Australian Girl was Married Off at 13 in Syria

This is a tragic story, but child marriage is routine in the Muslim world. Islamic immigration means that little girls in Australia, America and through the West will be subject to Islamic norms.

No amount of laws criminalizing child marriage can change that. Only immigration laws can.

An Australian girl who was kidnapped, beaten and married off to her older cousin by her father’s family in Syria at the age of 13 has spoken out about her horrific five-year ordeal for the first time.

Ms Farrah, who grew up living in Sydney’s southwest and is the daughter of a Syrian Muslim and his Australian convert wife, was married off to her cousin who she had never met and endured terrible beatings after being taken to Syria’s capital Damascus from Egypt.

This isn’t a unique story. Western women marry Muslim men and not only expose themselves to abuse, but this children also.

Living in a strict Muslim world, she attended an Islamic school and learned Arabic. ‘I did all the things they asked me to do… I was taught how to pray and fast for Ramadan,’ she said.

Rania’s mother Margaret met Rania’s father in Australia, but the couple moved to Saudi Arabia soon after their marriage. According to Rania, it was a violent relationship, and she remembers that her dad “used to beat my mum. He never beat us… [but] he beat my mum all the time.”

When Rania was eight-years-old, Margaret and her five young children fled to Australia – leaving their father behind. The family’s life changed for the better. They lived with Margaret’s “true blue Aussie” family, as Rania described them in the interview, and for many years they only heard from her father occasionally by telephone.

But when she was 13, Rania’s older brother said he would take her on a trip to Egypt for a holiday. After one week in Egypt, however, Rania was taken to Jordan to see her father.

Almost immediately, her passport was confiscated, and Rania was told she would be living with his family now.

When she arrived at her father’s home, Ms Farrah said she was “interrogated” by him before being subjected to a humiliating medical examination to determine if she was still a virgin.

Despite being a virgin, her father and brother were still not satisfied and began beating Ms Farrah with their belts.

“Afterwards I told them I hadn’t been with a man and my brother said ‘Yes, I know, because if you had your father would’ve killed you’.

Her second cousin, who she was forced to marry, was in his early thirties and Ms Farrah avoided ‘eye contact’ and never spoke to him.

The Immigrant Women’s Health Service in Fairfield, in Sydney’s west, has rescued 62 child brides from Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani, Indian, Egyptian, Turkish and Sudanese families over the past three years.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ms Farrah’s father has now returned to Australia with a new wife and more daughters. She has spoken to him once since his arrival and said he remains unrepentant and even threatened to kill her.

“He told me no western pig government is going to tell me how to raise my daughters, and if it comes to it I will slit your mother’s throat, your sister’s throat and your throat,” she said.

As for other women in her situation, Ms Farrah offered this advice: “Run for your life. If you live here in Australia you are in a country that believes in women’s rights. Cut off your family and run – your life will be better for it.”

Until the immigration pipeline is cut off, more women will be abused.

In February this year, it was discovered that an imam had allegedly married a 12-year-old girl to a 26-year-old man. Both the imam and the “husband” were charged, with solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person and multiple counts of having sex with a child respectively.


  • antisharia

    We’re digging our own graves. Uncontrolled immigration, political correctness, and an educational system designed to make people dumb create a people incapable of realizing danger or deprives them of the will to do anything about it.

    No Muslims should be allowed to immigrate to a western nation. Period. Renunciation of Islam should be a required prerequisite, but since Muslims believe in deception only a fool would trust them. The school systems need to be forced to teach facts instead of politically correct slop. Islam is always presented as a benevolent force for good. If there are malcontents it’s because they don’t have a proper understanding of Islam. Bull. Al Qaida and ISIS understand Islam just fine. We should stop subsidizing the Muslim world. It’s a joke that we give billions to Egypt, we give to the Palestinian authority, we arm Syrian rebels. What do we get for our investment? It’s time to divest from the Muslim world, we probably shouldn’t maintain diplomatic ties with them.

    The truth is Muslims are barbaric filth, no amount of pretending otherwise is going to change that.

  • doindoubleduty

    And to think some MSNBC folks likened the Supreme Court decision on birth control coverage to Sharia Law. Dear, dear, misinformed leftists.

    • Hawkins1701

      Which was hilarious, because that’s the first time they’ve acknowledged Sharia law as a bad thing.

      It takes the Right asserting its religious beliefs and rights thereto for them to falsely compare Islam to the same, and call it a bad thing.

  • MattBracken

    Islam, when practiced by observant, mosque-attending, Koran reading Muslims, leads to endemic evil behavior by men, and the sexual slavery and abuse of innocent girls and women. It has ever been thus, since Mohammed crawled from the bat cave and howled at the moon. “Satan is the most proud.” -the Bible “Mohammed is the most proud man.” -the Hadiths of Mohammed

  • Jakareh

    Cursed be any Western woman who marries a Muslim, whether or not she converts.

    • carpe diem 36

      i wonder why western women marry, convert or not, moslem men? don’t they know what is waiting for them? this is worse than hell, to subject not only themselves but especially their daughters to this life is beyond me.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    As I said here before ad nauseum, mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, because it is really non-violent stealth an deceptive jihad for the nefarious purposes of mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest, must be ban and reversed ASAP as it represent an exponentially far greater threat to us and the infidel world than all the violent jihadists in the Middle East combined.

  • Hawkins1701


    As for other women in her situation, Ms Farrah offered this advice: “Run for your life. If you live here in Australia you are in a country that believes in women’s rights. Cut off your family and run – your life will be better for it.”


    They nominally “believe” in women’s rights…..but will do absolutely goddamned not one effing thing to defend said belief in the face of Islam.

    Because they believe in cowardice, multiculturalism, and Western self-loathing more.

    Run, and defend yourself….because the cowardly pieces of filth in Western governments sure won’t. *spit.*

    • Gordon Fraser

      The intelligentsia only believe in woman’s rights when it comes to castigating white hetero males.