Benghazi Muslim Who Torched Seattle Gay Bar: “I’m Terrorized in My Own Land and I’m the Terrorist?”

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According to his Facebook page, Musab Mohamed Masmari was from Benghazi and liked taking blurry photos of manhole covers and spiders. He put up a picture reading, “Praise Be to Allah. There is no god but Allah.”


Another post urged teaching little girls to “love” the Hijab. In November, he put up the message,

Terrorism is the robbery of my land.
And the torture of my mother.
The imprisonment of my innocent father.
The bullet in my baby brother.

So American, don’t tell me you know about
the things I feel and see.
I’m terrorized in my own land
and im the terrorist ?

According to the police, Musab Mohamed Masmari tried to torch a crowded gay bar.

It was just after midnight on New Year’s Eve while nearly 700 people crammed into Neighbours for a celebration when customers noticed the staircase at the iconic gay club was on fire.

Management at the iconic gay club in Capitol Hill later discovered a gasoline container near the stairs.

Neighbours released surveillance video that police believe shows Masmari as he walks into the club. The video was captured around the time of the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Masmari is carrying something in his hand.

The bar later found a container of gasoline at the top of a staircase. According to SPD, Masmari doused the staircase with fuel and set it on fire.

A woman who lived next door to Masmari for three years calls him erratic and violent. “We’re scared of him,” she said. “He yells and throws things.”

An erratic and violent Libyan Muslim? What are the odds. That could have been a horrifyingly gruesome mass murder.

Masmari had been in trouble with the law before. The question is why was he allowed to stay in the United States?

Masmari was scheduled to appear in court Monday for a hearing following his conviction and jail sentence on an assault charge stemming from an incident last summer. Municipal court officials told CHS the hearing was planned to discuss the probation office’s monitoring of Masmari while he received court-ordered mental health treatment.

Since the January 1st incident, several business owners in the north Broadway area told CHS they have had run-ins with the man.

Last April, Masmari put a cigarette out in a man’s cheek as he entered the Lookout bar, one employee told CHS. “He was trying to come in with a cigarette, and the guy just told him he couldn’t do that, so he put it out in his cheek,” said Stevie Gayle, who was bar tending at the Lookout that night.

It’s not like the warning signs weren’t there.

  • guest

    I will take this story to another site and cause some trouble. Nothing like interrupting an echo chamber.

    • truebearing

      It can’t hurt. I’m sure Daniel will enjoy having more readers, foaming at the mouth. We’ll be ready.

    • 1stworlder

      huffpo censors heavily

  • Moa

    Benghazi is proud of the fact it exports the greatest number of jihadis, expecially suicide bombers, to every conflict on the planet. Lots of Americans were attacked in Iraq by the sons of Benghazi.

    The biggest scam was Obama and Hillary helping and arming these evil men. Ghadaffi was fighting Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, that’s why the Democrats had him taken out – because the Democrats want to appease the Muslim Brotherhood.
    “Barry Rubin: Assessing Egypt and the Muslim [30 mins]
    Make sure you listen to Barry’s responses to the questions at the end. It is clear and consistent Democrat policy to appease the Muslim Brotherhood and advance their agenda, because the Democrats think pre-emptive surrender will prevent another 9/11. More Progressive madness!

    Another corker article Daniel.

    • A Z

      I have no love for Gaddaffi, but he did warn that if he was taken out , the West would have increased problems with Al Qaeda and other groups.

      He did not lie when he said it.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        As evil as Qaddafi had been, he was one of the few ME “leaders” we could deal with rationally. That’s why he had to go according to the jihadis. Which means 0’Bama was all over it.

        Qaddafi was a true Islamic moderate. That’s just what you get. And that’s what got him killed too.

        • A Z

          We had 2 issues with regard to Gaddaffi, WMD proliferation and support of terrorism. Gaddaffi came clean on the 1st. The CIA and other were shocked about how far along he was. I believe he came clean on the 2nd. I have heard no reports otherwise from the time he made piece after 2003 until his fall.

          His family treated the hired help horribly and he raped dozens of women. That is not too far from the way some of our political leaders act.

          I wish it weren’t so, but there it is.

          We had no business replacing a dictator with someone worse.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            The left constantly harps about us not being the “world’s policeman” until they have someone they want dead. Killing the target they suggest usually advances the leftist agenda. They’re not against war or violence. They’re against America. And then there are the sincere but deluded dupes.

            Such is the world today.

        • defcon 4

          Didn’t he finance/support the bombing of the Lockerbie flight? How moderate is that? How many people have to be killed before you graduate to “radical”?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            The radicals go on TV with their weapons visible and many of them don’t respond to bomb raids.

