole is not progressing but rather digressing.

  • Lisa

    This woman is my dear friend… My heart hurts for her. No one deserves to be treated in such a manner. Lisa

  • jdd

    Islam is a crime against humanity. It needs to be outlawed, it’s indoctrination centers ( mosques ) leveled, it’s leadership removed, and it’s practitioners expelled from our soil.