            Qaddafi went from “Ayatollah kook” to “Pakistan moderate jihadi” after a few lessons dealt by Republican presidents. Pakistan is our “moderate” frenemy.

            Remember that “moderate” is a relative term, not an absolute one. The moon is easier to get to relative to interplanetary travel.

            Within the scale of Western values, he was still a homicidal maniac. But he could be contained.

            This just shows how badly we messed up in encouraging the ouster of Mubarak.

          • defcon 4

            I see. I’d still trust the Shah of Iran before him.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            So would I, given the choice.

            But really it’s important to know what “moderate” really means because it’s one of the key words the stupid false (moral) equivalence arguments rely on. Context always matters.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            And maybe I wasn’t clear that he didn’t start out that way. He was perhaps on par with Saddam Hussein for most of his life as far as I can tell. But there were signs that we could contain him. He was not (or should not have been) a top target for the West by the time 0’Bama came along.

        • truebearing

          At least he wasn’t too insane to scare.

    • Yulia Demkin

      I was saddened to hear of his passing. His strong clear voice will be missed.

      • defcon 4

        Tell it to the families of the victims of the Lockerbie, Scotland flight.

        • Yulia Demkin

          It was Barry Rubin’s passing that saddened me. It happened yesterday.

          • defcon 4

            I see, I apologize.

  • poetcomic1

    Clearly intended to murder 100’s of people.

  • john spielman

    maybe he attempted to burn down this gay bar because his amorous advances were rebuffed (he wanted his pearly boys in this life rather than waiting for Islamic “paradise”)

  • laura r

    its his culture to kill gays. he wanted to do the job, & get points from god.

    • guest

      I went to a gay blog. They carried this story two days ago.

      Most of them are of the opinion that their is not much difference between Christians and Muslims and both are mentally ill because they believe in a magic man in the sky.

      Further they can point to a few people like Eric Rudolph. They have no sense of proportion. Fore every Eric Rudolph there are hundreds if not thousands of Muslim who would do what he did.

      Besides Eric was not a Christian IMO. His mother is part of the christian Identity movement.

      • laura r

        so american gays dont see how dangerous muslims can be? i mean straight radical muslims. btw, there are many gay muslims in NYC they have their own clubs etc. there was an artical in the NTtimes. whether they go to mosque & have wives children, i dont know. i assume some do, live a doublelife. others are still home in queens/jersey w/their parents. gays have played it both ways for 100s of yrs. in any event, the fact that american gays dont see the danger of radical islam is really insane.

        • defcon 4

          “gay muslim”. An endangered species if there ever was one.

      • defcon 4

        Which muslime states have equal rights for the LGBT community?
        What was that again?

        • 1stworlder

          if you watch the documentary “Dancing boys of Afghanistan” you will see its acceptable to have sex with boys too young to grow body hair but a beheading offense to say you love another man.

      • 1stworlder

        Years ago when the San Francisco Gate published the “dirty little secrete” about who commits the most bashings the queens where howling. Hint they look like Obama’s sons.

  • gerry

    Now wait for Holder!

  • Allan

    As western countries seem to be blind and stupid when it comes to muslim immigrants like this. Instead of deporting them instantly, they are always given a second of 10th chance to change. They never will, and the country is the much worse for it.

  • truebearing

    He’s probably another gay Muslim man who is conflicted, wants absolution, so decided to get forgiveness in the Muslim way, by burning people to death.

    • Norbert Haag

      But then again, a gay muslim dying as a martyr faces eternal hell with 72 virgins around him?

      I guess this is not political correct.

    • defcon 4

      It’s also a time honored form of muslime communication the najjis kaffir — terrorizing them that is.

  • American1969

    Wow. Why are these people allowed to be here in this country? The way they live and believe isn’t compatible with Western living.

  • garyfouse

    That’s not all. He was apparently helping out our State Dept. in his free time.

  • benahm

    I’m from Libya ! HOW THE HECK THIS SON OF BITCH IS IN THE U.S ! Libyans are great in preforming “Taqqia” and they hate Jews and Christians and want them all dead !! I can’t believe you let this ass in your country !

  • Hard Little Machine

    There will in fact be Islamic Autonomous Regions in the US sooner than later. And not the garden variety ‘no-go’ regions like east London and out Paris. I mean legitimate Sharia subsumed regions where US civil law does not apply.

  • DJEB

    Wow, Front Page Mag is going after the religious right now? Never would have guessed.